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Hoseok Scenario: Rather Mysterious.

Request: Hi 😋 so I was hoping for a Hobi scenario 🙈  where he hears y/n talking with her BFF and he hears something about how she likes guys that are serious and kind of mysterious (but he didn’t know she was talking about anime guys) Then Hoseok starts acting serious and all that for y/n to like him more. P.S: I love your writing so much 😍

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

Hoseok couldn’t decide if he had arrived at the best or at the worst time. 

You were in your house enjoying a night with friends, and him, Hoseok didn’t mind being around you girls, he’d usually laugh his ass off at your occurrences or exactly the other way around, it was good for you as a couple to be able to feel so comfortable with each other’s friends since some times it was you coming to his house to have a great time with him and the guys, and he knew those troublemakers liked you as much as your friends liked him. So you were in a well build ground on the friends department. 

He liked that, he liked to think that was one of the things that made your relationship so strong and then he heard the voice of your best friend talking and it was like betrayal.

-Come on Y/N, you don’t like them like Hoseok-

He had trusted her, he had given her his good will and showed her his jokes, for what? Was she getting into your head just like that? And how dared her, and you to speak like that so freely? He could go in at any minute. He had just gotten away to go to the bathroom and make a quick call to the manager and when he came back he started to hear this.

Hoseok hid himself against the wall feeling his heart beating faster, he was eavesdropping on your conversation, but then you were talking about him somehow, so he had the right to know.

You laughed making Hoseok frown, you found that funny?

-No I don’t, Hoseok is a different deal-

A different deal? So what? He was like some kind of exception? Hoseok had always thought he was your ideal type, the man you had waited for your whole life, not an exception.

-So how do you really like them Y/N?- your friend continued with that mischievous tone girls used with each other. 

-Well, let’s see…- you started with the same tone. Hoseok usually found it endearing when he heard you like that, but now it was making him annoyed. What was so fun about this? Talking and thinking about other guys, your ideal type. 

Even without wanting it Hoseok tuned in his ears to hear better what you’d say next.

-I like them like… mysterious you know? That type of guy who is a bit aloof and you don’t exactly know what he’s thinking, I don’t know, I think mysterious would be the best way to describe it-

Hoseok gasped under his breath, outraged. If he was sure about something in life was that he was everything but mysterious. And to you he was like an open book, he had really thought you liked that, but hearing this now made him think he had been wrong all this time.

Your friends laughed and you laughed with them, Hoseok’s frown deepened.
He truly liked you, he loved you. And he didn’t want you to bore of him, so he thought about his odds and nodded with determination, if you wanted mystery then mystery you’d get.

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Book Smart, not Street Smart (Remus Lupin x Sirius Black)

In honor of Pride month, here’s some fluffy Wolfstar goodness.


It was Remus’s third year at Hogwarts and so far everything was going as usual; some of the first years looked absolutely petrified at the possibility of being sorted into the wrong house and some of the seventh year Gryffindors looked ready to snatch some of them up, and make them Gryffindors themselves. Remus idly paid attention, waiting patiently for the actual feast to start. He made small talk with some of his fellow Gryffindors, laughing as his friend Lily tried to hide herself from one James Potter.

“You know Rem, I’ve never been so thankful for your towering height until now… move a little to your left and I’ll be golden.” She whispered.

“Only if you give me your stash of chocolate frogs.” He bargained.


And so the rest of the feast went without a hitch, Lily was well hidden thanks to Remus and the two of them caught up. Soon enough they were both making their way towards the Gryffindor tower, Lily went ahead spotting her friend Marlene as Remus took his time walking towards the painting of the Fat Lady. He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard shouting, it wasn’t like Remus was trying to eavesdrop but he couldn’t help but hear the small squabble going on by the Gryffindor common room.

“Well at least our parents will finally have a son whom they’re proud of!”

“Sod off, Regulus! Why don’t you go back to your fellow slimy snakes?” A black haired teen said, enunciating the last bit of his sentence, both boys were glaring at each other so fiercely that Remus could’ve sworn that one of them was bound to make the other combust right there and then.

“At least I’m not a blood traitor.” The younger of the two said before turning on his heel and walking away from the older boy before the later could say something back.

“Come on, Sirius, your brother’s not worth it.” A third voice spoke up, patting the tall boy on the shoulder as he sighed, grumbling something that Remus couldn’t make out.

Sirius Black he thought as he also made his way into the Gryffindor tower and towards the boy’s dorms.

His first day of lessons were uneventful, it wasn’t until the second day that things took an unexpected turn.

“Alright class, this term I’ve decided to switch up your partners, you’ve known each other for what, 2 whole years? It’s time to learn how to work with someone new! So please gather your things and make your way towards the back of the class as I read off the new pairs.” Slughorn announced, as he made his way towards the front to pick up his clipboard.

“Potter and Evans…” Remus stifled his laughter as his friend Lily began complaining to Slughorn about her seating arrangement. Slughorn only had 6 students left to partner up, himself included.

“Let’s see here…ah yes, Lupin and Black, and please Mr. Black, don’t set your partner on fire this time around.” Slughorn warned. Remus’s eyes widened as Sirius chuckled before saying, “I make no promises Sluggy.”

The first lesson with his new one was an odd one, from what Remus could tell, he was going to have to be the brains between the two of them. Sirius was sitting there, doodling, adding the wrong ingredients and stirring too harshly. When he scrunches his nose up in concentration he looks quite adorableRemus thought before shaking his head and going back to chopping the daisy roots needed for the Shrinking Solution.

They finally finished making the solution, well Remus did, he began bottling it up as Sirius cleaned up their area. Remus handed it to Slughorn just as class was dismissed, he made his way back to his seat to collect his book bag but before he could leave the room a hand stopped him.

“Hey, thanks for doing most of the work, Merlin knows I need all the help I can get.”

“It’s no problem, thanks for not setting me on fire.” Remus said timidly, trying not to blush by the physical contact and close proximity.

“Nah, you’re too cute to be set on fire.” Sirius said with a wink, exiting the room and leaving a blushing Remus behind.

Weeks had gone by and now the two of them were close friends, Remus was even friend with James as well, which earned a glare and the nickname of ‘traitor’ from Lily but Remus would laugh her off knowing that she okay with his new found friends. But as the days went by, his crush on the dark haired lad was getting deeper and deeper. It wasn’t only him that noticed it, James and Lily had two. Both Remus and Sirius would make up excuses just to spend more time with the other, from “I just need help with that potions essay.” To “Sirius just stole a tray full of sweets from the kitchen and I need to try this Belgian chocolate.” Their friends were already making bets on just when they would actually start dating because quite honestly it was exhausting seeing them pine for the other.

“What if we just lock them in the room of requirements? They wouldn’t starve or die in there…”

“No, Remus is too smart to be lead into a trap… although we could probably lure him in there with a chocolate trail…”

“This is not some Hansel and Gretel shit, come on Potter, think.” Lily said, turning down another one of his ideas. They stopped talking as soon as said pair walked into the common room Remus carrying an armful of cookies and other treats.

“Merlin! Did you rob the house elves at wand point?” Lily laughed as he saw Remus struggling to balance everything in his arms.

“Not quite, Sirius baked all of these when he went home this weekend.” Remus said with a smile.

“Yeah, you know as a thank you for doing most of the work during Potions.” Sirius added, blushing slightly.

“But we had a textbook lesson last class… we didn’t make a potio-“ James didn’t finished his sentence since Lily elbowed him to stop him from talking.

“Well, as much as we want to stick around, James here has to help with the Quidditch try-outs. Come on, James.” Lily said, dragging a confused James from his seat and out of the common room.

Remus and Sirius sat in a comfortable silence as Remus ate his sweets. After a couple of minutes, Remus finally broke the silence.

“You know, James is right, we didn’t brew a potion during our last lesson, it was a straight off the book lesson. So what’s the real reason you made these cookies?” Remus asked, raising an eyebrow and looking intently at Sirius.

Sirius gulped, shifting uncomfortable in his seat and clenching his fist, Well here goes nothing

“For someone so smart you’re actually quite dumb.” Sirius started, making Remus choke on the cookie he was eating.

“I beg your pardon?” he coughed out.

“I’ve been flirting with you for the last month and nothing! So this is my grand gesture, I know you love chocolate, quite honestly I hate chocolate but for you I’m willing to spend an afternoon being glared at by my weird house elf, and make you some chocolate frogs and chocolate chip cookies.” Sirius confessed, leaning back on the couch, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“You ought to be nicer to old Kreacher…” Remus pointed out, a playful smile on his lips.

“That’s beside the point! What I’m trying to say…REMUSLUPINWILLYOUGOONADATEWITHME?” he said, screaming the last part out so fast that if it wasn’t for Remus being used to decipher Sirius’s and James’s fast and loud rants when they were planning a prank, he would’ve been lost.

“Yes.” Remus answered.


“YES! I’ll go on a date with you, now stop shouting, you’re going to scare the first years off.” Remus laughed, grabbing Sirius’s hand with his own as Sirius fist bumped the air with his other hand.

Weeks had passed since their first date and soon enough everyone in Hogwarts knew that they were a couple, the cutest couple if anyone were to ask. They bickered constantly because let’s face it, Sirius was like a toddler on crack, and Remus had to constantly make sure that he wasn’t endangering his life or that of the others around him.

Remus, Sirius, James and Lily were all lounging around the common room, Remus was reading a book, Sirius was sitting next to him, aimlessly twirling his wand between his fingers, James was playing with a snitch and Lily was finishing up her History of Magic assignment.

“So mum invited you to dinner this weekend.” Remus spoke up, glancing at Sirius briefly as he turned a page in his book.

“Hm, really? Alright, I’ll bake her something, what’s her favorite flower?”

“Yellow peonies and orange daisies.” Remus answered with a smile.

“Well I hope she’s ready for a dozen of each.”

“You guys are too cute, how come you don’t try to get on my mum’s good side, huh James?” Lily asked, a playful smirk on her face.

“I’ll bring her flowers next time…” James grumbled as Lily ruffled his hair.

“I need to make a good first impression.” Sirius shrugged.

“Aw, but it’s not the first time you’re meeting my mum.” Remus said.

“Yeah, but it’ll be the first time I’ll be meeting her as your boyfriend.” Sirius replied with a lazy grin as he booped Remus’s nose, causing the lanky boy to roll his eyes playfully at him.

“Are you fucking serious?” James chuckled.

“I am, I thought you knew.” Remus said, nonchalantly as Sirius fell off the couch laughing.

“Oh fuck you Lupin.” James said rolling his eyes.

“Sorry mate, that’s my current job and I don’t want to be unemployed.” Sirius answered back, between laughing fits.

“You guys are the worst.” James grumbled out, as the rest of the gang kept laughing.

Things at Hogwarts will certainly remain interesting with that power couple around.

The Inquisitve Snake - Jughead x Reader - Part 5

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Please let me know if you guys want another part - thanks!

It was stupid of me. Part of me knew that in the moment - but I didn’t really care.

Betty was mad that I didn’t come back to the dance floor that night - that I instead spent the rest of the time with Y/N until she went home.

Betty was becoming separate from me - no matter how much I tried not to let that happen. Since I took that jacket almost 3 months ago, a shift clouded over us. It was that I didn’t love her - she was still the amazing beauty with gumption that made me fall for her. It was that I was scared she didn’t love me - this “new” me as she kept saying. The problem was - it wasn’t a brand new me. I had always been this person and I had always known the comfort that lied within the Serpents. I just got to be more of myself now - accepted without being seeing “weird” unlike my time at Riverdale High. I wasn’t changing - I was just finally being me - all of me.

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Can’t Hide It (Newt)

Newt x Reader - 2,667 words (Thomas’ P.O.V.)

So basically this takes place the day Thomas comes up in the maze. It follows the movie plot with a few twists here and there and Y/N is the greenie before Thomas. :P

Request; Could you maybe write an imagine from Minho’s or Thomas’s point of view in which Newt and y/n are in that “skinny love” stage and are very shy around each other. You know, maybe brushing hands at a bonfire, blushing a lot, grinning at the other person when they’re not looking and being disgustingly adorable?

“Let me show you.” Alby’s voice rang in my mind as I stared at his outstretched hand before me, offering to finally let me out of the prison they’d put me in. Shakily, I took his hand and followed him out into the place he called the glade. Boys rummaged about, engaging in various tasks and talking amongst themselves. “We eat here, sleep here. We grow our own food, and build our own shelter.” Alby explained, pointing out to various workstations nestled in the trees. “Whatever we need, the box provides.” He motioned towards the metal crate which I’d woken up in, the sheer thought of it sending chills down my spine. “The rest is up to us.”

“The box?” I looked back between to the godforsaken pice of metal and Alby in confusion. “Yeah. Then send em’ once a month with fresh supplies and a new greenie. This month that’s you.” Alby explained, hitting my arm to catch my attention. “Congratulations.” Before I could even process what Alby had said about the box, more questions swelled in my mind. “Sent up? By who though? Who put us here?” I asked. Alby looked to me sympathetically. He must have had the same questions every month. “That we don’t know.” He shrugged. I turned my eyes to the ground shyly, feeling Alby’s stare on my skin.

“Hey you alright, Alby?” Another voice came and my head shot up immediately. I watched as Alby’s smile grew instantaneously and then I glanced to see a tall, lanky blonde approaching, then someone a fair amount shorter trailing behind him.  “Geenbean, meet Newt.” The blonde took my hand in his and smiled. “When I’m not around, he’s in charge.” Alby said. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re always around then.” Newt stifled a laugh. “Listen, that was quite the dash you made earlier. Y’know for a second there I thought you had the chops to be a runner.” He raised an eyebrow with a mischievous grin. “Till you face planted.”

Before I could even question what a runner could have possibly been, Newt whimpered and pulled his arm in close to him, looking down at the person who’d dared to hit him. “Ah!” Alby grinned as a girl with Y/H/C hair and Y/E/C eyes appeared from behind Newt, shaking hands with me. “This is Y/N. She was the greenie before you.” Alby explained and I looked to the girl, even more questions pouring into my mind. “I thought you said there were no girls?” I furrowed my brows, looking between the three. Newt stood awkwardly close to the girl, looking down at her like he was stupefied. “Guess I lied.” Alby shrugged. “You two do me a favour? Go find Chuck will you?” Alby told Y/N and Newt and they nodded. I watched as Newt brushed his hand against hers, almost as if he were trying to grab it. “There he is!” Y/N piped up and took off like a rocket, Newt pursed his lips and rolled his eyes, quickly following after her.

“Look, don’t mind them. They’re pretty close.” Alby grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, guiding me somewhere else. “I think close is an understatement.” I muttered. It was obvious when two people shared some sort of connection that no one else could understand, and those two seemed to fit that picture pretty well. I looked back and saw Newt playfully pushing and shoving Y/N as they walked away. “Anyways, got something special planned for tonight. You’ll see.” Alby grabbed my shoulder again and lead me away, obviously tired of me glancing around the glade every chance I got.

“Light em up!” Alby hollered out to the boys who surrounded a mound of wood, all with flaming torches in their hands. All together, they tossed the flames at the wood and it ignited instantly, the flames soon rising high above their heads. Newt and Y/N were yet again side by side and I watched as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, only moments later to have her dragged off by some other boy. How she was the only girl in a place like this, I had no idea. But, she seemed to fit in just fine. When I looked back to Newt, the second-in-command seemed lost without his partner in crime. No matter where she went, Newt’s eyes were locked on her, a small grin plastered on his face.

It wasn’t long before I found myself situated against a log, staring out to the giant stone walls that trapped us in this place. “Hell of a first day, greenie.” A familiar voice sounded behind me and then a body slumped down beside mine. He handed me some sort of vile concoction and his words just seemed like white noise, my mind atrophied from the day. “What the hell is that?!” I exclaimed, looking to the drink with a disgust I was sure I’d ever felt before. “I don’t even know. It’s Gally’s recipe.” Newt stifled a laugh. “It’s a trade secret…” His voice trailed off as he turned to look at the fighting ring beside the fire.

I followed his gaze and sure enough, there was Y/N, in the ring fighting the tall, burly builder. Newt’s face was plastered with both jealousy and admiration as he gazed at her from afar, as if it was only safe to do so that way. “Yeah, well he’s still an asshole.” I grumbled, watching as Gally threw Y/N to the ground, making her gasp for air. Newt’s knuckles went white as he gripped the jar in his hand. I wondered why he hadn’t gone running over there yet, but guessed he was too afraid to. Good thing he didn’t because just as quickly as she had been thrown in the dirt, the girl jumped up and threw herself at Gally, sending him stumbling backwards.

“She can sure hold her own.” I scoffed. The whoops and hollers of the boys around the ring grew louder and louder, cheering on the girl. Now, it was if Newt wasn’t even paying attention, completely entranced by Y/N and I knew there was only one way to drag him back to earth. “Alby said you two are really close.” I said and the mention caught Newt’s attention immediately. “I guess.” He shrugged and tore his eyes from the fighting ring and back to the stone walls. “You guess?” I raised an eyebrow and caught his gaze for a few seconds before he darted his eyes away shamefully.

“Why don’t you just tell her? Don’t even try to deny how you feel about her. I can see it.” I furrowed my brows and watched as Newt’s face flushed red. “That’s a lot easier said than done.” His face went stolid and stared out into the dark. Here I was, not even able to remember my name, and I was trying to convince someone to admit their feelings. “What do you mean?” My questions had seemingly shifted from being all about where I was and who put us here to solely Y/N and Newt. The blonde propped himself up slightly and looked at me with a set of eyes I knew hid an intolerable amount of pain behind them. “You think that in a place like this, she hasn’t heard the same thing from just about every other boy? She wouldn’t believe me. Wouldn’t believe I was being genuine, unlike the rest of the shanks around here who say they care just for fun.” His question really did make me think. Being the only girl amidst forty or so boys, some had to have already admitted the same thing Newt wanted to.

“And listen, the truth is…” Newt muttered. “In a place like this, things like that don’t last.” Something about the way Newt said it was like a warning that made me refuse to ask any more questions about the girl. He went on to talk about the maze and I finally got the answers I’d been waiting for about the runners. After a while and being brought to the point where I felt as if my mind might just implode, Newt patted my back. “Alright, that’s enough questions for one night. C’mon, listen, you’re supposed to be the guest of honour!” He exclaimed, trying to drag me to my feet. I tried to rebuke but he tugged at my arm even harder. “No, no. C’mon, let me show you around.” He insisted and I reluctantly followed him towards the crowd.

As Newt showed me around, he explained the various different groups of people, the builders, slicers and medjacks. “And where does Y/N work?” I stopped Newt and his face lit up, a small smirk crossing it. “Well, she used to work with Clint and Jeff, but boys started injuring themselves on purpose just to see her. So, she works in the gardens with me now.” He said. “Bugs me every bloody day to convince Alby to let her be a runner.” The blonde rolled his eyes. We stood beside the fighting ring now and I could hear the shouts growing louder. “You should let her. She seems like a good fit by the way you make it sound.” I admitted and Newt’s face dropped. “Did you not listen to what I said? No one should want to be a runner. Especially her. It’s not safe.” Something about the way Newt said it definitely indicated that it was him stopping her from going into the maze. “Plus, she’d have to get chosen.”

Before I could ask, a body slammed into me from behind, sending me stumbling forwards. “My bad - sorry.” A soft voice met my ears and I didn’t even have to look up to see who it was. Y/N was being pulled up off of the ground by Gally and she looked to me apologetically. “What do you say greenie? Want to see what you’re made of?” Gally cocked an eyebrow and stood tall, everyones eyes fell on me. “Greenie, greenie!” Everyone started chanting and Y/N patted me on the back. All of the gladers circled around the ring and Newt stood shoulder to shoulder with Y/N, taking her hands in his and wiping the dirt away, checking for cuts and bruises. I could see as Y/N’s face visibly became redder as Newt wiped the dirt from under her eye gently. He cupped her face in his hands and said something, a wide smile growing on both of their faces before he finally let go. His eyes met mine and I raised an eyebrow at him to which he responded by sending a glare back that very obviously said ‘shut up, greenie.’

Despite trying to not be completely annihilated by Gally, I couldn’t help but keep glancing to Y/N and Newt. In a way, it was nice to see a relationship like theirs in a place like this, desolate and devoid of life. But, in another way, it was saddening. Newt looked to her like she was the only thing he saw. Yet, she never seemed as infatuated with him as he was with her. When she thought no one was watching, I knew Newt was. I could tell he heard every word she spoke, even when she thought no one else was listening. With him, she’d never have to be alone.

After being thrown into the dirt time and time again, I’d finally remembered my name and the fight was ended. I stumbled my way over to the fire where a few boys talked amongst themselves quietly. “Hey Thomas!” Y/N piped up and jumped down beside me. I smiled lightly at the girl. “You’re pretty good! Wanna fight me next time?” A mischievous grin rose on her face. After seeing her fight with Gally, I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Luckily, before I could answer, Newt slumped down in the tight space between us. “There you are, love.” Newt threw his arm over Y/N’s shoulder and pulled her close, ruffling her hair, earning a small laugh from her. They’d been apart maybe twenty minutes and Newt was acting like he hadn’t seen her in days. Y/N seemed to shrink under Newt’s arm and she pulled her legs close to her chest, crossing her arms over them.

For a while, the three of us talked about the glade and what tomorrow might be like. It was almost as if Y/N was adverting her vision from Newt. I couldn’t blame her, having someones eyes burning holes in your skin every hour of the day couldn’t be pleasant. Her focus was on me as I spoke and Newt’s was stuck on her. I may not have known either of them well, but I wasn’t clueless. It wasn’t like Y/N was pushing Newt away any time he came close. And it’s not that she was ignoring him, she was just trying not to show how much she cared. When Newt finally finished what he was saying, silence swelled around us until Chuck came sauntering in, calling my name. “Thomas! I set up your hammock.” He said proudly, waving for me to follow him. “I uh - better go.” I muttered and stood up. “Oh, and Y/N?” I caught her attention and Newt gave me a puzzled glance. “Newt has something really important to tell you.” I smirked and turned on my heel.

I sat in my hammock looking out to the walls yet again when I heard some people approaching the sleeping area. Most of the boys were already asleep and I knew it had to be Newt and Y/N. “Newt!” The girl whispered curiously, trying to catch up with the blonde who strode forwards. “Just tell me!” She pleaded and in that moment Newt caught my gaze and sent a forewarning glare. I shrugged with a smug smile and he rolled his eyes. Just as I had expected, a few hammocks down from mine, Y/N and Newt sat down in their own right beside one another. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” Her voice was earnest and quiet, Newt shuffled around uncomfortably. “Y-Yeah…” He stuttered. “Newt, c’mon. I won’t judge.” She stifled a laugh and I could see her searching his eyes for some sort of truth.

His entire body was tense. So much so I could almost feel it from where I sat. He looked like he was about to burst, all of his emotions boiling up inside of him. “Fine! You really want to know?!” He spat and Y/N jolted back a little. “I like you! A lot! Ever since I pulled you out of that box! But I never told you because… because you have no idea what it’s like… To like someone so much but know that they’ll never see you the same way.” Newt let out an exasperated sigh and thew his face into his hands frustratedly. Y/N gently pulled them away from his face. “I never said I didn’t?” She mumbled and Newt immediately dropped his hands, his face softening. “I just - I thought after all of the other boys… you’d never believe me.”

“Newt… Of course I believe you.” She tilted her head and looked to him with sympathy. “I’m so sorry I didn’t say anything earlier.” She apologized, darting her eyes away. “It’s not your fault.” He shook his head and lunged forwards, wrapping his arms around her tightly. “THANK GOD! IT’S ABOUT TIME YOU TWO!” Minho cried out. “NOW, GO TO BED!” The few boys who were awake all laughed and I watched as Newt nestled his head into the crook of her neck as if it was the first hug he’d ever received. For a brief moment he opened his eyes and looked to me as if to say ‘thanks for the embarrassment.’

Breaking... Ch.18


Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

A/N: Short but setup even though it’s boring

Wordcount: 1307

Warnings: Sad, gay, fluff

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Breaking Precautions

It was dark. Quiet. You felt still and immovable. It was hot, slightly suffocating. But then your heart beat faster and faster and faster, your breath speeding up with it until you felt like you were choking. Your eyes shot open, you sat up, clinging to the fabrics on top of you. Looking around you saw that you were in your room, in your night gown with a blanket covering you. Your hair was falling in front of your face and you were sweating like crazy. What the hell…? You pushed the covers off and stumbled a bit to stand up, you needed to use your desk as a support. Something suddenly struck your thoughts. Philip. You rushed over to the door and flung it open, there was a chill in the air. The door’s open. You tripped up a bit trying to run down the hall but you caught yourself on the wall. You made a sharp turn at the archway and fell into the main room. The front door was wide open and you heard something outside, voices. You couldn’t hear what the voices were saying but you felt like you had to hurry, there was the sound of wheels very faintly. You pushed yourself up and ran to the door and out of it. The light was blinding and made your eyes hurt from the sun’s rays reflecting against the white snow. Everyone was standing at the bottom of the stairs; cloaks, hats, muffs and all to protect against the cold. You saw everyone except Philip, your anxieties had set in. The wheels, that was him, he left. You were freezing but you didn’t care, you sprinted down the stairs. No shies on, only socks. You pushed your way through the small gap between Alex and Eliza. Your feet hit the snow and it made your toes burn. You only made it a couple of feet into the yard before your legs gave out and made you fall to your knees. Now your legs and dress were soaking wet as you sat there, looking down at the hideously white mass under you.

“Titania!” Alex yelled, him and Eliza rushed over to you, crouching down at either side of you. “Are you crazy? It’s freezing out here!” You didn’t look at them and felt tears well up in your eyes, they fell onto the snow and made slight indents in the single color.

“I’m…I’m too late… I wanted to…to tell him…” Your voice shook and your shoulders trembled. “Damn it!” You slammed your fist into the ground. Something was draped over your shoulder, Alex’s jacket. You clung to it and pulled it closer, trying to cover your freezing body. Eliza wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close to her, your head falling onto the crook of her neck. She patted your back comfortingly and you felt like you could ball your eyes out right there.

“Shh, it’s alright dear! Everything is just fine. Take deep breaths.” She whispered. You sniffled, forcing yourself not to cry. The cold burned even with Alex’s jacket.

“It’s never enough…” Eliza stood up, helping you stand. Her and Alex both helped your shivering body inside.

             It was now the beginning of May. After your last breakdown, Philip made sure to always ask how you were doing in his letters. Honestly, you didn’t feel too hot, but you couldn’t tell him that. Truthfully, you were never well when he was away. The only thing that kept your spirits up was remembering that love was never meant to be easy. Love takes time and love takes work. Right now you were paying the time portion. But you had to be strong, not just for Philip but for the children as well. They counted on you to be their foundation. Especially Angie, she’s been a nervous wreck all week and she wouldn’t tell you why. You didn’t figure it out until that afternoon when you heard someone knock at the front door. You dusted off your skirt and opened the door.

“Welcome to the Hamilton estate, what may I assist you with?” You greeted. There was a young girl standing in front of you, well not ‘young’ she looked to be about fifteen years old. She was quite petite, had pale skin and green eyes. Not like Rachel or Anna’s green eyes, not bright and deep. They were more soft, almost a mint or a sea-foam color. Her blonde curls came down to her shoulders but part of the front was tied off into a green bow. Her dress was a similar shade of green, with a full skirt but short sleeves to match warm weather, a bit of lace fell out of the neckline.

“Hello, I’m here to see Angelica.” Her voice was small and cute.

“Oh, I didn’t know Angie was having friends over today. I’ll call here down for you, please follow me.” You stepped to the side and allowed the girl inside. This wasn’t the first time Angie had friends over so you didn’t find anything strange. You closed the door and made your way over to the stairs. “Angie! You have a visitor!” You called up. The girl stood next to you, nervously twiddling her thumbs, she was looking down at the ground so you couldn’t read her expression. You heard footsteps from upstairs.

“Who is it, T…T” Angie stopped at the top step, looking down at the girl next to you. “R-RoseMary…You actually came…” Wait, RoseMary? OH MY GOD THIS IS ROSEMARY! You tried your hardest to not squeal, instead settling for a faint smile. RoseMary nodded her shyly.

“Um, perhaps you’d like your parasol, Miss Angelica? So that you may sit out in garden with your friend?” You hinted, not so inconspicuously moving your gaze back and forth from her and RoseMary. She blinked herself back to reality and cleared her throat.

“Yes, thank you. RoseMary, would you like to join me out in the garden for a bit?” She quickly made her way down the steps and grabbed RoseMary’s hand as she passed the two of you. Angie led her out of the room and into the dining room. You couldn’t help but fangirl a little bit when they left. RoseMary is so adorable, that’s so cute! You went over to the closet near the front of the room and found Angie’s parasol. Quickly, you ran through the dining room and into the kitchen, you peeked out the back door and saw them both sitting at the bench. You internally screamed, you listened closely. “I can’t believe you actually showed up…” Angie said with shock.

“Why is that?” RoseMary asked.

“Because…you know how I feel. I thought you’d hate me; don’t you hate me?” She asked worriedly. RoseMary shock her head, her big curls swaying with her.

“No, of course I don’t hate you Angie!”

“But I’m not normal! I don’t know what this feeling is but I definitely don’t see you as just a friend. Whenever you’re around, my heart beats in the strangest way, I feel light headed and palms get really sweaty!” Angie lowered her head, looking defeated.

“If you’re not normal…than neither am I. Because I feel the same way.” AH! This is so beautiful; I’m going to cry! Angie’s head perked up and RoseMary’s words.

“You…you do? You like me? Like, like-like me?” RoseMary nodded softly, Angie didn’t waste a second and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. RoseMary did the same. You decided it would probably be best to give them some privacy, you leaned the parasol against the wall and left to go check on Eliza. They were young and learning, but at least you knew they would be able to learn together. There’s always hope in love, no matter what the obstacle.

Imagine dancing with Sam

My first Sam Wilson, so be nice, si?

“Are we all going out tonight?” Steve asked from across the training room; he was lifting weights next to Sam who was jogging in place.

“What’s the plan?” Nat questioned getting up from the ground where she was stretching.

“Dancing!” you suggested with a smile.

Sam’s face lit up and he nodded while everyone else groaned.

“I don’t like to dance,” Wanda pouted.

“It’s easy,” you nudged her playfully. “Right, Sam?”

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Going Nowhere

This is for  @anonbemetoo and the wonderful Strangers on a Train prompt.

Trains. A blessing a curse. A blessing because they remind Clarke of her father, a curse for the same reason. She runs her hand along the side paneling as she makes her way toward the first car entrance. As she reaches the front she spots a familiar face, Nyko. He has worked this line as long as she can remember and she smiles a little when she sees him. She patiently waits her turn and hands over her ticket.

“Welcome aboard, Clarke.” She smiles one more time at him and nods as she gently touches his shoulder as she passes. It’s been ten years since Jake Griffin passed away and every year on his birthday she rides his line just to feel closer to him. It was an accident, one of those fiery, national headline kind. It happened at a crossing, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel after driving all night. It might not have been so bad if the truck wasn’t a gasoline tanker. Forty seven people died that day, including Jake. He was on his way to work at the Union Pacific office in Omaha, taking an Amtrak from their home in Lincoln. He could have driven everyday but he said the ride inspired him. Ironically he was a safety consultant, and he said people plus trains plus observation equalled great insight.

Clarke obviously misses her father but she is strong. Stronger than anyone ever gives her credit for, stronger than even she knew she could be, stronger than any obstacle she has faced and there have been many. First was her father, then her first love. She thinks about her life since her father as passed, what she has experienced without him there to guide her through, as she reaches her normal spot. The bitter taste of a broken heart seeps in as she takes her assigned seat on the passenger train. He did a number on her, making her fall hard, believing he loved her too and then leaving her for someone else when she was swamped with school and didn’t have time bend to his every whim. The other girl was a model actually, if she hadn’t met her, she wouldn’t have believe it. Met is also a strong term, more like walked in on whilst mid romp one afternoon with Finn.

She focused on herself and graduating after the Finn debacle, she even pulled away from her friends for a while because of that, which she felt bad about. They said she went MIA for three months, but she got it back together after graduation. She apologized for being so absent with her friends, she sat down and talked things through with her mother. She put in every effort to be better, and it paid off. So yeah, Clarke Griffin is strong, but on this day every year, she is so very weak.

After graduation she interned at Grounder’s comics, the most profitable comic company in the world and quickly was spotted as a true talent. They offered her a permanent position before her internship was even over and she has worked her way up to lead graphic artist in the last six years. There is absolutely nowhere else she would want to work. Grounders is still run like a small, family business. Mostly she loves that they allow her to bring her dog, Beau, to work every day. She tells her mom at their weekly dinners how much she loves her job. She wishes she could tell her father about it, that they could discuss her future projects.

She sighs and leans her head on the glass as the train pulls from the station. Nyko walks towards her and stops he gestures to a young woman behind him then looks to Clarke with sorrowful eyes. “Sorry Clarke. It’s the last seat available. Full train today.”

She half smiles at him and nods politely. “It’s fine Nyko. Thanks for trying.” He tries to give her as much privacy as possible, usually directing travelers away from where she is seated in a small roomette knowing the importance of the day. Jake rode this train for nearly twenty years before the accident so Nyko knew him well, too. She could always see the hurt in his eyes that washes over after the initial surprise and joy of seeing her.

“Anytime.” He tips his head slightly and continues down the aisle as the woman who was following him slips into the seat across from her and the cabin door slides and clicks closed. She tips her head offering a tight lipped smile that Clarke returns before glancing back out the window. She stares out at the passing world, lost in the memories of growing up with Jake as her dad.

Minutes that seem like hours pass as the train continues on, but Clarke doesn’t move from her spot. Neither does the stranger, though, who is now reading a comic book. Clarke smiles because it’s hers, Wanheda and the Delinquents. It took her 5 months to complete the work on that single comic, a brain child between her, Bellamy and Octavia. The siblings are her work family and they poured blood, sweat and so many tears into that book, and boy did it pay off. It’s currently the best selling new work for the company and has been hailed as a champion for change and inclusivity. It has been drawing in the young female audience to comic books unlike any before it, and Clarke is proud of it. The stranger glances up just in time to catch her proud smirk.

Clarke watches as the brunette, admittedly gorgeous brunette, looks around then back at her. “What?”

The artist smiles softly before answering a question with a question. “You’re a fan of comic books?”

“I - uh, yeah. I am. You?” The brunette, who looks somewhat embarrassed, closes the work and places it in her lap.

Clarke nods with a half smirk. “I guess you could say I am. How do you like that one?” She points with her chin.

“I was expecting mediocrity, you know, because of all the hype. But I am pleasantly surprised with it. It’s amazing. Wanheda is truly a badass, and I am so rooting for her and the Commander to rule the world.” The stranger smiles and Clarke thinks there might be something special about those green eyes.

“So is everyone else. Have you finished it yet?” She smiles sheepishly before holding up three fingers. “Wow, you do like it.”

“Yeah. Have you read it?”

“I wrote it.” Clarke says cooly before glancing at Nyko in the aisle once again.

“Wait, what?” The stranger looks to her bewildered. Clarke extends her hand and confidently introduces herself.

“Clarke Griffin, graphic artist, sometimes writer. And you are?”

“Lexa Woods, avionics engineer.” The stranger, Lexa, grasps her hand shakes firmly.

“That sounds impressive, is that impressive?”

Lexa shrugs. “I fly and fix planes. It’s impressive if you’re impressed.”

“Where are you headed today, Lexa Woods, avionics engineer which is totally impressive.”

Lexa smirks and Clarke knows she’s said the right thing, which isn’t always her strong suit. “My sister lives in Omaha, my nephew turns five tomorrow and she wants to have this big party. Normally I’d drive but I was in an accident last week. Damn drunk totalled my Accord. I loved that car.”

“You’re okay though?”

“Perfectly fine, Clarke. I was stopped at a light behind a truck, saw him coming and hopped out. He slammed into the back of my car so hard he skimmed over the top and into the truck in front of me. I’ll get the pay out next week sometime.” The blonde hums and then swallows a lump in her throat. The accident was somewhat similar to what happened when the train Jake was on was hit by the tanker. The driver hit a car and a big rig pushing them into the passing train before it barreled through the crossing as well. “What about you?”


“Where are you headed?”

“Oh.” Clarke swallows once again. “Nowhere.” A long pause. “Visiting my dad for his birthday.”

“Does he live in Omaha?” Lexa tilts her head and eyes the blonde curiously.

“No, um. He died.” Clarke looks at her hands, her own fingers becoming extremely interesting.

Lexa leans over and puts a soft hand on her knee. “Mine too. It’ll never feel the same, but it does get easier.” The artist sniffles a bit and hurriedly wipes the tear that’s fallen from her face. She has never been a public crier and refuses to start now.

“It was a long time ago, ten years, but I always do this for his birthday.”

“Was he…” Lexa stops and shakes her head dismissing her train of thought, instead opting to rub a circular pattern on the woman’s knee. It’s a few quiet seconds before she speaks again. “Do you want to talk about him? I’ve got plenty of time to listen.”

“I…” Clarke opens and closes her mouth, staring into sincere green eyes, willing herself to say something. Anything. No one ever asks her if she wants to talk about him. They just say ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ and awkwardly move on. But here is this stranger, this beautiful stranger who wanted to listen. She didn’t offer half-hearted apologies or a pat on the back with a ‘there, there.’ She willingly offered to listen to whatever Clarke wanted to say, which made the blonde tear up even more.

“It’s alright, we don’t have to talk about him. I know it hurts.”

“No, I want to.” Clarke mumbles and looks Lexa in the eye. “I love my friends, but they are really bad with the whole consolation thing, and my mom still can’t talk about him. No one ever wants to hear about him from me.”

“I do.”



“Yeah.” Clarke wipes her near falling tears from her eyes with both hands and Lexa chuckles. “What?”
“You look like a raccoon. A badass raccoon, but a raccoon nonetheless. Here, let me help.” She reaches up and wipes at the blondes tear tracks with one of her thumbs. “There. Beautiful.”

Clarke’s throat bobs at the compliment, and her face feels slightly flush. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. So, tell me about your dad…”

“Jake. His name was Jake. He was a safety consultant at Union Pacific for like 20 years. He and my mom, they met in college. They had one of those perfect whirlwind romances. He got the job with UP right out of school and she went to med school. She’s a badass surgeon and I wish I had just a fraction of her balls.” Clarke chuckles to herself and smiles at Lexa. She closes her eyes and licks her lips, before continuing. “He was the best dad, the kind that shows up to support everything you do. Tells you your dreams are valid even if they are astronomically silly. I once told him I was going to invent space suits for horses and be the first person on to ride horseback on the moon. He just looked at me and said ‘make sure you tether both you and the horse down, otherwise you’re going to be the first horseback rider to drift into space.’ God, I miss him.”

“He sounds like a riot.”

“He was.”

“So, you said it’s his birthday? Where are you going to visit him?”

Clarke looks around, sort of self-conscious about her ritual now. “I uh… here. Right here.”

Lexa furrows her brow in confusion. “I’m sorry. I don’t follow.”

“He used to take the train everyday from home in Lincoln to Omaha for work, then back. This train. On his birthday I ride the train like he did. He always talked so highly of trains, they were such a big part of his life. It makes me feel close to him.”

Lexa nods understandingly. “You said it was ten years ago that he passed? Was it… Was it here? In the accident?” Clarke tears up again as she nods affirmatively.

“My mom was on the train too, but she was way in the back. My dad was the guy in the big rig that the tanker pushed into the train.”

“Lexa.” A ghost of a whisper escapes Clarke’s lips as she looks at the woman in front of her. She reaches out at takes her hand, intertwining their fingers. Lexa shakes her head back and forth.

“You want to know what the investigator said to me and my sister when they finished? He said that my father’s death was heroic. If the rig hadn’t slowed the tanker down it would have impacted a more populated area of the train. How do you tell a kid that their father is a hero, then never allow it to be discussed?” There was a strict gag order placed on the investigation. The only thing people ever got to see was the final report that was issued by the NTSB.

Clarke swallows thickly, luckily she didn’t have an experience like that. “What was his name?”

“Gustus, everyone called him Gus though.”

“And your mom?”

Lexa smiles at her, big and bright. “Andrea. Alive and well. Living out her days in sunny California.”

“And your sister and nephew are here?”

“Yeah. Anya and her husband Roan and Aden, who’s five. Altogether we’ve had a fairly happy life. I mean, obviously we’ve had our downs. Like when I came out at school and people were shitty or when Anya got arrested for drunk in public at seventeen. Oh, when I caught my girlfriend of two years sucking off some guy in a bar bathroom. That was fun, physically and emotionally painful, but yeah no. It wasn’t fun at all.”

Clarke’s eyebrows shoot up. “You have one of those too, huh?”

“Cheating ex? Yeah. You?”
“Ex boyfriend. Year and a half. Walked into his apartment to a face to face with the girl he was taking from behind. He had the nerve to ask if I wanted to join in because I ‘like both and we’re all really hot.’ Can you believe that?”

“Why are people so gross towards bisexuals? As a lesbian, I would like to apologize on behalf of the gay community for the times you have been marginalized or told you’re only half gay or greedy.”

Clarke laughs, a real full bellied laugh. “Well, on behalf of the bisexual community, I thank you.”

They continue to talk about their fathers and families and lives in general up to the topic of work.

“I just love that I get to have a job that can evoke such emotions from people, you know? I have met people that I’ve pissed off but I have also met people that tell me I saved them.” Clarke beams pridefully. “One teenage girl told me that she came out to her parents because Wanheda made her feel safe in the world. Can you believe that? I know it might seem silly, but it inspires me.”

“That doesn’t seem silly at all.” Lexa smiles at the artist. “It’s incredible.”

Clarke bites her lip subconsciously. “Sometimes I ramble when I get excited about something. I’ve been told I can be a talker. Just tell me to stop if I’m boring you.”

“Whoever has told you that’s a bad thing is an idiot. I don’t think I could ever get bored of you. Besides, I think the rambling is cute.” The engineer looks out the window as they pull into the Omaha station. “So, what do you usually do now?”

“I usually walk around the city for a bit, then head home. I try to catch Nyko’s return trip.” She points to the burly man in the aisle. “He’s worked this train since before I was born.”

“I see. Well, do you think I could tempt you into some fun instead? If I learned anything about Jake Griffin in the past hour, it’s that he wouldn’t want you to be sad on his birthday and there happens to be a party happening not too far from here.” When Clarke doesn’t answer Lexa lets out a heavy sigh. “Ten years is a long time to suffer Clarke. I am not saying you shouldn’t mourn him, I’m just saying you don’t have to do it alone. I think having my mom and my sister helped me cope, let me help you.”

Clarke looks out the window and sighs. “I don’t let it dictate my life like I did when I was seventeen. I have mostly healed, it’s just this one day.” The train’s brakes screech as it reaches its stop in the station. “Enjoy the party Lexa. Thanks for the company for the last hour or so. I hope your nephew has a great birthday party.” She sees the brunette swallow thickly in the reflection of the glass and nod defeatedly.

“It was really great meeting you, Clarke.” With that, she picks up her belongings and slides open the roomette door and steps back out into the aisleway. She looks back over her shoulder briefly before sliding the door closed again and nods to Nyko as she makes her way from the train.

Clarke watches from the window of the train as the brunette slides into a car, an uber she guesses. She slowly makes her way out of the cabin, toward Nyko who waiting by the door. “See you in a while Clarke.”

“See ya.” She softly touches his shoulder again as she passes. She wanders around the city, taking in the people and the buildings. She walks past the headquarters where her father worked and took a good hard look. She looks around and sees how life doesn’t stop because if her mourning. She digs the cell phone out of her pocket to call the one person she knew would understand. “Shit.” She curses herself because she never asked Lexa for her number.

Two weeks later

“That’s what I’m saying Marcus. There is now way in hell that will fly with the fans. Number one, there is far too much that we can do with these two characters. Number two, they’re soulmates for god sake. Number three, do you know what people will call us? Queer-baters. I’m not ruining the story I have built, the trust of the fans that I have created. Not for you or anyone else. And definitely not for ‘shock value.’ No way.” Clarke’s hands are on her hips as she walks around her office yelling at her boss on speaker phone. Beau occasionally lifts his head and watches her pace before he sets it back down, uninterested in what she is doing.

“Okay Clarke. You win, I get it.”

“I don’t really think you do Marcus. I’d love to explain it to you in person next time we are here. Maybe we can visit an LGBT community center.”

“I don’t really think that’s necessary Clar-”

“I do. You don’t even realize what an overused trope you asked me to use a minute ago. Why don’t you read into how many gay and lesbian characters have been killed off in the same manner. Just… Let me write my story, okay? If people stop reading it, let it be on me.”

“Clarke, look. I trust you. You’re the boss on this one alright. I am sorry I offended you.”

“Thank you Marcus.”

She ends the call with her boss and calls Beau over for some cuddles. The huge Bernese Mountain dog trots over and sets his head on her thigh so she can comb her fingers through his long fur. His ears perk up and he jerks away from her as he trots over to the office door. She watches him curiously as two people round the corner to her office and her breath catches.

“Hey Clarke.” Harper pats Beau on the head after opening the door. “She says she knows you.”

“Yeah, thanks Harper.” Clarke rises from her desk as Harper smirks then turns and leaves back down the hallway. “Beau introduce yourself to Lexa.” The dog sits in front of the visitor and holds out his paw.

“Well hello Beau.” Lexa shakes his paw and then pats his head then stands up straight. “Hello Clarke.”

“Hi.” The artist rounds her desk and leans back on the front side of it. “It’s nice to see you again.”

The engineer smiles at her and steps closer. “I got home Sunday night from my sisters and I had this overwhelming urge to call you and tell you about it. It was then that I realized I made a terrible mistake and didn’t get your number. I wanted to come here and find you sooner, but work has been crazy this last week.”

“Lexa. I wanted to call you Saturday afternoon but I realized the same thing.” Clarke takes a step toward the nervously rambling brunette. “I would have found you the same way, except I never asked which company you worked for.”

“Really?” Lexa rubs the back of her neck nervously. “Because I felt a bit stalkerish.”

“I don’t think that.” Clarke takes another step and is just a breath away from the visiting woman. “In fact, I think it’s sweet.”

“Yeah?” Lexa’s gaze flicks down to Clarke’s lips, ever so briefly.

“Yeah.” Clarke breaths out. “Can I kiss you?”

Lexa looks stunned for a moment, then nods nervously as she swallows hard. Then they are both leaning in, and innocently pressing their lips together. Clarke pulls back first and exhales sharply. “Can I take you on a date?”

“I’d really like that.” Clarke hums tracing her fingers down Lexa’s muscular arm. “Want a tour of this place?”

“What I want is your number.”

Clarke chuckles and pulls her toward the door. “You’ll get it, I promise.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think Shiro has ever woken up from a nightmare with Ulaz hovering over him from concern? But shiro is still reeling from his dreams/ memories of his time in captivity, and just freaks out completely because he recognizes Ulaz's silhouette. He's the one who took his arm away (I mean probably. Right?). And it's so painful. And Ulaz tries to calm him the best he can until Shiro is able to see him clearly, and the panic subsides.

The ship’s hallway went on forever.  Shiro ran, his own breathing echoing in his ear as he tried to reach the door at the end.  That was how he escaped, how he got free and returned home.  But it was so far away, and no matter how hard he tried, he never seemed to get close enough.

A hand grabbed around his arm, and Shiro yanked away.  A Galra soldier stood there in full armor, hand outstretched, claws long and gleaming in the dim purple light.

Shiro tried to keep running, but another hand grabbed on the back of his shirt - the purple, ragged top of his days as a prisoner- and yanked him short.  When he finally turned, there were several of them, huge and looming, faces darkened by the poor lighting but their claws and yellow eyes glimmering.

Struggling hard, Shiro managed to get free, but a hand grabbed onto his ankle.  No matter how hard he kicked, he couldn’t get free.  He was dragged back, fingers (human fingers, all ten) digging into the metal floor as he tried desperately to slow the steady, agonizing drag back.

More hands joined, on his waist, his chest, his arms, his neck, and then finally one over his cheek and covering his mouth.

Shiro screamed, the noise muffled behind the hand.

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Wonho x Reader


Warnings: Language

Originally posted by wonhontology

You had been avoiding Wonho ever since that incident. You had talked to I.M but you weren’t sure if he was telling the truth either. Why the fuck would he admit to cheating IF he really was… Then suddenly your mind wandered to Wonho’s confession. You felt your heart pick up and you felt overwhelmed with sadness. You felt your heart hurt both at the thought of you avoiding your friend and at the possibility that I.M could be cheating on you.

You laid down on your bed and pulled the blankets over your head groaning. You missed Wonho..

Wonho POV:

“What should I do Hyungwon?”

Hyungwon was rummaging through my pantry looking for any snacks. “Mmm, well you already confessed what more can you do?”

Kihyun looked over at Hyungwon. “Hey! There’s so much more that he could do!” Kihyun then looked at me and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t listen to him. Just because you confessed already doesn’t mean it’s the end. She’s your friend. You have to help her see that I.M is cheating on her.”

Hyungwon suddenly came over with some chips and sat down. “Oooh, like Cheaters? I’m down.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes. “This is not a game. These are Wonho’s feelings. As his closest friends we have to help him. As her closest friend you have to help her. Even if it does hurt her in the end.”

I nodded solemnly. “But what if she thinks I’m doing this all for my own personal gain?”

Hyungwon looked at me. “Unless she’s stupid she won’t think that after we’ve caught him. You guy’s have been friends this long. If she seriously thinks that you’re doing it for personal gain and not for her benefit then you deserve better.” He shrugged. “That’s just my opinion. Not trying to dump all those years of loving down the drain or anything.”

Kihyun face palmed at Hyungwon but he didn’t seem to care. Just continued eating his chips.

“Alright. Let’s get him.” I cracked my knuckles for effect. Which resulted in Hyungwon laughing at me.

Then I stood up, ready to go catch him in the act when it suddenly occurred to me, “How do we catch him in the act?”

This only made Hyungwon laugh more, “You were all ready and pumped to go catch him but you don’t even know how to start.”

Kihyun hit him again. “Well, we know I.M likes to party… We can try to aim for parties..”

I nodded thinking about how I caught him last time. “Alright it’s a start.. Do we just record or take pictures?”

“You could call Y/N over saying you want to talk about what happened.” Hyungwon said looking into the now empty bag frowning.

Kihyun perked up, “That’s actually pretty smart..”

I patted Hyungwon’s back, “Thanks buddy, I knew you’d do something useful rather than just eat all my food.”

He rolled his eyes at me. “You aren’t that useful seeing that your house is out of stock on food.”

I looked at him, “And who’s fault do you think that it?”

He looked at me, “Yours.”

Kihyun smacked the two of us. “Stop, we can go get food and I’ll make it here before we go. It’s still too early for some parties to start anyways. Also we can always ask Shownu to ask Jooheon where he and I.M might be going. They’re buds.”

I nodded. That was true. I got out my phone and texted Shownu. In which after we returned from the grocery store I got a reply from him. He must’ve been sleeping or something because that took him a while.

Shownu: Jooheon said that they’ll be going to this frat house party.

I could hear Kihyun starting to make food, I swear he’s such a mom, and I could hear him scolding Hyungwon for attempting to grab snack before food was ready.

After confirming the location and time of the party, I sighed out in relief.

I’m going to end this I.M and take what’s rightfully mine. Because Y/N.. you will be mine by the end of this I’m done playing the nice. I’ll have it to where you don’t want to be calling me ‘best friend’.

Your POV:

You sat there on the couch binge watching TV shows. You kept getting up to grab snacks. Every time after getting back from the kitchen you would lay on the couch in some weird position. You would scroll through your phone every so often checking for any messages from either Wonho or I.M but there would never be any. You sighed, ever since that day you’ve just been locked up in your house. You haven’t talked to either Wonho or I.M today. You still weren’t sure what to believe or who to believe. You felt awful about what you said to Wonho though. He is your best friend and he wouldn’t lie to you… You shook your head then at that thought. No but I.M wouldn’t do that too you.

Denial is a fucking bitch. You’ll learn that the hard way.

A/N: This was a short update but tune in next time on Cheaters LOL.

Draco Malfoy X Male!Reader - suddenly.

title: suddenly. 

Draco Malfoy X Male!Hufflepuff!Reader
warnings: language
when you see ’–’ it means some time has passed
au! where they are still in school [5th yr] and nobody is dead and they have a normal time at their beloved wizarding school
*draco + harry not on as bad of terms, but draco can still be a jerk
**platonic reader and harry aka the aggressive bromance

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Pairing: Reader x Winchester Brothers

Warning(s): Angst, Mild Course Language

Word Count: 1451


A/N: Yay! No bother sweets, thanks for requesting again! :) Hope you like it! 

“Bye Tara, love you!” You yell to your friend hanging out the window of the taxi, as she hollers and screams at you as the taxi drives away. You chuckle to yourself, searching through your clutch for your house key. Tara was your best friend, and with all the stress she’d been under in her job you had decided that a girl’s night was just what she needed. Nothing like sweating away your worries with a drink in hand and music blaring. Perhaps you’d overindulged a bit, you realised as you were struggling to get your key into the door, but you and her had torn up the dance floor and she’d been having the most fun you’d seen her have in a while.

You finally succeeded and slightly stumbled inside, finding your boyfriend, Blake, sitting in your lounge watching television. You had given him a house key so it was no surprise how he got into your house, but why he was waiting for you puzzled you. His head snapped up to look at you as you entered, and you smiled lazily at him.

“Hey baby, what’re you doing here?” You ask happily surprised, walking over to him and attempting to kiss him on his cheek. He stops you in your tracks by grabbing your shoulders and slightly shaking you.

“Where have you been Y/N?” He demands, the anger evident in his voice, but even more so in his eyes. His eyes glint angrily, making you gulp. “Blake, I was out with Tara, we were-” His scoffing makes you stop your sentence prematurely. “Tara… That’s the excuse you’re going with.” He paused to pace angrily before spinning on you on continuing. “How dumb do you think I am, Y/N?” He spit venomously at you.

“Babe, I don’t think you’re stupid! I told you about this days ago.” You said trying to keep your calm. Blake was never usually like this, most of the time he was sweet and mild mannered so seeing this side of him was setting you on edge. He scoffed even louder at you, grabbing his jacket that was laid on the couch. “I’ve had enough of this Y/N, you’ve insulted enough by sleeping around, but I don’t need to stand here and have you lie to my face!” He all but screams at you, barging past you to reach the door. “Blake wait-” He swings open the door but turns to face you before leaving. “You know what, you’re a dumb slut, and you always will be. You never deserved me in the first place.”

Your buzz now completely gone and tears streaming down your face, you reached for your phone and called the first person you could think of. The phone was answered in two short rings. “Hey Y/N, what’s up?” Sam’s voice asks through your speaker and you smile even though you feel so completely broken. Blake’s words had cut you, deeper than he potentially knew, but the sting felt like someone had cut you and poured salt into the wound. “S-S-S-Sam?” You stutter out between sobs. “Y/N, what’s the matter, are you hurt?” “Sammy, is she okay, what’s happening, she hurt?” You hear Dean’s worried questions in the background, you chuckle and sniffle at his worries.

You’d met Sam and Dean a few years back, as you had a run in with a particularly nasty demon that they saved you from. They told you about things that go boo in the night, and in return you gave them a place to stay for a couple of weeks. During that time you’d become very close with them, feeling as though they were like your brothers. Although you didn’t see them very often, they had stopped in whenever possible and time had never weakened the bond you had. The comfort you found in their voices is the exact reason you had called them.

“Tell Dean to calm down, it’s nothing like that.” You said, trying to hide the sadness in your voice, wanting to just talk to them like nothing was wrong. “Then what is it Y/N?” Worry leeching into Sam’s voice as he spoke. “It doesn’t matter really..” You trailed off. Sam tsked at you and after a little persuasion, with Dean’s aid, you told Sam what happened, more specifically what he’d said to. Dumb slut… you never deserved me.

“Fuck him Y/N.” You sigh at his statement. “No seriously fuck him, how dare he.” The rage in Sam’s voice startles you slightly. You could hear Dean throwing out curses in agreeance with Sam, and even though they were angry you smiled all the same, missing them more and more with the passing seconds.

“Anyway, sorry for calling, I just needed to talk to you guys.” You state, feeling immensely better. They assured you it was no worry and to call you anytime you needed them. You went to bed with puffy eyes, but a lighter heart than earlier.


You were awoken by a loud knocking at your door. You bolted upright, looking at your bedside, seeing that it reads 12:00 pm. About time you got up. You shuffled towards the door not bothering to change out of your pyjamas as the knocking continued. “What?” Your entire demeanour changed and your face lit up as your two favourite faces greeted you. “Rise and shine sleeping beauty.” Dean states sarcastically. You squealed and threw your arms around him, doing the same to Sam before ushering them inside and making all of you a coffee. You passed around some stories and caught up on old times. You found out they had been a couple of towns over and heading in the opposite direction, but had turned around and headed straight towards you after your phone call. You fell into a comfortable silence after a bout of laughter, looking down into your mug.

You happened to look down at Dean’s hands while taking a sip, noticing that his knuckles were red and bruised. You gingerly picked it up, turning it over in your hand. “Some more demons been giving you some trouble?” You ask teasingly. Dean however gently clenches his hand and pulls it away. “Yea, something like that.” The Winchester’s had never really been the most subtle of boys though, and the knowing look the passed between each other did not go unnoticed by you.

“Uh huh, so how’d you really get those bruises Dean,” a silence filling the room. “Sam, you wanna fill me in?” You question. Both of them stare down at the floor, the ceiling, their nails, anywhere but at you, almost as if they were guilty. The turning cogs in your head clicked into place as you realised.

“No.” You say shaking your head. “No. You did not go and see Blake, tell me you didn’t.” their lack of eye contact confirms your suspicions, and you shook your head at them before standing up so that you would tower over their sitting frames. “Why would you do that? He ended it and that’s it. I don’t need you two fighting my battles for me.” You exclaim.

“No, it’s not like that Y/N, we did that for us.” You quirk your eyebrow at Sam, his statement making no sense to you. He looked as though he didn’t want to continue, but your keen stare prompted him to. “You really think we’d let someone talk about you like that? What he said, it was vile. He should have been counting his lucky stars someone like you would even look in his direction.”

“He’s lucky we didn’t kick his damn teeth in.” Dean mutters. “We know you can stick up for yourself, but there’s no way we were letting him away with that.” Although you didn’t want to, a smile crept onto your face at their words. Although they were filled with violence, you’d never had people look out for you like that and that was something worth smiling about.

“Did he fight back?” You questioned, your curiosity getting the better of you. “The little rodent tried to run out the back door when he realised why we were there.” Sam’s words made you laugh out loud. “We made sure he’s never going to come near you again. Or he’ll have us to deal with again.” You walked over and hugged them both.

“I love you both, have I ever told you that?” You mumble out.

“Alright what is this, a damn chick flick.” Dean states, patting you on the back before pulling away. You lightly punch him on the arm instead, earning a smile from him.

Blake had been an asshole, but you were so lucky you had your boys by your side.

TRUE ROMANCE: II + Book 2 of Soul Mate

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another lifetime?

A/N: I’m so glad you guys are loving True Romance already! I’ll admit, I’m aiming to make it really cute/romantic…so if you aren’t that kind of person then I’m really sorry! This is a modern AU after all…

Warning: None.

Word Count: 3.1K+


Being woken up to the sound of thunder, you nearly fell off the couch as your heart began to race, standing up from your seat as you stretched. “2:30 already?” You yawned, shutting off the television before realizing Astro had fallen asleep next to you. As much as you enjoyed waking up to a sleeping pup, the feeling of wanting to wake up to someone else crept up on you, the desire of having someone else with you. Why the sudden urge?

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K lotto drama CD translation: Snow White and Beauty-Obsessed Queen


Animate lotto drama CD - Snow White and Beauty Obsessed Queen translation by Keik. 

Characters: Isana Yashiro/Yatogami Kuroh/Mishakuji Yukari/Hisui Nagare/Gojou Sukuna/Fushimi Saruhiko/Yata Misaki/Munakata Reisi

Parody plot of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. So much fun to listen omg! And by the way who is the real Snow White and where is the prince XD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA



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The Problems of Ronald Weasley - Fire Dragon

The Weasley’s are a family of fire-dragons, all of them born in one clutch but hatching slowly, as how it usually is with Molly’s line, the Great Dragons.

Ron thinks his family is weird.

This is attributed to coming across some dragon books and realizing that dragons were apparently supposed to be territorial and resent sharing space. He comes to terms with it though, like he comes to understand that while other dragons might be like that, the Weasley’s were different. He attributes this to his dam’s line, the Great Dragons of the East.

Ron’s hoard is achievements.

Not even great, outstanding achievements like his clutch-brother Bill achieves in Hogwarts School of Magical Creatures, or world-breaking achievements like his clutch-brother Charlie.

No, Ron’s hoard is a small collection of achievements, like watching the dawn through the first time on top of a hill. Making his dam laugh long and loudly after she’d argued with his sire and stank the den with her smoke in anger.

Ron’s hoard is small and understated, something his family struggles to understand. He understands why that is, though it doesn’t prevent the hurt from settling in.

After all, the entire family’s hoards are large, flashy and attention grabbing.

Bill hoarded beautiful things and guarded them. He was good friends with the Veela’s, and even moved there after he’d graduated, much to their dam’s dismay.

Charlie didn’t hoard things, but he chased after dangerous, exciting things. Usually adventures. He’d go through adventures in his human form and enjoyed the struggle of it. It was certainly attention grabbing. Mostly for their dams stress levels.

Percy hoarded facts. Everyone initially assumed he hoarded the printed word – libraries, but after clutch-sister Ginny had accidentally burnt his books and he didn’t get angry, they all realized that he’d already hoarded and memorized everything written and didn’t mind having the hard copies burnt.

The twins hoarded innovation. New things, exciting things and frequently invented them because the world moved too slow for them after all.

Ginny hoarded things that were different, like witch-sprite Luna who showed she was more sprite and less witch than the rest of her clan. This was difficult to their sire’s stress levels too, since sentient things are difficult hoards and there are rules about it that the government

Compared to that, was it any surprise that Ron’s small hoard is negligible? The twins even tease him sometimes, of having no hoard at all, that he wasn’t a dragon after all.

It hurt, but Ron persevered. His hoard may have been small, but it was still beautiful and he guarded it jealously.

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Requested by Anonymous
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Adam

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing, fluff

You and Adam snuck into the bunker from your late night, tip toeing through the hall. It all went to hell when Adam knocked something heavy over and it shattered on the floor.

“Adam!” You hissed under your breath.

“Oh! They were so close Sam!” Dean glared at you as he flicked a light on.

“I know! If only Adam hadn’t bumped the table. What a shame.” Sam added and you could practically taste the sarcasm in the air.

“Damn.” You sighed and turned towards the Winchesters.

“Damn is right. So Sam, since they broke something, snuck in late, and were probably about to bang… What should their punishment be?” Dean rubbed his chin.

“Well they should start by cleaning up that little mess they made. Next, they need to learn ground rules, so they’re uh… What’s the word, Dean?” Sam raised his eyebrows.

“Grounded!” He smiled.

Sam laughed, “Ding ding! We have a winner! Grounded. Along with that mess, they should clean the rest of the bunker. Thoughts, Dean?”

“Good plan. I vote yes. Alright, see you losers in the morning. I need my four hours.” Dean patted you on the back and went off to bed.

Sam hugged you two, “Next time, either get home at curfew, or be more careful sneaking in, hmm?” He laughed and went to bed as well.

“This is all your fault Adam!” You playfully punched him.

“Well if you hadn’t almost got us arres-”

You slapped a hand over his mouth before the word ‘arrested’ could be finished. That’s the last thing that Sam and Dean needed to find out. “Shh!!! We’re in enough trouble as it is! Come on, let’s get to bed. We have a big day tomorrow.”


Unfortunately, you were awoken up by Sam and Dean jumping on top of you and Adam in the bed you two shared.

“DAMMIT DEAN MY RIBCAGE!” You shrieked as he pounced on you.

Sam only laughed and kept saying “Wake up!”

“Get the fuck out. God.” Adam groaned.

“Come on, me and Sam gotta leave and we have to make sure that you two are up and ADAM.” Dean winked with his stupid joke.

You rolled over and mumbled into your pillow, “Oh. My god.”


Sam and Dean finally left and now it was up to you and Adam to pick up the mess that the four of you left around these past couple weeks.

“Game plan?” Adam asked.

“You take kitchen and bathrooms. I’ve got library and living spaces. Fair?”

“Fair enough.” He smiled and kissed your forehead before grabbing a bucket of soapy water and a rag.

You stalked towards the bedrooms first, not sure what to expect. Of course Sam’s room was fairly neat, that’s just the kind of person he was. You did have to pick up some dishes and food wrappers along with a few articles of clothing, but didn’t have to clean up any spills or even make his bed. The next room to tackle was Dean’s. You had only been in there once or twice before, but you never snooped around or anything. Once you entered his room, the smell of him filled your nose. He always did smell good, that would explain the cologne on his dresser. You took all dishes and trash to the kitchen, then threw all his dirty laundry in the hamper. You had to scrub some sort of sauce off the bedside table and you took time organizing his porn that he had lazily thrown under his bed. You all knew he had it, but never really said anything. 'What a dirty birdie!’ You though as you shuffled through his small collection of things. You laughed almost loud enough for Adam to hear when you saw some sex toys and lube in his bottom drawer. Half the stuff you could identify, the other half, you didn’t even want to know. 'I wonder if Sam has anything like this…’ You thought. But before you could get up to snoop in his room, you realized that if he even had anything he would’ve hidden it better than Dean, so you gave up. After wiping the dirty thoughts from your mind, you went to the room that you and Adam shared. You were both fairly clean people, so there was even less maintenance needed than in Sam’s room. You made all the beds, picked up all dishes, garbage and laundry. Break time.

You took Adam from the kitchen for a heated make out session on the couch. Once you both started getting too handsy, you put a stop to it, knowing that you would never get your work done if you continued.

“What do you have left?” Adam turned to you before standing.

“Just the library. You?”

“Just one bathroom. Let’s get this over with. I’m ready for a nap.” He laughed and with that you both went back to work.

Adam scrubbed at toilets while you arranged books and papers. After another tedious hour of work, you came from the library to see Adam laying on the couch.

“Wanna finish that make out session now?” You smiled over the back of the sofa.

“I don’t think I have the energy, babe. C’ mere.” He waved you around the side of the couch. You were actually pretty tired yourself. You crawled on top of him and rested your legs with his and set your head on his chest. He tucked a few loose strands of hair behind your ear and kissed the top of your head. After a long day of scrubbing and bending over backwards, you both fell asleep into a relaxing state. Laying your weary heads to rest.

Cry Baby Lane

In 1999, I was 22. I had just graduated from Emerson university in downtown Boston, majoring in screenwriting - specifically in cartoons and children’s programming. My debt was pretty bad, so when Nickelodeon Studios offered me an internship at the studio in California, I accepted immediately. I jumped at the chance to get away from my dead-end job as a Benjamin Franklin tour guide.

Many of you ask to see Cry Baby Lane. Even if you want to see the original film, you never will - yes, even if Nickelodeon somehow consents to releasing it to you. You won’t be seeing what was shown on TV and you sure as fuck won’t be seeing the unaltered original.

I don’t even think Nickelodeon HAS the original cut of the movie anymore. If they do, it’s only in back-up copies. If those even exist, they must be locked away in some vault, along with all the deleted episodes of Ren and Stimpy and the never-before-mentioned episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. I’m pretty sure the director, Peter Lauer, has the original copy, though. It’s probably on his mantle next to his snuff films, the creepy-ass fuck.

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What do you miss X Reader X Daryl Dixon

Not been well so I thought I’d write a little cute something. Sorry if it’s not good my pain killers are super strong and make me quite dizzy.

On a run that day Daryl and Glenn had found a couple of crates or beer. So you all decided that night at the farm you would all have a sit around the fire and have a few, just a to relax and be together for once. You had spent the day just simply cleaning up with Maggie. You tried your hardest to help out when you weren’t out looking for supplies. You looked down to your hand and the ring your mum gave you was missing. It only fit on your wedding ring finger and you could see the sun tan mark that was left.

“Maggie? Have you seen my ring?”

She looked around a little “No I haven’t.. is it in your tent?”

“Yeah. It probably is” You patted your jeans pockets slightly as you walked out side. You walked down the garden, past all the other tents and over to yours and daryls that was a little out the way. He always liked having his own privacy, well with you. You could see him sat out side the tent carving something “Hey you. What you doing?”

You made him jump with your sudden appearance “Damn girl. Bout shit ma sen”

“Sorry babe” You kissed him on the top of his head “Have you seen my ring” You started patting your sleeping bags down and lifting your pillows.

“Ermm nah sorry. It’ll pop up somewhere.” He put his hand on the back of your leg.

“Yeahh I guess so.” You sighed as you sat down next to him.

He put his arm around you and pulled you closer “You alright?”

“You know. That was the only thing I have from my family. I don’t even know if they are alive. I never heard how bad England was.” You curled up closer to him.

He kissed you on the head “We’ll find it. I promise.”

“Fancy a lie down before food? Can’t wait to get a beer down me” You ask

He smiled at you and gave you a kiss “that sounds good to me”

You both climbed in the tent and lay down. You were on your back and he was on his side leaning over you slightly. He moved a piece of your overly long fringe out your face. “I love you y’know. More than anything.”

You smiled at him and stroked his cheek “I love you too. More than anything. You’re like the only family I have now.”

He kissed you with what felt like all the love he had. He then kissed your neck and childishly growled.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You laughed at him.

He kissed down your shirt till he reached your belly. He lifted your shirt and smiled. He kissed it twice till all of a sudden he blew a huge raspberry making you burst out laughing. He kept doing it, you wriggled, laughed and squealed under him. “Daryl! Stop!” you managed between the laughs. You laughed so hard an accidental snort came out your mouth.

He looked up at you and laughed “the fuck was that?” he smiled as he crawled back up to your face.

“Mmhh I love you Mr Dixon” You said as you looked into his gorgeous blue eyes.

He positioned his body behind yours and wrapped his arms around you “I love you too Miss (y/l/n)”

“(y/n)? Daryl?” You could hear Lori approaching your tent “Foods out”

“Okay we’re coming” You called back to her.

Tea went pretty quick. You all sat there scoffing it down like you hadn’t eaten in a week. Rations really took its toll on all of you. You’re pretty sure you ate yours in one. After you had all finished Lori and Carol took the children to bed while you Beth and Maggie cleaned up. As soon as it was all sorted you all sat around the fire together with a beer in hand. Rick with Lori, Glenn with Maggie, Andrea with Shane and the rest just sat making a circle around the fire. Daryl sat down next to you with his feet stretched out so you lay down resting your head on his legs looking up at the stars.

Once everyone was comfy Glenn perked up “You know sometimes I think of all the little things like I miss sitting in front of the telly eating pizza. What do you guys miss?”

The whole group groaned at the word pizza. “I miss wine.” Andrea replied.

“I miss sex” the obvious answer from Shane.

“Chocolate.” Carol said

“What about you babe?” Daryl asked you.

You took another sip of your beer trying not to spill it as you were lying down “I miss cups of tea in the morning, the smell of bacon when I woke up, how freshly cut grass made me sneeze, fighting with my sisters for the TV remote or running to the shower before one of them got there first. My baby sister throwing beans all over me before I went to work… you know the little things.”

No one really said anything “Damn” is all you heard from Daryl. He stroked the top of your arm. You didn’t speak of your family much.

“I don’t miss my wife shouting at me.” Dale laughed. Luckily that put a smile on everyone’s face again.

“Surely you don’t miss the weather (y/n)?” Rick smiled at you.

You smiled that “Oh yeah. The beautiful English weather, honestly I’m surprised I haven’t melted away in this heat yet.” They all laughed and started to talk amongst each other.

You could feel Daryl rummaging around his pocket. “Sit up a second babe” he said to you so you did. You sat next to him and watched him going through his pockets till he closed something in his hand.

“What you got there?” You asked.

“Well ermm.. I’ve been thinking and I wanted to talk to you.” Those words made your heart dropped to your stomach. Everyone went silent from hearing him.

He spoke so everyone heard “(y/n) You make this world of dead seem like there’s hope. Everyday I wake up next to you knowing that you’re all I want and will ever want. You know I’m shit with feelings and I never do it infront of everyone but you speak of how much you miss your family to me and I just thought…” He held out a hand carved ring “Will you let me be your family instead.” The whole group gasped.

A huge smile grew on your face “H… holy shit Daryl. Are… are you asking me to marry you?”

He shrugged a little “I guess I am yeh.”

You squeaked a little “Fuckin hell! Yeah I will!” you squeezed him real tight and kissed him so hard you could’ve drawn blood. Everyone around you cheered.

“Oh and I used this so I got the right size. Hope you don’t mind” he said passing your mum’s ring back to you.

“Not at all baby” You smile and pull him in by his shirt collar for another kiss.

“To (y/n) and Daryl!” Rick said holding up his beer.

Everyone held up theirs too “(y/n) and Daryl!” they all cheered.