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Don’t Stop Us Now

@softkent ‘s 14 Days of Love fic-a-thon, day 6: ruined surprises!

It all started because Katya decided to have mercy on Eric and let him take morning classes this semester. WGSS120 was an amazing class, Professor Atley had the coolest stories about how postwar industrialization led to compulsive female domesticity, and his seatmate wasn’t the worst thing to see at 9:30 AM every Tuesday and Thursday. He would have almost been dreamy if he had the slightest knack for small talk. As it was, Eric didn’t even have a name to go on, just intent blue eyes and an ass that even the baggiest of shorts couldn’t mask.

One day, Eric decided to drop a hospitality bomb on the guy and see if he could coax a response out of him. They were both consistently early to class, so Eric budgeted ten minutes for a brief chat before class started and turned to Cute Guy with a winning smile on his face.

“So how about that reading, huh? I thought it was fascinating how cake mix became a prestige thing- everyone in my family bakes, and I don’t think we’ve used a box mix in forty years.”

“Yeah,” the guy said, “I think it had something to do with the scientific advancements they made in food preservation for the troops. Shelf stabilization wouldn’t have been nearly as achievable in earlier years.”

Miraculously, once you got onto a clear subject, Cute Guy was actually a decent conversationalist. Eric found himself losing track of time as they dissected last night’s chapters of Marling.

“And the American National Exhibition anecdote!” he giggled. “Who can even tell the difference between Russian and American Coke?”

“I bet it’s easier with all of the Soviet Union breathing down your back. ‘Da, cola of Mother Russia is vkusno!’”

“Nice accent,” Eric told Cute Guy.

“Really? Thanks, I’ll have to tell Geno. He’s always knocking my Russian. He’s, uh, a friend of my dad’s, and we both play hockey.”

“So that’s what your weird doodles are? Hockey plays?”

“Yeah, I’m captain of the hockey team here. We’re not half bad, if I say so myself.”

“Wow,” Eric enthused, “you must be a pretty good skater, then.”

“Yeah, I guess. I could teach you sometime, if you want. I’m Jack, by the way,’ Cute Guy said.

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There is an element to this journey into the dark that I’m only now beginning to appreciate.  // What’s that? //  How good it feels.

On My Love update: I’ve been busy with school lately and haven’t been able to write much, but I think that I’ll divide the chapter after all. The update will come out sooner that way too!

But since you all have been waiting so long, here’s a preview of Chapter 6! :D

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Problems That Make Me Close a Book:

1.      A character looking into the mirror on the first page so that the author can tell me the reader what that character looks like physically. This just doesn’t matter to me and makes me suspect that the rest of the story won’t be what I’m interested in, either.

2.      Starting with a battle scene or some other action scene in order to make me as a reader immediately engaged in action. I’m not going to care about characters dying if I’ve never met them before and I AM going to feel manipulated. Not a good look for a writer.

3.      Telling everything in narrative rather than in scenes. This is less a problem about backstory than it is about letting me make my own judgments about events. Narrative means the author is making judgments. Scenes means I get to make those judgments.

4.      Story cliches that aren’t changed in some meaningful way (despite what they say about Joseph Campbell, you can’t tell me the same hero story without some significant changes and keep me on board). I’ve read a lot and if you don’t surprise me, I’d probably rather just go back and read some of my old favorites instead.

5.      Characters who act in what feel to me like stereotypical gendered ways. I don’t know people who act like this, so they don’t feel real to me.

6.      Offensive racial stereotypes. I know it will sound to some like I’m just acting very politically correctly. The truth is, this hasn’t always bothered me. It’s started now that I’ve expanded my reading to include writers of color, and going back to some older writers is painful. Newer writers doing the same thing, well, I have little sympathy.

7.      Stories with a lesson. This is often a problem in writers who want to write for children, but it happens in adult fiction, as well. Guess what? I don’t read books to learn lessons. Not even non-fiction. I may want information, but that’s not the same thing.

8.      Books that feel like TV shows/movies I’ve already seen a thousand versions of.

9.      Characters whose inner thoughts are boring and unintelligent.

10.  Stupid worldbuilding, where there are obvious mistakes in science that even I, as a nonscientist can see. Or where the economy isn’t explained. Or where history is just too simple.

I’m not every reader and I’m not an editor, but I suspect that I’m not the only one who uses a list similar to this one.

Tacky, cheap, ugly. The writers will regret the fuck out of this. If this was always the plan, it should have been done in S2, there was no need to fuck around with a wedding. They actually killed off the one person who’s absence would irrevocably alter the very foundation of the show & for what? A three second cheap twist that the audience will resent forever? Ended the best written relationship/marriage on TV right now so Jane can get back with her ex? Be miserable for two seconds before a time jump? Start from the beginning & redo the same things we’ve already seen for 3 seasons? OH, AND RUINED THE BEST BROMANCE TELEVISION HAS EVER SEEN?

Ahhhh. I can’t believe I thought Jane The Virgin was the one show that wasn’t infested with the usual CW stupidity & garbage tropes. You almost had me, fuckers.

puppy love

genre: fluff, boyfriend!au

star of the show: SF9′s Rowoon

word count: 2,348 words

author’s note: my first sf9 fic. of course its gonna be for rowoon. 

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

opening line: “Your boyfriend is an overgrown bundle of love and affection who doesn’t realize how much strength he has because he still sees himself as a kid at heart.” 

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jinsoul + blue

Caitlin Moran on Benedict Cumberbatch

I just had the chance to interview this amazing woman, and I couldn’t NOT ask her about Benedict. I had to ask about her meeting him and drinking with the guy. Her response? Funniest thing ever …

“He is utterly, utterly lovely. When Sherlock started in our country, I’d already seen it because I was a TV critic. So when it first broadcast, I was up on Twitter going, ‘Women, believe me, you’ll want to turn your televisions on in ten minutes.’

"So I was watching Sherlock again, and I was drinking while I was watching it. The first couple tweets were like, 'As you can see, this is a very quality drama.’ Then, the third one was like, 'God, he’s beautiful.’

"Then, the fifth one was, 'I would climb him like a tree. I would do him until security pulled me off, and then, I would wank at him from behind a door.’ I was becoming increasingly hysterical, because he was so beautiful.

"What I didn’t know was that the entire cast and crew were together at Steven Moffat’s house, and Steven Moffat was on Twitter. I know him, and he was following me and reaching over to pass his iPhone to Benedict every time I tweeted and showing Benedict all my tweets.

"So as consequence, when I met him on the set a couple weeks later to do a feature about it, he looked slightly nervous. But he’s just so lovely and oddly teenaged. Apparently, I got him into Radiohead, which is really cool.

"Plus, if you get him drunk, he’ll do impressions of Sherlock and Smaug the dragon. You couldn’t find better company if you tried. He’s utterly adorable. When you get to know him, you can even call him 'Benny.’”

Thanks to Caitlin Moran for being such a great sport and an amazing author :) Please check out her new book, How to Build a Girl!

i love tv show intros and opening credits. i love them because they set the tone and some of them change slightly season to season or they don’t and i also just really love finding a show i haven’t watched before and whispering “are you my next life ruining mistake”

choose your battles ii

here’s pt 1 if you haven’t read it!

pt 3 is here!

a/n: so much happening in so little time how will everyone adjust. by being a whiny little bitch obviously. i thought I knew where this pairing was going and then someone asked a question about the fic and now im Rethinking My Entire Life. i also do not have a schedule for posting this! idk what im doing w my life rn so im coasting on inspiration and coffee like any kid my age.

warnings: nooone unless u count steve rogers bein a baby as something that you need to be warned about. i promise he will get better. pinky promise.

Steve is a tad ooc rn but i promise it’ll improve w time

words: jinkies its like 5k.

tag list: @bobbdylan (youre the only one and i hope this is the fic you meant. if not, im sorry and i will tag you in the other one.)

The next morning, you woke up to your toddler cuddling up to you in your bed, mumbling sleepily about pancakes. She didn’t usually sleep with you, but there was something about the stress of the past couple days that had forced you into overprotective mom mode and you didn’t move her when she fell asleep watching The Little Mermaid in your bed last night.

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The re-proposal was “very, very sweet,” Candice Patton told TVLine during our recent visit to the set. Couple it with “a beautiful song” penned by La La Land‘s Academy Award-winning Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, and you get a moment that was “just simple and so romantic,” the actress adds. “I liked this proposal better than the one that we’ve already seen.

“We played all over South Wales and played at Abergavenny Town Hall, as it was called then, probably once a month. We got to know the entertainments manager Eddie Tattersall, and one day he called and said: “I’ve got a gig for you.” I said we were already booked that day, and he said ‘it’s The Beatles.’ I said ‘I’ll unbook it’!”

“It was really happening for them, and I don’t know how Eddie managed to land them. He was a real go-getter. We were absolutely thrilled to get the chance to play with them. You already knew they were special. I’d seen them on the television and thought they were fantastic.

“On the night the anticipation, the atmosphere, was incredible. We went on and people were screaming and shouting. I believe there were about 600 there, but I’m not sure they paid much attention to us!

“We shared a dressing room with them, and it was an unusual night, because John Lennon was recording (TV show) Jukebox Jury, and was in London. Their manager Brian Epstein arranged a helicopter (It landed in Bailey Park). It was quite late by then and we’d been chatting with Paul, George and Ringo, who were funny and friendly. While they were waiting they signed lots of autograph books that were taken to the dressing room by their fans, and we had our photograph taken with them.

“When they took to the stage after Lennon arrived, the hall erupted. They’d been contracted for two 20-minute sets, but because of John Lennon’s late arrival, they did one show of 35-40 minutes. At the end, Eddie Tattersall presented Paul McCartney with a birthday cake to celebrate his 21st birthday which was on June 18. Everyone was still screaming when the curtains were pulled.”

[Barrie Herbert, guitarist in The Fabulous Fortunes, South Wales Argus, 18th June 2013]

Paul, Ringo and George photographed with the Fabulous Fortunes, who are left to right, Barrie Herbert, Mike Thompson, Mike Davies and Dave Lucas on 22nd June 1963 at the Town Hall. Abergavenny, Wales. 

I saw someone complain about “oh we’ve already seen Barry’s origin we don’t need to see it again.” The Flash TV show only has a fraction of a movie’s audience and I’m pretty sure half of the audience has never watch the show. Also his origin has never been on the big screen before has it?! Also his origin is linked heavily back to his heroism. 

So if Superheroes are like modern myths, then their origin is always reinterpreted or modernised for a new audience or for the audience that needs to be reminded. So yes we have to see again just like the Wayne Murders and Superman beings sent from Krypton.       

Motherpsyduck’s fanfiction masterlist ✏️💖

Already Seen (completed)

(Marvel’s Jessica Jones tv universe)

Summary: You’ve just moved into your new home in Hell’s Kitchen. On your first night you can’t help but witness a lanky, purple suited man being thrown through a door down the hall from where you’re staying. You meet one of your neighbours during the incident, and didn’t expect to find people who also have abilities of their own…

Word Count: 45,556

Relationships: Reader x Kilgrave, Reader x Jessica Jones, Reader x Malcolm
|1: Weird But Definitely Not Boring|  |2: Red Images|  |3: Pretzel Courage|
|4: Per Se|  |5: Powerful|  |6: Misbehave|  |7: Old Scotch|
|8: Death & Honey|  |9: Tiny Baby Pancake|  |10: Ulterior Motive|
|11: Waves of Doubt|  |12: Panic! At the Spanish Beach House|  |13: Cold|
|14: Feelings|  |15: Chills|  |16: Inevitable Close, New Adventure

House Guest (in progress)

(GTAV universe)

Summary: You’re a foreign exchange student who’s been granted a scholarship to attend the University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA). Tracey De Santa signed herself up as a volunteer for one foreign student to reside at her home for as long as they need (without asking her parent’s permission of course). You’ve been randomly selected by the university to reside at Miss Tracey De Santa’s home until your studies end. Good luck!

Relationships: Reader x Trevor Philips, Reader x Michael De Santa, Reader x Tracey De Santa, Reader x Franklin Clinton, Reader x Jimmy De Santa, Reader x Lamar Davis, Reader x Amanda De Santa
|1: Meet The Family| |2: Rash Decisions| |3: Making Connections|
|4: Reckless Scorpion| |5: Innocent Prying| |6: Jumping to Conclusions| |7: Red Skin| |8: Waves of Joy in Sandy Shores| |9: Short Lived| |10: Sunshine in Vinewood| |11: Producer Perks| |12: Coming Soon!| 

T is for TEQUILA 🍹 (completed)

(The Walking Dead tv universe)

Summary:You joined the Saviors about a year ago. Negan wants to keep you around as he’s taken a liking to you. You however have your eyes set on his right hand man.

Word Count: 10,077

Relationships: Reader x Simon, Reader x Negan (Reader is a Savior and lives at the Sanctuary)
|Chapter 1| |Chapter 2| |Chapter 3|

Negan TWD Imagine

Word Count: 418

I’ve been working on a OPM fic with the amazing @paperficwriter who has been an enormous help bringing this HC to life! Thank-you paper for everything! 

[ Head-canon: Saitama and Genos cross paths many years before they were to meet again, after disaster strikes. This chance meeting affects them and their future aspirations in more ways than they realize. ]

—More under the cut—

Saitama flicked a small piece of rubble off his uniform and glanced around, raising his eyebrows in slow recognition of his surroundings.

What should have looked like a street he took to get to his class was now an almost unrecognizable mess of dust, rubble and debris, and as he turned to take in the view his neck twinged in pain, snapping him awake from his deep thoughts. When he brought his hand up to his face he noted the bloody grazing on his palm and knuckles. He slowly lowered it again as he tried to piece it all together.

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