already posted some pictures

screenshot redraw S1E12 “When the Rat’s Away, The Mice Will Play” OR, as I like to call it, “tfw nobody can solve the riddle and it’s not even that hard”


I’m having a proper ‘Simming Sunday’ today and I’ve loaded up my latest Pleasantview save to do makeovers. *happy dance* All the awesome TS2 on my dash lately have made really inspired. ^^ 

Anyhow, I realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of some of the makeovers I’ve already finished so here’s the first of the ugly white boxes! :D


Getting caught smoking in the house.

hiya guys!! my name is brenda if u didnt already know, and i’m making this blog introduction bc i realized i havent said anything about myself at all

so here are some things u should know:
- i’m currently a sophomore (i’ll be 16 years old in february)
- i’m a pisces, but i was born in the pisces-aquarius cusp which is super cool + if i had been born on the 18th instead of the 19th, i’d be in an aquarius. thats mindblowing
- i’m a major theatre geek. hamilton is my favorite musical atm but its always changing when i discover something new
- choir is my entire life!! i’ve been singing since i learned to talk
- i cant dance, no thanks.
- i’m interested in having some career in the medical field, or something involving some science. sign me up
- french is a language i’ve always wanted to learn, and now i’m taking french 1 this year in school. wish me luck w that grammar
- lastly, i’ve been 4'11" since 4th grade. my hair has grown more than me (and my hair touches my waist now, so thats a lot)

some cute studyblrs i like:
@studybuzz @academla @apricot-studies @aescademic @cmpsbls @studyblr @studyign @katsdesk @mochi-studies @rhubarbstudies @journalsanctuary @intellectys @izzystudies @noodledesk @bookmrk @birdkostudies @focusign @queernotes @quotestudy @tbhstudying @thecoffeedesk @hufflepuffsstudies @studyquill @charlenestudies

so yeah, thats all for this post!! i already posted a picture of some notes and they’re really pretty so go check em out babes, lots of love

I FINALLY MET ALEX TURNER! A few hours before the show yesterday, Alex and 2 other band members walked to a park across the street from our venue. Some fans and I followed from a distance. When we got there, Alex was lying on a bench with his phone (an image I never thought I would see) and the 2 band members were chatting. We slowly approached and asked for pictures, and one of the band members said 10 minutes. We sat several benches away. Then another fan walked up to them and got a selfie with Alex, so we asked if we could get pictures now. The band member said 5 minutes. We stepped back again, and some random guy decided to go by Alex to take a picture of the Hudson River. The three of them got up and walked toward us, and we got our pictures! I was the first one to go and I was so nervous that all I could say was thank you a few times. Alex was really sweet with us and a little shy, which I thought was adorable. Alex and his songs mean a lot to me and I am so grateful that I was able to get a picture with him. I will never forget this. ❤

I don’t watch much these days because I was mostly studying Portuguese and Hangul. Besides, I’m preparing everything to welcome my new dog. I saw him for the first time couple days ago! Three more weeks and we will be together. I might post some pictures of him on mylilchi already.

chamba - fluke, (Latin America) job

chantajar - to blackmail

chantaje - blackmail

chantajista - blackmailer

denunciar - to report, to announce, to reveal

esmerar - to polish

esmerarse - to try hard

pertenecer a - to belong to

suplicar - to request, to ask

I got some new succulents! I should probably post some pictures of the ones I already have but here are my new ones for now. Since I name all my babies (and I’m sure you care about that) their names (from left to right) are Bubbles, Christi, Roxanne, and Spike.

Reactions to Yuuri and Victor coming out as a couple

Mila: *looks at Yurio* Jealous?

Pichit: You mean they hadn’t came out already? Oh boy, I have been posting some very compromising pictures them.

Minami: That was… *blushes* pretty obvious because of their… *blushes harder* interactions… *hides face* in public.

Yuri: Yeah, I caught them fucking like 23 times when I was living with them.