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All The Small Things - A Ronnie Radke Imagine

You are literally the best. :) Could i have an imagine about how you meet Ronnie Radke in the grocery store and you guys hit it off really well? Just to show that sometimes he is a slightly normal guy?

A/N: Aw thank you hun, I hope I don’t disappoint you now and you like your imagine :) I tried to make it a good one :) So enjoy reading and maybe leave a comment in my ask box :)

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CSJJ Day 14: Star Struck

Here’s my contribution for @csjanuaryjoy, day 14!

The prompt I used was: “I ran you over and all my attempts to make amends are making it worse” but as you’ll see I put a celebrity twist on it too :P

rated T, about 10.5K words (as usual, I got hella carried away). 

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To say that Emma’s been having quite the start to her weekend would be the understatement of the century.

It had all started late Thursday night; after a long, frustrating day of work (in which she’d learned that three of her latest ‘clients’ had skipped out on their bail) she’d just been ready to go to sleep, to at least try to get some peace and quiet after the horrid day, when her cellphone rang.

To add to her annoyance, it was Neal.

He, as usual, had ignored her complaints that it was late and why couldn’t you have called tomorrow, Henry is already asleep and just announced that he and Tamara, his girlfriend, were coming up to Boston tomorrow.

Emma hadn’t been expecting that; they were just here a few weeks ago for Christmas, spending Christmas Eve with Henry, so she hadn’t been quite sure why they decided to make the long drive back to Boston so soon. The memory of Christmas had made her grit her teeth together, increasing her aggravation at Neal’s call. He and Henry had only re-connected a few years ago (running into Neal with Henry during a school trip to Manhattan was one of the worst days of Emma’s life) and it had just worked out to be their first Christmas together. And like with the other holidays they’ve spent together since their reunion, Neal had given no thought to whatever Emma and Henry’s usual traditions of Christmas were, and his mention of this impromptu trip to Boston had put Emma on guard. Sure, there are no holidays in sight, but it’s not unlike Neal to change the game without telling her.

She had demanded to know what was going on but Neal was vague and unhelpful, and just told her that he’d tell her and Henry together when they were all at dinner tomorrow.

He’d hung up with a don’t be late, Emma! before she could even protest the assumption that she and Henry would be free for dinner with only a day’s notice. Never mind that Henry’s favourite television programme is on Friday nights and hell if she doesn’t have the hardest time trying to drag him away from it, but Fridays are Emma’s busiest day at work – the last day of the bail court for the week – and that usually means she’s home hopelessly late on the best of days.

And this Friday evening, as she half-slips and half-slides down the icy sidewalk to her apartment, is not a best day.

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Honestly this night was so fucking awful and the bit that was keeping my heart from shattering all over again is nonexistent anymore. I don’t think I’ve ever felt what I felt tonight. It’s so fucking bad I can still feel it. And I know it’s not gonna go anywhere. I’m going to feel it for a really long time and I’m not looking forward to it. 😞

But I do have to say this. I wish I could thank Armando for texting me. It’s already past 6 am and he keeps sending me messages out of nowhere and telling me that he’s been falling asleep and waking up. So every time he wakes up, he actually replies. He’s not ignoring me. That’s really nice of him.

Any Man of Mine: Late For A Date (2/6)

Here’s the second of this week’s six fluffy ficlets, all based off key lines in Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine”

You can read part 1 here and part 2 is also on AO3

“And I can be late for a date that’s fine, but he better be on time”

They’ve been back in Star City (and no, she’ll never get used to that new name) for two months and Felicity is happily running Palmer Tech in Ray’s absence. But between her position as CEO, getting the new Team Arrow cave set up, and working nights with the team she can barely remember to feed herself, let alone keep track of their date nights.

So far she’s shown up late twice and canceled once. This month.

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anonymous asked:

I assume you read about the stydia spoilers? Why are they trying to build up stydia's "friendship" haven't they done that already the past 6 years i'm tired i'm yawning.

No disrespect or shade towards anyone but I really don’t give a fuck about spoilers or interviews anymore because I’ve been on this rodeo for so long that it’s like *shrug* okay and?

I’m here to enjoy the rest of this season which is promising to be stydia af like no other and that’s all I know! Stiles and the gang rescue Lydia tonight and nothing can rain on my parade because Stiles and Lydia are best fucking friends man.