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The Way Home (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, excessive cheese(cake)

A/N: The exes finally have a chat, but does it make things better, or worse? Thanks for reading. If I missed your tag and had replied to you that you were added, please let me know. Otherwise tags and perma tags are closed until my next series.

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All I wanted; C.H. 1

Hi everyone! This is the multiple part story I’ve been talking about :-)
Please let me know what you think of this first part!

I know my dad is scanning me from the corner of his eyes as I collect my general necessities that belong in a woman’s purse. At first he doesn’t say anything, simply lets me hop around the kitchen, scampering to the living room before coming back and letting all my items fall into my purse.

It’s only when I grasp my jacket from the hanger and sling it over my shoulders, my dad speaks up.
“And where are you off to?” I see him cock an eyebrow in my general direction and I sigh loudly as I take some money out of the wallet in one of the cupboards.
“I told you before, dad. I’m going over to Meredith. Might be that I’m spending the night, I’m not sure yet.” I stuff the paper money in the back pocket of my high waisted skinny jeans, pulling my jacket back in place as it slid off of my shoulder.

“You’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Meredith lately. Don’t you think her parents might not enjoy that?” he turns around as he leans against the counter, watching me take a bottle of water out of the fridge before I’m off.
“Her parents are on holiday dad, I told you already. She’s home alone with Calum and she just doesn’t want to be alone, because Calum’s never there, ‘s all.” I smile before I press my lips against my dad’s scruffy cheek, pinching his side to get a reaction out of him.

“Don’t wait up for me, I’m probably staying there.” I wave as I pull the door closed behind me. I couldn’t be more enthralled when my dad decided it was time for my very own first car near the end of last year. I wasn’t confined to the bus schedule anymore, or having to bike through town dressed like a lunatic – I have the tendency to get extremely cold, even midsummer.

Meredith’s place was only a few blocks away. It would take me approximately ten to fifteen minutes to get there by foot, but since this tiny, blue car came into my life I had grown incredibly lazy and comfort came above all. That’s the main reason of course it takes me less than five minutes to park my car along the gravel in front of her house, the neighbourhood seeming eerily quiet as the night swallowed the light.

Now that her parents aren’t home, I don’t bother by ringing the front door bell. Instead, I make a right turn and follow the path along to the small fence leading to their back yard. The air was warm, the night was perfect for a drink outside, so I knew I would find her there.
“Hi babe. How are you?” I grin as I see my friend sitting on one of the lounge chairs in her backyard, book on her lap and smartphone in hand.

“Oh hi. I’m fine, it’s very hectic inside.” She rolls her eyes and closes her book, discarding it on the table in front of her as I take a seat on one of the other chairs. “How so?”
When I speak the words, I can hear the loud, booming laughter of male voices echo through the opened first floor window. “Calum’s home?”

“Hmm.” Meredith hums, closing her eyes briefly as she purses her lips. Just seeing her body language and the tension that somehow fills the air, I know something must be up.
“Did anything happen or – ?”

I flinch when I hear the dog from next door bark loudly, probably at the noise Calum, and what I assume is his mates, are producing.
“Ah, Michael and I were supposed to go out together today. Calum decided to take the day off from the bar and now they’ve spent their whole day together. So much for my date.” My mouth forms the shape of an ‘o’ when I hear her grumble out what’s troubling her mind.

Michael and Meredith have been dating for almost three years. Michael, being one year older than us, was a grade above us in high school when they met. Michael is also part of Calum’s, Meredith’s brother, close friend group. From what I’ve heard since the short period Meredith and I have rekindled, it has given rise to multiple fights already including Meredith feeling left out or plain simply, ignored.

Calum, on the other hand, was two years older than both Meredith and I. He had always been the rebel of the house, quitting college and going to work at a local bar downtown where he could pick up girls more easily. You could say that his parents wished he aspired more for his life.

“And did he apologize or something? Because it doesn’t completely sound like Michael…” I carefully try to pry, leaning my upper body on top of the table as I cross my arms and rest on them.
“Yeah, of course. He said we’d go out tomorrow and he’d make it up to me, before disappearing upstairs with Luke, Ash and Cal to do god knows what. They’ve been like this for almost two hours.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. They’re probably just playing video games.” I shrug my shoulders, leaning back again as I, this time, cross my legs over one another. Meredith grumbles something incoherent for my ears to pick up on, and I leave it at that.
After a while Meredith speaks up again and I know she’s just gnawing on herself on the inside. “That doesn’t mean he should be a complete dick to me, I’m sick of him treating me like I’m some extra bonus.”

“He just likes hanging out with his mates, I don’t think he realises that he has hurt your feelings, Mer. And I’m sure he’ll make it up to you, because that’s just how Mikey is.” I pat her arm in a comforting manner, shaking my head when I hear the boys holler once more.

“Do you mind me grabbing a drink?” I question as I push myself onto my feet by my hands on the wooden table, waiting in that same position until Meredith answers. “Oh no, of course. Help yourself.” She smiles, pointing towards the opened veranda door which leads into the kitchen eventually. I wriggle my way around the large wooden table before disappearing through the curtains inside, making a beeline for the fridge.

I freeze in my spot when I hear large, heavy footsteps come to a halt on the other side of the fridge door. “Mer?” I hear Calum’s voice chime and I stick my head from behind the fridge door to grin at a confused Calum.
“No, hi Calum. Long time no see.” I smile brightly, seeing Calum grin in response as his eyes crinkle on the sides.

Time had done Calum good. He had gotten larger, his arms toned from working out. A few tattoos were now adorning his arm, and I think I can see the tip of something on his collarbone. His skin glows a vibrant tone, making him all the more attractive. His hair is scattered and curly on top of his head. Calum looks overall good. But in the end, he had always sparked my interested, even when I was younger.

“Oh my god, Y/n! It’s been so long!” Calum chirps as he holds out his arms for a hug and when I reciprocate by letting my arms glide along his neck as he hoists me off of my feet. I giggle in his ear as I close my eyes and simply let him sway me back and forth before he sets me back onto the floor.

He holds my hand though and raises my arm as I see his eyebrows raise as well.
“Damn, look who has completely grown up now.” His vague compliment brings a red hue to my cheeks and I bite my lip as I cast my glance towards the floor. “Since when are you here?”
“I just arrived a few moments ago. Meredith asked me to keep her company.” I smile as I turn back towards the fridge and grab a can of coke out of the fridge. “You need anything?” I point to the still opened fridge, waiting for Calum to respond. “Yeah, the boys were thirsty.” He grabs a six pack of beer and winks as he brushes past me. “Tell Mer we’ll come join in a little bit… I think she’s angry about Michael.”

“Oh you bet.” I chuckle as I shake my head, watching Calum jog back up the marble stairs and out of sight. When I hear the door of his bedroom close again, I turn around myself and back to the backyard. “That took you long enough.” Meredith grins at me as I make a reappearance and I strike a pose at her words.

“Yeah, Calum needed drinks as well. He’s looking great.” I compliment, nodding my head as I let myself drop back down onto the lounge chair. I see Meredith raise her eyebrow in the corner of my eye at my choice of words. “Of course he does, that boy is bathing in bitches.”
The snort that leaves my lips is associated with the coke bubbling back up and towards my nostrils. I scoff loudly, laughing along with Meredith as I shake my head. “That bad?”

“Oh, you have no idea. Almost every night another girl is spending the night. You know, he does whatever the fuck he wants, but those girls… They’re so loud. It’s almost pornographic.” She rolls her eyes before she sticks her tongue out in pure disgust.

That might also explain why she most of the times decides to stay over at Michael’s house – whose parents are practically never home – instead of here. Her bedroom was adjacent to Calum’s and I wouldn’t want to be in her position in any other way. “That sounds like… Uh, a lot of fun?” I chuckle as Meredith raises her hand to smack my arm, but our conversation is cut short when the boys appear in our view.

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Part two can be found here

I'm already 25!!!

Sooo, I’ve been thinking, what if I stop climbing mountains? What if I just make myself an ordinary girl who likes staying at home, reading books and sleeping at ease on her comfy bed? Or a normal working girl doing her job at the office and spending overtime work on weekends? What if I stop camping? What if I start being conscious and maybe even insecured about how pretty I look?

I left those questions unanswered and decided to be a part of a traveling group who helps local communities instead. Okay, I’m not girly or pretty or sexy or cool or “well-behaved” girl. I don’t actually care. Being who I really am and doing what I really love PLUS helping people - well that’s more important for me.

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Idea bashing and stream of consciousness writing ahoy.

Gonna scrap the idea of Mary having a skiff-cafe floating around, as it seems redundant.  We’ve already got other characters and locales suited to that, so no need for Mary to elbow in on it with excess eateries.

New path: Mary spends quite a long while with Cap’n Ed.  He gets her set up with her shiny new cyber-eye.  Life’s solid out on the space waves, for the most part.  Good kid, that one.  Doesn’t talk much about her past and nobody in the crew pesters her about it.  The way she sits up in the crow’s nest and stares out into the Etherium all night long says plenty.  The way she rushes from one end of the ship to the other just to watch passing cruisers of Her Majesty’s Navy glide by as long as possible says plenty too.

Time goes by, Mary grows up.  She leaves the crew on good terms.  Part of her doesn’t want to go, but there’s another part of her that needs to that she just can’t ignore.  Ed’s sad to see her off but wishes her well all the same.  Isn’t until years later they cross paths again on poor terms.  Hard to see eye to cyber-eye when your galley cook comes back stood in a Naval uniform at the side of a glaring officer.  It kills her and the old Cap’n inside a little each time, but they keep on as they always have.  Life and duty have their own needs, after all.

Still, Mary is Mary.  She’s always been the sort to take risks and throw herself into danger for a greater good.  As a girl she ran from her life on the docks and stowed away on a strange pirate frigate.  As a woman she proved she was more than enough to climb the ranks in Her Majesty’s service.  As an officer, she didn’t hesitate to leap aboard a gunner skiff in the midst of a cosmic storm, blasting headlong through the gales to save her crew and ship.  She spared them being torn apart by the raging ether, even if it meant she was instead.  As a girl she’d stared out into the Etherium for what seemed like forever.  Seemed just as long as she floated out into it without ship or tether, just what remained of her and the stars and the distant phantom bell of the dread Devil Johannus’ calling out to her.

Say what one will about the Navy, but they are loyal.  They don’t abandon their own and they sure don’t let heroism go unrewarded.  It was some time before Mary woke up again in the care of Naval doctors, patched up as best they could manage.  The old cyber-eye Ed had suited her with ages before was just the start, and the invasive rig that replaced all her limbs, a fair portion of her torso, and most of her spine was the end of it.  Good stuff, really.  Strong, resilient, full of useful tools.  But the Queen doesn’t quite feel it’s time for Mary to return to her rank and file.  Best she have a long rest, the sort that comes with a pension, and for once Mary actually agrees.  She’s lived and died in the stars long enough.

Time goes by, as it does.  Somewhere in space there’s rumors that Ed’s gone away, leaving nothing behind but talk and questions of what’s happened to the good ol’ Cap’n.  Crescentia never asked much of its local Navy veteran - one of many, but special in her own right.  Never bothered her when she went away or came back as she pleased, never bothered her asking about the father of the charming wee babe she’s born.  The way she looks out into the Etherium says plenty.  She’s a lovely sort, gentle as a breeze, and he grows up a spry and wickedly clever lad.  Mary Wuthers and her son Larke, as darling a family as you’d ever hope to meet.

But retirement, as nice as it sounds, isn’t for everyone.  Mary gave it her best go, she did indeed.  Tried hard at it, but never shook the feeling that she needed to be doing more.  Larke’s growing sense of adventure wasn’t to be argued with either and she realized soon enough he’d be out in the stars with or without her.  So she figured, why not with?  She has her ship, she has her skills, and she has a reputation that’s only been made that much more potent as the Wuthers set out once more.  Business, as it was.

Be it Navy or Pirate, soldier or civilian - didn’t matter who or why.  Word got around fast that when it came to security, nobody was better than the Wuthers.  Pro bono at times and haggled down to every last red credit by Larke’s keen wits at other times, depending on the client.  Cargo, people, doesn’t matter a lick.  Everyone knows there’s no safer place to be in all the galaxy than under Mary’s watchful gaze, ferrying something or someone precious where they need to be.  Some have tried to hijack her before, once or twice.  A third or fourth time long after the ashes and space debris faded away, thinking they’re better than those first two amateurs and know best how to take the old officer by surprise.  Fifth and sixth thought the same thing right up to the glow of a plasma bolt.  Seventh learned their lesson with just a few holes left in their hull and crew alike before they limped off, and there was never an eighth to follow.

When all’s said and done, her home’s still on Crescentia.  It’s where the Wuthers’ Private Security office sits and where the family rests.  At least until the next job comes in, when she looks once more out into the Etherium.

Post-It Note Mocha ~ Baekhyun

Post-It Note Mocha ~ Baekhyun

Word Count: 1002

Type: Fluff / Subtle Confession?

Brief: You’re casually minding your own business, revising for your upcoming exams in a coffee shop when a cute stranger distracts you from doing so. 

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Studying. Don’t we all just love it. You have some major exams coming up soon, and you mean major. Like, life-with-a-fulfilling-career or mooching-off-your-parents’-income-for-the-rest-of-your-life kind of major. You hated all this stress and pressure put on you, who wouldn’t? But we all know it’s just part of life and exams need to get done, whether we like it or not. Welcome to reality. 

So here you are, wasting spending your beloved Saturday mornings at your local coffee shop - swimming in an endless ocean of textbooks, notes, paper, pens and god knows what else. You’ve been here since 8 in the morning and upon glancing at your silenced phone, you realise it’s only 11:27 and you’ve already been through 3 cups of mocha. Sighing, you turn to your science textbook. You weren’t sure if you were actually taking any information in at this point but you didn’t care, you were just tired. You would go to get more coffee but the multiplying heap of books and notes on your lap prevented you from doing so. Besides, you felt awkward going up to the barrista for the 4th time in less than 4 hours. You let out a frustrated, defeated sigh, lowering your head down to your books again.


You look up, only to find a full cup of mocha sitting in front of you and a boy who can be assumed was the owner of the said cup. Confused and maybe even slightly irritated (after all, you kept on reminding yourself this was a serious, productive study session), you glanced up at him, trying your best to disguise your annoyance with confusion. The boy simply gave a small nod and shy smile, putting his fist up as if to say “fighting!” before walking off to a table not too far from your own. You gave a small smile in return but he was already walking away before he was able to notice your comparably pathetic token of appreciation. 

‘Well… That was… weird’ You thought to yourself. He left his mocha here. You go to call him, when a bright pink post it note on the mocha caught your attention. How you had not noticed it before was a question for another time. Obviously intrigued, you grabbed the coffee and had a closer look at the post-it note.

‘Perhaps I can buy you dinner sometime? Good luck with your studies! Fighting!~ -BBH :)’

Was this that guy’s way of asking you out on a date? You glanced back up to where he was seated. Messy light brown hair fell over his forehead, black skinny jeans, Converse and a white and navy colour-block dress shirt - he could have easily been mistaken for a model, and a cute one at that. He looked up from his manga book and caught your gaze, giving you another small, but admittedly adorable smile before turning his attention back to the book. Was he serious? Who knew. At least you got a free coffee out of this if worse comes to worst. You took the note and stored it in your pocket. It was kind of sweet and you wanted to cherish this moment, though you’d never admit that to anyone.

~ ~ ~

Hours passed and pain slowly but surely built up in your back and neck. ‘It’s time to call it quits’ you thought to yourself. You checked your phone again, the time reading 14:17. You had initially planned to stay and revise for longer, but heck, your justification was that it was Saturday and that was all the reasoning you needed. Not to mention you were hungry; you were living off of coffee for half the day. You couldn’t bare it any longer, organising your mess of study material into multiple folders and then into your bag, taking your phone before making a swift exit out of the coffee shop. 

You began making your way to the convenience store just down the road in desperate need of food, before someone grabbed your shoulder and made their way in front of you, blocking you from continuing on any further.

“Yah! You didn’t wait for me!” The boy exclaimed, slightly breathless from running in an attempt to catch up with you. Of course, you stopped in your tracks, blinking a few times to try and process what is happening.

“You were serious?” The tone of your voice raised slightly in shock. The boy again gave a small smile. ‘Yes’. 

“Byun Baekhyun.” He introduced, stretching out his hand.

You walked around him, ignoring his invitation to shake his hand. Almost instantly, you regretted it. ‘Why did I do that?! Oh my god, I think he hates me. He definitely hates me. Do I turn around and say I’m sorry. Or would that be too awkward-’

“Hey! Don’t run away from me, please!” He cut your thought process, jogging in front of you again.“I said I’d buy you dinner…” His voice subconsciously faltered as he looked down at the floor, sadness evident in his voice and demeanour, though it was also obvious he wasn’t doing this to guilt-trip you or earn pity-points. You had only known him for barely even 5 minutes but you already knew that he was too genuine to pull low-life stunts like that. “Y/N.” You introduced, “I’m going to the convenience store.” 

Beginning to slowly walk again, you gave him the opportunity to join you if he so wished. “Okay!” Baekhyun’s voice instantly perked up again. So he’s the optimistic, cute, happy-go-lucky type? He was almost frolicking and skipping along with you from pure happiness and excitement - the sight and even the thought of which involuntarily caused the corners of your lips to curve up. “Yah, who gets so excited going to convenience stores?” You teased, nudging him lightly with your arm. Baekhyun let out a light-hearted giggle, turning to you, smiling brightly. “I’m only excited because I know I was the reason behind your smile. And I get to spend time with you.”

When the Shit Hits the Fan

So a lot of things have happened, before I continue my story telling I’d like to recap. First I explained everything, I opened your eyes to the world I live in. Then I told you about my dream, and how it was a warning of things to come. I also told you the first meeting of my soul mate and how we handled the process of the transition. I finally told you about the three men who were watching my class. They are a huge part of my life now, and for a completely different reason then your thinking. So I guess I’ll start the story at the end of the school day, and my life turns one hundred and eighty degrees, again.
Violet and I exited our final class, we had already made plans for after school. We were going to go to the local park and hang out together. Get to know each other more, and really figure each other out. We never got to the park, as we exited the school the three men who I saw watching our class were standing there. I was horrified and terrified, but steeled against the idea of running.
“Salvatore. Violet. You are in a very special situation. We feared that this day would come and we really were not prepared for it” A man with a large scruffy beard and jet black hair said.
“We need you both to come with us, we need to keep you both safe” This man had golden hair, a chiseled face, and looked insanely fit. Suddenly a female voice spoke out.
“Have no fear, we only wish to protect you both, we have no ill will against you” This lady was tall, slender and had blood red hair flowing down her back.
“Where’d the third man go?” I asked hesitantly as I took Violets hand, mainly to calm myself.
“Sharp eye kid, we were roughly eight hundred feet away, impossible for a human to distinguish male and female based on facial features.” The man with the jet black hair said. I then realized that they weren’t on the closest sidewalk, they were actually across the street and deep into the parking lot of a nearby business. As I was thinking about this, a large white van pulled up, and driving was the third man. All I heard was “Found him” from Violet. I laughed and looked at them.
“You expect me to just get in a van with you four? Along with my soulmate? No. No way in hell is that ever going to happen” I shook my head and looked at them “You’re crazy, no way. It ain’t happening.”
“You have to, otherwise you won’t ever make it to the age of twenty” The redheaded woman said.
“Why not? No one is trying to harm us in anyway, not that I can tell. Except for you four.” I said sharply and pointedly
“Salvatore. You have no other choice, your mother knew this day was coming as did Violets parents, to a certain extent” The redheaded lady said. I shook my head and shrugged
“What’s so important about this day? Hm? I don’t understand.” I looked over at Violet and she just shrugged also. She didn’t understand what was happening. I was still skeptical about the whole situation, then I thought I had a trump card.
“Here, allow us to call our parents. If they agree with your story then we will go with you” I looked and waited for their response. It was surprising, to say the least.
“Alright, if that’s what it is going to take to get you to come with us, fine.” The man with jet black hair said. We then called our parents and both got the same story, as long as the woman’s name was Terra, then we should go with them. So I turned and looked at the woman with red hair and simply asked.
“What is your name?” I was terrified of the answer, because if she said “Terra”, then I was told, by my parents, to get in the vehicle with them. If she said a different name, I was supposed to run away from them with Violet.
“My name is Terra.” She said as she looked at both of us, and my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe it. I asked an open ended question with only one correct answer, and she got it right. I just couldn’t believe it, I was going to get into a van with total strangers because her name was Terra. Unbelieveable. But I got into the van without any further resistance, I held Violets hand the entire time, I wouldn’t let go. I refused to, I was too terrified to handle this on my own.
“So if I may ask, why are our lives in danger?” I asked Terra
“You both have very important roles” She said slyly
“Which are what?” Violet piped in
“You will find out soon, no worries” Terra said
“You might as well tell them, they’re gonna find out in a few minutes” A voice from the front said.
“Fine, but if they cause the van to stop I’m blaming you.” She said twistedly, then turned back to us and smiled “You’re going to be, basically, the King and Queen of our pack”
“T-The what?” I asked and Violet asked “Queen!?”
“Yes, you both have Werewolf blood in you, and you are the next in line for the throne.”


“she couldn’t scream while I held her throat; I promised not to let her go.”
murder trilogy au 

After a young woman is brutally murdered in an alley in Las Vegas, the police doesn’t take long to investigate the case and find the murderer – an equally young man, only known to the press under the synonym “Mr. Brightside”. The trial is short and merciless, though there is one sentence, that sticks around for years to come: while defending himself on trial, Brandon, the murderer, says, “there ain’t no motive for this crime, Jenny was a friend of mine.” And the victim Jenny Bennam was really a friend of his, but, more importantly, also the girlfriend of local sports star Andy Riverman, who supposedly was engaged in a love affair with the suspect, turning the crime into an impromptu act, driven by an unruly combination of passion and jealousy. 

Sentenced to 15 years in prison, Brandon spends the better part of his life in jail, but is released three years earlier due to good behaviour, only when he returns to the real world nothing is as it was before. His mother died years ago, his father already left his family when he was three years old, none of his siblings want to know him anymore and he never got around to finish his degree at law school. His world is a foreign shade of darkness and he is nothing but a shadow walking among strangers – what is left to do? He took a girl’s breath beneath the chandelier of stars in atmosphere and now there is no air left for his lungs. 

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How is the subject of the nudity taboo or lack thereof handled in the To Belong series? In the crossover series on YT, people seem to transform at the drop of a hat, and so I imagine that translates to seeing a lot of people in the nude in the original. Obviously, not everyone is lucky enough to have a form that allows them to keep their clothes from being torn like Frey. So I'm curious if people just sort of shrug and go about their business when suddenly a pig gets turned into a young woman.

  • Nudity is a very typical part of life in the world of TB. (Example)
  • When you see somebody change form and you know that they will not be covered up, It is custom to politely look away. No big gasps of horror, simply turn your head and a throw them a blanket. If they don´t want the blanket then just make sure to keep eye contact. Ogling is rude everywhere.
  • People´s personal level of modesty/shyness vary drastically from person to person. Some might refuse to change back into a human if they know that there is no opportunity to get dressed after, while others have no ducks to give. 
  • Some people are so shy that they wear clothes even in animal form. 
  • Those who prefer staying modest make sure to always be prepared with extra clothes, travel with a big shawl/blanket, or let their hair grow really really long. 
  • But there are of course times when it is simply not suitable to be completely naked. EX: In the presence of a nobel, at school/work, at a high class party, etc.
  • Nudists exists although it is not the most convenient life style when taking weather into account.
  • Public baths are common in many parts of the world and is a perfect place to meet up with family and friends to relax and catch up with each others´ lives.
  • Public breast feeding is as natural as somebody sneezing (globally). 
  • The naked body is not over-sexualized and very few actually think that just nudity in itself is a turn-on. 
  • Somebody who is behaving in a predatory way in public (EX: intensionally exposing themselves to minors), will be dealt with by the authorities. If the locals haven’t already killed said pervert, that is.

for kyouhaba week, day 1; music.

One thing Kyoutani’s learned after being close friends with Yahaba in their third year of high school, was Yahaba plays the violin. As a child, his parents had wanted him to play an instrument, the more elegant, the better. They chose the violin, and coincidentally, Yahaba was surprisingly good at it.

Another thing Kyoutani’s learned was that Yahaba frequently had recitals, both in and outside of school. Other than volleyball, music was the biggest part of his life. His mundane day is interwoven with it, violin pieces playing on his iPhone on the way to school, music scores tucked away in his backpack. He was talented, a teacher even calling him a prodigy of violin, girls with written confessions lined up behind the local theatre waiting to see him.

It only took three months of dating Yahaba before Kyoutani is asked if he wants to attend. He tries his best to dodge the questions, eventually flat out saying ‘no’ each time Yahaba asked.

“Look, I know you’re not into music but—”

“I already told you, I don’t want to go to your shitty recitals—”

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anonymous asked:

If you could manage it, I'd like as many college AUs as you can find. (Bless you for making this blog, by the way. It gives me life.)

So here’s the blog’s tag, I won’t rec anything in there and I’ll just list a few here and also give the link for the Ao3 tag because wow lots of college aus. Here’s just a select few;

Break A Leg

Summary: I’ll be real with you, it’s just another college AU, except this time we got us a chubby little loser Marco and a flamboyant and sassy Jean. They are both film majors.

Just A Little While Longer

Summary: Jean was sick of his daily routine until Marco came into his diner one night and flipped his life upside down.
Marco was just plain sick before he met Jean and began to live again.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Summary: Reluctant cellist and grad-student Jean is volunteered, against his will, to be the accompanist for vocal performance major Marco Bodt’s senior recital. It goes better than he expected.

Just A Little Sip

Summary: Marco thought he had to kiss goodbye to getting his college degree after his father became bedridden due to a freak accident at work. Fortunately for him, he was able to get some part-time work at Reiner’s cafe. Things never completely settle down for Marco though, as he couldn’t help but get distracted by Armin’s friends who constantly visit him at the cafe—especially the guy with the undercut whose name Marco found himself too shy to ask.


Summary: Photography student Marco Bodt gets a compelling assignment—document a year in the life of a complete stranger through photographs. He meets quite the compelling subject—Jean Kirschtien, a student studying to become a police officer, already interning with the local department. He seems to have a perfect life; beautiful girlfriend, lovely house, a good amount of money…though, Marco sees something promising in the man’s daily routine. As the year goes by, Marco begins to become more and more of a subject in the photographs than he ever intended to.

Mali and Tessa have lived hundreds of different lives throughout time, caught up in an eternal cycle as they take part in a war so old that neither side remembers what they’re fighting for anymore. As Mali wakes up in her newest life, she suddenly becomes self-aware and starts to question everything, especially why she continues to fight. But elsewhere, Tessa is already on the hunt…

WE(L)COME BACK is a long-form story that Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and myself are excited about telling, but to do that, we need pre-orders. This flyer is everything you need to know, but if you just go to your local comic shop tomorrow and tell them you want to order all 4 issues of the book, it goes a long long way to keeping us alive and viable and able to tell this story in the full, widescreen, eye-popping glory we’ve been intending to tell it in.

Pre-orders not only help our numbers, they help let comics shops know that there’s a interest in this book and that maybe they should order more copies in case people who aren’t aware of it can pick it up. When you pre-order a book, you’re not just securing your own copies, you’re ensuring that someone wandering through a shop can happen across it and maybe get into it too.

tl;dr - when you go pick up your comics tomorrow, let them know you want to order WE(L)COME BACK #1-4.


hibike’s ending today. i guess you all knew that already, but yeah. it’s ending today. obviously we’ll have the ovas still, fanfiction and fanart, and the books being localized next summer, but hibike as a show is ending today. in two hours, to be specific. i’m not going to mince words here, i’m worried, because this show has quite literally changed my damn life. i was a writer before it, but i was an unknown writer with a modest amount of followers. i poured my very heart into what i did, but there were so many writers in the fandoms i was a part of, better ones, that i couldn’t help but feel a bit useless. then, suddenly, i was posting my stories and people liked them, people liked me, and that was surreal to say the least. amazing, more like. i felt a little bit more like a somebody. i made friends in the fandom, admired the artists and editors and other writers and everyone else who loved this show, and it….well, it started to feel a bit like a community. it started to feel like a home. 

we all waited out the hiatus together, we all celebrated the show’s return, we all posted our stories and artwork and edits and anything else. we’ve all sat through this season, loving parts and hating parts, and as awful as the past few months have been for everyone, what with the election and the saddening deaths of amazing people, hibike’s been what’s kept me going. just like last fall, when the rigorous schedule i kept myself stuck to while writing the coffeeshop au (longest fic in the hibike fandom, btw, which is something i’m genuinely proud of) helped me through an admittedly crappy semester. just like the beginnings of last summer, when the first season helped me feel more comfortable with my own sexuality. this show’s done nothing short of changed my outlook on the world, and i’ve met so many wonderful, wonderful people because of it. 

i’m afraid of how it’ll end, i’m afraid of it ending at all, i’m afraid of the fandom falling apart and leaving me behind as a nobody again, but i’m still going to strive to improve, i’m going to keep working hard at what i believe in, and no matter what happens, i’m never going to forget what this show’s done for me, and probably for a lot of other people, too.

so, thank you, @brausur, @aanglc, @mossheart810, @migaytorybird, @ihearyoulikeawhisper, @lunarjumper, @asterust, @galpalriver, @utenakart64, @asimpleplot, @incoherentbagel, @reimiko-chan, @illustraice, @lattecinno, @franchium, @taki-sensei, @niigoki, @lynxpurrs, @alittlebirb, @krokees, @lucinalyn and everyone else who loves this show. you’re all incredible.
Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians - LA Times

Israel’s electric company cut off power Monday to more than 700,000 Palestinians in two major West Bank cities and nearby villages, and warned that more outages are coming if Palestinian officials don’t pay millions of dollars in outstanding debt.

The outage in Nablus, the largest West Bank city, and Jenin, to the north, lasted about an hour, but could become a regular part of West Bank life if the Palestinian Authority and the local electric utilities don’t pay their bills, the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) warned.

Palestinian officials described the IEC move as a political step and collective punishment against the Palestinian people after the Palestinian Authority joined the Hague-based International Criminal Court last month.

In a reprisal move, Israel has frozen more than $240 million in tax revenues it had collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in the last two months, leaving an already cash-strapped government unable to even pay full salaries for its 180,000 civil servants.

Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem on Monday, the director of the IEC, Yiftah Ron-Tal, referred to the Palestinian Authority’s electricity debts.

“Customers who do not pay electric bills are disconnected; yet here we have an entire population that doesn’t pay while we continue to supply electricity,” he said. “The Palestinian Authority owes the IEC — meaning the paying consumers — nearly 2 billion Israeli shekels [about $500 million]. A year has passed since I said this last and nothing has changed. Starting today, we will begin restricting electricity.”

Ghassan Shakaa, the mayor of Nablus and chairman of the board of the North Electricity Company, which supplies Nablus, Jenin and nearby villages with power it purchases from the IEC, described the Israeli measure as unfair.

“This is clearly collective punishment against the Palestinian people,” he said. According to Shakaa, the IEC cut power shortly after notifying his company that it owed more than $10 million, and did not wait for an answer or for payment.

He said he expects the power cut to be repeated at random hours over the next few days until some sort of arrangement is reached to pay the bill.

Rashid Fadda, who lives in Nablus and works as a technician for the local electric company, said the power cuts came as a surprise.

“We heard the Israeli company threatening to cut power supply to the West Bank but no one really thought it will happen,” he said. “My work depends on electricity and so when the power was cut off, we had to stop work.”

Many people were caught in elevators in large Nablus buildings, and some were stuck until power resumed.

The IEC supplies electricity to all of the West Bank with the exception of a small part of Jericho that gets its power supply from nearby Jordan. The Israeli company also supplies parts of the Gaza Strip.

The Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDEC), a private Palestinian distribution company that supplies electricity to East Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem and most of Jericho, owes the IEC the largest amount, about $200 million.

The IEC went to court to force the Jerusalem company to pay its debt, threatening to seize its assets. No ruling has been issued yet.

JDEC officials have charged that the failure of the Palestinian Authority to pay the company tens of millions in dollars in unpaid bills has strained the company finances and led to its failure to pay the Israeli company’s bills.

Mise En Abyme

I’m baaaaaack – after a semester of complete ridiculousness, exams from the pit of Hell itself, and a job hunt (which only just ended), I am FINALLY back in the saddle!! 

Also, I altered the request just the tiniest bit for the sake of not giving you guys a complete book. Hope you enjoy it anyway! 

In that part of the city, being in a gang was a way of life; really, it was the only way of life. Belonging meant protection, it meant brotherhood, it meant money – all things considered, it meant surviving. Despite this, it came with a catch: once you were in, you were in for life. Leaving meant betraying your brothers, and betrayal was the one unforgivable sin.  

It was a hard way to live, but after growing up there, it seemed only natural.

It was common to join very young. Most boys were already initiated members of a local gang by the time they were twelve or thirteen, sometimes even younger. Jongin – better known on the streets by his nickname, Kai – was one that had joined particularly young. He could still remember the terror of hearing the gunshots shattering the night, the front door of his dingy apartment banging open to reveal an enormous man with a bandana masking his face. He’d demanded that Jongin’s mother give him their money and the keys to the family car; he remembered the panic he’d seen in his mother’s eyes as she had given the man everything the two had to their name, remembered the helplessness he felt as the man took everything. Jongin could never exactly remember what happened after, but the man must have decided that he wasn’t satisfied with the pitiful few dollars the two had been able to give him – a final gunshot split the night, and suddenly Jongin was alone in the world.

A few members of a local gang had found him the next day, staring blankly at the wall in his apartment, his mother’s rosary clutched tightly in his hand. They took him in, cared for him, and he quickly became one of their own as a fully-fledged member.

He looked around at the ramshackle common area of the gang’s headquarters – now, almost seven years later, there were twelve of them, each with a story similar to his own. Tragedy was a way of life in their part of the city. He cracked a grin at two of the gang’s oldest members where they sat on one of the couches, heatedly arguing about the latest soccer match.

“No, I tell you – that referee was blind! Gwangju is a much better team than Busan. Look at where they stand in the league – they’re ranked fourth. Busan? They’re eleventh,” Luhan, a sweet-faced man in his mid-twenties, said. He was busy field stripping his pistol as he ranted, timing himself as he did so. “It’s not possible that Busan could have actually beat them – the referee apparently had his head shoved up his ass the entire game because he obviously couldn’t see a thing!” He racked his weapon, dramatically ending his speech as he stopped the timer. Kai craned his neck to look at it; even he was impressed by the 32.4-second time Luhan had just pulled. 

Xiumin, another sweet-faced man who happened to be Luhan’s best friend and fellow soccer enthusiast, snickered. “Were we even watching the same game?! Gwangju played horribly!” He grinned at the vicious glare Luhan sent him. “Besides, they have no hope of beating Suwon next week.”

Kai snickered as they launched into another round of their debate. Even if they were two of the oldest, they could bicker about soccer like they were still just kids. Kai sometimes found it difficult to remember that they were the gang’s most lethal pair; they carried out all hits the gang was contracted to handle without so much as batting an eye.

Kai looked around as someone cleared their throat from the doorway; Kris, the gang’s leader, was standing there, arms crossed over his chest, eyebrow raised in almost-amusement.

“Meeting in the garage,” he said simply, turning and disappearing through the doorway again.

Without a word, all three of the men in the common area stood, following their leader out to the massive garage. Kai was always impressed when he walked through the space – the gang owned and operated a thriving auto repair shop, considered one of the best in the city. There was a small, closed-off room in the far corner that was officially the garage’s office, but doubled as a break room for when the mechanics took their breaks and a meeting room when the gang wanted to all meet.

Almost everyone else was already waiting, lounging on the grease-stained couches or leaning against the somewhat-ragged looking pool table.

Chanyeol, lead mechanic and general prankster, was chatting animatedly with two of the newer members, Baekhyun and Chen, while the other two mechanics – Zitao and Sehun – lazed on one of the couches. Kai sat down on the second couch between the gang’s logistics man, Suho, and the gang’s weapons master, Yixing.

Yixing turned to Kai, tilting his head curiously. “Do you know what Kris wants?” he asked.

Kai shrugged. “No clue – he just told us there was a meeting,” he said. Yixing shrugged in response, settling back to wait, easy-going smile on his face. Kai grinned; Yixing was easy to be around, and his natural tendency to roll with the punches always made Kai feel at ease himself.

When silence suddenly fell, Kai spun around. Kris walked in, closely followed by their final member, Kyungsoo. Kris did a final sweep, checking to ensure everyone was there, before he leaned over the pool table, bracing himself against the stained surface.

“Boys,” he began, eyes sparkling dangerously, “we’ve got some work to do. I’ve gotten word that in a week, our fine city will play host to one of the most expensive and rare art collections in the world.” Every member began grinning, guessing where their leader was going with his speech. “And it’s going to be ours before it’s scheduled to leave.”

 - Admin A 

grlewis  asked:

If 50% of wildlife has disappeared since 1970, how much longer will we be able to continue using the earth the way we are with out feeling drastic Consequences to our combined actions?

That percentage would suggest that humanity is Earth’s most current form of mass extinction. Previous mass extinction events reflect a similar percentage in terms of loss of wildlife. 

Additionally, apparently 99.9% of all species to have ever lived on Earth are now extinct. Most of which occurred before the time of humans. 

By my estimates, the amount of time we have left before we start feeling the drastic consequences of our actions runs out…yesterday. 

Who knows! Humanity as a species may not be long for this planet. Life will surely continue without us, perhaps more peacefully so. 

If we as a species want to be a part of this planet’s future, then we will have to change. Our current way of life is not in balance with the planet’s ecosystem and resources. It is clear that we wont change until it is either profitable to do so or until we have no other choice. 

Then again, why do you think most of the clever ideas and kickstarters for ecological solutions to longstanding environmental problems are coming from children and teenagers? Maybe they’re already fed up with the senseless shenanigans of the self-concerned adults that came before them. 

Change, real transformative change, starts locally. Think like trends. For some reason, a few people start wearing scarves. And they rock the shit out of those scarves. Soon other people start doing it and it just catches on. No one said, “Okay, it’s time for everyone to start wearing scarves.” and then tried to implement change on a large scale. Also, no one gave anyone a hard time or acted like an asshole to someone else who wasn’t wearing a scarf. 

That change comes from within and does not depend on any sort of system of external support. 

There are SO many problems in the human world, from the environment to the economy to social issues and the justice system. Each of us are compelled in one direction or another. For me, it is medicine. 

If you are concerned about the environment, then don’t make humanity or anyone in particular into the enemy. Make ignorance and disharmony and bad science the enemy. 

As the Dalai Lama said, “I defeat my enemies when I make them my friends.”

So many people with good intentions make others into enemies because they can’t find a way to solve our problems without pointing fingers. Are there people directly enabling and profiting from terrible stuff while actively suppressing change? Absolutely! But defeating them doesn’t change anything except create a job opening that will be quickly filled. 

However, defeat ignorance and the world is never the same. In doing so, you destroy the conditions that made the problems possible in the first place. 

All we can do is be brilliant and smart. We must be the change we wish to see. Set yourself ablaze and let it catch on without worrying about whether or not it will do so. 

Just my two cents at least. 

Namaste brother :)


Life in Transit // 05

Have you ever felt that there are just too many amazing things happening that you just have to take a step back and have a moment to take it all in first?

That’s exactly how I feel about Singapore.

I’ve been to this country so many times already but it always feels like home to me - this is me considering settling here soon, if there are chances. So far this week has been nothing short of amazing - from touristy sightseeing to book hoarding to catching up with old friends and feeling much like a local (I’ll coin this as benefits of being born Chinese lol), I can’t really point out any negative thing for this part of Life in Transit (except I did fall on my butt the other day and got left by the train…).

It seems so fast how we’ll be back in Manila shores a week after next. I’m feeling iffy and excited about it - but I can’t keep on evading reality, so yeah - time to adjust (again).

Hope everyone’s having a great day!

PS Follow #lifeintransit2014 on Instagram for updates :)