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     HEARTLESS AESTHETIC: The Beginning.

   “Well, Mr. Jest, I’ve sometimes come to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

   His feet stalled all at once, his face turning to her, bewildered.

   Her grin fell. “What is it?”

  Jest’s eyes narrowed, studying her.

  Catherine cowered beneath the inspection. “What?”

 “Are you sure you aren’t the one the King is in love with?”

  It took a moment, but when the laugh came, It was honest and unforced. The idea that the King might wish to marry her was one thing, but the thought of him being in love with her was an entirely different realm of absurdity.

  “I assure you, he’s not,” she said, still smiling, though Jest looked unconvinced. “What does that have to do with impossible things?”

  “It just sounds like a queenly sort of thing to say,” he said, offering his arm again. Cath took it, though with more hesitation. “And, well, impossible is my specialty.”

  She peered up at his profile, his angled features, the mask of kohl. “That,” she said, “seems entirely believable.”

hey hello guys, 

I really would like to ask you people for help finding the source of these pink edits someone keeps making of my artwork!!

please if anyone has any info could you just give me the details in my ask box, i would really appreciate it! Please don’t contact the individuals yourselves because i would really like to do all that myself & just deal with it personally.

Since these are on weheartit already there are a lot of reposts about, so i get that there’s people who probably posted to tumblr but don’t know who actually made them

But you know i’m still keen to ask them!

i really don’t understand why someone would do this as like a joke to just be a dick or something, so i kind of feel like who ever is putting them online just doesn’t really understand the consequences of what they’re actually doing (all about that aesthetic)

So please if you got any info send me an ask!! thanks 

anonymous asked:

As a mother of an early teen who is just discovering fandom (as are some of his friends), I want to thank you for how gently you treat people who may not "know better". There are a lot of newbies just now learning about etiquette. <3

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your kind message ♥

Most of the time, there’s no need to get angry about the whole thing. People love some artworks they see online, they want to share them with their friends, they repost. They mean no harm. They don’t know about the rules or even a certain kind of etiquette. Some people even try to credit but they have the source wrong like an already reposted post or Instagram, WeHeartIt or even 9gag.

98% of the time, I send a message, they apologize, the artwork is taken down and that’s it ^^

Some people however, deserve a kick in the butt and no mercy because they know exactly what they are doing and don’t give a fuck. Some of them even blatantly LIE.

Do you want to hear a good one? About two weeks ago I was browsing Instagram and I saw posts from my Bucky Barnes’s Instagram being reposted with credit. The credit was there - cool! - except that…the credit was completely wrong because the owner of the page reposted from another account genuinely thinking it was the original artist. And do you know why they thought that? Because the owner of the page from which the artworks were reposted LIED to them. They told them that they drew all the artworks at their page and that “The Life of Bucky Barnes” was a friend who was helping them putting all this together. So to be clear, you have the first reposter who thought they did good by crediting the right artist (let’s call them “Nice Person”) and a fucking liar (Let’s call them “Fucking Liar”, it suits them very well). Nice Person was fooled by Fucking Liar who is not only a liar but also an art thief.

Nice Person was so sorry about the whole situation that they contacted me and sent me a screenshot to prove they were telling the truth. They even apologized! Poor thing! I mean, I wasn’t blaming them! They reposted with credit and the art wasn’t cropped or anything.

But Miss Fucking Liar? I don’t have nice things to say about them. Look at this mess:

Needless to say that we are NOT friends. I don’t know them. My friends don’t steal my art you fucking moron.

I contacted them, they apologized, pretending they didn’t speak English very well and that it wasn’t what they intended to say. My ass. Their English was good enough when they lied and thanked people on their page. I already had cases of assholishness but this one? Ha! Ha! It’s definitely in my Top 3 xD

So, I think you understand now why I stay calm most of the time when my art is repoted: I’ve seen worse xD

Have a great day! ^^