already on weheartit

hey hello guys, 

I really would like to ask you people for help finding the source of these pink edits someone keeps making of my artwork!!

please if anyone has any info could you just give me the details in my ask box, i would really appreciate it! Please don’t contact the individuals yourselves because i would really like to do all that myself & just deal with it personally.

Since these are on weheartit already there are a lot of reposts about, so i get that there’s people who probably posted to tumblr but don’t know who actually made them

But you know i’m still keen to ask them!

i really don’t understand why someone would do this as like a joke to just be a dick or something, so i kind of feel like who ever is putting them online just doesn’t really understand the consequences of what they’re actually doing (all about that aesthetic)

So please if you got any info send me an ask!! thanks