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Loki’s Future

some random thoughts/meta after watching Ragnarok (a good ass film™️)

- After watching Ragnarok, I was struck by how similar in appearance Loki is to Hela. Same slim face and build, same pale skin, and even the same black hair. They both prefer blades to fight with and magic to communicate with. Hell, their wardrobe color schemes even match. This raised some questions for me when I was watching the film; why this deliberate choice, and how much does Loki’s appearance have an effect on how Odin treats him, in this film and others? Thor is Hela’s sister, yet we’ve seen that Odin treats Thor very, very differently to Hela and later Loki. Does Loki with his black hair and magic just remind Odin too much of his own shitty decisions? It would explain a lot about why he acts like such a dick to Loki, even when Loki was a child and not killing anyone (as far as we know haha, that kid coulda done anything)

- But there’s gotta be more to it than that. The similarities in appearance may well be Taika’s nod to the original Norse myths, but it occurred to me that it’s way too obvious a similarity, and could be pointing to something a little more complex. In the original myths, Hela is actually Loki’s daughter. Coincidence? I think not! Add this to the fact that in the mythology Loki also has a son, a gigantic wolf called Fenrir, who we also see in Ragnarok, I think there’s plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that Loki has some greater importance and connection to Asgard, running deeper than him simply being a Jotun war prize. For me it’s just too much of a coincidence that Hela and Loki are a) strongly connected in the source material b) have strongly similar appearances, fighting styles and love for chaos (to a certain extent, their characters are similar) and c) are both ‘children’ of Odin. On one of Loki’s bad days, you could call them twins. Why though? It’s been reeeeally bugging me, but I just can’t work out a direct connection, or reason as to why Hela’s character had to be built to resemble Loki.

- One answer to this is a theory I read that Loki is in fact Hela’s son. (Yeah, I know, that sounds deranged when you think about it.) The timelines align such that Hela could very easily have invaded Jotunheim with Odin before Loki’s birth. There she could have had, through some means or other, a child with Laufey, and then later abandoned it due to ‘weakness’. So… a hybrid. Loki even has black hair when he’s in his Jotun form, and that’s really fucking unusual - no other frost giant is even similar - he LOOKS like a hybrid of Hela and Laufey. Although there’s a few things off about this theory, and the MCU will probably never confirm or go into enough detail about it, AND it also makes Loki Thor’s nephew (!!!wtf!) AND Odin would have also have to have known about it the whole time (albeit explaining his behaviour), it does give reason and a cause to the weird connection and similarities between the two.

- Loki and the Tesseract. Ooooooooohhh my god. So we basically KNOW that he has it, as although we don’t see him take it in Ragnarok, it’s strongly implied, and he also is literally holding it in the leaked trailer for Infinity War. (I appreciate that some ppl don’t want to watch the leaked trailer, but it confirms he has it) Why is this important? The Tesseract is an Infinity Stone. It has power Loki knows how to use, and he’s one of the few that do. What’s Infinity War about? Infinity Stones, and Thanos. The same Thanos who’s on the hunt for Loki AND the Tesseract. I honestly don’t think Loki’s taken it for some world domination shit this time round, I think he’s taken it for power and leverage. He’s acting intelligently and planning far ahead. This is given extra gravity when you remember that Loki is the only one in the Infinity War lineup who has met and knows Thanos, and that honestly did not go well for Loki at all.

- (On a side note, I just want to talk about Loki and Thanos; it’s been theorised/discussed for ages that Thanos met Loki in the void after his fall from Asgard in Thor 1, and gave him a deal: the mission of capturing Earth, finding the Tesseract, and the tools to do so. Now, Loki’s not really one to make deals unless he can subvert them, and so the whole way through Avengers his motives for attack to me seemed uncharacteristically illogical, although I can understand his primal emotional reasons for wanting to rule. But we also saw him looking very, very ill at the beginning of that film and in the Thor 1 credits scene, and being in obvious pain - he looked like a damn meth addict. Some fans have also noted that his eyes look blue during some scenes in Avengers, like he’s being mind controlled. I completely agree with this theory: that Thanos, recognising Loki’s power, tortured him, (with heat and fire, because how else do you torture a Jotun? It explains his appearance and injuries) and mind controlled him to enact the events of Avengers. And everything that happens thereafter in the MCU makes soooo much more sense when you think about it from the torture perspective. It explains a lot about the ‘big picture’ behind all of Loki’s decisions since. He has angered the most powerful man in the universe twice: failing in giving Thanos the Tesseract, AND remaining alive.

- Which brings me back to my point - Loki is the only one who has any possible comprehension of what’s coming, so taking the Tesseract easily interprets as him acting impulsively for reasons of his own safety, and possibly the safety of those around him (he takes it after his ‘redemption’ arc). I think he still has some kind of connection or knowledge of Thanos’ presence, maybe from torture, and he can sense when shit is about to go down - and we see the beginning of it going down at the end of Ragnarok. He’s also keeping his possession of it a secret, and for obvious reasons. Knowing he’d just taken the same item that he screwed everything up for last time would completely ruin his new trust-bond ‘redemption’ arc with Thor (I kinda hate using the word redemption tho - it’s obvious from Dark World that that’s not what Loki wants or really cares about) so, he’s going to use it in some kind of bamboozle, dodgy deal, Loki-esque interaction in the future .

- I really really reeaallllyy hope they don’t just turn Loki ‘back’ into a villain in IW. It would be an insult his character and the character work Taika’s done in Ragnarok. At this point it’s weak, cheap and easy character development and a trope that’s extremely overplayed. However, HOWEVER. It would equally break my heart to see him fall completely into the other side - the role of martyrdom, righteousness and self-sacrifice in IW. We already have dozens of characters who do that, and what makes Loki more loved than all of them is that he can do both - when and how he acts is fascinating to watch. He’s every inch a chaotic neutral, and I hope so much that Marvel keeps it like that. He survives because he has no morals, likes to play both sides and he’s smart about it. It makes him compelling, godamnit.

- With Tom’s movie contract and the amount of times they’ve ‘killed’ him off already, it’s looking likely he’ll survive Infinity War. (Not looking so good for Thor though 😭IW is seriously gonna kill me too)

- Some more mythology stuff… Although in the MCU Loki’s plot usefulness is as more of a ‘bad guy’ and not he’s not a central enough character to justify such an in depth plotline, there are plenty more things the myths can give him. For example, his own honest relationships, outside of Asgard’s influence. Loki has most likely experienced a much wider range of people, creatures and places in the universe than average. He’s got lots of little secrets tucked away. For example, in mythology he has another son, called Jormungand, a giant serpent. Not likely J will ever make it to the screen though, sadly. I think that the serpent shapeshifting story in Ragnarok was perhaps a nod to that. So was Odin’s 6-legged horse Sleipnir, another of Loki’s sons.

Secondly, and of greater interest to me: in the myths, Loki has a wife called Sigyn, the goddess of intelligence. (I love her already…) with whom he has these strange animalistic (likely shapeshifting) children. Now, I know IW is really too late along his storyline to be introducing someone like Sigyn, let alone as a love interest, but god damn would it be awesome if they did. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would be truly satisfying and also extremely entertaining to see Loki get himself a girl. Superhero movies are so often plagued by the oppressive American binary of good and evil, wherein the good guy always gets the girl, and the villain is always miserable. Seeing Loki, (a character who we know consciously does bad things and fits very well the evil stereotype, but does good things as well, and plays both sides entirely to his own benefit) get the typical stamp of a good guy would make for a more interesting, rule-breaking plot. Please, MCU, don’t let Loki fall into this binary! Let him be both! It’s what made him so extremely damn popular! that and the fact that he’s smart and funny and Tom is extremely fucking hot lol

- I also really wanna see a bit more of his magical abilities - in his villain role so far we’ve been shown he’s smarter than half the MCU, extremely skilled in in magic and combat with knives, he can teleport, he can create illusions, he can fuck with people’s heads and more. His Valkyrie knife standoff scene was interesting in Ragnarok - I’m 100% sure he deliberately lost to Valkyrie to gain access to her memories- but Thor mentioned something way more interesting: Loki is a shapeshifter. And a really good one; he’s basically in a constant shift from Jotun to Asgardian. But to animals? That’s really fucking cool, and the snake story shows how easily he can hide in plain sight. (Y’all can get the cat!Loki y’all have always wanted.) Idk I just really wanna see more of what he can do. I think further abilities/aspects of his fighting style and personality will be revealed in future though, because having the Tesseract and knowing Thanos makes him into a major plot point for IW.

- lastly can I just say I’m really digging the 80s/rock soundtrack aesthetic Marvel is pushing for

- and the c i n e m a t o g r a p h y!! Got damn.

- just protect him please for the love of all that is holy.

- That is all. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Xxxx.

Here we have my SakuMahi lovechild oc that I created with the help of the Servamp-Love Discord. I wasn’t originally going to post this, but all my friends in the discord insisted that I do lol

She is apparently a creation from the C3 labs as an experiment to see what would happen when Eve and Vampire DNA was combined. And this is the result!

I ended up writing a lot about her, so I’ll put it under the cut for mobile users.

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dooffan  asked:

How do you think Vinnie will interact with Doofenshmirtz in the "cross-over?" Same, for Monogram and Balthazar?

I think in general there might be some hero worship from Dakota and Cav towards Doof. This is supposedly the man that invented TIME TRAVEL after all. But being around him, and seeing how he could be oblivious… I could see Cavendish going off at Doofenshmirtz. Throw insults at him with Dakota being all like ‘C’mon man, that’s not helping anybody’. 

I’m sure in the end Doofenshmirtz will be appreciated though.

I question how much Monogram (and Carl) will show up though. While I love them, the episode might have trouble involving them in the overall plot since there would already be so many characters. BUT… I could totally see Monogram complimenting Cav on his rocking stache’. 

‘CARL, why doesn’t mine look as nice as his?’
‘Probably because it isn’t real, sir.’
‘That was information given in CONFIDENCE, Carl. Great, now they all know.’

anonymous asked:

I loved your meta about Daenerys being Azor Ahai/PTWP/SWMTW! She pretty much already fulfilled everything in those profecies, and her armies and dragons will be crucial, so she already is one of the heroes who will bring the dawn. I think the main reason people don't talk much about this is because she's a woman, so the fandom keeps looking for any excuse to say that some other male character is Azor Ahai instead. If she was a man, we would have tons of metas and edits about it.

Until I was only a TV show fan, all I knew about these prophesies was that Nissa Nissa story and the fact that book fans kept chanting that Jon is Azor Ahai over and over again.  I read the books myself and seriously, either the asoiaf fandom is full of misogynistic dude bros or they are next level delusional.  There is a mountain of canon pointing towards how Dany has fulfilled all of these prophesies quite literally already, which is the reason why I wrote this meta. Yet this close to the end, the fandom is still grasping at straws hoping some man does something in some metaphorical sense to acquire some unknown weapon to fight zombies. The time for acquiring fighting skills & weapons is over, all hero’s journeys - magical or that of warriors are colliding and moving towards the climax of the story now. 

There’s only one concrete quote hinting at Jon in the books: “I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R'hllor shows me only Snow,” by Melisandre. A dream Jamie has, pointing at him “Jaime groped under the water until his hand closed upon the hilt. Nothing can hurt me so long as I have a sword. As he raised the sword a finger of pale flame flickered at the point and crept up along the edge, stopping a hand’s breath from the hilt. The fire took on the color of the steel itself so it burned with a silvery-blue light, and the gloom pulled back.” That’s it! That’s what the Jamie & Jon Azor Ahai theories are based on, even though George never pulls plot twists & reveals out of thin air. Every time a character is about to die or something significant happens, the chapters leading to it have countless quotes pointing towards it.  George’s foreshadowing game is too damn strong for any plot twist based theory to hold up.  How the asoiaf fandom managed to get so many misleading theories popular among show fans? I’ll never know! Maybe people are too gullible to fall for the ‘Man with a sword saves the day’ story. 

Jon is a great guy, he has a big heart, he’s the guy who wouldn’t think twice before sacrificing himself for others, he steps up, he does his best, he has awesome fight scenes and his mission has been to ensure everyone is focusing on the zombie apocalypse.  But there’s a reason why he’s never saved the day, not once.  Stannis showed up at the Wildling vs Wall battle at the last moment, the lords of the Vale showed up at the last moment at BoB, Dany showed up at the last moment at Wight Hunt and even when he was left there alone, uncle Benjin showed up at the last moment.  Watch any Jon Snow fight scene and you’ll see that someone intervenes at the very last moment and saves him when he’s too close to dying. If that’s been the pattern in every single fight until now, then maybe that narrative pattern is trying to tell us something…that Jon is not the guy who saves the day and this is not a man with a sword saves the day story. 

Sometimes I feel that a lot of people who call themselves Jon stans don’t even bother understanding his character and his story and are in love with the idea of him turning into ‘Male Dany + Ned Stark’ next season and saving the day with his sword which he himself has mentioned time and again to be no match for the Night King. He quite literally tells Beric during the Wight Hunt that despite being resurrected 6 times and owning a flaming sword, Night King is unkillable with the resources at hand. 

anonymous asked:

How do you stay motivated to keep making costumes? I need a costume in January and started it but I'm already stuck and things about it are bothering me.

If I start to drag on a cosplay, I go back and rewatch the movie, game, or show it’s from. That’s usually enough to remind me why I love the character so much that I wanna be them and I come out of it being HYPED again.

If a specific part of a cosplay is frustrating me, I’ll switch gears and go work on a different part of it for a while instead. It keeps me from laser focusing my panic onto one piece, keeps me productive, and I always have a clearer head when I then go back to work on the frustrating piece.

And I look at my favorite cosplayers’ work on Instagram! Seeing other people’s builds always brings back my love for the hobby because of how cool it is that there’s thousands of creative nerds all over the world building ridiculous costumes just because they love characters so much!

The Pacific Rim soundtrack is also amazing for pushing through work.

There’s also no shame in mistakes or remaking things if you’re not happy with them. I know it’s not a good feeling, but messing up means you’re actively learning and improving. If I’m repeatedly getting stuck or making mistakes, I’ll go back and look at other methods I could be using, study where I’m going wrong, or talk to other cosplayers for advice. Deliberately changing my thinking from “oh shit, I’m fucking up” to “it’s ok, I’m learning” helps me a lot.

Also also, for me a big part of getting through motivation slumps is recognizing whether I’m momentarily frustrated or if I’m full on burnt out. Cosplay burn out is real and sometimes you hit a point where you need a break. If you’re hitting burn out point where you feel like you’re suffering more than you’re having fun, it’s ok to walk away for a few days, weeks, or months. Sometimes you just need to recharge your creative batteries by taking a breather.

miss-rainbow-quartz  asked:

Something that I can't get out of my head is what would happen to Starfan13 in the St Olga AU... Considering that everyone else is already devastated that they lost Star and Marco, imagine the pain that Starfan13 would be going through...

I wouldn’t underestimate the lengths Starfan would go to express her love for Star. I mean, she did gorge herself on those terrible brownies. If efforts to get through to Star fail, then I can kind of see some ‘converting’ happening. 

Granted this is mostly played for laughs since I don’t recall the character being played for anything beyond her obsession. As shown above Lady is less tolerant of such behavior.(Like, ‘how did she break in again?’) Not that Lady hates her fans, just not this one’s tendency to take unsolicited pictures and such. 

insert3username3here  asked:

I would love it if you could name some, I haven't been able to find any till the other day when I found your blog! I already love the blog alot!

You got it! To name a few:

@aphdiscord-quotes - Quotes from the Aphmau discord applied to characters.

@sheepbleetrepeat - A meme blog dedicated to posting Sheep!Garroth.

@aphmaulgbtmoodboards - Makes some pretty cute mood-boards! 

@aphmaushrine - Posts/Re-blogs a lot of cute Aphmau content!

@aphmaukinstimboards - Aphmau stim-boards galore! 

@ask-michi - What it says on the tin!

@miyuusenpaiii - Has some pretty cute Aphmau art!

@burkettle - Also does some pretty cute art!

@rea-screams - A heccin meme with a good blog!

@streetclan-au - An all-around awesome peep who also runs an Aphmau-related discord server!

@squiggled-eyed-artist - Precious bean with precious art.

@aphmau-headcanons - As it says on the tin!

@mystreetheadcanons - More adorable tins!

@someartistsammy - Has a beautiful blog and a beautiful art-style!

@l-high-priest-l - And of course no Aphmau list would be complete without this amazing artsy little bean!

This is just to name a few of the amazing blogs out there! I’m sure I’ve missed some wonderful people out, so if you think of any, let me know! Plus, if there’s an Aphmau blog you think I should check out that I haven’t listed here please let me know!

I hope you’re having a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/night and that you have an even better tomorrow!

~ 🐳~

Look, I don’t want Udo to die. And not because he’s adorable (although it is a playing factor). He’s said that he was from another country’s ghetto for Eldians, and he was treated far worse there than he already is treated in Marley. I want this poor boy to grow up, and experience love and happiness about his people, not hostility and hatred (like the character he is so often identified with).

anonymous asked:

maybe it's a deal breaker bc of everything going on in the world & to see the writers ignore something that's enraged fans twice already is a slap in the face, imo. maybe it's something else.

Tons of things have enraged fans. Depending on your perspective fans see each character at opposite ends of the ‘like’ spectrum. Some fans of the show totally despise Hook, some love him. Some people think murder and mayhem is completely unacceptable, others are bothered more by consent issues. Without some of this, I don’t know how a story about good and evil gets told. If everyone is happy and skipping tra la through a meadow, no one ever gets hurt or is sad, deceived or betrayed… it doesn’t make for a very interesting tale. I mean, never watch the walking dead for heaven’s sake, brutality holds no bounds and THAT story is rooted in the real world.

I get it, although I will say, and this is not an excuse but, this episode was written and filmed prior to all of the harassment focus in the news. It was still a dumb move and could have been handled differently. They should have been more careful with Killian, beloved by most and a main character imo. Although I find it curious that some of the most vocal fans are also the ones who refused to acknowledge this Killian as real and vowed to stop watching anyway, but that’s another conversation. 

Let’s face it, any version of Hook being with another woman was never going to be accepted by some members of the fandom no matter how it was done. The context provided more reason for anger that would have been there regardless. Many fans are pissed because Alice is not the CS child and we should have gotten that… well we might have but the mother of the CS baby is no longer on the show.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally, it’s been somewhat established that Captain Hook was not a virgin, that he may have had relations with women he was not in love with. In the end he said something like ‘you got what you needed and so did I’, he didn’t seem ruined by the sexual experience, they barely knew each other. It doesn’t make the deception ok but context matters. He ended up with a daughter he loves and gave up everything for. I choose to accept it at face value, the same way we accept poisoned hearts, murder and curses, we have glamour spells that allow villains to do villainous things.

anonymous asked:

Idk if i've already told this you but ... YOU REALLY NEED TO MAKE A BOOK OF BH&H! Girl, i mean, it is beautiful, perfect, awsome and sometimes, when i'm bored I read it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. I love the falshbacks, the way you rapresented the characters introspetion. I really love everything about this story and i'm not an easy person (even with books). I love the way you write and you are really talented.

Thank you, lovely Nonnie! I have started rewriting BH&H into an original novel while I work on the fic version, and it’s going well. Not sure yet if I’ll go the traditional route or with self-publishing, but it’s definitely something I see happening. 

(and hopefully some of you will buy it!)


make sure you give DAILY love to our Toni Topaz writers out there. it’s hard to be a writer when a fandom already has pre-conceived notions about a character and a harsh dislike for them, and our toni’s deserve a lot of love for the armor they put on EVERY time they write their character. but it’s important to remember THESE cardinal virtues.

1. THIS IS JUST A SHOW - the writers aren’t the character & vice versa. get to know them & you might find a new appreciation for that character.

2. THIS IS ALL FICTIONAL - no reason to spread hate to anyone, including the actress. at the end of the day, isn’t roleplaying for fun?

3. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER - we all can’t write the same character. let people express themselves across the board, even if you don’t dig the character originally. there are MANY plots in the universe for frenemies, enemies, etc. 

Remember ya’ll bad asses. 

This message is brought to you because i love @southsidelover & they deserve ALL the love in the entire universe. same goes for all of ya’ll toni’s out there. i love you. kthnxbai.

anonymous asked:

OKAY here’s my question. how do you think steve and nancy ended up together and/or why do you think he ended up pursuing her? i saw a lot of my own personality in her and it really bothered me during season 1 when he reminded me of the jerk ass guys that would talk to me for the challenge of trying to take my virginity. i love him now though lmao don’t get me wrong. his character development was spot on. i would love to hear your thoughts!

good question, I’ve actually thought about this before! They don’t really give us much to work with, like the relationship was just sort of thrown at us and we were just “aight cool” and, I’m going off by memory here I’ve been too caught up in season 2 to remember everything in season 1, it’s already established that Steve is the most popular dude in school, he’s a jerk, and a fuckboy. Like Barbara even sorda hints it, Nancy was a bit nervous too about it, like when they are in her room after he snuck in and she says she not like these other girls he probably “dated” and he replies with “you mean you’re not a slut?” And I mean- it probably could’ve started out that way! Like considering who he hung out with, Tommy H and Carol, maybe it started out seeing if he could take her virginity?? I wouldn’t be too surprised, but like obviously something changes cause I remember thinking the first time i watched season 1 is that this guy is like really pinin’ for Nancy, like before and especially after they slept together. It could be like a challenge for him and along the way he realizes just how special Nancy is to him, or that he honestly was just really interested in her and decided to pursue her. And in my opinion, I think it’s the second one. I think he just really liked her lol 

My last post

Hi, I know nobody is going to read this or care but I need to say something.

English isn‘t my native language so I apologize for some spelling mistakes.

I decided to delete this account because posting myself half naked on this blog isn‘t a good idea. I know I posted already a bunch of photos of me and my body. But I don‘t want to do this anymore.

This isn‘t my character. I was always very cautious of what I put on the internet. I never wanted to expose my body like this. To be honest: I‘m 21 years old and I lost my virginity a few months ago to my boyfriend who is my first serious relationship.

To be 21 years old and a virgin isn‘t a shame at all! I wasn‘t ready and I wanted to wait. I was never interested in a one night stand. I wanted to have a serious relationship and trust the person I‘m with. Although I was a virgin I wasn‘t a nun or conservative. I was always very sexual and open minded about sex. But that doesn‘t mean I needed to have sex with a lot of different guys. Even though I‘m not a virgin anymore I wouldn‘t do that. It‘s just not my thing. That‘s why my posts on here are so controversial.

But why did I do that? There are two main reasons: One, I lost 12 kilos and was proud of my body. I felt so confident and I wanted to show my confidence and my hard work. But I could have shown it in a other less provocative way. Two, my relationship with my boyfriend wasn‘t that good in the last few months. We had a lot of fights and we almost broke up a few times. I wasn‘t happy and I was angry. But now I realize that what I‘m doing here on my blog isn‘t fair to him. (He doesn‘t know that I have this account) I feel so bad and guilty. Every time I posted a pic of my body I had a bad feeling in the back of my mind.

I know this isn‘t right. And this isn‘t me. I had fun at the beginning but now I don’t anymore. Posting myself half naked didn‘t make me happy or gave me more confidence.

I have to say goodbye to all of you! I love you and enjoy your life as much as you can. Be always yourself. You are all amazing!

xx Krystal

iilesgemeauxii-deactivated20170  asked:

I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!