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hehe I’m always a few hours early until midnight but…
wowowow 26 already!? I feel like his 25th JUST happened ahh ;w;
I feel like this year has been a great year for all three generations of Sonic!
We finally got the reveal of Sonic Forces which I for one am super excited!!
The new trailers and characters ahhh I’m so happy and can’t wait to play the game! It’s something I’ve been waiting for Modern Sonic!
We also got Sonic Mania coming in August! a very beautiful Classic Sonic game for the classic fans! I love the use of vibrant colors for the game!(which is something I tried to pull off on the background here as the theme lol)  I can’t wait to try playing that game as well! It’s nice seeing classic characters getting the love ^v^ Sonic Boom tv show has been doing an outstanding job with its season 2 It even got nominated for choice animated TV Show!~I personally love the tv show the animation is wonderful as well the voice cast and the writers are very nice to talk to!

Honestly Sonic has made a huge impact in my life. I’ve met wonderful friends and artists, and improved on my art. Without Sonic, I would never have some this far at all! He keeps me motivated and I guaranteed that he’ll always hold a special place in my heart. 

So here’s to 26 years, Sonic!  Keep on running~! ♥ ♥ ~(>/v/<)~

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I'm an Eruri shipper, but sometimes I get the feeling that Erwin didn't love Levi back, which makes me sad. Levi's feelings towards Erwin are 100% canon and have been reiterated countless times, but Erwin seemed too focused on his father and his mission to truly love Levi back! I think is why their relationship hasn't been established as romantic: Levi loves Erwin but cannot be with him due to Erwin's one track mind. It makes me sad, as I don't want Levi living knowing Erwin didn't love him :(

Okay so this is an argument that I’ve heard many times before and I’ve already answered a few asks about this: Undoubtedly. Unquestionably. Unconditionally. Let me see if I can set your mind at rest Anon…

You’re right that Levi is much more vocal about his devotion to Erwin.  There are countless examples in the manga, in the Smartpass content and most recently, and most heartbreakingly, in the monologue that accompanies Levi’s character song.

“In order to catch the freedom, I felt outside the wall. I chose everything by myself. Even Erwin will lead me to hell, I will never regret. Never. Not even a bit.”

JFC just kill me Levi….

Erwin is much more reserved, but that doesn’t mean that he does not reciprocate Levi’s feelings, and in actual fact there’s plenty of evidence that he does.  It’s there in the way he talks to Levi in the manga, the weird humour they share, the fact that he uses ore when talking to Levi rather than watashi, which he uses with everyone else.  It’s there in the Smartpass content, in the private meals they share after expeditions, the tender moment in the rain, the fancy clothes and the contraband tea that Erwin procures for Levi.  It’s there in the ridiculously shippy official art.  And it’s there in spades in ACWNR where Erwin is openly fascinated by Levi and pursues him with single minded determination.

Now I know there is an argument that even if Levi and Erwin’s feelings are reciprocal, they never have a chance to act on them as they are in the middle of a war.  And I think there is certainly a grain of truth in that.  However, war does not necessarily negate love, if anything it can heighten feelings of devotion, particularly for those who fight side by side.  Sure Erwin and Levi aren’t going to go swanning off on fancy dates, but it’s canon that they spend private time together when they can.  In times of war, love may be reciprocated in the smallest acts, a meal shared together, or the grandest gestures, I will trust you with my life and fight to the death for you.

And I know there is also an argument that Erwin is so focused on his dream that he has no time for anyone or anything else, and that’s certainly the way that Erwin himself sees it latterly.  But as I’ve said over and over again, Erwin is the most unreliable of unreliable narrators. It’s true that Erwin’s dream has always driven him forward, but it’s really only towards the end that it becomes an all encompassing obsession.  Erwin is clearly depressed towards the end of his life, he’s weighed down by guilt, and confesses to suicidal thoughts, however depression and love are not mutually exclusive.  You don’t stop loving someone just because you suffer from depression, even if it means you struggle to express those feelings.  Even if you are in the depths of despair, those feelings are still there, buried deep. I think it’s telling that when Erwin does finally confess his fears and his struggles, it’s Levi that he opens up to. And it speaks volumes that it’s Levi who is able to free him from the burden of guilt he carries. Ask yourself this Anon, would Levi’s words really have had such an impact on Erwin if he didn’t love and respect him? 

Daisuke Ono said in an interview once that the amplitude of Erwin’s feelings is so great that it can be hard to see.  So don’t worry Anon, I’m certain that Erwin did love Levi and I’m certain that Levi knew it, you just have to stand back to see it.


follower appreciation - make me choose: anonymous asked “volume 1” or “volume 4”

“believe me when i say, i know it can feel impossible, like every single day is a struggle against some unstoppable monster we can never hope to beat. but we have to try, if not for us, then for the people we’ve already— then for the people we haven’t lost yet.” 

This has to mean something.
There are too much people who talk about Chris and Eva feelings. And it’s not just because it’s the end of the show. There’s something behind.

• Chris says he’s in love with Eva
• but William says he’s not, that he’s just attracts bc she avoids his avances
• but the other Chris says he has obviously a crush on her
• Eva says she found the flowers thing cringe
• But Vilde says that maybe she really likes him

It’s not about one or two people ideas, but five fucking characters. Maybe we already have the answer but now my mind it’s just a big mess.

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what did you think of andromeda?

Loved it, absolutely loved it. I’ve already beaten it three times. Everything negative about that game has been so blown out of proportion it’s ridiculous. The characters are great, the lead character is one of the best ever and the game is gorgeous and fun. I’m a huge fan.

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Harle' O' Quinn: Olive! Mon Julie, are you going to pony prom, this will be my first and I will be honored if you'd go with me ;)





Mod : “ Okay so I didn’t want to do pony prom because I hate my pony art and yada yada BUT ! When I saw this message I got so happy and motivated and excited ! 

@ask-paintsplatter is one of my favourite blog ! The art and the characters are just so unique and lovely ( you good crebs should totally check it out ;v) ) and Harle’ is my ultimate fav and she makes me so happy and drawing her with Olive is so fun and relaxing !

So yeah ! Hope everything goes well ! ;w ; “

i need someone whos as filthy of hyperfocuser as i am and wont get bored or annoyed by my rambling
i cant keep shit to myself its really hard i have so much stuff i wanna say that just pops into my mind and i thrive on feedback and an equally enthusiastic amount of reciprocation

i tend to go really well with ppl who love the striders especially dave cause we all just share so much of that hyperfocus not knowing when to shut the fuck up and realize the person youre talking to is getting fed up because they arent explicitly saying it aspect of our brains
someone whos on the same fuckin spiritual wavelength you feel me

also that gives us some common ground already cause wed both fuckin love the shit out of the legendary red meme boy
like listen im down for having an engaging discussion because daves my comfort character and i need to distract myself from this sudden onslaught of depression that isnt even reasonable its just simply visceral

distracting shit thatll cheer me up.
headcanons? awesome. domestic davekat? 👍 “holy shit look dave ghostwrote this/dave is this you [link to a post that certainly reminds us of something dave would do, like, or say]”? love that shit. literally share any sweet thoughts or meta shit about him? im all ears man. or even just being saltmates about relatable shit so i know im not alone

i get so lonely i have nobody to really share this with whos equally as enthusiastic about it as me and it just gets to be a real fuckin buzzkill over time you know

edit: im good now ive got more than enough ppl stepping up

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I've been thinking about a Movie Shoot au. Its the CU movie except its all behind the scenes and everyone is an actor and CU is Krupps stunt double/plays CU. It feels like The Office but its bloopers and the characters out of character behind set.

Oh. My. God. I’m in love with this already wtf

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Some headcanons about the guys and their favourite(s) Disney film(s)?? Think about it- It's just TOO cute-

MMMMM - this would be cute!  I don’t really watch Disney as much (thus one of my good friends (or just @dawnthecreator​) saved my ass helping me with this) so, enjoy!

Nathaniel, hands down, favorite movie would be ’Atlantis: The Lost Empire’. He’s very much into mystery/action films and likes to piece the puzzles together before the mystery is solved. Regardless of him watching the movie multiple times already, he loves the plot it has as well as the diversity between the characters. In his own eyes, he thinks it’s actually one of the best animated films in the history of Disney itself. He’s definitely an Atlantis fan.

Originally posted by thereyouarewhereveryougo

Castiel doesn’t watch much movies in general. If he had to pick one, it’d be ’Pirates of the Caribbean’. He’s into action movies with some comedy in them and he’s definitely a fan of Jack Sparrow, even cosplaying as him once. The movie hasn’t kept him bored once, he’s always up for binge-watching it. Though he’s not a total movie geek he’s watched nearly all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and wouldn’t mind doing it again.

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Lysander’s favorite movie is obviously Alice in Wonderland. His favorite part would be the unique traits of the movie as well as the chess-theme it composes of. ‘Unique’ being the characters and all of their personalities in one movie, he loves having to see so many different characters interact with each other. He also really likes the fashion Alice in Wonderland has the queens dresses, the checkered scenery, everything it just great. Thus, Alice in Wonderland is his favorite.

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Armin can’t really choose just one movie to love, let’s be real. Being on a supposed ‘date’ with Candy, it’s his (or a geek’s) 2nd favorite way to pass time. One movie he’ll never get bored of, is Spirited Away. He’s equally into animated movies and live action, but one thing he loves about spirited away are the characters. There’s not one character that doesn’t stand out from the rest, everyone is good in their own way. He probably ships Haku and Chihiro.

Originally posted by dailyghibli

Kentin isn’t much of a movie person. He’ll watch a film here and there, but he doesn’t watch a lot of them. His favorite would be ’The Incredibles’. He’s into action/comedy movies and he likes how each (or most) of the characters have their own uniqueness to him. Not to mention he loves the plot, it’s a lot different from most movies he’s watched. He laughs every time when the ‘where’s my super suit’ scene comes on, he just can’t. He probably even snorted.

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Hi Gotham. What are your thoughts on this passage from Outlander (just after Jenny gives birth to Maggie) Don't you think it's odd that Geillis tells Jamie that Claire is barren? ‘Perhaps it’s as well,’ Jamie said slowly, as though to himself. ‘What’s as well?’ ‘That you’re barren.’ He couldn’t see my face, buried in his chest, but he must have felt me stiffen. ‘Aye, I knew that long ago. Geillis Duncan told me, soon after we wed.’

Yes, it’s definitely odd. But not out of line with Geillis’ character - she is nosy and wants to control situations and people.

The fact that she tells this to Jamie without any objective proof makes me wonder why she told him, and what she was trying to accomplish. Perhaps test his (already obvious) love for Claire. Or spur him to take a lover from the Leoch girls, and in so doing set up Dougal for a better position at the castle. Or perhaps just for the hell of it - after all, we know that with Geillis, literally anything is possible.

Oh no honey you’re so so so wrong. I don’t know ANYONE who wants Elias’ clip just to see Even????? I honestly don’t know how you got to that conclusion but???? we want to see Elias because we truly care about him and his character. (and this might be shocking to some people but there are more characters other than evak or noorhell lol) But you know who I’d like to see on his clip? Sana. His sister, the main of this season. And I also want to know more about him and his life and struggles and his friends and family so ya skam give me Elias’ clip. @reivenesque

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oooh do RENT!

Y’know, I think Rent is already so iconic. There’s so much expected of Rent as a piece. Kinda like Hairspray, you expect certain things when you go to see Rent: certain costumes, certain set designs. I feel like a show like that is really hard to innovate per se since there are already so many expectations surrounding it.

BUT, I would definitely try to make the audience view the characters as objectively as possible. Because, although I really love the characters, they’re kinda awful people (most of them). I would make it my mission to embrace the ugly parts of these characters, because that’s what makes them interesting.

ALSO, I think I’d pull a Come From Away type thing, and have everyone onstage the whole time. Everyone playing multiple roles, assuming different characters throughout the show. I think I’d play up the sense of community. Their defiance is what unifies them, so I’d make sure that defiance is at the center of the show itself.

In related news, I’m finally playing Animal Crossing for the first time and it’s wonderful!

It’s really cute and fun! My friend let me see her house and I saw all the upgrades I can get, so now I have goals to work for. I unlocked the island so far!

Favorite characters are the baby Nooks, Blathers, and Isabelle.

My villagers are: Bubbles, Coach, Static, Erik, Chevre, Muffy, Eugene, and Mint who’s moving in tomorrow

I know everybody’s already been playing this for literal years, but I’m just exploring everything for the first time now and I’m loving it ;v;

This game is cute as HECK~

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Even's "Shall we leave?" To Isak at the end of the clip yesterday felt like it had double meaning... Like obviously for the story as they were going to Isak's Birthday party thing but also for evak, it was their exit for their characters, I mean yes we'll see them on Saturday together but I don't know how couple-y they're going to be and they'll be with others. So yesterday felt like a goodbye to their characters being alone together for the last time. *tries to not cry*

hey you! ah, I love this interpretation. it did really feel like a goodbye. but I already feel so lucky we got that as I already kind of said goodbye to them in the last clip of season three, ha! that we even got more texts and moments between just them is amazing to me. but yes, this really, really, really was the last time. how bittersweet!

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[1/4] You know that scene in the finale when Sam walks into the room to Kelly’s corpse on the bed and he looks so so so sad and he gently closes her eyes? Yeah, that scene destroyed me. I didn’t even realize that I could possibly love Sam more than I already did but there you have it. Kelly is one of those characters that I fell for fast and hard (like Magda) and she had been breaking my heart the entire season starting from what Lucifer did to her, to her captivity with Daegan, to her …

[2/4] … attempted suicide, to her trying to be a good mother to a child she will never know and finally her death. And through it all a lot of people, in the show and in fandom, only saw her as the packaging of “a possibly dangerous thing” but hardly ever as an actual person who has been dealt a real shit hand and is trying to do her best. Even the discussion of morality in striking preemptively at an innocent to prevent possible future danger was mostly revolved around the kid, not her. She [¾] even got some hate for the whole “I want my kid to be born special” thing even though, personally, I think from her POV, at that point, it made perfect sense. (I also absolutely love that it was Sam who came up with a solution to eliminate the possible threat while preserving her and her kid’s life) So those scenes in the finale with Cas and Mary where she was treated with kindness and support are precious to me and made me really really happy but the few seconds with Sam just killed me. 

[4/4] And sure, the others might have done the same, but that deep sorrow carved into his face (BLESS JARED!) and the quiet tenderness, not just in the act, but in the way he looked at her and closed his eyes for a second like he was reeling from the loss and there was just a humanity and a love and a softness emanating from him that I just … UGH!!! Sorry I’m rambling, but I really love that scene! Wish we got a few powerful seconds like that when/if Sam found out about Magda’s murder …T_T

Absolutely agreed, Anon, and well-said! 

That scene was so quietly painful. I enjoyed Kelly as a character quite a bit. (And Magda, of course! My poor baby.) Even when we as viewers were lamenting the decision she made, I respected her determination even in the face of her own death. That’s a heck of a choice to make with your eyes wide open.

I do wish the show had acknowledged the horror of what she went through, though. The consent issues in this show are pretty gross.

I loved Sam’s research montage where he figured out a solution, too! That was just lovely. Also, Sam and books = OTP. ♥

Yessss Jared Padalecki is a boss and the way he chose to play that scene was wonderful. It’s striking that he had just lost his own mother for a second time, and he lost her the first time when he, too, was an infant. Much like Mary, Kelly faced death to protect her child. I wonder if Sam thought about that as he closed her eyes.

Also, whyyyyy did the show never let Sam figure out what happened to Magda? It’s far too late now for him to find out. 

I feel like I should bake the SPN writers a cake and painstakingly write the dictionary definition of continuity on top of it for them to enjoy. -___-

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I love how everyone is rooting for either an Elias or Eskild clip tomorrow! They are such loved characters ❤️❤️❤️ I'm going to miss them *cries in Norwegian*

I already miss them:(