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Chen the type to convince Baekhyun and Minseok to go on late night Wal-mart runs with him for ‘team bonding’. 

hylink au: i fell in love with a goddess

Ok but how about Hylia disguising herself as a pretty hylian girl named Zelda, and she’s always trying to help people around like Link does (she’s been secretely watching the guy and really admires him for doing that), but the problem is that she sometimes “abuses” her divine powers and ends up causing more troubles (this is were Link enters)

Little by little, she learns that sometimes people don’t actually need help or worst, they don’t deserve it either (Link taught her that). 


ユーリ!!! on Ice - TV & BD/DVD Comparison | episode 7

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We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and in films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger.