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It starts like this.

We are sitting on the lounge floor in our pajamas and it’s a Wednesday night. There are half empty pizza boxes littered on the table and the credits of a 2 hour long movie is rolling in the background, long forgotten. Eyes heavy from sleep deprivation and exhaustion, and 9 am lectures in the morning, yet here we are and we’re talking about everything and anything, our insides jiggling with laughter. It’s baffling how easy this is; how in the span of a mere month that we’ve been here, this feels like home already. Tucked away on the second floor apartment in our snugly little blankets with steam rising from the marshmallow laden hot chocolates in our hands, this is how most of our nights start like.

It starts like this and God, I don’t want it to ever end.

—  soulful nights // uni years 

A wise man once told me that mystery is the most essential ingredient of life, for the following reason: mystery creates wonder, which leads to curiousity, which in turn provides the ground for our desire to understand who and what we truly are.

The search for meaning at the heart of life brings us to the contemplation of an eternal enigma. Mysteries are the stories we tell ourselves to contend with life’s resistance to our longing for answers. Mysteries abound. This continent, this country, our earthly origins are all laden with them, underlying our existence, pre-dating all our childish notions of “history.” Mythology precedes our access to historical or scientific fact, and, we know now, fulfilled much as the same function for earlier civilizations – providing meaning in the face of a remorseless, indifferent universe – but in the absense of scientifically verifiable fact it is necessary to sometimes view them as one and the same.

—  The Secret History of Twin Peaks: A Novel by Mark Frost

I said my goodbyes to the ocean yesterday. I’m always sad to leave it because it feels like home.

I already miss the terrifying and amazing moment when a wave crashes over my head and I get a split second to feel completely immersed. The world muted and roaring at once. The taste and sting of saltwater. The shifting seas and sand beneath my feet. I squeaked when I accidentally disrupted a school of fish and felt them brush against me. I said a quick apology before laughing to myself at how silly it was and turned my face to the sun. There were even dolphins a ways away. The closest I’d ever been to them. Timing the swell and sway of the waves and knowing them to be as true and constant as my own heartbeat.

Floating back to shore. The first heavy, uncertain steps of a body left too long the churning calm of the water. The burn and prickling of sand underneath my feet as I turn my back to my Mother and return to the solidity and routine of life on land, trading my mermaid dreams for reality.

The Most Stereotypical Things the Types Have Ever Said/Done in Our Presence II

INFJ- “I’ve been home for like 3 hours and already feel some kind of way for no reason…”

INTJ- "Do you ever think about how your actions contribute to the entropy of the universe?”

ESFJ- “I just want everyone to be happy, why do they have to be annoying.”

INTP- “Oh shit, I was supposed to be there? I’m already 2 hours away.”

ENTJ- “Okay, we are going to figure out what our table is ordering NOW.” *commandeers all menus* “WE HAVE. TO PLAN. ACCORDINGLY.”

ENTP- “They say I will never make anything of myself. Look at my eyeliner. Look at these wings. They will fly me to success.” 

ESFP- *drags two trash bags onto beach, one full of fresh donuts and the other full of lobster breakfast sandwiches* “I just felt like it.”

ISFP- “My moss.” *caresses moss*

INFP- “So somehow I got an extension on my final project, because I procrastinated. Then I procrastinated on the extension. Around midnight the day my extension was due, my friend asked me if I even started and I said ‘nope.’ I think I ended up getting a low A on the project and he was pissed.”

ENFJ- “That episode where Squidward takes Spongebob’s hospitality for granted gives me such anxiety.”

ISFJ- “Dishes are like my favorite thing. You cant mess it up. You just scrub until its clean.”

ESTP- *Practices basketball with a semi-deflated dodgeball in the living room* “What? I had to do something while my food cooked.”

ISTP- “I got some work done on my research, but then I remembered I have my Oblivion disks.”

ISTJ- “So many of the Indian girls here are whitewashed. I just want to find one that wants to carry on the heritage of the Motherland as much as I do.”

ESTJ- “Your subjectivity ends when your head hits the pavement. And that’s an objective fact.”

ENFP- “When I give my time or attention to someone else it never exhausts me. I just feel like an ocean.”

~Nero & Nike

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Why was Brian so mean to Justin in 1x20 ???

I’m not sure “mean” is the right word to use here, but I do talk about Brian’s behavior in 1x20 here

when a pal falls asleep on u n’ u feel lowkey like The Chosen One but u have rlly intense ocd n’ one of ur compulsions involves contracting ur side & stomach muscles until it hurts so like ur NOT a good pillow but u try rlly hard oh well

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Lotus Eaters: How did feelings start surfacing between them?


I guess it took them months, if not years from falling in love to realising they have feelings for each other. It’s more some kind of a deep friendship, and slowly the feeling gets warmer, closer, more intimate. 

And one day they’re on a mission and cuddle up together as they always do when it’s cold and even though they’re out in the wilderness they feel like home. 

Maybe they’re in love already. Maybe they’ve been in love for a while. Maybe this already is some kind of romantic relationship. But this just feels natural and comforting. 

Harry is eleven years old and sleeping in an actual bed with a proper duvet and soft pillows for the first time in his life. The light glows soft from the tall window beside the bed- if he were to turn his head he would be able to see all of the stars in the night sky, quiet and benevolent, watching over the castle that is to be his home. All around him, the sound of deep breathing coming from the four boys he will live with from now on; a daunting thought for someone who’s so accustomed to solitude. Still though, he doesn’t mind. 

He’s been at Hogwarts approximately five hours, and already it feels much more like home than the Dursleys’ ever did. Harry can see possibilities for himself here- after all, he’s already made one friend, and it’s only the first day! At least… he thinks Ron is his friend now. He hopes. Truth be told, Harry doesn’t really know what having friends is supposed to feel like, because he’s never had one before. (There was that one kid in his old school who didn’t run away when Harry sat next to him at lunch, but Harry doesn’t count him- who would?) 

Turning around, Harry can just about see the outline of Ron’s frame in the dark, sprawled out across the bed like he’s trying to cover every inch of it. On the train earlier, Ron had told him all about his life as a wizard, about his family, his childhood, and (most interestingly to Harry,) the wizarding world. Harry really does hope they’re friends now because he thinks he’d like to have a friend like Ron. Maybe he’ll ask him at breakfast tomorrow- ‘are we friends?’- and just hope for the answer to be yes. 

Thinking about friends, another thought occurs to Harry- perhaps he won’t get bullied here either. There’s no Dudley to bribe kids to beat him up when the teachers are pretending not to look, so maybe, just maybe, it won’t happen. Harry hasn’t really met anyone he dislikes so far (well, there is that Draco kid in Slytherin who he met on the train, but Harry doesn’t think he’ll be seeing much of him as they’re in separate houses.) Besides, even if he was to be bullied, Hogwarts doesn’t seem like the type of place that would ignore the maltreatment of it’s students- or so Harry hopes, anyway.

He hasn’t been able to sleep yet. At first it was because he felt like there was too much space- he knows it’s going to be hard to adjust to this new way of living, even harder to separate it from his old life at Privet Drive- but now it’s the excitement that’s keeping him awake. Hogwarts is real. The place he’d been dreaming of since that night Hagrid came and changed his life by telling him he was a wizard- it’s real. It’s real and Harry’s inside it with a timetable of interesting classes, clothes that actually fit him, and (well, possibly) his very first friend.  

It’s almost overwhelming, to be quite honest. Harry’s never been as happy as he is in this very moment, with broad possibilities shining down like light from the stars. He’s happy. He doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring along with it but he does know that he’s excited for it (and a bit nervous, but that’s only to be expected, really.) 

Harry closes his eyes, and for once his resting mind is left free from dreams of a better life. For once, he’s happy just as he is.

Anon asked: Can I have a Nash imagine where you just moved from London England to LA to visit your cousin and they’re friends with him and they like laugh about your accent but you get on really well and yeah you can take it from there 😊

Los Angeles was in a sense way different compared to London. LA was the famous “land of opportunities” and it was a much warmer climate change, which is perfect for me because I’m more of a swimsuit type of girl. I’ve lived in London literally half my life and decided to come to LA for change and to be with my cousins. I feel like I’m already home and I’ve only been here an hour. I hopped in the awaiting uber and let my cousins know I was on my way, I was pretty excited taking in that I’d be living here, with my cousins but also quiet nervous on how much adjusting I’d have to do and how many new friends I’d have to make. We driver drove and I admired the palm trees, the height they stood was a spectacular sight to see. I watched buff juice monkey guys work out on the beach, and beautiful girls strut what they have. Occasionally I’d see a skateboarder and wave, you could say I have a special love for skateboarding.

Within 30 minutes we were at the address of my cousins place, the driver beeped and my cousins came running out, “Y/N!!” They screamed running into my arms. I was loosing oxygen rather quickly “woah woah woah, I can’t breath” I chuckled. “My bad, we miss you so much” my cousin Yasmine said smiling. “You need help?” The youngest cousin Jonathan said, “that would be great” I sarcastically smiled. They brought my bags in, as I tipped the driver. As I turned I bumped into this tall long haired boy, “oh crap” his deep voice exclaimed, “oh my, I’m sorry” I chuckled, his eyebrows furrowed together as if he was trying to take in what I said. “No bigged” he smiled as he walked up the steps of my cousins house, “you know my cousin?” I ran up the stairs catching up, “yeah” he chuckled, “she’s a close friend of mine” he smiled, “your the cousin she talks about all the time” he smiled brightly, “I don’t know weather to take offense or be flattered” I chuckled a bit letting my accent flow out, “you should be greatly flattered I’ve been dying to meet you” he smiled as we headed inside. “SURRRRRPRISEE” I was flustered with cheers and sudden flashes. I held to my chest being caught off guard, “oh my gosh, what the hell” I caught my breath trying to laugh.

“Our bad, we just had to throw a party for you since your permanently living with us” Jason the oldest laughed. “JASSSON, you bastard I thought you were in Chicago on your "BUISNESS TRIP” I ran into his arms, you could say me and Jason get along more than the other cousins do. “I had to lie, or I knew you’d think something was up” he laughed running my back. Everyone dismembered doing their own things, Yasmine called me over to a group of boys. All of which handsome and included the young fellow I bumped into earlier. “This is Nash,Hayes, Jack, Jack, Sammy and Nate” she gestured each. The guy I bumped into earlier was Nash, I smiled brightly “Hello” I waved. “Ooh nice accent” the young one named Hayes chuckled. “Wait wait wait, say where are you’re shoes” this blonde hair boy, I think his name was Sammy chuckled. “Why?” I furrowed my brows together, “I wanna see if your accent matches with this movie I seen” he chuckled, “where are your shoes” I said it clearly with my accent present, “DUDE IT MATCHES” Nate laughed.

“What’s wrong with her accent, i find it cute” the Nash boy smiled at me, “thank you” I warmly smiled back. “I’ve always wanted to go to London” One of the Jack said. “Yeah, London is such a beautiful peaceful place, nothing compared to LA” I smiled, “my names Jack, but call me Johnson” the same Jack replied “and yeah, I dig the more quiet places, like I’m a guy that likes to be up and moving but it’s nice to be chill” he smiled, “yeah, I’m more of a adventurous type of girl and don’t get get me wrong i love London, but it’s nice to be in LA with people I know I’m meant to be surrounded with” I chuckled, “yeah that’s fresh, maybe when we go to LA for our tour, you could come and show us around?” He smiled, “I’d be delighted too” I smiled back. “Tell us about yourself” Nash flirted, and I flirted back. I kept leaning from leg to leg because I was tired of standing. “You look tired, wanna sit where I’m sitting” Nash offered, I denied his offer, “no your sitting there, I’d feel bad taking your seat” I smiled. “Who said I was talking about sitting in the seat” he winked, “gwowwww, we have a flirt over here” I chuckled, he got up slightly pulling me by my arm to his lap. “Now that, that’s settled. Tell us…mainly me about yourself” he smiled placing a hand on my lap.

I told them everything, from my singing to skateboarding and even my smoke places in London.
“Me and you are definitely gonna smoke one day” Nate laughed, “I’m down” I smiled, “ooh tomorrow we got a studio sesh, care to join and show us what you got” Jack J smiled, “I’m hella down for that” I chuckled, “care to go on a skateboard date” Nash whispered in my ear as his head layed relaxed on my shoulder, “i look forward to that” I smiled down. He pulled his phone out and handed it to me, I typed in my number and handed it back. “Future Girlfriend” he smiled, “yes future girlfriend, future boyfriend” I winked back.

— Meltdown

( — @jinrix247​ )

Behind the mixing board Jiyong lost any concept of passing time. Those hours of unceasingly hyping and entertaining the crowd seemed to be just mere fleeting seconds. And also tonight he got carried away that a tap on his shoulder startled him, as though it dragged him out of whatever world he had been lost in. Apparently his shift was coming to an end and another DJ was supposed to take control of the party, which as always was meant to stay lively and vigorous till the early morning.

Once the song’s last notes resounded from every speaker settled on each side of the club, Jiyong patted his co-worker on the back and swiftly reached for his few essentials resting on the nearby table — his phone, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. After hurriedly shoved those items into the pockets of his ripped jeans, he rushed downstairs whilst still not being sure where to go next. He didn’t feel like going home already, nor was he in the mood to head to a different club. As he grabbed the knob of the backdoor, he soon let go of it and went the opposite way, where the music was booming more loudly.

He could rarely see the place from this perspective. Only before the opening he would roam around, yet then the dance floor was deserted and no one was occupying the bar. So, it was also a good opportunity for him to taste their drinks.

Sliding the round sunglasses off his nose, he hang them on his not fully buttoned-up shirt’s collar and suddenly his steps were stopped as a face way too familiar fell into his sight. The habitual smile gracing his mouth immediately faded away; his breathing became unsteady. 

Jinri. Choi Jinri.

Jiyong hadn’t realized that they were inches away from each other. Hoping she hadn’t caught him looking at her blankly, he abruptly glanced down and even his shoe with an untied lace appeared to be more fascinating and absorbing. If not the fact that his body felt utterly numb, he would turn around on his heel as if nothing happened and escape Lush at all costs. Yet here they were now — as adults and not reckless teenagers anymore. Biting on his lower lip, the erratic beating of his heart could easily outshout the blasting music.