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I said I would save the last 2 eps for when I come back home next week but I failed miserably…… I didn’t only watch them the day they were released, I also started binging the manga like the impatient idiot I am and now I’m almost caught up and I’m in shambles despite all of the spoilers I’ve already seen. The chapters that led to Erwin’s death were so much worse than I could have ever imagined and I didn’t think just reading the manga could cause so much gross crying 😭😭😭

I need a break now after all that ridiculous information that came hailing down in chapter 86.

Just wondering, where do you all read the recent chapters once they come out?

Conversation Hearts

Valentine’s Day fluff masquerading as 12.11 coda fic. Enjoy!

3.8k, ao3

They stop in Salina on their way home from Eureka Springs. It’s still too far from the bunker to bother picking up groceries. Ice cream would be a lost cause by the time they got it into a freezer, but for the sheer sake of variety some of the big box stores in Salina offers both novelty and a conveniently timed pit stop in the seven hour drive home. The traumatic loss of and subsequent regaining of his memories over the last couple of days has left Dean feeling a little too shaky to drive straight through.

Not to mention he really needs to get a new phone. It sucks to keep borrowing Sam’s just to check in with Cas, who insisted on regular updates once Dean had finally told him what had happened. Just in case he suffered a relapse, or any other side effects of being both cursed and cured by witchcraft in the span of twenty-four hours. If he can’t be home already, replacing his phone feels like a good start. He hopes has hasn’t lost all the pictures on his crushed phone, the ones he hasn’t had a chance to back up on his laptop back at the bunker. He should really do that more often, he thinks. Losing his memories has given him an entirely new perspective on things like that.

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When you have to stop reading A Conjuring of Light for a moment because you can already see yourself in the future, moving into a new apartment, and sliding the Shades of Magic books onto your new bookshelves, because you already know that this series will be one of the series you need to have for a place to feel like home, and you can already see yourself pulling it off the shelf again when you need comfort in the quiet hours of your future life, and that is just so emotionally overwhelming that you just need to stop for a moment.

Yuuri lights up Viktor's place

Viktor seemed to have absolutely no problem leaving his house and going with Yuuri to be his coach. Now, I wouldn’t say that Viktor doesn’t like his house. I mean… he pretty much has the kind of apartment that you can take a photo of, and get a thousand notes on tumblr. I’m just saying that… maybe Yuuri lights up Viktor’s place in a way he didn’t imagine before:

  • Ofc, they both sleep together, and Makkachin is there too. That makes everything feel 300% better.
  • Viktor is a bit messy and forgetful, so he will sometimes forget where he put the first aid kit or which drawer has the kitchen knives. Yuuri organizes everything and helps Viktor to remember where everything is.
  • Yuuri is all over recycling and helping the enviroment! So Viktor learns a lot about how to save resources and waste less electricity and water.
    • (you know viktor then wants to lure yuuri into showering together to save water. c'mon. don’t deny it.)
  • Sharing housechores is so much more comfortable than needing to do it all himself.
  • Sometimes, Yuuri will buy a new tablecloth with a nice pattern on it and Viktor always loves them. 
  • Watching TV at night went from being a way to kill time, to something Viktor actually can look up to, since now he can cuddle with Yuuri as much as he wants to.
  • Sometimes, Viktor notices that his shirt is a bit too tight, and then he notices it’s not actually his shirt. Still, it’s far from being a bother.
  • Makkachin seems a lot more lively and happy too!!! After all, running with Yuuri every morning around St. Petersburg makes even the oldest dog a happy dog.
  • Yuuri will, sometimes, slip some japanese traditions in Viktor’s house. Viktor is more than happy to learn everything about them.
  • Did you know that coming back home, and finding the bed made, or having dinner already prepared, makes you feel a lot more like you’re home? Viktor hasn’t felt that in a long time. 
  • Or having someone say “Welcome home” after a long day of work.
  • Viktor just loves how Yuuri made his house feel like home. He loves how Yuuri feels like home.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any SKK fic recommendations?

Boy do I? Do I? Of course I do.

¬ All in the Night’s Work by ultramarcypan ; Mature
“When Chuuya heads in to service his customers for the evening, Dazai is not who he’s expecting to see.”
(Courtesean Chuuya, need I say more?)

¬ Days of our lives by setosdarkness
“You don’t have to sound so happy, it’s an insult.”
“…you called me your boyfriend.”
“It’s an insult. See this? This is a goddamn wedding ring. We’re already wed. Calling you my boyfriend is supposed to be an insult.”
(Chuuya + Agency, fluff, more fluff and more more fluff)

¬ Beyond All Logic by setosdarkness
“Like most things that involve them, it’s easy to explain the fact that they just can’t let each other go.”
(Agency!Chuuya ; Mafia Boss!Dazai, so many feels, too many angst)

¬ This Beautifully Cruel World by setosdarkness
“Dazai becomes the Boss of the Port Mafia. Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from ruining the organization, Yokohama, everyone. Most importantly, Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from destroying himself.“
(Mafia Boss!Dazai, this is like Dazai being a version of Light Yagami)

¬ Intoxicated by setosdarkness (like bruh, setosdarkness is my queen and my fav skk writer, i worship what she writes; fluff, this is too funny, i swear; porn with feelings, apparently)
“Chuuya getting into fights (and winning, somehow) is nothing new.”

¬ Not Safe for Work by Insomnia_Productions
“In which Dazai doesn’t come to work, and Kunikida and Atsushi go to his place to drag him to the Agency and faced with a very strange surprise.”
(fluff + Chuuya interactions with the ADA + skk wedding, too much fluff i swear)

¬ On the contrary, you’re happy by succocku
“Chuuya never changed apartments, Chuuya never changed numbers, Chuuya never changed at all.“
(one of the most read fic in my library; 897 words of dazai’s thoughts and pain :))) i love pain)

¬ Take Me With You by doubleblacked
“I’m home.”

The door of their shared apartment clicks a soft thud as eager footsteps hurry themselves towards Chuuya. Before he can even respond with a “welcome home”, Dazai’s hand had already sneaked around his petite waist; and somehow, this feels like home. Dazai’s voice sounds like home. Everything about Dazai is Chuuya’s home.An hour later, Chuuya finds out that when Dazai said he’s home, he really isn’t.
(pain pain pain :))), those damn ‘ps’ killed me, dazai stops being a dummy)

¬ Truth to be told, I was never yours by doubleblacked
“People might say you deserve better.
But no one would understand.
That you don’t want someone better.
What you want, is Dazai Osamu. “
(pain, pain, even more pain, i’m a sucker for second person’s point of view)

¬ 1893 by mountainlaurels
“5 times Dazai and Chuuya run into each other and one time Dazai decides to stop running.”
(I love 5+1; quiet angst)

¬ Lost in Translation by Lwin
“In which Dazai travels to France to handle a little business of the Port Mafia and meets their operative there. Of course, Dazai pisses him right off the bat.”
(!!! Fucking hilarious. French!Chuuya + nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

¬ Noir by Adargo
“In the past, he never truly understood that darkness growing behind Dazai’s eyes. Yet lately, Chuuya thinks, when he stares back into the black of his own, encircled by those pale-blue skies. He’s starting to catch glimpses of it .”
(angst!!! 💯💯 i swear this fic killed me; too damn good)

¬ One plus one by peppersnot
“The last time you said something like that you left. So, I won’t fall for that kind of thing again.”
(fluff; bless this!)

¬ Disqualified as a Human Being by fleetingspark
“Dazai comes back home to Chuuya after a long time.”
(angst, angst, angst, NHL, angst, i love this, ok!!!)

¬ Born Back Ceaselessly into the Past by protectginozasquad
“Pasts are like ghost, but far more permanent.”
(angst :))) hilarious, angst, 💯💯)

¬ Yesterday’s News is tomorrows chip paper by yaoyue
“In which Dazai and Chuuya are advice columnists for rival newspaper agencies and have far too much fun writing their columns.”
(hilarious as fck, idk how they should trust these two, fluff)

¬ 11 Things Chuuya does when he’s drunk by peppersnot
“He causes a scene that Hirotsu kind of wants to record, just for the sake of reminding himself that he should never invite Chuuya-san out for drinks again, and maybe also because it’s kind of amusing to watch.”
(the title says it all, waaaay too damn funny, god bless hirotsu and tachihara)

¬ after the war (we were free) by Insomnia_Productions
“The one in which Dazai and Chuuya rekindle their friendship after the war, and no, Ranpo, that’s not "friendship” with quotations, they’re both straight, dammit, who asked you?”
(no dialogue but still hilarious af, too cute ok)

¬ Consigned to Oblivion by ShesAParadox
“What is your name?”
“Nakahara Chuuya.”
“Do you know where you are?”
“I’m in the Port Mafia obviously, I’m a member here.”
“Do you work with a partner?”
“Do you remember ever having a partner?”
“No, I can’t remember ever having a partner.”
(dazai suffering!!! memory loss)

¬ Find Something Worth Dying for (and Learn How to Live) by Kibasix
“The boy was scared. This was nothing new. The boy cannot remember the last time he slept soundly without fear; the last time he felt love and affection; the last time he smelt clean air or felt the sun on his face. But this…this was a different kind of fear. The kind of fear that had the boy’s blood running cold. The kind of fear that had his breath wheezing from his lungs in panicked
pants. This was fear for his life. His legs are aching, they feel like they are about to collapse with exertion and yet he pushes on, willing himself to be faster as he flees through the dirty alleyways, zig-zagging this way and that with no comprehension of where he’s going. This city is entirely new to him and he is flying blind. The footsteps behind him are drawing ever closer. The boy doesn’t dare to look behind him, for fear of what he knows is looming in the darkness: the large hulking shapes, the glint of sharpened steel, the putrid scent of death. ”
(angst, 💯💯 best, one of my faves, one of the fics that caused me too much pain)

¬ Camellias in Full bloom by setosdarkness
(hanahaki!!! angst at the moment, this is too good to pass up idc if it’s on-going)

¬ Your love burns against my skin by setosdarkness
(angst, soulhate and soulmate au, chuffering bc i’m masochistic, one of my favorites!!!)

¬ Retrace by Kuronoa
(angst, angst, fuck you kura, angst :))) chuuya getting killed over and over again, oh, did i mention angst??? :))))

Mad: Part 1

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Will contain smut, violence and tense situations in later chapters

Teaser  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (17/?)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (17/?)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1000
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
Series Masterlist so you can catch up!

Originally posted by obscure-imagines

“Mr. Scott, are you always so nosy with your engineer’s personal lives?” you asked with a smile.

“Aye.” he replied, unapologetically.

“It’s complicated.” you replied as the lift doors opened on one of the quarter decks, which one you weren’t sure.

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Positive Mind

Originally posted by shwaybum

Artist: Jay Park

Word count: 1.1K

You were currently in Jays studio trying to get him out of it for a little while and have a break but he wouldn’t listen or agree to any of your suggestion, even a nice relaxing movie night. 

“Baby come on, it won’t be for long, we’ll just go to the café down the street” you told him. 

“I can’t, I have to finish this song” he said 

“It won’t be long and it’s my treat” you said trying to bribe him jokingly. 

“I really can’t” he said in a serious tone and you got his point. A pout formed on your lips but you quickly smiled at him not wanting him to feel bad or anything but that didn’t go unnoticed with Jay. And he did feel bad because you guys haven’t hung out for a while now. 

“Okay fine, I’ll just leave you to your work” you said pretending to be mad in a joking way but Jay knew you too well, he knew how you were feeling and he felt shitty that he didn’t even take an hour of his time for you when you did that for him all the time. 

“I’ll just see you later on” you told him, gave him a kiss and left not wanting to bother his work any longer.

You were going to a café on your way home since you were already out and you didn’t feel like going home just yet, so a stop at the coffee shop sounded nice to you. When you were about to enter it you noticed that you didn’t have your wallet on you, you didn’t freak out because you thought you had just forgotten it at home.

But suddenly you got a call from Jay, you were wondering why he was calling you when he told you he was busy working on his song. 

“Hey babe” you said after you answered 

“Hey, where are you” he asked rushing you

“Well I was about to go get coffee but silly me forget her wallet at home” you said and chucked at your act. 

“Lets meet at the cafe shop you said you wanted to go to” he said

“Babe, its fine, you don’t have to go or anything I know your busy” you told him

“Its fine, a little break won’t hurt” he said

“Okay, sounds good, I’ll meet you there, love you” he said 

“Love you more” you said and hung up the phone.

It was pretty weird because you knew how much of a workaholic Jay can be, and he’s the type to finish his work and then go out, so it was super odd that he actually wanted to take a break, but you weren’t complaining since you got to see him and he got to take a break.

You were waiting for Jay until he came just scrolling through your phone trying to pass time when suddenly you heard the chair across from you move. 

“Hey, long time no see” you said jokingly once Jay sat down and he just chuckled at your lame joke. 

“You didn’t order anything” he asked once he didn’t see any drink in front of you. 

“I told you, I forgot my wallet at home” you said and that reminded Jay of the whole reason why he came out. 

After you left Jay had noticed something on the floor next to his chair which didn’t look so familiar. He picked it up and noticed that it was actually your wallet, only you would lose your wallet and not notice right away he thought. He opened to see your ID picture since you always hid it from him because you hated it but he thought it was totally cute with your chubby cheeks. Suddenly all the content fell from it since he was holding it upside down. He went to pick up the pictures you had in it and money when he noticed how little money you had on you. 

“Oh you reminded me, I found your wallet on the floor in my studio” he said and pulled it out to give it to you. 

“Oh thank you, and here I thought I forgot it at home” you said and took it from him. 

“Baby you wanted to treat me out when you barely had anything” he said jokingly to you. 

“I know, thats why I’ve been saving up to treat you to something” you said very seriously with no hints of joking or being offended because you knew Jay said it in a joke, Jay was confused because he thought you were joking but you said it so seriously it got him thinking.

“Babe you didn’t have to come out if your really busy, you know we could always hang out when your done with work” you told him

“I know, but really needed a little break from the studio”

“Well you made a good choice” you said. You guys were sitting and talking when Jay asked what has been on his mind.

“Babe is everything okay with you” he asked

“Yeah everything is fine, why do you ask” you asked confused with his question.

“It’s just… look I didn’t mean to look in your wallet or anything, but when I picked it up the contents fell and I know you didn’t have much money” he said slowly so he doesn’t offend you in any way

“Well yeah I don’t really have that much money because I don’t make that much, and the money I made I paid bills and rent and all that stuff so usually at the end I just have little money her and there” you explained

“If you’re struggling why didn’t you tell me baby” he said

“But babe I don’t feel like I’m struggling, I have everything I need, I have enough money for food everyday. I may not have thousands in my bank account but to me that’s fine” you said trying to reassure him, you were also trying to save up for Jays birthday gift.

You were always trying to be positive even when the situation are very stressful, and stuff like that keep proving to Jay positive you and how lucky he was to be with someone that could affect his life in a really good way, you were always supporting him despite his long busy schedules.

“Ugh your so amazing I love you so much” he said suddenly which made you chuckle at his cheesiness.

“I love you too” you said and squeezed his hand in an loving way still giggling at his cuteness.

“I just want you to know baby that no matter what, if you need help or a little hand I’m always here for you okay” he asked

“I know, thank you baby” you nodded and said.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that much here but I’ll try my best to be more active.

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 7

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.1k

Warnings: Fluff.


Title: Feels Like Home

A/N: I know I’ve been lacking on updates for this story and I’m really sorry. I really am. It’s just that lately I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. I don’t know where to take this even though I do know things I want to happen. I wanna ask for a favor; send me headcanons of this story? Maybe things you want to read happening. If you’re an angst lover, please, do send me something. Anything. I want to start writing more and more but the ideas I have are only drabbles materials. That would work if you guys would like me to turn this into a drabble series. I would do that. Idk. I really need y’all’s help with this one. I don’t want to stop writing this until at least chapter 20-25. Idk. Maybe I just need love about this fic from y’all.


“Um… Babe?”

“Yeah?” You spoke back walking across the hall and into your room to place JJ’s bag. Once the bag was next to yours and Jensen’s, you went back into the nursery. Jensen’s tone was weird and if you didn’t knew him well enough, you’d say he was slightly scared. Getting JJ out of the crib and with Jules following your steps closely, you strolled into the living room.

Jensen sat in the larger sofa with a script on hands. You walked around the couch, the little girl in your arms watching Jules, extending her small hand towards the dog.

You cocked an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?”

“Um,” Jensen licked his lower lip, clearing his throat and adjusting himself in the seat. “Have you read the final’s script?” He hold the script on the air, his head tilted to the side.

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I didn’t realize there were some drastically different definitions for “soulmate” until I read a few tonight that really irked me. So, since I know you’re all wondering, here’s what I think a soulmate is:

The person who makes you feel like more than you are. You are capable of so much, and when you’re with them, you believe it.
The person who finds their way into your mind, heart, and soul. It’s not that you think about them first thing after waking, but that they’re already there in your thoughts.
The person who feels like home.
The person who challenges you in all the right ways, who can call you on your crap without making you feel small.
The person who knows you, who you know. Not always facts, specifically - anyone can memorize trivia - but you know each other, connect on a level that words don’t work for.
The person who sets you alight with passion and fire. This doesn’t have to be sexual, but it’s that pull, that tingling, that smolder.
The person who makes you happy just by being happy themselves. The person who feels the same about you.

That’s what a soulmate is to me.