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Did you notice that in Crystal Venom after Lance was locked in the healing pod, he mumbles to himself "i'm okay"? When he is in the dark hallway alone he does it again.


digitalized a lil doodle from the beach last weekend as suggested by a friendo :0

also tried doing pixels for the first time?? but it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to at all unfortunately lmao that’s a rip


1/7 bf!monsta x!

this little series is going to be an extension from a previous post of mine where i briefly listed what monsta x would be like as boyfriends. i have a few requests in my inbox for a longer version so here ya go! turn on your notifications if you want to keep up with the rest of the series. nOTIF SQUAD WHERE U AT??

  • he’d be the shyest most awkward thing when he meets you for the first time
  • prolonged staring from a distance when you’re not looking but if you caught his eye boy would he look away so fast
  • if he liked you, he’d be the blushiest thing o h my god
  • the type to cough or drop a book loudly to catch your attention
  • immediately regrets it when you look over at him because he’ll feel so self conscious
  • “wait you like me too what”
  • he’d be the type of bf that every little girl dreams of
  • the actual definition of a gentleman
  • “there are three things that girls never touch on dates, the door knob, car door, and the bill”
  • he’d help you with anything and everything, literally he’s a call away
  • will change your tires, light bulbs, help you with around the house stuff
  • really awkward at first with skinship but will eventually ease into it
  • he’d keep his arms around you in public to protect you and show everyone that you’re his
  • would play with your hair nonstop
  • always down to cuddle with you 24/7
  • likes it when you rest your head on his toned chest
  • “i work out just for you, babe”
  • would do a 360 degree personality flip when it comes to exercise, like what happened to my boyfriend i did not ask for a personal instructor
  • sweaty gym dates [ insert creepy moon emoji ]
  • “your posture isn’t right”
  • proceeds to get really close to you and place his arms/hands around your waist/legs/arms etc. to fix your form
  • he’ll realize what he’s doing five minutes later and get really flustered
  • at dance practices he would show off his new choreo proudly
  • “well, i am monsta x’s best dancer”
  • if you pretend to not notice him or compliment another member he’d know you’re joking but would be lowkey jealous
  • he’d give you that bashful grin to show you that he’s okay but on the inside he’d be envious
  • if he’s real desperate he’d use the aegyo he has on reserve for dire circumstances
  • he’ll try to laugh it off but he’ll probably feel flustered for two weeks straight
  • constant texts asking if you’re okay and if you’ve eaten yet
  • he would be the best listener and would always be open for whatever rant you may need to get off your chest
  • late night jamming and dancing to your fav songs
  • the type to hold you tightly in his sleep
  • his heart would swell at literally everything you do because he loves you so much
  • you’d literally never see his eyes because he’d be so smiley
  • also would be so shy and bad at expressing his feelings
  • “isn’t it implied??”
  • he’d get so embarrassed but would love seeing you in his clothes
  • especially in his t shirts and sweatshirts
  • especially surprise ones, like while you’re cooking
  • if you’re shorter than him, he wouldn’t hesitate to rest his chin on your head 
  • “son hyunwoo you’re squeezing me i can’t breathe”
  • he’d never want to let you go but would eventually out of concern
  • gentle af unless some ass hurts his girl
  • he’s just like a big ol’ teddy bear, so cuddly and fluffy
  • who wouldn’t love this marshmallow 

oh boy here we go again

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Do you have any writing tips for poetry or just texts in general? Your poems are strange, grotesque, absurd and weird in the best way posible, and your writing is also fantastic! I think you would have some nice tips

strange, grotesque, absurd and weird …. god, that’s exactly how i want them to be. that’s exactly how i want to be described wow. thank you so much!! i’m so glad that you think so!! like i’m smiling so loud you can probably hear it.

there are a few writing tips that i’ve collected throughout my years:

  • read. read read read. if you don’t know what to read or where to get started on reading, tumblr is an okay start. ( i say okay because i have a lot of beef with ‘lit’ side of tumblr. ) you can follow blogs that post poetry quotes. like, i’ll just scroll through @lifeinpoetry and find a quote that just really sticks out to me and go read the whole poem. they usually have the source right there & that’s a good way to find lit mags which’ll have more poetry! and poetry foundation both have a poem of the day that can get you started!
    • but also, consume all types of media, not just poetry. watch that movie you’ve been putting off. read that book sitting on your shelf. sit for two hours at a comic book store and read through them. interested in some weird thing that’s not even related to poetry? read about it! watch a youtube! ted talks! just put yourself into everything you can. you’ll learn so much from it and not even know. 

  • @boykeats answered this ask about repetition in poetry which i know a lot of poets feel that they do and honestly? just … probably one of the biggest reasons why i restarted my poetry blog. like if i wanna write 235 poems about digging bones out of the mud and the concepts of decay then that’s what i’m going to do. who’s going to stop me? no one. 
    • another thing for feeling like you’re repeating yourself too much in poetry is to create a blacklist. write down all the themes/words/feelings that you feel you’re overusing and just don’t use them. 
  • “write what you know” is a buncha hogwash. write what you want to write. write what you want to know. write because you feel like writing. i write about a buncha nonsense. i write about my characters in my stories. i write about how i wish i felt, i write how i think certain memories could’ve played out. i write about things that’ve never happened. i write about feelings i’ve had or haven’t had or could have had. write whatever you want to write. and write it because … you want to write it. 

  • write down the line in your head. you might never use it, you might write the next epic with it, whatever. but if you lose it, it’s gone forever. write it down. 

  • when you realize that you should only ever write for you, oh my god—the fucking freedom of that. do you know how nice it is to sit down and be like: man, i want to write about decomposition and i can just …. do that. i literally can … just do that? like … you literally can just sit down and write whatever the fuck you want. and once you learn that … oh, man. it’s going to take you so far. 

  • and @nnhorn, an absolutely prolific writer, says “sit down and do it and stop scrolling tumblr pretending like thinking about it is good enough.” and honestly? mood.
    • addition: “always push for five-hundred more words. always just five-hundred more. it’s enough for a scene, enough for a good chunk of dialogue and description. it’s enough to make you feel satisfied but enough to dissatisfy you too, making you want to continue until there’s five-hundred more”
  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love dragon age, we know, you love dragon age so much, it is the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love dragon age, we KNOW, you love dragon age you fucking love dragon age ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE DRAGON AGE. WE GET IT.

new OC charlie goldhart

he’s an english teacher from london and he’s bisexual and he doesn’t know how to dress himself poor boy

shallura week day 6: sky/ fantasy

good ol sailor moon au for the babes :^))

also wow me @ me way 2 be two days behind smh