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1/7 bf!monsta x!

this little series is going to be an extension from a previous post of mine where i briefly listed what monsta x would be like as boyfriends. i have a few requests in my inbox for a longer version so here ya go! turn on your notifications if you want to keep up with the rest of the series. nOTIF SQUAD WHERE U AT??

  • he’d be the shyest most awkward thing when he meets you for the first time
  • prolonged staring from a distance when you’re not looking but if you caught his eye boy would he look away so fast
  • if he liked you, he’d be the blushiest thing o h my god
  • the type to cough or drop a book loudly to catch your attention
  • immediately regrets it when you look over at him because he’ll feel so self conscious
  • “wait you like me too what”
  • he’d be the type of bf that every little girl dreams of
  • the actual definition of a gentleman
  • “there are three things that girls never touch on dates, the door knob, car door, and the bill”
  • he’d help you with anything and everything, literally he’s a call away
  • will change your tires, light bulbs, help you with around the house stuff
  • really awkward at first with skinship but will eventually ease into it
  • he’d keep his arms around you in public to protect you and show everyone that you’re his
  • would play with your hair nonstop
  • always down to cuddle with you 24/7
  • likes it when you rest your head on his toned chest
  • “i work out just for you, babe”
  • would do a 360 degree personality flip when it comes to exercise, like what happened to my boyfriend i did not ask for a personal instructor
  • sweaty gym dates [ insert creepy moon emoji ]
  • “your posture isn’t right”
  • proceeds to get really close to you and place his arms/hands around your waist/legs/arms etc. to fix your form
  • he’ll realize what he’s doing five minutes later and get really flustered
  • at dance practices he would show off his new choreo proudly
  • “well, i am monsta x’s best dancer”
  • if you pretend to not notice him or compliment another member he’d know you’re joking but would be lowkey jealous
  • he’d give you that bashful grin to show you that he’s okay but on the inside he’d be envious
  • if he’s real desperate he’d use the aegyo he has on reserve for dire circumstances
  • he’ll try to laugh it off but he’ll probably feel flustered for two weeks straight
  • constant texts asking if you’re okay and if you’ve eaten yet
  • he would be the best listener and would always be open for whatever rant you may need to get off your chest
  • late night jamming and dancing to your fav songs
  • the type to hold you tightly in his sleep
  • his heart would swell at literally everything you do because he loves you so much
  • you’d literally never see his eyes because he’d be so smiley
  • also would be so shy and bad at expressing his feelings
  • “isn’t it implied??”
  • he’d get so embarrassed but would love seeing you in his clothes
  • especially in his t shirts and sweatshirts
  • especially surprise ones, like while you’re cooking
  • if you’re shorter than him, he wouldn’t hesitate to rest his chin on your head 
  • “son hyunwoo you’re squeezing me i can’t breathe”
  • he’d never want to let you go but would eventually out of concern
  • gentle af unless some ass hurts his girl
  • he’s just like a big ol’ teddy bear, so cuddly and fluffy
  • who wouldn’t love this marshmallow 
  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love dragon age, we know, you love dragon age so much, it is the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love dragon age, we KNOW, you love dragon age you fucking love dragon age ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE DRAGON AGE. WE GET IT.

                                                                      THROB …

What was that? Green eyes slowly slid open as the pulsating noise throbbed in her ears. In front of her was an unfamiliar scene ( from what she could recognize beyond the blurry vision ); a white ceiling she swore she didn’t remember seeing from her last memory.

                                                                      THROB …

Is that my head? The girl winced as she tried to sit up, though, she found she couldn’t really. Her body ached a bit and her head felt heavier than what it really was. In vain, she shut her eyes tightly and opened her mouth, a scratchy voice coming from her. “ I..?”       

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shallura week day 6: sky/ fantasy

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                              “  it’s …  not  something  you  could  have  known ,  alexander.  please.  don’t  beat  yourself  up  over  it.          eyes  are  carefully  trained  on  the  table  of  assorted  intoxication ,  well.  he  can’t  even  decide  WHAT  he  wants  to  drink ;  it  just  needs  to  be  something  strong.  more  than  one ,  possibly  twelve.       his  hands  are  shaking.    “  there’s  just …so  much   thats  returned  to  me ,  with  that  agony  rune.  much    ,  of  my  past  i ‑  had  spent  CENTURIES   trying  to  bury  away.    ”



    As the simulation fired up, Minerva moved towards her son, her fingers reaching  
    out to brush along his cheek, before settling at the back of his head, pulling him in
    close for a hug. A smile remained on her lips and though she knew it wouldn’t be
    long before he left her once more, she would treasure these memories for the
    rest of eternity.

    “There’s still so much I don’t now about you — but I want to know everything. I
    want to know just how you grew up to be such a wonderful hero. I could only
    see what you showed me, after all, but I feel like there;s so much more I
    don’t know.”


new OC charlie goldhart

he’s an english teacher from london and he’s bisexual and he doesn’t know how to dress himself poor boy

I can totally see a situation in which Dean and Cas are fighting with some kind of a monster and Dean is about to get shot/stabbed/injured but suddenly Cas says “yolo” and protects Dean with his own body 

and later in hospital Cas is laying in bed with his wound perfectly bandaged and Dean is sitting next to the bed and he’s so worried and angry and yelling “Cas what the hell man?! You could have died! D I E D! And you said fucking “yolo”! Do you even know what that means?!”

And Cas just smiles, grabs Dean’s hand and 
“you only love once”
”Cas, what are you even sayin-”
“And there’s no way I’m losing you, Dean”

And then Dean’s the one that requires medical help because suddenly he feels his face burning with red and human heart definitely does not beat this fast