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McHanzo Week, day 1 - first time;
The First Time They Hold Hands™

Writing Check-In: When the Moon, Ch 14

In a hopeful attempt to make my Christmas deadline, I’m going to aim for a Sunday check-in every week, even if it’s not very exciting or substantial, with a word count for the week if relevant and not too embarrassing.

Word count for this week’s work: 2414 (including the translation of “Alle meine Entchen,” since I did have to do some creative/sleuthing work to piece that together.) :D

“I thought you were going to save me for later, greedy gosling,” he chides breathlessly. “I need these fingers for your after-supper surprise.”

“There’s an after-supper surprise?” I chirp, tipping my head back to gaze up at him. “In addition to the cuddle-nest or in place of?”

He laughs heartily. “In addition, greedy thing, but you have to give me a story or a song to get the cuddle-nest. The surprise comes free of charge.”

I squeal with delight and dive into our plate with gusto. “What if I give you both?” I ask through a mouthful of tangy wild rice. “A story and a song – can I have an extra treat?”

He dips his face into the curve of my neck, leaving a damp and sticky kiss behind. “You can have whatever you want,” he replies, quite seriously. “Money, jewels, an extra dessert prepared on command, half my kingdom and a throne to rule it from…”

I grin, never mind he can’t see it, and think of songs and stories and wishes. Granny Ashpet’s father left us one additional song; another silly children’s piece, sung to his daughter from birth, the lyrics to which are particularly appropriate today, but to win a wish, the story needs to be exceptional, especially in light of the breathtaking hours-long tale Peeta spun for me last night, and I don’t dare attempt to return to this morning’s spur-of-the-moment “folktale” of the gander and vixen.

But I can’t quite resist a different tale that relates delicately to both of us and gives us a glorious ending together where, of course, none will ever be. “I have both,” I inform him triumphantly. “Let me know when you’d like me to remit each one and I’ll start working on my wish.”

He chuckles softly. “Well, eager thing, if you sing to me now we could move directly to the cuddle-nest as soon as supper is cleaned up and I lay out the coverlets,” he replies, and I drum my spoon against the plate edge for attention.

“I like this idea immensely,” I tell him, and set aside our nearly empty plate to take his hands in mine. This is, after all, a children’s song, which is best accompanied by merry clapping, and I tap out a soft steady rhythm with his big hands as I sing…

Me VS Overeating

I eat when I’m bored, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m stressed…I eat whenever there is food within my reach. One bite turns into a frenzy that I cannot will myself to stop. I wish I could say this problem has gotten better over time, but to this day I struggle with it.

Going out to eat can be so bad. I go in telling myself that I am going to pack half of the ginormous portion away for the next day, but next thing I know I’ve shoveled the entire meal into my mouth and somehow found something extra to eat. Next thing I know, I’m over 1,000 calories deep into the one meal and my idea that the day has been ruined has entered my mind. 

With this mindset hatched in my mind, the rest of the day is pretty much just a frenzy of eating whatever food I can get my hands on. Calories don’t count when you’ve already ruined the day, right?

Chips, cookies, muffins, pasta, anything that I would not normally eat in surplus. Anything that I consider even slightly unhealthy. I eat as if I will never eat those foods again, even though I know I will. 

I think to myself that if I eat all of these foods when I’ve already been bad, maybe I won’t want them so much when I’m trying to eat completely healthy. If I eat ice cream and waffles with a side of pickles and fries maybe, just maybe, I won’t want those foods anymore. But let’s face it, that’s simply not true. I love those foods, and I’m always going to love those foods. And there’s nothing wrong with that in the slightest. 

What’s funny though, is that if I eat healthy for an entire day I don’t have this urge to eat everything in sight. If I start off my day with a healthy breakfast, I’m often really dedicated to keeping the day healthy. 

I am, in most cases, really horrible with self control. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and there’s no getting it back until the next day when I can start fresh and new. This is a major issue for me, and something I truly need to work on. 


Symphony (M)

*Didn’t feel like posting today but I was already a day late for Hobi’s birthday…*

Word Count: 3.2 words

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holy shit save me

He woke up to the smell of his favourite food, pancakes and he immediately got out of bed. There was only two occasions when he would get to savour his favourite foods, his birthday and whenever he was upset.

Looking at the calendar in the living room, it was the former. Usually he spent his birthday at home, lazing around without the complaint of his roommates and the ability to use his birthday to give himself some control. Hoseok was a passive guy, only voicing his opinion when it’s dire but he’ll go along with most things.

He feels his forearm, painfully regretting the musical tattoo Taehyung begged him to get. He was drunk and the stupid arguments Taehyung made for it sounded reasonable in that state. He had at least thanked the heavens that he didn’t get it on his ass as Taehyung suggested, saving his precious butt from ridicule when he had sex. It’s not sexy to have a giant ass treble clef on your ass.

His thoughts distracted him from his arrival into the kitchen, his hyung and roommate, Jin turning around to see him standing there. He grinned at him, Jin loved celebrating birthdays. It allowed him to make large meals and everyone in the dorm knows how much Jin loves food.

“Ah, you’re up. Happy birthday, Hobi.”

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Day 1: Favorite characters

How dare this question make me choose between all of my loves. Hm. Can I choose all of them *throws dice*

Okay but it’s totally Ryan. I mean, he’s the calmest fictional main character I’ve ever come across and he’s also probably the nicest. Theory states that that would make for a stagnant plot, and yet here we are, here we are…

Story time: I’ve been subscribed to Justin’s writing newsletter since 2012/2013 but unsubscribed like weeks before I found Eos 10. When tumblr recced me his blog I went from ‘oh its that guy!’ to ‘i should probably listen to that podcast now it’s a sign.’ Don’t tell him that.

10 days of Eos 10

prince!jungkook scenario | presents for my true love

Day 1 of ‘12 Days of Bangtan’

- the eternal conundrum of the royal: what do you buy your fiancé for Christmas when they already have everything? -

genre: fluff
insp: ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ carol
word count: 2.9k

“Please, Jimin, you’ve got to help me,” Jungkook pleaded, painfully aware of how scratchy and pathetic he must sound on the other end of the phone.

He heard his gentleman-in-waiting sigh, and could picture him shaking his head ruefully - a sign that, perhaps, the men had been spending too much time together. “Jungkook, this was supposed to be my holiday, can’t you figure it out on your own?” Bold words to use with the crown prince, but Jungkook didn’t mind.

“You’ve got a husband,” Jungkook reasoned, his legs carrying him back and forth across the lavish burgundy carpet. “You have experience with… relationship stuff. How do you choose what to get him for Christmas?”

“I don’t know… Look, just get Y/N something meaningful – something that symbolises your relationship.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. I’m not the one marrying Y/N.”

Now it was Jungkook’s turn to sigh. “Okay. Enjoy your holiday anyway, and tell your husband I send my best wishes.” Jungkook threw his iPhone on the nearest couch, and traced his way to the window. It had been a bad idea to let Jimin go so early. It was his own fault, of course, having insisted that he didn’t need a man-servant to steer him through Christmas, but now that he was stressing over what to get his fiancé, a friend would have been nice.

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Title: Christmas Elves (Reader x Peter Parker x Avengers)

Summary: It’s the reader’s first Christmas with the Avengers, and they get to help decorate the annual Christmas Tree with the fellow Christmas elves.

Word Count: 1754

A/N: It’s already the 12 days of Holiday imagines? WOAH!! I’m so excited!! I hope you enjoy this; I’ve been saving it for quite some time. :)I hope you enjoy, Happy Day 1!!

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what a beautiful day to remember that rose x tentoo is 100% canon

Biology 101 (HTGAWM Edition)

I’m gonna post this every time I feel like it’s needed. I’ll probably be posting it after the fact to emphasize the lack of understanding of very basic concepts by Pete & Co. We’ll see. 

Fact I: At conception, a woman is already considered 2 weeks pregnant as you count from the first day of their last period. 

Fact II: A fetal heartbeat isn’t large enough at 5 weeks gestation to be heard even with the equipment the doctor’s office and/or hospital has. You may or may not see the flicker of a heartbeat, but you will not hear it that early. It’s simply too small. 

Those two facts are really all that is needed here.  

Laurel and Wes had sex 3 weeks before the fire. If she had gotten pregnant that very night, then when she was brought into the ER, she would have been exactly right at 5 weeks pregnant. 

See Fact II. 

I may not know one damn thing about the rest of the topics on this show, but this is one thing I do know. I didn’t sit through 6 years of college, including just about every science class imaginable, and start out in Women’s Medicine in my Nursing career to not know what I was talking about when it comes to ovulation, conception, and fetal development. 

Now, Pete is gonna do Pete. That is what Pete does. However, realistically, Wes wouldn’t even be a factor (based on the time frame we were given), so I am confused by all of the smug comments about it being obvious he is the father. Well yeah, in some alternate universe, but if we’re trying to be factually accurate here, then no. Based on what was found in the ER when they examined her, someone else is responsible for that baby. 

So either Pete is right and I’m right OR Pete is wrong and I’m right. The laws of Biology stay the same, he just may choose to ignore them. 

32 days. 

at 15 we think we know what love is, 
they say we know it when we found our first
it’s not about who you first dated
or who made you turn up in the hospital beds because you would swallow too many pain killers to try and numb him out of you and its not about who you blame your pain on.
at 16 i spent my nights wishing you’d come back because i thought my first love had to be the one who left bruises inside my bones and covered them up so they wouldn’t show up on my skin
i thought i had to stay in love with you because no one deals with everything you made me deal with and just nothing comes out of it right?
at 17 i already wasted way too many days counting down the days before you’d come back to me
i graduated from high school and the summer flew by faster than i ever could imagine
but i still always blamed everything on losing you
i blamed the summer passing too quickly on you and i blamed the fact that i could never love someone new because i put it in my own head that my love could only be for you i blamed the scars on my body on you even though yours disappeared on the surface years before.
at 18 i realized i used you as my bandage
to cover up any type of feeling i could ever feel towards anyone else
i refused to ever open myself up to anyone
i just blamed it on “well he’s no you”
until maybe i found someone who didn’t have to bruise my bones and kiss away the the little blue circles that would show up on the side of my ribcage after you were done being angry
and he didn’t have to touch me to fall for me
but most importantly he never gave up on me
and maybe that’s what love really is
it’s faith that no matter what, if your love was really real then you gravitate back towards each other
now i fall asleep to his late night drives and his good night texts
and he always says sorry when he messes up, he doesn’t bruise me and break my bones
i finally understand
i never loved you
i blamed everything that was happening to me with the simple excuse of its because what he did to me.
it caused me over 2 years of confusing love for sickness
but it finally doesn’t hurt when i see you and i could hear your name without shacking 
i see his smile in my dreams and i don’t wake up in some twisted nightmare. 
at 15 i thought love was holes in the walls at 18 i realize it’s driving me home at 4 in the morning.

i stopped remembering



30 Day HISTORY Challenge : Day 4 : Your HISTORY OTP


It’s Yijeong. Yijeong and everyone/thing. All the members have a soft spot for Yijeong for reasons unknown sorcery

I know patience is a virtue, but there are rules. 

Mendes Series || Conor

Memories (Handwritten Revisited)

Conor POV

I rolled over in bed and rubbed my eyes. (Y/N) was already awake, padding around in our bedroom and humming quietly to herself. “Come back to bed, love,” I mumbled to her. “I want a cuddle.”

“Conor you know I have to go to work,” she sighed back. “Not all of us can be international superstars you know.” I pouted at her, causing her to laugh and place a gentle kiss on my lips. I held her head closer to mine though, holding her in for a longer kiss. Before things could get too heated, she pulled away. “I really have to get ready.”

When (Y/N) left for work, I forced myself out of bed, brushing my teeth and throwing on a t shirt and some joggers. Today was our two year anniversary. I proposed to her a mere three months ago, and we were already counting down the days until our pending wedding date. I sat at the kitchen table with a pen and paper, scribbling down the thoughts that came to my head.

(Y/N) and I were both avid writers. From the moment we started dating, we would always write down our good memories and moments with each other. We kept them sealed away in a jar, only to be opened when we were having a large argument. In the two years we’ve been together, we never opened it. It wasn’t that we didn’t have our casual disagreements, but there was never a fight big enough to warrant the jar being opened.

Today, I was overwhelmed with things to say to her that I couldn’t quite figure out how to say out loud. I was always more eloquent with my written words than my spoken ones. Maybe it was seeing her in just my shirt that only barely covered her bum, or maybe it was the significance of today’s date, but the melody her feet made as she floated around the bedroom this morning only reminded me how madly in love I was with her.


I was seated on the couch with my laptop, editing a funny video that Jack and I had done earlier in the week. The front door opened, meaning (Y/N) had arrived home from work. “Hey darling!” I called out to her. When she didn’t respond, I turned my head and saw her standing in the doorway, tears down her face and her hands in fists at her sides. I stood up immediately. “What’s wrong?” She sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

“I ran into Victoria today,” she said. I sighed at the mention of my ex girlfriend.

“I’m sorry,” I tried to sooth her, reaching out and touching her arm. She immediately retracted.

“Don’t touch me,” she breathed out.


“You were engaged?”

I froze, my hand dropped to my side. “You have to understand, we were just young and stupid and foolish,” I stuttered to her. “We didn’t know what we were doing. We thought we knew everything but we hardly knew anything at all.”

“You were engaged and you never told me,” she said back, her teeth gritting. She was crying now. “She said you talked about having children. She said that you bought her a ring and asked for her father’s permission! That doesn’t sound stupid or foolish! That sounds like everything you’ve ever done with me! You kept all of this from me! How am I supposed to know you aren’t keeping other things from me?”

Before I could defend myself, she opened up one of her fists and threw her engagement ring at me. “I can’t marry a man I can’t trust,” she whispered. With tears streaming down her face, she stormed off into our bedroom. I clutched the ring in my hand, tears welling up in my eyes. I followed her into the bedroom where she was shoving clothes into her suitcase.

“(Y/N) will you please listen to me?” I begged. I took the clothes she put in her bag out onto the bed, causing her to snap her head towards me.

“Stop it!” she shouted. “Can’t you understand why I feel this way? I can’t do this, Conor!”

Before she could make any more hasty decisions, I walked over to our closet where a jar sat on a high shelf. Once I held it in my hands, I walked over to her and sat on the floor, opening the jar and spilling its contents onto the ground. The look in my eyes begged her to join me. She sighed and obliged. There were hundreds of scraps of paper inside. Notes from her that I had never seen before, and others from me that her eyes saw for the first time as well. My eyes fell upon the paper I had written today and, before she could pick it up, I grabbed it and handed it to her. Without a word, she opened and read it, her mouth moving silently as she read the words, a habit she often had when reading. I followed along in my head with what she was reading.

Today, we have been together for two years, but somehow, it seems like a lifetime. When I saw you this morning, your face glowing even though it was only 7:00, I wasn’t sure if I could ever love you more than in that moment. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life waking up to that face and loving you in every moment we share together. We can hang our pictures on the walls and write our story as it continues to unfold before our eyes. God, I hope our kids have your eyes. This time in our life is going to just be old memories soon, and I just want to make sure we embrace every minute with each other and love each other as deeply as we can. I love you so much, darling. No matter what.

(Y/N) was crying now. She put the paper down and stared up at me, her mouth closed, not knowing quite what to say. “Yes, Victoria and I were engaged,” I told her. “And yes, I should’ve told you, but I didn’t because it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care about any girl I dated in my past because my present and the rest of my future is only about you. How I felt about Victoria will never, ever measure up to how I feel about you. Please believe me.” I held the ring back out to her, my whole being pleading for her to take it back. She took a deep breath and took the ring back, slipping it on her finger before flinging herself at me and hugging me tightly. I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her back.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Still no grade and I’m starting to get livid.