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I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)

So I’ve never followed Skam live before…like this is my first season watching it live but like I just realized how time-consuming it is? 

Like it’s fun and cute and adorable but these theories and the insanity behind all the social media posts just makes my head hurt. 

I literally think I’m just here for Sana Bakkoush really. And while I think I pretty much love every character (good or bad) I’m just not into them enough to obsess over their backstory. 

I enjoy this show for what it is and what the clips bring to the story. But yeesh, all of this craziness behind Even and Mikael and whatever the heck happened in the past is just…meh? Like okay, they’re all living, breathing, marginally happy people that are doing okay. That’s all I need to know. 

The rest is just the details irrelevant or not. 

That’s just my take on it. 

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@travelingrose replied to your photo: Billie Piper after winning the Olivier Award for…

First of all: She looks so freaking happy like I can’t even. Secondly: Yep, I’m Denise. We’re all Denise atm xD

Just when I thought I couldn’t adore Billie more she smiles like that and my little heart just melts. 

I plan to make edits, an icon set, and a couple gifsets. Just from all the Olivier Awards things. 

Okay but

For every Gency hating person I come across, I will find and reblog another Gency post.

anyways I’ll just revel in the facts that 1) we got Jason to shut the fuck up and crawl under a rock and he’s been silent on Twitter for several weeks 2) he’s getting roasted by major media outlets 3) the relationship his employee came up with is legendary, already made history, started a movement, is changing media conversation, became immortal, inspired many young writers and movie makers to write more wlw stories while the relationship he came up with can’t even make it past the first round of any poll, is hated by his lead actress, unnoticed by literally everyone cause it’s so boring and predictable and there are like what eight ppl who actually like it lmao 4) the ratings are dropping faster than Lexa’s panties when she saw Clarke naked probably


Meryl Streep accepts Cecil B. DeMille Award during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017.

“Autism will not define you! I am your voice!” (actual words from the blog of an autistic boy’s mother)

Petition to fucking stop parents who say things like this to/about their autistic kids.

“Autism will not define you!” = “I just really wish you could be normal.”

“I am your voice!” = “I don’t care to even acknowledge that there are other ways in which you can communicate. Just shut up and let Mommy run your life.”