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Just Business

Honestly, I’m so freaked the fuck out to be even talking about this. I’m scared he’s going to come back. But I can’t shut up about it. My dad might be able to accept this as what it is, but I refuse, given what’s going to happen to me no matter what I do.

I work at my dad’s diner on a busy stretch of road. However, since my grandfather’s death, and with him the loss of the secret recipe for his famous meatloaf, business has taken a nose dive. Funeral costs had my dad considering bankruptcy, much to my gran’s horror. She and granddad build this place up from the foundation. People would pass by and come in from everywhere, and everyone, no matter what you looked like or who you were holding hands with, was welcome.

It was Wednesday when the black cars pulled up to the diner.

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How You Met // Preferences (DEH character x Reader)

My first Preferences, this will probably go in order.



 You looked all over your town for a job that didn’t make you want to die, and you’d found nothing. So you were at your last resorts, you needed a summer job and you’d take anything at this point. And as if sensing your need for a job, the local State Park called you about your application as a trail guide. Basically your job was to give tours to the Boy/Girl Scouts and anyone else who came for them, and if none were scheduled you’d be making sure the trails were clean of litter, safe for people, and clear of fallen trees. What they didn’t warn you about was fallen boys, you were free of tours for the day so you went out to clean up a trail Boy Scouts had used to get to a camp site. And about 100 feet away you saw a boy in a State Park uniform plummet to the ground, you dropped everything and ran to his side. He only broke his arm but you still made sure he got to the hospital and didn’t leave until he was allowed to leave as well. Due to his broken arm and breaking the park rules for climbing trees, you were is “buddy” at work. Basically you made sure he was ok and also not breaking more rules. He became your best friend and you his, little did you know how much that meant to him. 


 It was your first Lab day in your Junior Year biology class and you didn’t have a single friend in this class, over 3 years you didn’t have a single friend in this class. You crossed your fingers under the desk, praying that your teacher wouldn’t make you pick your partners. 
“Alright class pick a partner!” And with that your fate of being the only kid with no partner was sealed. You already knew you’d be the kid that was forced to working a group of three awkwardly, you knew that your teacher would announce to the class that you needed a partner and everyone would know that you have no friends. Than you felt a tap on your shoulder, you turned and you were met with black, you leaned you head back and realized Connor Murphy tapped you on the shoulder. “Do you um. Do you want to be partners? If not it’s okay, I’m know I’m a fucking freak and you probably have a partner already, I’m sorry,” You couldn’t help but giggle, his face was pink when he asked you and he seemed so nervous, it was sweet. Your giggles must have seemed like you were making fun of him because he instantly became angry and started stomping away. You grabbed his wrist, 

“Connor I would love to be your partner!" 

"Oh um well than we should um, fuck,” he whispered trying to form a sentence. You smiled and lead him to the supplies table, he sat in the open seat next to you. You walked behind him and gathered up all of his wavy locks 

“What the fuck are you doing,” he growled, ripping his hair from your hands. 

“Sorry Connor but you gotta pull your hair up for this lap, unless you want to light on fire,” you said holding up a hair tie. He didn’t respond, he just turned back to the lab table, so you gathered his hair up again, this time he didn’t refuse. So you ran you fingers through his hair, making it into a smooth little bun on his head. You didn’t know for sure but you swore The Connor Murphy, Mr. I’m so tough and I hate life itself, Connor ‘middle finger’ Murphy was smiling, and blushing?! 


You were at a new school and hadn’t made a single friend in three weeks, the guidance counselor was more than worried. She listed off every club you could join, but you didn’t want to join a club, you didn’t need friends, you were fine. You looked at your shoes as she continued reading off all of the club names, you zoned out, thinking about what you could be doing instead of this. You were about to actually fall asleep when you heard “video game club”. The three words caught your attention, you needed an out here and you like video games, so you told her you’d join. It couldn’t be that bad could it, and besides nothing was worse than listening to your guidance counselor tell you how you need friends for an hour. This. This could be and was definitely worse than that, you walked in the room and you could feel every guys eyes start scanning you. You felt like a piece of meat, and all of these guys were starved dogs. So you scanned the room and found a guy wearing a shirt with your favorite superhero on it. 

 "Oh hey I love (fav hero),“ 

"Oh really? Well than tell me who their estranged wife marries in episode 38,” he said rolling his eyes at you, you tried to think of the answer but apparently that’s the kind of knowledge a “real fan” knows in seconds. “Fake fan! Stupid fucking bimbos trying to be 'nerdy and cute!’" 

 felt the anger bubbling inside you, you noticed he had his own laptop out and his head phone cord was really freaking long and wrapped around his coffee cup. You stood up and quietly grabbed the excess cord, you wrapped it into the back of his chair and waited for him to move. 

 A hand grabbed your arm just above your elbow, you plopped into a chair next to a boy with boxy glasses and large front teeth, he also had a hand on your arm. "You’re already my favorite person in this fucking room, Derek is a total douche. I’m going to help you out here,” he said an evil grin or spread across his face. 

 "Oh you’re going to help me huh?“ You raise a single eyebrow. 

 "Oi Derek, check this shit out!” The boy yelled, Derek swiveled his chair in your direction, his head phone cord pulling his cup on its side. His coffee spilled all over his key board. After 10 minutes of panicking his laptop turned off completely. 

“I’m Jared by the way but you can just call me your partner in crime,” the boy in the glasses said once the humor had worn off of your prank. 

 "How can I can I call you if I don’t have your phone number?“ And as if the stars aligned you found your first friend and probably a pretty fucking great one.


 You worked at cafe on the south side of town, you saw hundreds of faces everyday, some new and some old, some you remember and some you didn’t, but you’d never forget hers. She came in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and always had a black and purple duffel bag on her shoulder. But those were the only constants, some days she wore baggy athletic clothes, others it was skinny jeans and what you assumed was a body suit, some days her hair was in a perfect bun others it fell over her shoulders. She never ordered the same thing twice and after two weeks you realized she was working her way down the menu, although she always asked what she could get with whip cream. 

Today instead of leaving immediately she sat in a booth, she leaned against the wall her legs stretched across the chair. You were cleaning a table near her when you noticed the Stars on her ankles, they were drawn in blue pen. About a half hour she came up asking for a completely different drink to go, you made her order and drew a cluster of stars and something else on it. She thanked you and left, she didn’t notice your doodle yet, but you noticed she left her phone on the counter. 

 "Hey Mindy, that girl left her phone here I’m going to see if I can flag her down,” and with that you ran through the shop doors. She entered a building across the street, you ran after her. 

 "Hey hey Star Girl! You left your phone in the cafe!“ You said to her once you got through the doors. She turned around and your breath was taken way, she had taken off her jeans and you realized it wasn’t a body suit, it was a leotard. Suddenly all of the dots connected, the duffle bag, the athletic clothes, how she usually wore her hair in a perfect bun, She was a dancer! 

 "Oh my gosh thank you so much! If I lost this again my mom would actually kill me! Oh my goodness how can I repay you? And don’t say I don’t have to because I really do!” She chattered, her eyes lit up and you realized wow she’s more gorgeous up close. You ran through everything in your head and ended up saying the stupidest pick up line.

 "You c-could repay me by um going on a ddate with me,“ you stumbled, not only did you drop a stupid line you also stuttered through it. 

 "I would absolutely love to, but I don’t have your number!”

 "Oh really?“ You raised an eyebrow and turned her cup around so it faced her. 

She laughed "I guess our relationship is just written in the Stars!” her smile took your breath away, in that moment you prayed to every god there was 'please let this one be gay’


 YOU DON’T WANT A FUCKING MATH TUTOR. you definitely need one. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU W A N T ONE! You were failing math class, and if you failed this semester you’d flunk out and not even summer school could save your ass, aka you’d have to go through another year of hell. So your teacher told you that you will be tutored after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the school library by Alana Beck. You didn’t know her but you knew her reputation, literally the smartest kid in the entire grade, if anyone could save you it would be her. Also rumor has it she always smells like old books, that was weird as fuck but you shrugged it off.

 You were waiting for Alana in the library, she was ten minutes late, and you kinda thought she might just not show up. 

“Oh gosh I’m sorry I’m late, I was five minutes late and I felt so bad that I stopped and got us some snacks, and now I’m ten minutes late, you probably hate me,” she said all in one breath. 

 "Hey no it’s fine, I’m sure I’ll be late soon anyway!“ You said cracking open on of the sodas she bought you guys. After a hour of studying you felt like death, but Alana was so smart and funny and pretty and her voice was like honey and you were very tired. She finished packing up her books and you had just started, you expected her to leave but she didn’t, she silently waited for you to finish packing. You two walked to the student parking lot, talking about nothing in particular, when suddenly she stopped, you turned to face her. 

”(Y/n) I think you’re really cool and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out this weekend, as acquaintances,“ she asked not looking up to meet you eyes. 

 "No I don’t want to hang out with you as acquaintances,” she quickly walked passed you, the rejection hitting her hated than she’d like to say. “But I would love to hang out with you as friends!” You yelled after her. She looked at you, her smile so wide, you pulled her into a hug, and she hugged back tighter. And in this hug you realized old books smell pretty fucking good.

Party of Three x Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 1139

Requested: No but, this morning I listened to the “party party” playlist on Cal’s Spotify while I was doing cardio and I had this trash idea

Warnings: Implications of upcoming smut, drinking and partying

Much love…

 It wasn’t a rare occurrence for you to be partying on a Friday night with Calum and Ashton. 

The three of you had become the sort of three musketeers of the party scene. From concerts and Emo Night to overrated house parties, you guys had been there and done it all. If you were out, the drinks were kept to a minimum. But considering that the three of you decided to play hostess at Ashton’s humble abode tonight, the only limit that each of you had was your liver. 

Before the party had even started, Ashton had popped open a fresh bottle of wine for you, his, “favorite wine mom,” further enhancing your ‘mom friend’ repertoire. You normally felt the need to watch over Cal and Ash but tonight Calum had made you promise to, “Let go a bit more,” because he would be there to, “hold your hair back." 

At that you’d laughed, they both noted that you weren’t known to hold your liquor. That had been confirmed the hard way when you’d been invited to "Whiskey and Whitesnake Wednesday,” for the first time. The next morning you were ready to kill the boys because of the monstrosity that was a hangover, but they took care of you just as promised. This only reassured you that the same would happen tonight and in the wee hours of tomorrow. 

 As Calum stood with you at the counter, he couldn’t help but to smile in his less than sober state. He wasn’t plastered yet but he’d already downed a few shots since the party had commenced. He was becoming increasingly cuddly as time had went on but you didn’t mind, his cuddles were more than tolerable. 

Ashton on the other hand was clearly enjoying himself as he dashed out from the master bedroom adorned in a faux fur coat and cheap, plastic sunglasses he’d acquired from the gas station. He had already surpassed inebriated and his mood was no longer a conscious one. Ashton would be overtly sexual for the majority of the night but would surely be hit by a plague of sadness for no particular reason toward its close. Currently he was grinning from ear to ear, carrying around a bottle of vodka as he called you over, “C'mom (Y/N), you haven’t taken a shot with Daddy yet." 

"Ashton as much as you say it, I’ll never see how you can refer to yourself as Daddy,” you chuckled, even though you knew that it was a blatant lie. Calum had decided to join you as he wouldn’t miss the opportunity for shots with you, “Just one more with us Sweetie,” he smiled draping his arm around your shoulder. 

There was one more. Then two and it only continued from there until Ashton had lost his jacket and Calum had dragged you toward the mass of people who claimed to be dancing, “Are you having fun,” he practically yelled. “I think so,” you hiccuped, “I know you and Irwin are." 

 Ash had been swept away in the somewhat large crowd although you could still here him yelling nonsense over the various pop and punk renditions Calum had insisted on playing. "You- staying with us tonight, right?” He slurred, “I can sleep with Ash and you take the guest room if you-" 

"I think we should ALL sleep together,” Ashton interrupted, sneaking up on you and squeezing your hips. He always did that, even in his sober state, so it came as no surprise. Neither did the three of you rooming together; nothing had ever occurred between you and either of them in the numerous times it had happened, even if it had been one of your biggest fantasies. 

 Sloppily turning around you glanced at Ash who had managed to lose both his treasured sunglasses and imitation fur. He was left now in only his skinny jeans and a button up where his chest hair remained proudly on display, “What happened to the get up Irwie,” you prodded with a drunken giggle. 

 "I lost- CALUM this is our song,“ he suddenly changed subject as the iconic, 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody,’ flooded through a distant set of speakers. Calum was quickly pulled away from you as Ashton began yelling, "Oh I wanna dance with somebody! I wanna feel the heat with somebody!" 

You couldn’t help but to snicker at your uninhibited best friends. They had no cares as the two of them danced with one another, Ashton’s hands grabbing at Calum’s sides. Calum himself was eating up the attention, his seldom dimples on full display as he asked you to join singing, "Don’t you wanna dance with me Baby?" 

 There was no hesitation as you stammered over, the alcohol within your system beginning to catch up. Three was never a crowd with you and the boys, it was always perfect even if you were all more than tipsy, practically grinding upon each other to an eighties hit. You loved it, you loved them but it was in more ways than one. ”(Y/N), you’re getting feisty,“ Ashton gasped in an over the top manner, quickly covering his mouth with his hand. 

 "Leave her alone,” Calum smirked, “She’s having a good time.” The song had finally changed to a more modern 'Starboy,’ causing Ashton to back away from his prior position. The grinding continued although not on the boys part, it was all your own will. You’d finally had the proper amount of liquid courage and the boys weren’t complaining. 

 Your head leaned back against Calum allowing you to look up to his wandering eyes, “Calum you can touch me, I won’t break,” you urged, his hazy eyes seeming to light up. 

 "What about me,“ Ashton interrupted, "Is Calum allowed to share with me?" 

 You had never felt tension so thick between the three of you. It had always existed but was never so evident; no one was working to prevent its further escalation. Calum and Ashton’s hands were both roaming your skin but not in a familiar manner.

 This all felt new but it surely wouldn’t remain that way. 

 "Shit,” you groaned, “Is this really happening?" 

 "Do you want it too? Daddy wouldn’t mind and I don’t think Calum would either,” Ashton spoke against your ear. His giggly personality was nonexistent in his tone, he was beyond serious.

“Just don’t make her call you Daddy- Unless you want too Sweetie,” Cal replied instinctively. Swallowing harshly you nodded, “What about everyone else,” your thoughts coming a bit clearer as you felt Calum’s breath on your neck, “I can shut this down or we can let it happen. I wouldn’t mind an audience,” he groaned. 

 "Shall we move this party of three to my room?“ Ashton spoke again. "I’d like that,” you began, pausing for a moment before muttering a softer, “Daddy-”


pairing: theodore nott x hermione granger

setting: modern, non-magical, woke up married + fake dating au

word count: 1,436

written for: happy early birthday, kelly!!!!

part: 1 / ?

Theo meets Hermione J. Granger on a Monday.

She moves her shit into the cubicle right next to his, an ugly potted fichus plant and an “Inspirational Quotes of the Day” desk calendar and a trio of small ceramic cat statues that she claims are paperweights but never seem to move from their disgustingly tasteful antique perch above her computer monitor—and she’s bright-eyed and efficient and polite and almost pathological about following up on her follow-ups, about answering her emails on time and sending thank-you notes to the partners upstairs, and she’s annoying, she’s obnoxious, she takes one perfunctory, judgmental glance at the cases Theo’s chosen to work on and demands to know how he sleeps at night with a moral compass so irretrievably broken

He meets her on a Monday.

He listens to her deliver a scathing diatribe about the correct pronunciation of “route” on a Tuesday.

He decides he has to fucking hate her on a Wednesday.

And—according to the Comic Sans timestamp on the corner of their complimentary Little Chapel on the Prairie memory box—he marries her on a Sunday.

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twelfth-doctor  asked:

Kara is nervous about spending her first thanksgiving with Cat's family instead of the Danvers. (She's torn between loving the Grants so much and missing her familiar routines & traditions)

They’re picking out Halloween pumpkins when Cat casually mentions it, leaning against the barn door at the farmers’ market that’s the only acceptable place to pick out seasonal produce. She has her sunglasses on despite the gloom, despite the fact Kara points out they draw more attention than not wearing them would. Cat has her habits, and she’s dealt with fame far longer than she cares to talk about, so Kara lets her be.

“It’s my year, with Carter. I had Christmas last year, so Thanksgiving this one. We don’t usually do much, just the two of us. Still, I thought you’d like to be part of it?”

Kara’s heart sinks just a fraction as she smiles. Cat has gotten much better at asking instead of just making hurricane-like plans and sweeping Kara up in them. They’ve been dating since the spring, and it’s a semi-public secret that Kara isn’t sure how they’re pulling off, but she’ll endure just about anything from paparazzi or the internet for the sudden feeling of Cat’s arm around her waist, pulling Kara close. 

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The Plan

Edited by the lovely Christine!

Veronica Lodge was standing behind Kevin Keller’s locker door when he closed it, ready to go meet his friends outside for lunch. Raising an immaculately groomed black eyebrow she offered her arm which he quickly accepted and linked together as they began to walk.

“So our dear Betty has been getting awfully close to Jughead lately” she started, a playful, knowing glint in her eye

“I noticed,” he started before he noticed the smirk on her face, “Wait, what do you know that I don’t? Ronnie, spill!”

“Welllll,” she drawled slowly, teasing him with a gloating smile dawning her perfectly lined lips

“Betty may have mentioned that he’s ‘really been there for her’ lately….” she hinted

“They’d make a cute couple” Kevin concluded tilting his head slightly, brown hair coming out of place as he considered the possibility, before giving his dark haired companion a mischievous smile.

“I’m glad we’re on the same page Kev.” A playful glint came to dark her eyes as they met his.

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before, after

hey guys, been a while! back again with a phan fic! I’ve been working on this on and off for like, four months now? I hope you like it, please please tell me what you think. 

summary: Dan and Phil have a dying daughter and they deal with it in different ways, both before and after she goes.

warnings: angst, death, mention of depression and suicidal ideation in the past. if you come across any unmarked triggers let me know and I’ll fix it!

also, side note, my favorite musician ever, the tallest man on earth (that’s just a stage name he’s like 5′7″), released an EP with ymusic and it’s absolutely fucking beautiful, i highly recommend it

length: one part, ~9k


The air smells warm. It smells of old books and tired carpet, of a furnace turned up too high. Phil is the only one in the pews, and the soft yellow glow of the sconces throws ellipses of light on the wall behind them. It’s so quiet here on a Monday. The ceilings are so high but the room feels so small; the cross at the altar feels close to him, even though he’s in the middle row. He fumbles with the small stack of paper on the back of the seat in front of him, and wiggles out the short pencil from its holder, wondering if there’s a special store churches buy these from.

It helps to write down his prayers. If there’s a record of what transpires when he comes here, then what he asks for is more likely to happen.

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Pompeii 34


Sakura placed her dreamcatcher downstairs, looking around guiltily as she did so. She knew that her friends would have a quite a bit to say about what she was about to attempt. Sakura covered the dreamcatcher with a sheet, hoping that her recklessness would pay off. It was a gamble, but for the answers she sought, it would be more than worth it.

Sakura climbed the stairs to her apartment once more, blinking as she saw Sai sitting outside her front door. He hadn’t been there five minutes prior, but Sakura was becoming accustomed to the abrupt comings and goings of those around her. Time and manners worked differently in Pompeii than they did in New York and she had to remember that.

“Hi Sai,” she said, pushing open the front door as he stood. “What brings you my way tonight?”

“Yamato and your neighbor are bickering again,” he said as he pushed past her, seeking the haven of her couch. He curled himself up there and watched her with unblinking, doleful eyes.

“Again?” Sakura repeated. She moved into the kitchen, rummaging through her drawers and grabbing a melatonin tablet. She chewed it, grimacing. It was just as well that Sai had arrived. Sakura was too keyed up for sleep at the moment. She might as well bake. “Have they been fighting often?” She paused in her search, thinking. “They did just fine at dinner the other night. It was awkward, but neighborly dinners often are.”

“Ours are not,” Sai pointed out. “They are conversing outside from their balconies. It seemed tense. Perhaps I misunderstood. You mentioned having dinner with them. Perhaps it is part of a specialized mating ritual?”

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Astrology of the Week

Wednesday, December 6th

Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn at 28° of Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Libra, both at 28°

Mars in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius, both at 28°

Saturday, December 9th

Mars enters Scorpio

Sunday, December 10th

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, both at 24°

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces, both at 11°

Stay with it.

Long enough to learn what it wants to teach you. Long enough to get the gift. Long enough to learn of the release it wants to help you reach.

The skies are currently filled with teachers of intensity. Whether we want to be or not, we are in their class until they say we pass.

Don’t fail yourself.

This week as Mercury, now retrograde, makes its second conjunction to Saturn, the deities of consequences are working double time. These two drive home the messages we get too stubborn to take in most times. Saturn grounds us. Often feeling like the keys to our car have been taken away, along with all other privileges associated with our freedom, this grounding requires we get still, even if we desperately wish to flee the scene.

Stay with it.

There are solid lessons to learn here. Ones that teach staying power. Persistence. Strength.

While Mercury and Saturn come together, they both sextile Mars as it moves through the last degrees of Libra. Here, Mars lends its stamina to both planets.

It’s important to tell ourselves, repeatedly, that we have the strength to succeed.

As Mars moves into Scorpio (there until January 26th), this theme picks up. Here Mars is in one of its home signs. Here, it has incredible strength. Here, it moves in secret. In the shadows. Into the deep mysteries of life. With Jupiter already in Scorpio, Mars is given a special lift and Jupiter is given greater depth. Mars rules our desires. Jupiter our faith.

If what we believe in doesn’t have staying power, it won’t serve us in any kind of long-term way.

Mars in Scorpio ups the power that Jupiter has to play with. This means that the area of our chart that contains Scorpio gets a boost. It’s not the kind of power you want to mess about with if you don’t have respect for its magnitude. Scorpio is the sign of secrets. Since Jupiter entered Scorpio, we have witnessed what was long withheld as a well-known secret, magnified for all to bear witness to. As Mars joins Jupiter, extra emphasis will be placed on what has been occurring in private. Much will be exposed that was unethical, abusive, illegal and unacceptable.

Deep reflection, contemplation and thoughtfulness are needed as we move through these days. Mercury and Saturn are asking us to pause with the information we gather. The best way to go forward is to understand what mistakes have been made in the past. Reflection is a highly underrated attribute. This week encourages us to try it out as we get served with the realities that are up for review.

*Your Weekly horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest.

Aries & Aries Rising

Look for what you can learn from others. What power is gifted to you through your experience of partnership? What are you learning about sharing, merging and combining your energies with others? What resolve is forming within you that allows you to grapple with the more complex of your psychological issues?

There is a sturdiness available to you. Pour yourself into it.

Your power is amplified through the partnerships that challenge you to grow honestly. Without skipping a beat. Without fluffing up your ego. Without shaming you into submission. Take note of who in your life is invested in healing and evolving. Who is truly transforming themselves through the hard work of introspection and aligned actions. Who is developing themselves in powerful ways without their success being at the expense of those around them.

None of us are able to do this flawlessly. All of us will go in and out of consciousness in regards to how our actions are impacting our environment. But it’s the effort to stay aware of our process that counts. It’s our effort to keep finding the courage that it takes to right our wrongs that adds up to our integrity. It’s our effort to strive for growth-enhancing feedback rather than personality praise that helps us live our best life. This Mercury retrograde would have you go for nothing less.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

The sheer power of your feelings cannot be denied. The magnitude of your impact on others should not be underestimated. The intensity of your experience is important to hold with a great deal of conscious awareness.

It’s impossible to always know what to do with the emotional energy that others evoke in you, but it’s completely within reach to witness it while it’s occurring. You are responsible for knowing where you are emotionally (which is its own journey with a big learning curve), but you are allowed to be unsure of what to do with it.

When in doubt, write it out. Put the pen to paper. Put yourself on the healer’s table. Put your body, mind and soul in places and spaces where you can vent until you feel empty of excess baggage.

Each emotion that we feel carries with it considerable power. Direct this power towards specific containers when it feels unruly. Direct this power towards trusting in the process of your life when it feels unencumbered by chaos. Direct this power towards developing a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics and what they are teaching you. With Mars in your 7th house of committed partnerships until January 26th, you are given ample opportunity to learn lessons around intimacy. We are all at different stages of our development around this topic. Make sure that you aren’t assuming your partners, business or pleasure, are at the same place as you are.

Some of the world’s greatest wounds come from folks not knowing how to be respectful of one another’s boundaries. We have an exceptionally hard time navigating intimacy with others, personally and collectively. Unpack the information that arrives with these opportunities slowly, so that you can experience the powerful transformations that they can provide you.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

Mars enters Scorpio this week introducing you to a six-week long look at the power of your routines. This is an invitation to spend more time developing strategies that can help you get ahead with certain work projects and career ambitions. Every major accomplishment starts out as a minor movement. A seemingly unimportant action. A small offering. This transit reminds you of the power and the importance of putting your attention on the present moment. On what you have agency over in the here and now. On what you can encourage yourself to get done day to day.

Stick with the habits that help your progress. Keep strategizing about ways to trick yourself into doing what you don’t want to, but need to, get done. Keep watch for the mysteriously magical relationship between acceptance and ease.

As Mercury gets deeper into its retrograde it brings with it a myriad of lessons that come through your most important partnerships. Keep reviewing them. Try not to rush through them. Many of the systems that we live within tell us to keep going. To power through. To rise above. But when it comes to the heart, so much of our development happens in the struggle. Love your partnerships enough to wrestle with what is there so that you might be better able to love them in all their complexity and beauty. The boundaries that you develop and adhere to here will serve you for a long time to come.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

This week asks you to get familiar with the edges and boundaries of your deadlines. Responsibilities weigh heavily on your time table. Like fruit too burdensome for the vine, your projects need you to labor in their fields so they can eventually be set loose on the world.

As you do so, remember those that your work serves. Remember how the work might be helpful once it gets out in the world. Remember that if you want to make an impact there are things that you have to put up with. Like hours that won’t stretch themselves. Like days that are too short. Like weeks that are too long. Like things going wrong.

Rightly so given this astro.

How can you take responsibility for your way of working given the conditions that you are in? The obstacles that are in front of you need to be met by an incredibly exacting use of your time. Don’t waste what you haven’t got.

With Mars moving into your 5th house of creative energy, projects and productions, you have a powerful ally at your side. But powerful isn’t peaceful. Mars rouses your passion, but it needs to be channelled with precision. Consider the ways in which you might put this energy to use. Ways in which you might direct it towards the creations that encourage you to recognize your own strength. Ways in which you can focus yourself to get done what you need to, then revel in the pleasures and passions that await you.

Leo & Leo Rising

There is power in getting grounded. There is an energetic force of life to connect to. There is support at your base.

Tap in to it.

Look back at what has driven you all this time. Since childhood. Since before birth. Since your memory began. What has been the through line of your life? What desire has dominated your decision making? What need motivates you most?

As Mars spends the next 6 weeks in the part of your chart that deals with all of your (in)security issues, you get to experience the power of securing a connection to yourself. Security is a state of being. It’s something that we can only truly create from within and nothing from the outside world can rearrange it once we have it. Mars wants to help you become a master of this method of being.

As Mercury works its way through its retrograde, it asks you to deepen your study of your creative energy, projects and pursuits. What do you need to be more mindful of in regards to your energy? What do you need to give yourself permission to create? What do you need to allow yourself the freedom to experiment with while developing the discipline it takes to understand it from all angles?

Virgo & Virgo Rising

As Mercury routes around the base of your chart and life, it pulls up all kinds of forgotten facts. Memories. Receipts.

Receiving confirmation of an old wound can be healing, but it can also be re-triggering. Take time with what you discover. Take time with what is coming to light. Take time with what and how you review your past as you parse out what it might mean for your present and future.

Mercury’s retrograde points to the hefty responsibilities that you bear in regards to home, family or your parents in particular. This material is nothing new, it’s just needing your careful review.

As Mars moves through Scorpio for the next 6 weeks, it works on awakening your appetite for pleasure. For passion. For gloriously dirty dalliances. For the pursuit of all things beautiful in your life.

There is a creative power and potency that you are afforded at this time. One that has a confidence in its own abilities. A swagger in its step. A sauciness in its sentiment. Leave time and space open to explore this aspect of yourself. Help the energy find appropriate channels to be poured through. Invest in what helps you feel potent. Encourage your inner flirt to find places and spaces where it is appreciated and able to play.

Libra & Libra Rising

Apply patience and persistence in your most important communications. Make sure you get a chance to communicate what you need to and then let go of any expectations about the response. Your schedule may be unfairly packed solid at this point. Do your best not to take on what you don’t have time for. Do your best to put off what isn’t pressing. Do your best to teach yourself the power of no.

No. The complete sentence that never stops giving.

There are most likely things in your day to day life that need to be reassessed. Take a look at what you dread doing, what is dead weight, what doesn’t have to be on your plate, and imagine doing away with it. If you feel much lighter when you do, that’s a pretty big sign it’s time to let it go when you get the chance to. You may need to wait until after Mercury has completed its retrograde (December 22nd), but you can use this time to revise any necessary escape routes or exit strategies.

As Mars moves into Scorpio for the next 6 weeks, it will be up-leveling your ability to develop your resources. Go for what you want. Defend, protect and serve your sources and resources of income. Be a brave warrior for your professional life. You might notice that one of your greatest assets is your courage. Put it to use as much as you need to in the coming weeks. This is your time to experience the power that you possess to support yourself and the projects you are passionate about.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Understand your rage. Its power. Its origins. Its velocity.

It is incredible fuel for creating change. Or for destroying everything in sight. The more we hold it consciously, the more we can direct it creatively. Cunningly. Conspiring with others that are interested in mastering their tools of transformation.

With both Mars and Jupiter in your sign you are prone to be more connected to your power. To hep this along try to meditate on it. Sense it. Allow yourself to sink into your strengths. Remind yourself of them. Situate yourself so that they are central to your days. To your creations. To your entire set up.

Allow for the release of pent up emotions to surface. They are pockets of energy withheld from the rest of your life. Frustration is an incredible teacher. One that points to places of un-lived potential. One that tells us some talent has been misdirected. One that lets us know that it’s time to pay attention to a part of our lives that hasn’t had the chance to flourish.

This astrology wants to help you remember what you are made of. It wants to help you remember how to hold both your softness and your strength. Growth that doesn’t help you deepen isn’t going to take you far. Allow space for both your beauty and your beast to have a place where they are appreciated.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Being different is an asset. A power. A resource to draw from.

Staying true to your differences requires that you trust what makes you unique. What gives you strength. What helps you move against the tides of conformity.

What enables you to break away enables you to know yourself no matter what. No matter who approves. No matter whose love is conditional. No matter whose faith in you waivers when you wave your true colors.

This week celebrates your ability to be yourself. Come pressure or praise, the more you refuse to be defined by another’s standards, the more you’ll be able to express and assert yourself in the world as you wish to be. Mercury retrograde helps you to review all the ways in which you can be of service to yourself.

As Mars enters Scorpio, you are connected to an internal supply of power and resilient resplendency.

This is period where what you are incubating has a potent and powerful container to develop within. Don’t be afraid to keep somethings for yourself. Don’t feel pressured to reveal the whole story if it isn’t ready for sharing. Don’t worry about being perceived as secretive. Some creations need that kind of protection and you are the only one that can give that to them. Be a protective parent to the creations that aren’t yet ready to be in the world on their own.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

With Mars in Scorpio for the next 6 weeks, your connections have a powerful impact. Your meetings have extra wattage. Extra ability to move you in the directions of your dreams. Extra potency to move your current reality towards a future you feel passionate about.

What might seems like a chance meeting can turn out to be a defining moment.

Introduce yourself to folks that you most wish to work with. Notice whom in your existing social structure supports your overall expansion while digging the depth of your character. Say yes to the people that come bearing opportunities. Grand and teeny tiny. Everything you do with others grows this year.

You claim your destiny every time you make an effort to get to it. Let it know you are on your way.

As Mercury moves deeper into its retrograde and the part of your chart that hides things from you and reveals them when you least expect it, you are most likely getting inundated with information from your subconscious. There isn’t much to do with this but witness it. It’s coming to consciousness so that it can be better understood, healed and put to use. However, the ways in which you do this aren’t always straightforward. You’ll have to follow the clues and listen for the cues. Seek to hold all the parts rather than to fit them together.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The next 6 weeks inundate you with a drive to get things done. Professionally, this is a high point for you. A time when you aren’t willing to withhold the magnitude of your power. A moment that you’ll be able to look back on and marvel at the importance of what you got done.

What you start now might take a little time to grow, but the seed of it carries big and broad ideas, capacities, and abilities to leave an impact. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t underestimate the importance of every ounce of energy that you put in. Don’t wonder too much about knowing what to do next. There are events lined up, awaiting your availability.

Keep it moving. Get to what you are passionate about. Spend your time and energy on what you are dedicated to putting out into the world. It wants to be there so it can strut its stuff and do its thing. Don’t get in the way of its groove. Serve the work. Be the best backup singer you can so that your labor of love feel yours.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

It’s time to seek. Soar. Look far into the future. This week’s surge of astrological energy wants you to run wild with your long-term plans.

On the one hand.

On the other hand, while Mercury is retrograde it’s best not to try to pin anything down to a specific date or time as so many situations are bound to shift within the next 3 weeks. The best way to work with this is for you to allow yourself to dream the biggest, deepest, broadest dreams you can. Call up the courage to allow yourself to explore all options open to you. Call in the belief that it is possible for you. Recall all the ways in which you have limited yourself in the past only to realize that it was totally within your reach.

Promise yourself you won’t do that this time around.

If you had the expertise, what would you pursue? If you had the confidence, what would you try to do? If you had the encouragement, what would you accomplish? Give that to yourself and get on with chasing your dreams each and every day.

mage0flight  asked:

Can I ask about the SF/UF skelebros best friend headcannons are?

Heya, Mage! I don’t do Underfell, so I’ll be just sticking to the SwapFell brothers! :)


– Oh boy, you must have a pretty strong personality to have become best friends with this one. He’s a bit of a wild one - to the Underground (and later, the surface) he’s Sans the Sinister, the cunning and pompous leader of the Royal Guard’s Canine Unit. It’s tough to approach him without needing to weave your way through multiple obstacles - some of which include his loyal team and his snarky demeanor.

– But assuming you’ve gotten past all of the above, Hunter is going to be one of, if not the most supportive person in your life. And it sounds odd at first, but you have to understand - supportive in Hunter’s terms is on a bit of a different level than ours.

– As much as you’ll probably argue, he’ll have your back whenever it counts. And he’ll show you by [ACT]ing. Example: You believe you’re not good enough to win that 100 meter dash competition in a few weeks? He takes you to an empty track and summons a single blaster to chase you as you sprint. He’ll step up to you after and wave off your possible trauma to show you his stop watch - you just beat your regular time! You can argue all you want about how of course you beat it, you were being chased by a floating skull with a beam glowing in its mouth, but he’s going to refuse to hear it. Because the fact is you did it.

– On the flip side, he’s not one to let his loved ones go astray. He’s going to keep them on the best path as well as he can, and if that means forcing you to see that your current partner is a cheating asshole by making you come with him to see them in the act yourself, then so be it. He’s not afraid to go to potentially harsh lengths to make you see that what he thinks you’re doing is foolish.

– You may end up being one of the only people other than Hound and his S/O to see his soul. It’s got so many cracks, chips that have fallen away long ago, and he’s self conscious about it. For as much as he does his best to take care of himself, he will never be able to fix what his world has done to his being, and it hurts him to look at it. As his best friend he trusts you to look at it with no judgement, no fear that he may be too fragile a monster. It’s going to be a significant moment in your friendship, when he reveals it to you, and it will be the moment you know you’re going to be bonded for life.


– In contrast to Hunter, Hound is difficult to befriend in a different sense. To outsiders, he’s an intimidating, broad shouldered skeleton that stands at nearly 7 feet tall. He’s heavily scarred, suspiciously quiet, and never reacts to anything. His poker face is not easily broken, which usually scares off a lot of people who try to speak to him. They’re either put off by that, or maybe by the loud and annoyingly constant presence of his older brother.

– If you take the time to get to know him though, you will have a friend for the rest of your life. Hound is a devoted friend and confidant to his loved ones, someone who will work towards your happiness without rest. And you wouldn’t even know it, either, because he expresses his friendship in a more subtle way than his brother.

– He’s always looking out for your emotional and physical well being. If you texting him about cancelling your sleep over because of illness, he will still show up. Not out of stubbornness or inconsideration, no, but out of concern. He’ll carefully put you back to bed and get you things you need. Medicine not in your cabinet? He’s gone to buy you some. Unable to get up to make yourself food? He’s already in the kitchen, preparing three different little meals for you in case you can’t keep the first ones down. He nurses you back to health himself and then sits at your bedside to listen to your sick rambling if you need him to.

– When you need to vent, Hound is the perfect person to turn to. He actively listens, holds you if you need to break down - and every once in a while, he says something so profound and thoughtful that it might flip your entire world upside down.

– He’s a bit forgetful when it comes to things related to him, but for you he is like the biggest memory bank ever. He knows all the dates that are important to you, how you take your coffee, the little tells that reveal your moods. He wouldn’t be able to remember these things without prompting though, so you’d have to ask him about it. He makes for a great calendar.

“Rus, do you remember what I was supposed to do on Wednesday?”

“you were going to meet up for coffee with your friend and go to the post office.”

“Thanks, dude!”

–  He’s also a very affectionate best friend, so expect to be hugged in any mood. You’re sad? Hug time. Extremely elated? Hug time, only he lifts you into the air a little so he can laugh when you flail a bit. He pats your head a lot, too, but it never feels condescending. It’s always fond - you’re probably one of his favourite people, after all.

Belgian Waffles, Hot: A Gravity Falls One-Shot

hey all you guys gals and nonbinary pals im back at it again with the stangst fics i hope you enjoy this along with all of my other works will be posted on my AO3. please feel free to let me know what you guys think!!!

Summary: Stan, in the midst of his grifter days, runs into some old friends.

“And that’s how you mop the floor. Oh, and, Sal? Make sure you wring the mop out before you put it away.”

I already know how to do this, Stan thought sullenly, remembering the days he and Ford had spent working in their father’s pawn shop as kids. He was somewhere in Kansas, currently living as Salvatore “Sal” Elmwood, an honest man making an honest living. Here at Crazy Bill’s Pancake House somewhere in the middle of Kansas. Where his manager was a gross 17 year old kid named Marty. Who had a face filled with acne and braces.

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A Student Seating Shipping Planning Session

read on ao3

summary: in which miss bustier is a shipper who just wants her otp to be canon, and she’s willing to recruit her colleagues to do it.

word count: 1311

a/n: this is the first fanfic i wrote from over a year ago, so i figure it should be the first that i post on here too. just a warning, it’s not meant to be realistic, and the genre leans heavily toward crack. hope you enjoy!!

“Welcome to the first student seating planning session of the school year,” Miss Bustier announces cheerfully as the screen behind her illuminates in a full-screen presentation. “Let us begin!”

Ms. Mendeleiev and Mr. D'Argencourt stare back at her with blank faces. Miss Bustier guesses they’re a bit upset that she called them for a teacher meeting so early in the morning.

Mr. D’Argencourt slowly raises a hand. “Excuse me, but why am I here for this?”

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anonymous asked:

“There is a lockdown drill that’s lasting a really long time so we’re stuck in a dark room crammed under a desk together. Wanna talk about our feelings now?” AU for jared/evan? it's k if u don't wanna i don't wanna overwhelm u if u already have a bunch ;;

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH this is for @munchiezxx, who said they needed more evan/jared, and then i got this ask, so it was meant to be…

They’ve been hidden under this desk for about ten minutes now, and they’re both getting pretty hot, pressed up against each other. Jared feels like hot coals against Evan’s clammy skin.

The other kids have begun to whisper, wondering why the lockdown drill is lasting so long. They’re mandatory at least once a year, but usually only last about five minutes. Evan checks his watch again.

He and Jared are sitting across from each other, their backs pressed against each side of the desk, with their legs completely intertwined.

Jared sighs, “This is so lame.”

Evan nods slowly, “You’re not wrong.”

“I know.”

Evan swallows dryly, “So, how has…your week been?” It’s painfully awkward and stilted, but Jared, for once, doesn’t comment.

“Pretty chill, I think, nothing major. You?”


There’s a pause, a quiet that fills their small area. They’re off in the corner, separated from the rest of the class, hidden. Jared sighs, “I know that-” just as Evan begins, “Look, I-” Both of them stop talking simultaneously. Jared motions vaguely for Evan to continue.

Evan shakes his head, “You can go.”

“Okay, so… Here we are, underneath this desk, and…what happened last week-”

“It isn’t a big deal, I don’t-you don’t have to… Say anything about it.” Evan feels like this conversation would be much better suited for a time when they’re out in the open, with several feet of space between them, where it isn’t 90 degrees. Jared, apparently, does not.

“I don’t mind. Just, if you-” Jared sighs, looking down. “If you regret it, that’s-”

Evan shakes his head roughly, wildly, “No!” He glances around, lowering his voice quickly. “I don’t,” he whispers. “I don’t regret it.”

His mind fills with the image of Jared’s body against his, the feeling of Jared’s lips pressed to his, Jared’s hands in Evan’s hair, of that Wednesday evening, five days ago, when everything felt like it fell into place.

The image has stayed locked in Evan’s mind, relentlessly replaying for the last one hundred and sixty-eight hours.

“Oh.” Jared stares at him for a few moments, fidgeting with his glasses. “Oh,” he repeats.

Evan freezes, his eyes widening. “Do you regret it?”

“No, no, not at all. I don’t. I really don’t. I thought you did? If you don’t, though, that’s great. That’s great.” A smile is spreading across his face, and relief spreads through his body. “So do you want to, you know…”

“Oh! I-yes,” he nods to himself, his hands tensing. “Yes, I do.”

“Me, too.” Jared leans closer, and he’s so warm and lovely, and he looks at Evan like he’s the only thing in the world, the only real thing, the only true thing.

Evan’s hand finds its way to Jared’s, their fingers lightly intertwining, and he can’t stop smiling.

Jared grins, too, “So, I’ll see you Friday night, 8 o’clock, Hansen?”

Evan chuckles, his eyes bright, “You sure will, Kleinman.”

And suddenly the space under the desk seems a lot less cramped and a lot more cozy.

Let’s Talk

The bright glow of our timer blurring the cream carpet in a crimson haze, air filled with the scents of sweat and cheap candies. I felt the familiar burn in the crooks of my eyelids, it had to have been past noon. All we ever seemed to do was run, Dan and I. The live shows and concerts, remembering lines for shows and developing games, Starbomb and NSP, all of it. I love everything about what we do, and I know Dan enjoys the consistency of our working patterns, but maybe it was all just getting a bit too stressful for me. It all seemed to chisel away at my patience, like the anxiety boiled within my own skin. But one thing always simmered me down, and that was the thought of Wednesday. The hours where i’m basked in darkness with nothing but my best friend and, if I was lucky, a SNES game flickering on the television screen.

“I don’t know I think I just enjoy the feel of it more, ya know?” I mumbled excitedly, accompanied by Dan’s giggling. “Like the big buttons, the bright colors, it was just so simple back then.”

“Indeed it was” He grumbled mid-yawn, feeling his weight sink deeper into the couch. I hunched a bit with my feet planted on the ground, biting and scraping my tongue against my teeth in concentration.

“uuuUUGH” I felt anger seep through my teeth as the 8 bit music plays away my death comically, feeling the body beside me rumble in laughter. “IT’S NOT EVEN FAIR DUDE!” I wailed in typical fashion, the remote dropping from my turgid fingers. Another stream of laughter pours from Dan as I slump back into the couch with a long, histrionic sigh.

“Next time on Game Grumps! We actually do something… Arin” He looks at me with a sly smile and the same shadowed, sleepy eyes. I found myself lost in their warmth before taking in his comment and responding in the same playful, sarcastic tone.

“Oh don’t give me you sass, Daniel” I retort as we both chuckle away, saying our usual goodbyes and flicking off the recorder.

“Holy shit dude it’s already one” Dan mumbles as his face ignites in the bright light of his phone, causing his droopy eyes to pinch together in a way that makes me chuckle lazily.

“Yea and we gotta recording sesh for Starbomb tomorrow as well, don’t we?” I murmur, relieving my burning eyes by fluttering them closed.

“Ugh, we do” Dan grumbles, stretching his limbs in all directions. “I don’t know if I can drive home” My arms limp at my sides and head quirked towards the ceiling, I felt stuck in a trace of exhaustion and alertness, marveling at how quickly today passed and how everything felt so slow now. My senses tingle, tongue dense and sticky with energy drinks and sodas, head buzzing with stressful thoughts, and yet something that could pierce even the life draining from my lips. Something so faint and distant, yet so close and overwhelming that it made my cheeks burn, was the scent of Dan as he scooched closer to me. “Arin, are you feeling alright? I know you drank and ate a bunch of things that you weren’t supposed to today” I couldn’t find it in my heart to lie to him, nor did I have the strength to speak. I was always stuck in this limbo, not to close but not to far. Scolding myself whenever I dared to cross any line, because no matter what we were in this together, and none of my unwillingness to control or deal with the problem that has been stapled in my head could change it. It had to stay this way, it was the only way for me, for us to be happy. Then why, why did it hurt so much?

“Arin?” He cooed once more with a hint of fear, causing my breath to hitch.

“Dan, Danny I’m sorry, I-” saying and moving all too quickly, causing his eyes to widen with surprise. After a long, melancholic sigh, I mumbled “Tired… just so, so tired” with shame sticking in my throat. He blinked, eyes searching me as if he was looking for something.

“You never call me Danny, something’s gotta be up” his tone is soft, too soft for its context. After a long and painful silence, I murmur something without thinking.

“I want to stay”

Dan chuckles over my shaky breath.

“Well hey man, I have no problem with that. Maybe we’ll finally watch something from our list of movies” He says with an infectious smile, the ‘everything will be okay’ smile that he wears so well. I flinch and quickly stand while doing so, refusing to let him see the mixture of nervousness and glee within my eyes.

“Sure, let’s pick something out”

We settled with Lord of The Rings, Dan, as he promised, nearly tearing up at the beginning of the movie. We had a way of talking over movies and shows while they played, creating an environment that was warm and inviting. And me, no matter how drowsy I was, never fell out of that flow. It felt almost second nature to talk with Dan, feeling empty and lonely if we haven’t talked in awhile, no matter how many of our friends were around. It was that kind of companionship that everyone could sense off of us, an unbreaking bond even after such a short period of time. It was special, it was one of a kind, and it was something I couldn’t ruin.

“Hey Dan?” I mumbled after a long while, wanting to ask about why Hobbits were so damn hairy on their feet. But as I heard no response, I turn to see him slouched over the end of the couch in a position that screamed pain down my neck and back just looking at him. I chuckled and arose to my feet, approaching his slumped form. His hair was scattered in all directions, a strand caught on his lower lip and matted there. Bending down to kneel in front of him, I instinctively wiped the strand from his lip, but froze and silently scolded myself after doing so. I coil my arms around the back of his knees and across his backside, heaving him off of the couch. A light breath puffs from his mouth as he wraps his arms around my neck sloppily, head taking shelter against my shoulder blade. My heartbeat was rapid, the smell of sugar and his shampoo blanketing me.

Why do I torture myself like this?

I nuzzle my chin against his mess of curls and gingerly carry him out of the recording room, the air chilly and thin. Most of the lights were off except for the cerulean aura by the Portal bathroom and the overhead bar lights, my room casting a shadow of ruby pink. The door creaks softly as I enter my office, monitor still flicked on and my sofa piled high with pillows. I kneel carefully and plop him down, unfolding a fringed mulberry blanket and covering his curled up body with it. Turning away to avoid staring at the mauve bags under his eyes, I grab my own pile of pillows and push the computer chair near the door, resting myself on the chilled floor. It was better than sleeping on the couch, the cushions often sagged and sucked me into it. But maybe I didn’t want to be alone, or, more shamefully, maybe I wanted Dan’s company.

“I think it’s uhh… this way!” A voice shouted excitedly from somewhere. It sounded like it was smothered by a veil of cotton, distant and muffled. I immediately opened my eyes once more as the immense cold bit at my cheeks and fingertips, eyes searching an abandoned city with ash scarred buildings and shattered windows.

“Follow me, dude. I can see it from here” Dan cooed to me, tone thick with giddiness as my right hand suffused with warmth. I look behind me to see him wrapped in a blue scarf and a football beanie, dragging me through the snow as tumultuous clouds drifted above. It was a ghost town, and i was more worried about the lack of movement then Dan slipping his boney hand into mine.

“Dan?” I ask with anxiety acutely in my tone. Daytime, the sun nowhere in the sky but shining so brightly off of the white snow.

“There! The little red motel!” He says, speeding up and making me stumble after him. All of the windows were black and the paint was chipped, clashing against the blank brown and grey buildings that stretched to the horizon. Something was wrong.

“Dan! Please s-” The curb halted my movement, causing me to collapse into the snow. My face burned, the sound of Dan’s laughter ringing in the air like the chiming of silver bells. But as my body grew numb and the soft snow started to warm my skin, his laughter grew distorted and sonorous, like he was crying. It was deep and full, shattered by shaky breathing. Dilatory, I jolt upright in a panicked frenzy only to find my skin bare and wrapped in warm blankets, a weight on my chest.

“Danny, Danny are you-”

“Hey there sleepyhead” He murmurs into my ear, dangerously close. His hair tickles my cheek, lips on the nip of my neck. He was on me, and the ceiling was coated in a thin layer of ash.

“Dan, what’s going on?” I croak, raspy and loud compared to the stillness, clutching him close to me.

“Shh… Arin, babygirl, it’s okay…” He glides his hands down my waist, making me shudder. He is the only thing I can smell. “I hope you don’t mind… you looked like you were having a bad dream” He puckishly licks my neck and I can’t help but gasp, squirming at every stroke of his fingertips. I tremulously coil my hand around his cheek and pull him into my eyesight. The purple tinge in his face was gone, now abundant with youth and happiness. His eyes were bright and mischievous, a sly smile as he bites his lower lip.

“Beautiful…” I murmur with a breath, watching him giggle as I lean forward, causing my heart to flutter. The strings bounding my chest releases along with my breath. Soft, wet lips overlap my chapped ones. I felt my heart being poured out into the sheets below us, my hand rubbing circles into his scalp. It’s all over so quickly, him pulling away and saddled upon my chest. I was left breathless, but he looked completely unaffected. Was there something wrong with me?

“No… this…” I turn to see a wall completely blackened with tar, there was no door that I could see of, and the room was tiny and packed together.

“There’s something… wrong”

His weight dispersed from my chest, but not long after did I feel a tremendous force from within my own flesh. The bed creaked under us as my head was left bounded to look at the wall, leaving a irritable pain in my neck. I couldn’t move.

“Dan there’s something wrong with my neck” I say in what I think to be a shriek or at least a voice of some volume, but all that came out of my mouth was a susurrated whimper of jumbled syllables.

My lungs seemed filled with water, any attempt at moving led to no result. I was stuck staring at the wall of oil, and not longer after did I catch Dan’s shadow in the corner of my eye holding something white. He swished the walls with it, leaving the surface dulled. A sweet hum filled the room, something that seemed a little familiar, but hit me like a boulder when I realised what he was singing.

How I wish… How I wish you were here…

His movements suddenly became spastic, causing me to panic as he wipes the surface of the wall quickly and unnaturally, like time was speeding past me.

We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl… year after year…

I wanted to wail his name, yet my lips remained sealed. My fixated eyes watched him rub the sordid walls until they glossed over like panes.

Running over the same old ground

Skin dried and everything inside me burning, I watch the sunset from the walls, a city beyond igniting in a flurry of lights until time stilled once more.

What have we found?

The same old fears…

Dan shimmied to the center of my eyesight, pale and coated in sweat, pressing a hand to the glass. My blood ran cold as I felt the air around me shift. The skyscrapers soared beyond his silhouette, wind battering against the glass until it collapsed. The brisk air hit me like a tidal wave, his feet still suspended on the edge. I screamed and cried, pleaded for the nightmare to end, but nothing escaped my lungs.

Wish you were here

Danny turned and looked at me. His eyes were glossy, like he was already gone. He grinned, giggling as the sweet sound filled the room, collapsing into the air as his body flew out of the room. Just with a swish, he was gone.

I gasped, choking on my own spit. My body doesn’t fling upright, but paralyzed with my head crooked to the side. I briskly looked upright to see the familiar padding of my ceiling, but for a moment I don’t hear Dan’s breathing. Snapping my head up, his face appears just a few feet from mine, head resting on his arm and curled up, soft breathing bobbing his stomach up and down.

“Je…sus…” I whimper, feeling tears well and stream down my cheeks, wiping my drenched forehead and collapsing within my curled up form. My heart panged in pain, trying to breathe calmly but instead succumbing to muffled coughing and gagging. Tears seeped into the pillows below me, flowing like an open valve.

“Arin?” I heard Dan’s soft voice murmur to me, thick with confusion. I turn to face him, instantly stumbling to the floor beside me, clutching my shoulders.

“Arin!? Arin are you okay?!” My breath is gone as I look at the amount of fear in his eyes.

“I don’t think so” I gasp, wrapping my arms around him, clinging and basking in his warmth.

“Its okay, its okay just… im here, Arin, i’m here…” His voice drops, low and filled with something I couldn’t quite read. It was almost like he understood. I notice how tightly im clawing my fingers into Dan’s back and I quickly gasp and sputter my neck upright, smoothing my hands and rubbing my palms against his shirt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“Shh, Arin, its okay. I need you to calm down, okay?”

I gulp, feeling his heartbeat hammer in sync with mine. Gradually, we both calmed ourselves, breathing in rhythm and letting our fingers graze skin and hair in little circles. His breath was cold, not hot and encompassing like in the nightmare, chilled and brief in its presence. He was here, in my arms. When I started to calm, I realised what I was doing.

“I shouldn’t be doing this, Dan…”

“What do you mean?” He almost chuckled, voice muffled in my shoulder.

“This is selfish. I shouldn’t be… Im not-” I reel back, Dan releasing me and looking at me with those doe eyes, quirked in amused concern.

“Arin… your not being selfish. Im worried about you”

“No, I don’t have time for people to be worried about me Dan. We both have a busy day tomorrow, too much to do and-”

“Arin” He chuckled, gently taking ahold of my hands and coiling his around my palms, rubbing both thumbs against my knuckles firmly. “Do you remember that one rainy day where I came to you, stressed out and panicking?”

I blink and take a breath, nodding slowly and lowering my head, meeting Dan’s sweaty forehead in the middle.

“You took me into your room, shut off all the lights, and hooked up that weird light that made stars dance all over the ceiling”

A loose tear splashes against my hand, Dan quick to wipe it away and let his grip rest there.

“You sat down and we talked. Talked for hours about everything and nothing, your hand around me and my head on your shoulder. You just… listened. And you were there when nobody else was, you were always there” There’s a moment of silence between us, my grip tightening around his hands. I lift my head to see his reddened cheeks streaked with little tears, eyes dark and intense. It was a look that seemed familiar, a look that pierced me and sent shivers down my spine. His eyes loosened and liquefied me, the words pouring from my lips before I could stop them.

“I love you” I whisper, unable to cover my mouth due to my palms being interlaced with his fingers. There’s the pain in my chest, sharp, overwhelming me in a dense haze.

“No… I…” I part from his gaze, his dark and full eyes, my body buckling underneath.

“Im sorry…” whimpering, I feel his hands loose from mine. It’s over, it’s all over.

“I’m so sorry, Dan. Don’t leave…” I flinch at his gentle grip around my cheeks.

“Don’t leave me…” pleading weakly, unable to hold my head. I look at my friend, my partner. The hot pink lighting coils around his cheeks, hair loose and wild, eyes dark and filled with something I can’t read. But he’s… smiling… A wide, beautiful smile that creases his red cheeks and sends tears pouring down them. My head falters in confusion, hands finding their place wrapped around his wrists.

“I’m not leaving you, Arin. I love you too”

I blink, stilled. Eyes wide, pain frozen over within my chest as the world around me sighs.

“You…” I stammer, but he just exhales a broken laugh suffused with a sob and adrifts close. It didn’t feel dangerous, it didn’t feel like a flame threatening to set my world ablaze. My hands tighten around his wrist as he swoops closer, Id be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. I was terrified. But he was what I needed, my solution.

I flutter my eyes closed just before our lips meet and I can feel it.


Of us, what we are, what we will be. And yet underneath the uncertainty, it’s there.

Desperation. Need.

I press harder against him. I can feel it; everything we’ve hid from one another. Everything we bottle up. Everything we tried to destroy. Our doubts, our pain, what we wanted. It’s all right here.

With a sigh, we split apart, nose to nose.

“Arin…” He croaks, a smile still splitting his cheeks.

His eyes are full of love.

“Yes, Dan?” I sigh in return, the pain released from my chest but something still heavy within it.

“Let’s talk”

Jungkook Scenario: Play Pretend.

Request: Can you do a scenario with Jungkook please? Based on this: “will you pretend to be my date to my family’s holiday party so they’ll stop harassing me about being single, there will be food for you”. Thanks!

Genre: Fluff / Romance

You chewed on your food harder than you actually needed. The constant bickering of your “unfortunate romantic situation” as your family started calling your singleness was giving you a headache.

So you reminded calm on your seat, swallowed the food that felt like cardboard inside your mouth, gripped the fork as if it was a lifeline and raised your face towards the seat of your mother who was happily chatting with one of your aunts about why you were alone and trying to pick up good suitors for you. You smiled perforce, cleared you throat for your family to finally look at you and spoke.

–Tell me when – you interrupted your mother.

–When what? – Now everybody around the table had a surprised face, every pair of eyes was focused solely on you. Why did your throat feel so dry?

–When do you want me to bring my boyfriend over – that was it, you were burying your own tomb and you didn’t care a single bit.

Your father’s jaw dropped, your aunt’s fork fell from her hand, your mother gaped at you from the other side of the table and the rest was apparently frozen by your new released information.

–You have a boyfriend? – one of your cousins asked and you nodded. If you were already caught up in this lie, might as well make it work.

– Of course I do. If any of you had bothered asking me before making plans on your own, you’d have known–

Your mother clapped, her eyes were practically twinkling in excitement and she placed her hand on your father’s forearm. –Y/N has a boyfriend honey! – she smiled delighted to herself. – Bring him home to our holiday dinner next sunday! –

She kept on talking, asking questions about his name, his life, how did you know each other and so on, but you were only ignoring her, staring down at your plate. How were you even going to find a boyfriend within a week?

Suddenly you found yourself very intensely wishing your rice could swallow you down and ease yourself out of all this.

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anonymous asked:

You and Carter weren't sure if you ever wanted kids. You had talked about it a few times, mostly because it's what everyone expects married couples to do, but you always found an excuse to put it off. It wasn't the right time, you weren't ready. Your change of heart happened while you were doing volunteer work with the charity that you and Carter started. Orphaned children in need of medical treatment were brought to the states to be seen by doctors, and you and Carter were there to (1/?)

(2/?) check in, oversee a few things, and most importantly, meet the kids. They were all wonderful of course, but you kept finding yourself drawn to one baby girl in particular, Elena. You and Carter continued showing up to the hospital even when you weren’t needed just to see her. You both adored her. When it started coming close to the time for the children to go back home, you finally told Carter how you felt. “We can’t keep going home without our baby.” You blurt out, stopping in front of

(3/?) the hospital exit. Carter stopped in his tracks, turning to look at you with sheer confusion written all over his face. “That didn’t come out right…I’m just- Elena. Elena is our baby. When we’re with her it feels like she’s filling this gap inside me that I didn’t even know was missing, but know that I know what it feels like to be whole, I feel almost empty without her. We walked out of the nursery five minutes ago and I already miss her. We can’t just send her back.”

(4/?) You’re near tears by time you finish rambling. “So…you’re saying you want to adopt Elena?” Carter asks slowly, trying to process everything you’ve said. “Yes,” you say in response, your voice coming out much smaller than you had intended it to. You can’t quite read the look on Carter’s face and you’re terrified that he’s against the idea. Kids take planning, and you hadn’t planned for this. “Oh thank god,” Carter says before pulling you into a tight hug, “I feel exactly the same way.

(5/6) I kept trying to think of ways to tell you but I couldn’t find the right way to say it. I don’t know why I was nervous though; it’s like you said, it already feels like she’s our baby.” “So we’re doing this?” You ask, pulling back to look at your husband’s face. His beautiful blue eyes are watery and a giant grin is forming on his face. “Hell yeah, we’re doing this.” You pull his face down so his lips meet yours in a sweet kiss. A few weeks ago you hadn’t known if you’d ever want kids,

(6/6) but now you’re starting a family with the love of your life, and nothing had ever felt more perfect.

I can’t really begin to tell you how much I love this and you write beautifully - Gen

Daddy Wednesday™

Pompeii 24

Sakura’s arms ached as she lifted the ragged book between her hands, brushing fingers over the stained cover. She hadn’t a chance to read any of it in all of the excitement, but she knew this was the book Hiruzen specifically chose for her.

Sakura flipped it open, expectant.

There was nothing at all on the first page.

Sakura frowned slightly, rifling through the pages.

All were blank.

Sakura blinked down at the pristine pages, fresh and crisp in comparison to its exterior.

Was this a joke?

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naruto-uzufuckit  asked:

Ayyyye I'm really feeling Stony #3 if you don't mind :)

Aaah, I’m sorry these are taking me so long. >.< Here’s # 3! (”No what the FUCK get that THING away from me!”)

This ended up being about 10k, so I’m going to post it in in 2 parts. As always, look out for the cut.

Pepper had been on his case for about half of forever to go camping. It would be good for him, she’d said. Fresh air, she’d said. He had an air filtration system in the tower that literally made the air inside cleaner than almost anywhere on the planet. Reconnect with nature, she’d said. As if he’d ever been connected in the first place. Get some sun. He could do that on his balcony, or his yatch, or the private island that he was pretty sure he still owned. And besides, melanoma was a thing.

Well, he was camping. And it sucked exactly as much as he’d expected it to, and he was going to make sure Pepper heard all about it. Of course, it was involuntarily camping in the mountains with no tech, no supplies, and no idea where he was except that he was probably still on the North American Continent. He had been in Sacramento, and he was reasonably sure they’d taken him north. If he had to hazard a guess, he was standing on a squishy pine needle carpet somewhere in the Rockies or the Cascades. Fan. Freaking. Tastic.

“Well, it could be worse,” Steve said.

And there was Captain America, crunching up the pine needle carpet behind him. Silver lining – if there was anyone on the planet to be stuck out in the wilderness with, America’s Best Boy Scout was in his top ten. He would have preferred Rhodey. Or Nat. Or that Survivorman guy. But Steve would do.

“We bailed out of a helicopter on top of a mountain with no weapons, no gear, no idea where we are, and no idea if anyone even misses us yet. Give me worse,” Tony invited.

“You’re alive. I’m alive. We’re here together, neither of us is injured, and we do have some gear.” Steve held up the hastily re-packed parachute, which had a small orange flashlight with a compass clipped to one strap. “And if you’re out of telecom link for more than five minutes, people miss you.”

Tony huffed out a laugh. “Right,” he said, but he let his breath out and admitted, privately, that Steve was right. They had made it out of the chopper uninjured (for the most part), and the parachute and its tiny flashlight were a life saver in more ways than the obvious. He reached into his pocket and offered up the folding knife he’d slid right out of one of their captors’ boots and used to cut through their bindings.

Steve’s face lit up. “I was worried you’d dropped it. That’s great. Really, a blade is going to be the best thing out here.”

“Things are already looking up,” Tony agreed dryly. They’d bailed just before nightfall, had managed to not break their necks landing, and had hiked through the night to get away from their landing site. The chopper had whirled overhead with its searchlight for hours until it had turned away for want of fuel. The sun was just barely up and Tony was exhausted, parched, and knew that if he sat down, he wouldn’t get back up. His head throbbed dully in time with his pulse and his lower eyelids felt swollen.

“We can take a break,” Steve said as if reading his mind. “We made good time.” He cast a look around, and then finally gestured to a copse of trees where the boughs of the pines hung low to the ground, creating a shadowy cave. “Should be able to catch a few hours of sleep, but I want to get further away from our landing site before nightfall.”

“Sure,” Tony agreed. He eyed the trees uncertainly – it made a nice picture, but all he could think of when he looked at it was ‘bugs.’ Well, ‘bugs’ and ‘sleep, god, sleep.’ He managed a shrug and stumbled into the deep green cover, dropping to his knees to crawl under the boughs. The ground was covered in pine needles, moist, and smelled like sap and soil. To his sensitive ears, the buzz of the insects was almost overwhelming, but he settled in on his side and turned his suit collar up against his neck. After a few minutes of laying in the semi-darkness alone, he twisted around.

“Are you coming?”

“I’ll keep watch,” Steve said. He shifted so that he was sitting at the entrance to Tony’s den, the parachute pack in his lap. He must have felt Tony glaring at his back, because he tacked on, “You can take first watch tonight.”

Tony grunted. He tucked his head down, and despite the strong scents of pine, rotting vegetation, and the buzz of insects, he was asleep in minutes.


It felt like he’d barely closed his eyes when Steve gently shook him awake. He snarled, ducking back into his jacket, for a moment not remembering where he was or why.

“Tony, it’s getting close to noon. We really need to get moving again.”

Steve’s voice finally impacted through the haze of exhaustion and Tony peeled his eyes open. He sneezed twice and sat up slowly. He ached everywhere and it felt like his throat was trying to decapitate him every time he swallowed. Steve helped him out of the pine cave and he stretched uncomfortably. The way his bones ached made him worry.

“What day is it, anyway?” he asked.

“Wednesday… I think?” Steve offered.

Tony shifted uncomfortably in his jacket and tried to count backwards, but the days were a blur. They’d gotten to Sacramento on Thursday, were ambushed outside the hotel Friday evening. The attack had been fast and well-planned, and they’d been prepared for Steve (mostly by virtue of being prepared for Tony – gun to his head and Steve had come along like a surly cat, narrow eyes and tense shoulders. If he’d had a tail, it would have been flicking). They’d been transported three times – once by car, and then while unconscious, and finally on the chopper. Tony was unsure how long they’d been unconscious, but he trusted Steve’s sense of time better than his own. Wednesday was bad news.

“We’re going to be stuck out here at least tonight,” Steve said, misinterpreting his silence, “But there’s a good chance we’ll run into some kind of civilization soon. There aren’t many places these days that are untouched by people.”

“Sure,” Tony agreed. He stretched his neck, and then shrugged out of his $1,000 suit jacket and tied it around his waist like it was 1981. Steve shouldered the pack, checked the compass, and pointed Tony up a hill. Tony used his hands as much as anything to get himself up the hill, Steve tromping up steadily behind him. Once they crested the hill, Steve took lead and Tony followed in his Italian leather shoes, keeping a close eye on the sky, and one ear out for pursuit. Pepper owed him new shoes for once.

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anonymous asked:

"Give me a reason love you... give me reason to be a woman." Just a prompt for a #49 Renji date. Was thinking how will Renji respond to that. The line was taken fron the song Glory Box by Portishead (a really, REALLY sexy song). You have such a magnificent blog here. i just love all your stories :)

Hello dear anon, thank you for your sweet words about my writing! I’m so pleased you enjoy it and being told so helps me to keep going! You have been so wonderfully patient and this has been sitting in my inbox for long enough. I just couldn’t come up with a scenario that I was happy with! Thank you for the prompt suggestion and the song, it is indeed very sexy! 

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m using your prompt as the sequel to my Renji angst story where reader-chan breaks up with him because she believes he is still in love with Rukia. Here is the link to the first installment: Not Room For Two

When I was requested to do a sequel, your request popped up in my head as the perfect scene to play out their reconciliation. I had to alter one word of the lyric but I hope you’ll still like it. 

Dating Prompt #49 - Candlelit Dinner – Renji Abarai – “Give me a reason to love you, give me a reason to be your woman.”

Renji thought he understood the meaning of the phrase “you never know what you have til it’s gone” when he and Rukia parted after she was adopted. But now, over a month after you broke up with him, he truly gets it. He had it good, way better than he deserved and he threw it away because of an unintentionally wandering eye.

And now he’s paying the ultimate price for his dumbass mistake. It isn’t that he wants Rukia, not anymore…or at least he doesn’t think so. But Y/N’s words have shaken him so much he knows he needs to swallow his pride and confront this issue head on.  So he stops putting off what he should have done the very next day after your fight; he goes to the Kuchiki estate.

After a long conversation with Rukia, in which he receives several head smacks and “how could you do that?” he knows, beyond any doubt, he doesn’t love Rukia, not in the sense Y/N believes him to. Rukia is his best friend (aside from Ichigo) and the one person in the world he trusts with everything because of all the shit they’ve gone through and survived. But he isn’t in love with her. And though he said he couldn’t say it to you a month ago, he realizes more and more the depth of affection he has for you and wonders if it is love.

“So,” Rukia says, “the question now is, how are you going to get her back?”

“I have no fucking clue,” Renji says holding his head in his hands.

“Well, sitting here with me isn’t going to get anything done. Go on, get out of here and talk to her!”

“You think I haven’t tried that?” Renji says standing up and pacing.

“Try again!” Rukia shouts smacking his arm.

“What more do I need to say?” Renji’s eyes are full of pain and frustration. “She won’t talk to me at all! And if I do manage to get her to stand still long enough to string a few sentences together she has this blank look on her face and doesn’t respond. It’s like…it’s like she built a fortress around herself and I can’t get through to her!”

He sits down heavily with a curse.

Rukia remains silent for a moment before asking, “Do…do you want me to talk to her? Maybe she’ll listen-“

“No,” he interrupts with a hand up, “the last thing I need is to put you more in the middle of this. I don’t want your friendship with her affected, this is my shit and my fault, I’ll…I’ll just have to try again.”

Later that evening, as much as it feels like banging his head against a wall, he goes to your house. Knocking on your door he feels his palms sweating and heart racing. When you open the door, the smile on your face falls away; were you expecting someone else? The thought of some other guy coming to see you…Renji pushes it away. Now it not the time to get angry.

Your heart leaps into your throat at the sight of Renji in your door way and you really wish he would just stay away because every time he shows up you feel your resolve weakening more and more; not that you say or show that. You cross your arms, waiting for him to say whatever it is he came to say but he remains silent. Is he waiting for you to talk first?

Eventually impatience, or maybe nervousness, wins over stubbornness and he opens his mouth, “Y/N, I don’t think there’s anything more I can say that you haven’t already heard. I just…please,” his eyes are intense staring into yours, searching for answers you either don’t have or are unwilling to give, “please tell me how to fix this.”

You stare at each other for a long moment, the only sound a rustling of the breeze through the trees. What do you want? That’s the question racing through your mind right now. Because try as you have, you can’t get over him and you refuse to use someone the way you feel he used you, however unintentionally.

Finally, you consent to speak and even though your tone is cold, Renji revels in the sound of your voice that he hasn’t heard, at least not directly, since you left him. “I need you to give me a reason to love you, Renji. Give me a reason to want to be your woman.” Having said your say, you step back and shut the door, leaving a rather confused but exceedingly hopeful lieutenant on your door step.

She didn’t say no, she didn’t say to leave her alone…she…she’s giving me a chance!” Renji thinks. It’s small and he has no clue how to take advantage of it, but you’ve extended an olive branch and now all he has to do is not fuck up again and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be his again.

Knowing he won’t do well on his own, he seeks help from Rukia and Rangiku. “Should you be coming up with a way to woo her?” Rangiku asks crossing her arms.

Renji is close to getting on his knees at this point. “Ran, please, I already screwed up royally, what about me says I have a fucking clue what to do?”

Rukia snorts. “You must really like her if you’re willing to admit that.”

“Are you gonna help me or not?” he retorts.

“What do we get for it?” Rangiku asks making Renji fix her with a glare.

“My eternal gratefulness, if it works.”

“Hmmmmm, nope, not good enough, try again,” the blonde replies.

“Fine, if this works I’ll take you to that hella expensive chocolate shop you both love and buy you a box,” he relents.

“Make it a box each and you’ve got yourself a deal,” Rukia quips, sticking her hand out.

“Why do I even call you friends? Ok, sure, just make sure by the end of this all Y/N agrees to be with me again,” Renji answers shaking both of their hands.

“Oh, don’t worry, this is guaranteed to work,” Rangiku smiles.

On Monday morning, you’re working at your family’s store when a young boy wanders in carrying a bouquet of red carnations and purple hyacinths. He looks over the counter at you and asks, “Excuse me, are you ______-san?” When you nod, he hands you the flowers, a card attached with a white ribbon around the stems. Thanking the boy, you offer him a small piece of candy as a tip. His bright smile is sweet but he remains where he is. “I have to wait for your reply,” he says and you blush slightly. You’re fairly sure who these are from but your heart skips a beat nonetheless when your eyes fall on Renji’s familiar handwriting.

“Y/N, the carnations represent the ache in my heart from our time apart. I’m asking for your forgiveness in the form of hyacinths. Would you please do me the honor of your company on Friday night at 6:30?” -Renji

Looking at the little messenger you nod in the affirmative and he grins, scampering off through the door. From outside you hear him yell, “She said yes!” Giggling you go back to your duties, curious as to what Renji has in mind. 

The next day when you arrive to the shop your mother is staring at a larger bouquet of flowers, pink carmellias this time, in a beautiful blue glass vase along with another card. Opening it you find written, “Please accept these carmellias as a representation of my longing for you and our time together, the days cannot pass quickly enough. -Renji”

“Who are they from?” mother asks.

“Abarai-fukutaichou,” you reply making her eyebrows rise

“Well then, seems he’s come to his senses,” she replies chuckling as she goes back to sweeping.

Every day brings another delivery of flowers. Wednesday its dark pink roses {“I’m thankful for you and the time we will share.”}. Thursday are yellow tulips {“Your smile is the sunshine of my world.”}. On Friday you bound into the shop but there are no flowers waiting. Slightly disappointed you pout a bit but put on a smile for the first customer of the day. You wonder as each new person walks in whether they’ll be delivering the next bouquet but one never comes.

“Aren’t you seeing him tonight?” your mother asks and you nod. “Well then, maybe he’s waiting to give them to you in person. Make sure you dress up sweetie,” she adds and you roll your eyes but nod again.

That night you’re ready at 6:30, wearing a pink knee length dress with white heels and a shawl. A knock at the door makes your heartbeat speed up. Getting up you open the door and find…Rangiku standing there.

“Hi sweetie!” she says pulling you into a crushing hug, “You look so cute! Are you ready to go?”

“Go? Um, I…I’m meeting with Renji,” you say confused.

“I know silly! I’m the one taking you to him!” She winks, “He has quite the surprise for you.”

You feel your cheeks blush. “Am…am I dressed up enough? Should I change? Where are we going?” you ask in a rush.

“Honey, relax! He’d think you look good in burlap! But yes, this is lovely and perfect for what he has planned. Let’s just touch up your make up a bit and you’ll be good to go.” She ushers you into the bathroom as she talks, whipping out lipstick, eye-shadow and powder. In little time at all she’s fancied you up, tugging on your wrist excitedly leading you to the door.

“Wait, did you help him with whatever all this is?”

“Of course doll, but I’d say he gets some brownies points for even asking for help,” she responds as you walk towards the senkaimon; apparently you’ll be in the living world for whatever this is.

“Oh, yeah, I don’t mind,” you reply.

“Rukia helped too, she’s so excited that you’re thinking about getting back together with him,” Rangiku admits but the mention of the initial cause of all this makes you pause. Rangiku looks at you, worried that her words may have just made the whole evening crash and burn. Putting hands on your shoulders she looks into your eyes. “I don’t think you were exactly wrong in your assumptions but give him a chance to prove himself. He…he hasn’t been doing well without you.” Finally, you nod and the two of you continue on your way. She’s right, agreeing to go tonight is a declaration of your willingness to move forward. You’re not even sure what exactly you want to tip the scale from maybe to yes and can only have faith that when it happens, whatever it is, you’ll know what to do.

Arriving to the living world, you’re surprised to find yourself in Tokyo proper headed towards a swanky hotel. “Now, don’t think this is to put added pressure on you, this was all my and Rukia’s idea. Renji was actually a bit upset when we brought him here because he didn’t want you to think he’s trying to…well for lack of a better phrase just get in your pants.”

You giggle and she smiles. “That’s better, you look so much prettier when you smile.”

Entering the hotel, she leads you to the elevator. As you wait for the doors to open she hands you a keycard. “Top floor, room 4023, have fun and good luck,” she instructs giving you a kiss on the cheek before rushing off. The ding of the doors opening makes you jump. Taking a deep breath, you step inside, hitting the 40 button. You step out upon arrival to your floor, heart rate increasing with every step you take towards room 23.

As you reach it you consider what’s about to happen and if you really want to go through with it. But the thought of coming this far, of leading him on and not at least showing up to let him have his say and actually listen is too much. He didn’t purposefully hurt you but if you were to leave now, however justifiable because of your fear, it would be cruel; and you are not cruel.

Reaching forward, you insert the card into the lock, the green light and beep indicating the door to now be open. Pushing on the handle, you walk in and gasp at the sight before you. In the center of a large picture window stands a table, a beautiful candelabra illuminating covered plates. Beside the table is Renji, clad in a black suit with red tie, a single red rose in his hand which he twists nervously. You offer a shy smile, stepping fully into the room and allow the door to close behind you. It’s fitting, somehow, that since you were the one to slam the door on you and Renji, you would be the one to open it again.  

He extends the rose, which you take, inhaling its sweet fragrance. A moment of silence passes as you stare at each other. It’s the first time you’ve been alone since the fight that ended everything between you. Leaning up, you plant a soft kiss on his cheek, whispering, “Thank you for the flowers.”

“Thank you for coming tonight,” he responds, “You look beautiful.” So beautiful, in fact, that all he wants to do is draw you into his arms and kiss you, but he refrains; he needs to take this slow, give you all the time you need to make your decision. Going around the table, he pulls out your chair inviting you to sit. As you settle into your seat he takes his own, pulling off the covers of the plates revealing one of your favorite meals: chicken parmesan with vodka sauce along with delicious garlic rolls and salad with Italian dressing. He’s picked a sweet, blush wine knowing you prefer lighter flavors of alcohol.

“Alright, dig in,” he says gesturing to your plate and you smile.

“Renji, this is…” you trail off, unsure how to express yourself.

He smiles back, reaching across the table to take your hand. “It’s not even a small portion of what you deserve but it’s a start.”

Your heart gives a gigantic leap at his words, the wall you’ve so carefully constructed being plowed down by the wrecking ball of your emotions. Before you say anything embarrassing you take a bite of food, embarrassing yourself instead with the rather loud moan of pleasure that emits when you taste it. Renji chuckles at your flushed cheeks. “I’m glad you like it so much Y/N,” he says taking his own bite. He stops, looking down at the plate and muttering, “Shit, it is that good.”

You laugh and take another bite as you glance out the large window. The view of the city all lit up is breathtaking and you wonder just how much Renji dropped to get this room. There’s silence between you but, for once, it’s a comfortable one.

As he eats, Renji watches you watch the night sky; he can’t believe you’re really here. After so many days and nights of missing you, you’re here. As much as he wants to catch up, to talk like you used to, he appreciates the silence because it’s giving him time to work up his nerve to say what he wants to say.

Before long you’ve both finished your meals, Renji cleaning off the table and rolling the delivery cart outside to be picked up. Now, without distraction of hunger or the act of eating, he’s going to say to you what he should have all along.

You excuse yourself to the bathroom to freshen up your makeup and even take time to pop a breath mint. Entering back into the room you find Renji standing in front of the window looking out at the city. He looks gorgeous with his tall muscular frame attired in such elegant threads. You walk up and stand next to him taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. You see him look at you but don’t return the gaze just yet. A tentative touch draws your attention downward where Renji’s fingers are caressing the back of your hand. Turning it over you allow him to take hold of it. He draws you closer, his hand unable to refrain from cupping your face. His eyes are fixed on yours and you hold your breath.

“Y/N,” he says, his voice low and thick like honey and you have to suppress a shiver, “I know words can be empty and that’s why I haven’t been saying anything until now. I wanted you to be comfortable and enjoy your meal without worry or thinking about what’s going to happen next. I…I know I screwed up royally and that’s putting it mildly. But hear me and understand, there is nothing between Rukia and I but friendship. You are the only one I want.”

Slowly his wraps his arms around your waist pulling you even closer. Tingles shoot up and down your body being this close to him again. It may have only been a month since you’d last been held by him but it feels like an eternity. He keeps talking, thumbs tracing up and down the curve of your waist, “I never told you enough why I wanted to be with you. I just…I assumed you knew how amazing you are but that was stupid. So I’m going to tell you,” he says leaning down closer. His lips are inches from your own, his warm breath (surprisingly minty fresh and you suppose he too popped a mint, the thought making you smile) fanning over your face. “You are the most beautiful and selfless person I’ve ever met. You wear your heart on your sleeve and I’m so sorry I stomped on it because of my idiocy.”

Fingers tuck loose strands of your hair behind your ear, his hand remaining to cradle your head. “I love how silly you are over new manga books when you can get them. I love how you bake Kuchiki-taichou’s favorite cookies when I tell you he’s being particularly asshole-ish. I love that you were always waiting for me at my place when I got home with a meal on the table and a smile on your face. I love that you would come to my sparring matches and cheer me on even though it was just stupid guys having stupid fights.”

Your chest is pressed to his, both your hearts tripping over themselves from the contact. He’s still hovering above your lips, clearly giving you all the control on whether you’ll kiss him or not. He ends with, “I’ve only ever been in love with one other person and it was so painful I thought that’s all it could be, so I avoided it, ignored it, pretended it wasn’t there but…” he swallows once, “I realize now, beyond doubt, that I love you, Y/N.”

He waits with baited breath for your response, frowning in concern when he sees tears sliding down your cheeks but then his brow clears when he sees you smile. All it takes is a slight lifting with your toes to close the distance, your lips sealing over his in a sweet kiss. His hold tightens, one hand splayed across your upper back while the other wraps more fully in your hair.

Renji can’t hold back his passion for you any longer, nipping your bottom lip with his teeth gently asking for permission to deepen the kiss. You open up to him, hands wrapping more firmly around his neck as his tongue sweeps against yours, the sensation sending heat to your whole body from the inside out. When he pulls away to kiss down your neck you gasp, clutching the back of his jacket, eyes rolling to the back of your head. But as he nears your chest you pause; you want this, there’s no denying it but you just can’t yet. You need more time to fully build your trust back and can’t be caught up in the heat of the moment.

A gentle push on his chest grabs his attention. He drags himself away from your tantalizing flesh to look in your eyes. “Renji, I…it’s not that I don’t want to but…we just…I need more time,” you stammer. He smiles kissing you gently but releasing his tight hold.

“That’s fine, there’s no rush,” he replies, “But we do have the room for the whole night. So…would you be ok just sleeping together? I…I miss holding you.”

“I would except I didn’t bring a change of clothes and-“

“Ran took care of that,” he interjects.

Smiling up at him you amend to, “In that case, I’d love to spend the night in your arms. I’ve missed you so much.”

He kisses you firmly before releasing you to allow you to shower and change into your pajamas. Once the two of you are settled in the bed you shift over right next to him, his arms wrapping around you as you lay your head on his chest. The drumming of his heart warms yours. Before you close your eyes, you lean up and kiss Renji once more, whispering against his lips, “I love you, too, Renji.” He grins, hugging you tighter to himself. Before long you’re both fast asleep, finally at peace.