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Vow Breaker - Jon Snow x Reader

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Jon Snow {Also includes Sam Tarly and Ghost} 

Word Counter- 986 Words 

Warning- SMUT, NSFW 

Due to the lack of Jon Snow smut on Tumblr {Which is disappointing} I have decided that there is a need for it. 



You looked him in the eyes from across the table. He winked at you, causing you to blush. Was he suggesting something? How could you tell? What if he wasn’t? 

You watched him wink again and you looked away at Sam who’d noticed your flustered nature. 

“Are you okay Lady (Y/N)?” Sam asks and you nod. 

“Of course I am,” You fake a smile and your eyes flicker back to Jon. 

Suddenly your hand is being nudged and you look down and see Ghost. 

“Oh Ghost, you scared me,” You smile and you lean over and stroke him calmly, his fur warming your cold hands. 

You sighed when Jon stood up and nodded to you both. 

“I’m going to get some sleep,” He says and you smirk. 

“Of course you are, you need your beauty sleep don’t you, Jon Snow?” You grin and Sam chuckles, “Run along pretty boy,” 

“Goodnight,” He says, his voice filling with a slight annoyance and you smirk to Sam. 

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I’m breaking up with you (S.coups scenario)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: S.coups/ Reader


{9.18} Scoupstastu: Y/N!

{9.36} Scoupstastu: Hey, Y/N! Are you still sleeping?

{10.21} Scoupstastu: Babe, they gave me the day off!

{10.37}  Scoupstastu: Are you free today?

{11.14} Scoupstastu: Babe?

{11.17} 2 missed calls from Scoupstastu

You glared at your phone on the table but refused to reply to any of his texts. You felt incredibly guilty but you just couldn’t continue like this. Although you adored Seungcheol, this secret relationship was making you anxious. All those clandestine dates, lying to your friends and family and not being able to see him as often as you wanted was killing you so you had been avoiding him with lame excuses while deciding if what you had was worth it or not.

{11.25} You: Sorry I was taking a shower.

{11.25} Scoupstastu: Don’t worry! We still have the rest of the day. So, what would you like to do?

You bit your lower lip and almost gave in but managed to stay strong.

{11.31} You: Sorry, I’m going out with Ellie today.

He was writing something but stopped. ‘That’s it.’ you thought ‘He knows something’s wrong’. But you breathed again when he replied.

{11.38} Scoupstastu: I see. I’ll go out with the boys then. Have a good time, babe!

 You knew you couldn’t lie forever. You had to break up with him but you needed to get ready first. Ice cream and pizza would give you enough energy to finish with this situation.


`That was fast`you thought when you heard the bell ring. The pizza was supposed to arrive in an hour but you were not complaining. It was never too early for pizza so you made your way to the door shamelessly even though you were wearing nothing but an oversized shirt and your undies. However, when you opened the door, you found yourself standing right in front of your boyfriend.

Panicking, you tried to close the door but he stopped it with his foot and pushed you aside to come in and lock the door behind him.

“Sorry, did you just try to close the door when your boyfriend came all the way to see you?” he asked with a dangerous smile. He was beyond pissed.

“No! Of course not!” you lied laughing nervously “You scared me, that’s all. I thought it was Ellie, she should be here anytime. Anyway… Do you want something to drink? Some coffee, maybe?”

“I want you to cut the crap” he replied.

“Wh-what?” You asked in disbelief.

“Ellie is visiting a friend in France” he said showing you his phone. There was Ellie’s most recent Instagram post. You mentally cursed her for having a public account.

“So” he continued walking towards you, “are you going to fucking France for the day or are you finally going to admit that you’ve been avoiding me for weeks?”

“…We need to end this relationship” you finally said. There was no point on lying anymore.

His expression softened a bit but he still looked angry. He didn’t say anything and let you speak instead.

“I can’t do this anymore, Seungcheol. You never have time for me-“

“That’s not fair, Y/N. I’ve tried to see you many times these past days but you always had an excuse.”

“YES. Because I couldn’t just pretend I was fine hiding this from the world! I’m fucking tired!

This was the first time you had ever yelled at him. This was your very first argument and neither of you knew how to handle it.

“Do you think I like it? Do you think I like knowing that another man could be trying to take you away from me while I’m on tour?!” He raised his voice.

“See?! We don’t even trust each other anymore. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to tell my friends I don’t need a blind date. I might as well go to the next one-“

“You are not going on a blind date! You are MY girlfriend!” he growled possessively getting close to you and cornering you against the wall.

“WE. ARE. BREAKING. UP” you yelled exasperatedly.

“The hell we are” he hissed and crashed his lips against yours roughly. You moaned and kissed back, pulling his hair. He groaned and grabbed your wrists, pinning them on the wall.

“You look damn hot when you’re mad” he whined between kisses pressing his hard on against your core. “Look what you’ve done to me.”

You gasped and wrapped your legs around him. “Yeah?” you teased “Maybe I should avoid you more often.”

“Are you willing to face the consequences, though? You are about to be fucked until you can’t fucking walk” he warned. You huffed and were about to reply when you felt his fingers massaging your clit.

“Mmh… You’re so ready for me baby. I could just slide in and you would take my cock easily”

“Yes! P-please, babe. I need you” you begged.

“I don’t know…” he teased, kissing your neck “You wanted to break up with me just a few minutes ago…”

“I bet the guy Ellie wanted me to meet would have fucked me alread-“you started but were interrupted by S.coups pushing two fingers inside without warning.

“” he asked roughly but you couldn’t do anything but moan helplessly. “Answer me, Y/N. Do you think somebody else could make you feel as good as I do?”

“I- I guess I’ll find out soon” you said looking at him directly in the eyes.

“Yeah?” he asked using that raspy voice that made you fall for him long ago. “Let’s see what your date says when he sees you arrive all marked up” he said positioning both of you on the floor and ripping your shirt off. You were speechless. He had never behaved like this before.

“Seungcheol, I’m not going on a d-date, ok? I didn’t-fuck. I didn’t mean it” you said caressing his face. He kissed your hand and said “I’m not risking it” and started attacking your neck and chest, leaving a trail of dark marks while massaging your breasts.

You palmed him through his jeans and he moaned before sucking on one of your nipples. You pulled the zipper down and took his already hard cock out to start pumping it. He cursed and took his shirt off and for a moment you forgot everything just looking at his abs. It had been so long since the last time you had seen him like this. Not only he was incredibly attractive, he was also a great boyfriend who always tried to make you happy. Who would be stupid enough to break up with such a man? You, apparently. Your mind stopped wandering when a particular twist of your wrist made him arch his back and roll his eyes in pleasure while moaning shamelessly.

“Fuck babe, yeah” he said before kissing you passionately. You increased the pace of your hand and he pulled away gasping and trembling. “S-stop, Y/N. Give m-me a minute” he said holding your wrist. However you didn’t listen and caressed the head with your thumb. He cursed and took your panties off sloppily. “You love teasing me, don’t you?” he breathed out positioning himself between your legs. “You better be ready, baby girl.” He said before sliding in in one go. Both of you moaned and stayed in the same position for a few seconds before he pulled out of you mid-shaft and slammed back in.

“O-oh my g-god” you gasped. “I’m not gonna last”

“Me n-neither” he moaned speeding up “But don’t worry, babe. We have the entire d-day” he said kissing you sloppily. “We-fuck. We can do this all day” he gave you a hard thrust that made you scream out in pleasure.

“S-seungcheol! Bab-ooh mmh-OH FUCK” you moaned in bliss tightening around him.

“Shit Y/N… Y/N, mark me” he whispered.

“W-what?!” You said opening your eyes incredulously.

“Bite me, suck me, scratch my back, just do something” he begged.

“Babe, the-the company-“

“I don’t care, Y/N. Please. I-oh fuck. I want everyone to k-know you’re mine and I’m y-yours” he managed through heavy breathing. You kissed his lips before sucking and biting his neck.

“Fuck….fuck yeah. Y/N, babe. So good… Nnh” he moaned, his hips gone wild.

You arched your back, shaking as you felt your orgasm building up and came while your nails left red marks on his back.

“I love you, I love you, I love you- uuhhh” he chanted over and over before he felt his release too and bit your shoulder, coming with a grunt.

“…I love you too” you said kissing his cheek after you two had calmed down.

“Don’t break up with me then” he said tiredly and you could feel the pain in his voice.

“I won’t. But we need to figure this out”

“…I know” he replied.

You caressed his cheek and were about to reply when you heard the bell ring.

“Fuck. The pizza.” You said pushing him away and running to your room to get some clothes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go. I still have my pants on” S.coups said.

“WHAT. No, don’t you dare! They could recognize you-“ you warned from your room but it was too late. You heard the door opening and your boyfriend casually talking to the pizza guy as if he wasn’t an idol, shirtless and all marked up in some random apartment. When the door closed you left your room and faced Seungcheol, who looked way too relaxed for what had just happened.

“Babe, do you understand what you just did?” you asked him softly.

“Yeah” he said opening the pizza box.

“What’s going to happen now? I’m sure the pizza guy could tell who you were”

I don’t know. We’ll figure it out. The only thing I know is that you’re not going on a blind date.” He shrugged.

You smiled and kissed him tenderly.

BTS reaction to coming home and getting spoiled by you

A/N: Hello! If it isn’t too much could you do a BTS reaction to coming home and their gf has prepared their favorite meal for them, has a hot bath ready, and gives them a full body massage after they’ve had a long, tiring day? If not, I understand. Thank you :)

Jin / Kim Seokjin

“Princess, what are you doing there?” Jin asks as he enters the kitchen, just returning home from a long day of filming. “Thursday is normally my day to cook something for us!” he states as he comes closer to you glimpsing at the food you are preparing. “I know.” you chuckle, turning around to him, soflty grabbing his neck to pull him down into a kiss “But I want you to really take care of yourself, and you already worked so hard today. Now it’s my time to spoil you, so why don’t you get comfortable in the living room. Dinner is nearly ready.”. Suprised he smiles at you, gently rubbing his hands up and down your waist leaning down to soflty kiss your forehead before he leaves to the living room. Just as you arrive at the dining table, a plate with a huge lobster on it, Jin lights up the final candle before opening up his favourite white wine. “You’re too good to me, princess.” he softly states, reaching for your hand to gently squeeze it thankfully. “Only the best for you!” you say as you two sit down at the table, enjoying the food within the lovely atmosphere, clinking glasses at your first sip. As you two finished your meal you get up to clean up the table, shushing Jin away as he attempts to help you “You can go to the bathroom, babe. There is a flower bath waiting for you!”. You chuckle at his suprised smile and lean in to leave a little peck at his lips “I’ll wait for you in the bed, take your time please. I really want you to enjoy it.”. After you cleaned the kitchen, including the dishes, you head to the bedroom, preparing your last suprise for the day. As Jin finally steps into the bedroom, only a loose towel wrapped around his waist, radiating a beautiful smell of flowers, you pat on the bed, signaling him to lay down. “I thought you would really deserve a massage. So please get comfortable and tell me where it hurts.” you say as you shift in your seat, ready to go to work. Smirking, Jin takes a seat on the bed and leans forward to you, faces only a breath apart, leaving you flustered. “My lips.” he chuckles and you playfully hit his arm before you give in and lean closer, connecting your lips for a gentle kiss. After detaching himself from your mouth he softly whispers “But next time, it’s my turn to spoil you again, princess.”.

Suga / Min Yoongi

Quite absorbed in cooking you don’t even notice Yoongi came home from work until you hear his voice say “This smells really good”. Startled you turn around and smile at him, saying “Oh, welcome back! I’m preparing Bulgogi, but I still need some time.” and turn back to the kitchen counter. “Do you need help?” Yoongi asks as he steps behind you, putting his arms around your waist. “No, but I have a hot bath ready for you. Feel free to use it while I’m cooking.” you answer and place a kiss on his cheek. Yoongi raises his brows “What’s up with you today?” as he slowely lets go of you. Sighing you reply “You’re working so hard, I’m afraid you’re not resting enough. It’s important to treat yourself from time to time. Now go and take a bath, I need to get this done.” focused on preparing the meal. “Okay, okay. I’m on my way.” Yoongi chuckles as he walks into the bathroom and remains standing in front of the with candles decorated bathtub, taking some time to enjoy the sight you created for him. Meanwhile you start setting the table with tableware you’d normally use for feasts and light some pretty candles you’ve bought for this occasion. After arranging all the food you’ve prepared on the table you take a break and sit down, waiting for Yoongi to finish his bath. “Thanks for preparing a bath for me, is dinner ready?” Yoongi asks as he steps out of the bathroom, about ten minutes later, only dressed with a towel around his hips. You nod your head with a grin on your face and get up, taking a quick look at the table to see if everything’s as perfect as you intended it to be. “Okay, I’ll just put on some clothes.” he says, hurrying to the bedroom. “Don’t stress yourself!” you call after him and take place at the table. Yoongi finally returns with a cute smile on his face and says “This looks really good, Y/N.” as he sits down and starts filling his plate with food. Seeing him eat properly feels so satisfying you can breathe easily again “I have another surprise for you when we’re done eating”. Immediately Yoongi looks up from his plate, asking “What, there’s more?”. You nod and give him a smirk as you reply “Yes, I’ll give you a full body massage until you fall asleep”. And for a few seconds Yoongi just looks into your eyes and smiles, not being able to find any words for his happiness. “I’m not telling you often enough, but I am so glad you are mine, Y/N.”

J Hope / Jung Hoseok

“I’m back, Y/N.” Hoseok says as he enters the apartment, already hearing your footsteps. Hurrying you slide across the floor, almost falling, and run up to Hoseok to engage him into an affectionate hug as you whisper into his ear “Welcome back, dear.”. After appreciating your arms around him for a while Hoseok lets go of you and cups your face in his hands, saying “Are you that happy to see me?” with a bright smile on his face. Happily you nod and start showering his beautiful face with pecks that make him smile even more “I hope you’re hungry, cause I prepared tons of gambas for you”. Hoseok gazes at you in disbelief, asking “What, really?” as he takes your hand and walks into the kitchen, seeing the well-laid table “You really did that. Thank you so much.”. Proudly you grin up to him and place another peck on his cheek, mumbling “Have a seat, you’re going to get spoiled tonight”. Not waiting any longer Hoseok takes place and enjoys having dinner with you, talking about work and how sorry he feels that he doesn’t have much time for you lately. As soon as he finishes eating you stand up and take his hand, saying “I have something else I want to show you.”. With a clueless look on his face Hoseok stands up as well and follows you into the bathroom, where he sees the hot bath you prepared for him, decorated with flower petals and a pleasant smell emitting from the water. “Oh, Y/N! I don’t know what to say, you don’t have to go that far for me. I’m happy enough with just having you around.” he says shyly covering his wide grin with his hand. Chuckling you answer “Why are you acting all embarrassed now, just enjoy it!” and start unbuttoning his shirt. “Yes, uhm, I can do this myself, Y/N” Hoseok responds and stops your hands from moving any further, not being able to hold back his smirk. Seeing his face you can’t help but gently pinch his cheeck, saying “What kind of thoughts are you having, huh? I still have something to do while you take a bath, see you later!” before turning around and leaving him alone. “We’re not taking the bath together?” Hoseok calls after you, alreading knowing the answer. While your precious ray of sunshine is busy relaxing in the bathtub you wash the dishes and clean the table before preparing the bedroom with shining aromatic candles and wait on the bed for Hoseok to find you. “Here you are!” he says after finishing his bath “I see you have another surprise for me”. Slowely you get up and pull him next to you on the bed, whispering “Oh, yes. I’ll provide you with the best massage of your life”. Hoseok smiles softly in response, letting his hand glide over your cheek “I can’t wait for that, Y/N.”.

Rap Monster / Kim Namjoon

You’re already waiting at the door for Namjoon, since you heard him enter the staircase and open it for him as soon as you hear the sound of his keys. “Welcome home, Namjoon.” you smile and step aside for him to enter. “Hey, babe.” he says as he steps in and leans down to place a kiss on your forehead. “We’re having Tonkatsu today, but you might want to take a shower first.” you respond while closing the door. Namjoon starts smiling shyly “Why, do I smell?”. You chuckle and shake your head as you pat his shoulder “Don’t worry, I just need you to go to the bathroom while I’m cooking”. Confused Namjoon walks away and a few seconds later you hear something like a surprised “Ehhh!” coming from the room. Amused by his reaction you step behind him and rest your head on his shoulder, saying “Ta-dah! While I’m cooking you can enjoy your hot bath”. Namjoon immediately turns around to you, pulling you close to spoil your mouth with a long kiss and only lets go from your lips to whisper “You’re the best, Y/N!”. Perplexed by his strong reaction you feel your face turning red and look aside “Well, you’re working even harder than usual lately, so I thought I’d give my best too.”. “I really appreciate it.” Namjoon says as he detaches himself from you, then adding “I’ll take my time and enjoy the bath you prepared for me!”. With a big smile you nod and leave him alone to cook the Tonkatsu you promised earlier, having just enough time for that plus setting the table until Namjoon walks into the kitchen, already dressed in comfortable clothes. “You’re already done?” you ask. Namjoon grins and sits down at the table, replying “I couldn’t wait to eat your food, that’s why.”. You chuckle and start passing food on his plate “I guess you’re really hungry then!”. Namjoon nods in response and joyfully shoves the food in his mouth, clearly enjoying the meal. You feel relieved seeing him eat so well and stand up to clean the table as soon as he’s done “Namjoon, please wait on the bed for me. There’s another thing I want to do for you tonight”. He raises his brows as he gets up, saying “I’m looking forward to that.” before leaving. A little while later you enter the bedroom just to see that Namjoon already fell asleep waiting for you. “He had a long day of work after all.” you think as you put a blanket over him, softly kissing his head.

Jimin / Park Jimin

“Hey, babe!” you jump up in joy as you hear the frontdoor opening up. As you enter the hallway you face a rather messy Jimin, scarf up to his nose and beanie low to prevent him from the cold. Before he can peel off his jacket, you wrap your arms around him, nuzzling your face into his neck. Chuckling at your affection he gently holds you tight, soflty kissing your temple. “I’m sorry you had to wait for me, kitten. Practice took us so long since we’re so tired lately with all the performances.” he apologises after you let loose of him. “Don’t worry, due to your stress I want you to really relax this evening. I made your favourite meal!” you say in anticipation as you walk back to the kitchen. “My favourite? But it changes all the time.” Jimin questioningly asks as he hangs up his jacket. Amused you stick your head back through the doorframe to smile at Jimin “I know. That’s why I made pork, duck and chicken!”. With a beaming smile he follows you into the kitchen and sighs as he hugs you from behind, trying not to disrupt you handling the food “You know me better than I know myself.”. He chuckles and nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. As you serve the food on the dining table, Jimin lights up a little candle, winking at you as you just roll your eyes and laugh at his cute idea. After finishing the food and cleaning the dishes Jimin drags you to the sofa, turning on the TV to watch something rather unspectacular, actually just wanting to cuddle. The moment you got comfortable on the sofa laying halfway down, Jimin gets on top of you, head cuddled into your chest. “Thank you, Y/N. I love you.” he says as he looks up to steal a kiss from you. “Anytime, babe!” you answer, gently letting your hand wander through his hair as he curls up on top of you. Bending down you kiss the top of his head whispering a soft “I love you too.”.

V/ Kim Taehyung

Just in the moment you turn off the water for the bathtub you can hear Taehyung entering the apartment. “Y/N?” he soflty calls for you, checking if you are still up, unsure since it’s already late. Quickly you get out of the bathroom to greet him in the hallway, a huge grin on your face, happy to suprise him. “Hey, how was your day, babe?” you ask him as you wrap your arms around him, pulling him in for a firm hug as you gently press your lips against his. “Way better now that I see you!” he chuckles a response, stealing another kiss from your lips. Taehyung looks really tired and exhausted as you let your fingers wander around the contours of his face, gently stroking his cheek with your thumb. “Come here!” you say as you drag him to the bathroom, not able to see him this tired any longer. Confused he follows you and crooks an eyebrow as you are heading to the bathroom, not knowing what to expect. “I want you to relax, ok? Like, really relax!” you say, tightening the grip of your hand around his as you open the door to reveal the prepared bathtub. Classical music is softly playing from the radio you set up and the humid air is slighty scented, nearly unnoticable, as the water steams in an inviting way. In the muted light Taehyungs face begins to glow as he takes in the scene and your hopeful expression turns into a smile as soon as you see him smiling himself. “Let’s get in!” he says and instantly starts to undress himself but as you start to walk out he holds onto your hand “Where are you going? You have to get in as well!”. You slightly chuckle and respond “I want you to relax, I won’t be much help with that.”. But Taehyung just holds onto you closer and you chuckle at his big puppy eyes. Unable to resist you strip out of your clothes and slowly get into the hot water, positioning yourself at one end as Taehyung joins you seconds after. He positions himself between your legs, back facing you so he can lay down, his head resting on your chest as you start to massage his shoulders. “This is so much better than alone.” he softly whispers looking up to you with loving eyes and all you can do is respond with the same gaze. Your hands slowly travel over his back as you start to massage up and down his spine “Everything for you.”.

Jungkook / Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook is suprised as he sees the lights still on as he enters the apartment after a long evening at an award show. He quietly gets in, trying not to make a noise as he gets greeted with a scent of freshly baked Pizza from the kitchen. Getting rid of his jacket and shoes, he is suprised to see no one on the kitchen as he peeks through the doorframe. “Y/N?” he softly calls out your name as he steps into the living room, as the perfectly set dining table gets into his vision, napkins neatly folded. Not getting any response Jungkook walks through the living room, planning on searching for you in the bedroom as he notices a glimpse of hair on the sofa. His lips form a soft smile as he sees you curled up on the soft fabric, holding tight onto the alarm clock, obviously fallen asleep. Gently he kneels down infront of the couch, caressing your face with his hands as he softly wakes you up “Hey sleeping beauty, I’m back home.”. Slowly your eyes flutter open, clearly confused what is going on and why you are in the living room. As you slowly get up you realise why you are here and the moment your gaze falls onto Jungkooks soflty smiling face you can’t help but smile yourself. “Hey.” you whisper against his lips before you connect them with Jungkooks, glad to finally have him back home. “I am so sorry, I guess I fell asleep waiting for the food to get ready.” you say with a guilty look on your face. “Don’t be sorry Y/N! And having a look at your alarm the Pizza is ready in 5 minutes.” he states, grinning down on you as he helps you to get up from the sofa. “Please get comfortable babe, I want you to finally get rid of all the stress you had lately.” you shout as you get back to the kitchen. As you come back with the Pizza in your hands his smile seems to brighten the whole room, enjoying every bite of it as it would be his last. You chuckle as he finishes nearly all his food in an instant, proudly grinning at you when he is completely done but as he gets up to clean up the table you stop him. “Please Jungkook, I’ll handle that. Why don’t you get into the bathtub? I already let you in a bath with your favourite soap.”. He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close and kisses the tip of your nose “What would I do without you?”.

Failure or Success?

Pairing: Kim Seokjin x female!reader

Words: 1,401

Warnings: Sexual content and swearing

Genre: Smut and a tiny bit of fluff

Requested by Admin X

Description: You try to cook breakfast for your boyfriend, however, when you burn the breakfast, Jin has to eat something else…

~ Admin A

The dusty clouds of smoke rose up as the fire alarm triggered and sentenced your idea of serving your boyfriend, of two years, breakfast in bed a failure. “Shit!” You hissed out through your coughing, running over to unplug the toaster oven that housed your burnt bread. After unplugging it, you grabbed a magazine and begin to fan the smoke away from the fire alarm.

“What the hell did I wake up to?” You heard a voice behind you, startling you as you turn around to look at Jin. Eyes wide and coughing your lungs up. I bet I look so damn attractive right now, you thought. Jin, however, looked like a prince, and he just awoke.

“I-I tried to make you breakfast?” you stuttered before smiling awkwardly, pointing at the toaster oven that had finally released the rest of its smoke. “It did not go well…”

“I can see that,” he laughed, walking up and rising up to turn off the alarm, leaning down to kiss your forehead “It’s the thought that counts.” He looked down at what you were wearing, his eyes widening slightly when he saw you in his pink button up shirt, no pants on. Your smooth legs on full display till they disappear and is left to the imagination as the shirt covers your thighs. All he could now think of was if you were wearing underwear underneath it all; and if you were, how quick he could slide them down those seductive legs of yours.

You snapped your fingers in front of his face, a small pout on your face. “Jin? Eyes up here, babe” you snickered, trying to act cocky, but the looks he gives you still bring a blush to your cheeks. You crossed your arms over your chest, which just made him groan out as your breasts pressed together.

“Now you are just teasing me…” he whispered huskily, a smirk growing on his face. He begins to back you up against the counter, leaning down to place his lips just a cm from yours. His breath tickling and making you frustrated to feel them on yours. “You know I don’t like it when you tease me” he mumbled, eyes boring into yours, devouring you. Now if only he would actually devour you.

“You know…The kitchen is your favorite place…” you began then the words would just not exit your mouth. You knew what you wanted him to do, but your shyness took over, making the words catch in your throat.

“Yes, it is, and I am awfully hungry. Instead of toast… I’m sure you are more delectable between your legs.” he smirked, knowing the wording was cheesy, but that was one of the reasons you fell in love with him. Bad jokes.

Finally, his lips connected to yours. Sweet and delicate before it gained intensity. It soon became desperate and needy, tongues melding and teeth nipping at each other’s lips. His lips trailed down from your lips, sucking once he reaches the sensitive spot below your ear. You couldn’t spot the whine that escaped. His grip on your hips tightened, pulling you against his hips, making you feel his growing member. You slid your hands up his bare chest, biting your lip at the feeling of his muscles as they dip and curve. He then pulled back to pull the shirt open, a groan following as he sees your bra-less figure, sadly wearing underwear.

He leaned down, kissing the valley between your breast, reaching up to tweak a nipple between his finger and thumb. Enjoying the way your back arched, pushing your breast further into your hand. While playing with the nipple on your right breast, he kissed to your left one, drawing the nipple between his teeth and tugging gently. You were a moaning mess, and he hadn’t even touched you where you were desiring him the most.

“Jin, please. Touch me” you whimpered, looking down at him, gripping the counter tightly.

“I am touching you, love” he teased, pinching the side of your breast, making you squeal. “Is this not where you want me to touch you?” he tilted his head ‘innocently,’ trailing his hand lower to rest between your inner thighs “Am I getting hotter? Or colder?”

“Hotter! Definitely hotter, please” you kept whining, trying to grind against his hand, craving friction. His hands continued upwards till he was cupping your mound, his middle finger curling under to rub against your clothed clit. Your thighs began to tremble, your head tipping back.

It happened so quick, suddenly your underwear was at around one of your feet, your leg pulled up onto his shoulder and you looked down to see his head buried between your thighs. His eyes looking up at you as he kitten licked your pink bundle of nerves.

“F-fuck…” was moaned out, your mouth agape as his beautiful, plump lips wrapped around your clit, sucking softly while flicking his tongue now and then. You reached down and gripped his hair tightly, pulling him closer to your dripping core. He pulled back only to lick a finger and to slip it within you, curling it upwards and massaging your walls. You curled your toes, crying out in pleasure as the knot begin to form within your stomach, but it was stopped all too soon.

“Not yet, baby… We cum together.” he stood up, licking his finger clean and sliding his pants down. Spinning you around, he pulls your backside towards him. “Grip the counter,” he whispered, placing his hand tightly on your hips, his other hand gripping his cock and rubbing the tip along your slit, gathering your wetness. You did as he asked, gripping the counter and pushing back against him.

“Dammit! Jin, fuck me alread-” you were interrupted by his length sliding into you, a groan getting caught in his throat. He paused for a moment, allowing you to adjust. You reached back and placed your hand on his, silently telling him to move. He wasted no time in snapping his hips forward, the lewd sound of skin echoing throughout the kitchen. His pace was smooth and quick. Him ever saying he had no rhythm was complete bullshit.

Leaning your head forward on the counter, you were surprised by the hand grabbing a handful of your hair and pulling your head back, forcing you to look up at him. He grabbed your thigh and lifted your leg up, thrusting up into you. The knot appeared again, and definitely tighter than it was.

You reached up and tapped his elbow, asking for him to let go of your hair, he did and you cocked your head to the side, pressing your lips against his. Your walls were pulsating around his length, signaling your incoming orgasm. And by his thrusts beginning to become sloppy, you knew he was close. You pulled back from his lips, trying to tell him of how close you were, but all that came out were whimpers and moans. He thrusted forward harshly, brushing against your g-spot and sent your eyes rolling into the back of your head. The knot snapping and you accidentally came undone around him. Your walls clenching tightly around him. His hips stuttered as he kept a bruising grip on your hip and thigh, his member twitching inside of you as his cum began to leak out in thick ribbons. Your pulsating walls milking him.

He slumped forward, gripping the counter to help hold him up as he tried to catch his breath. You stayed still in his arms, coming down from your high and enjoying the warmth from his body. After a moment, he slid his soft length out, a grimace falling upon your face at the lewd sound and feeling. He brushed your hair out of your face, chuckling at your grimace before he grabbed a wash cloth, wetting it and reaching down to clean between your legs. You loved how sweet this man was. He could do anything to you in bed, but once it was said and done, he always took care of you

“Ya know, I am actually hungry…” you laughed, buttoning back up the shirt and pulling up your panties once he was done

“I could eat, but you are not allowed to cook anymore,” he smirked, capturing your lips in a soft kiss.

anonymous asked:

Soulmate [24] for Katsuki bakugou. FLUFFFINESSS Please~~~

I went overboard with this and it’s not exactly fluffy, cause in my opinion fluffiness with Bakugou is kinda complicated unless you make him too ooc, but I got so inspired and had different ideas for this so I hope you like it anyway! 

Dreams were a manifestation of your heart’s desires so it was no wonder your soulmate was always somehow a part of them. An important part of them. Soulmates often dreamed together and met each other inside dreams even if they hadn’t met in real life, those were well known facts. You just didn’t know if before your soulmate showed up in your dreams when you were nine years old.

As an impressionable kid, the dreams you shared with your soulmate were always very clear on your mind. They were always in video-games like settings. You were set with your lives, a power uo bar and even an inventory. And the older you got, monsters to fight showed up more often. Though, when your dreams started, there were literally none.

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A Bed of Roses [2]

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Words: 3722

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Superpower!Au

Summary: Superpowers are suppose to make you invincible, someone who could save the world, a hero. It’s not suppose to be like this…not like this.

“Unnie!” You hug her close, a hand over her head and pressing her to your chest. “They’re coming! Wha- What do we do?!”

She quivers and you exhale a soft breath, letting go. Placing hands on her shoulders, you bore eyes into her’s. “Listen. It’s going to be okay.”

But the knot in her stomach doesn’t rest and she holds her trembling hands out, staring at them. “They’re gonna take me away from you! They’re going to kill us!” She screams, a dam of tears rushing out. “This- this curse!”

You’re unable to respond when suddenly there’s banging. “POLICE! OPEN UP!” A fist booms against the door, a thunder beat that leaves the walls shaking. “WE KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE!”

Soomi begins hyperventilating, unable to breathe. “They’re going to kill us! They’re going to kill us!”

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If You Care - Part 8

Originally posted by sefuns

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Epilogue

Genre: Angsty smut

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol / Oh Sehun.

Word Count: 1,875 words

Summary: When Chanyeol’s old friend comes back from studying abroad, you find yourself seeing him less and less. Your boyfriend hasn’t been paying attention to you, so Sehun steps in to comfort you instead.

Chanyeol left you on the bench, saying that he’d see you around. He’d broken up with you, like he’d been wanting to. He felt relieved. He didn’t have to feel guilty anymore. His feelings for Yuna would no longer get in the way of things and he was free. He no longer had to pretend. He no longer had to argue with you or explain himself or try to come up with an apology. He no longer had to do any of those things and he was grateful.

On the way back to the dorm, Chanyeol dialed Yuna’s number. “Hello?” she answered.

“I did it,” he said. “I broke up with her.”

“Did you…tell her that we’ve been having sex?”

“No. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that. I’ve put her through enough…”

“Are you ever going to tell her?”

“I don’t think I will.”

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Greece | Chapter I

Word Count: 2,274

Warnings: PURE F L U F F. (and very long)

Summary: The Reader comes along with the cast on a celebratory trip to Greece, and her relationship with Thomas goes on an extreme roller coaster.

After the final day of filming for the Scorch Trials, the cast decided to take a celebratory trip to Italy. Thomas, of course, adamantly refused to come unless he was allowed to take you, to which the rest enthusiastically agreed to.

As you wait for Thomas to unload your luggage from the cab you rented, you could already see people with their cameras held up, crowding Ki Hong and Dylan. You look over to Thomas who gives you a tight-lipped smile. He hands you the light luggage – since you refused to walk empty handed on trips when Thomas does all the work – and began walking over to the waiting pair.

Dylan was taking a picture with a fan when he spots you two, and he began waving aggressively. “Hey, the lovebirds are here!”

The crowd parted – majority of the crowd rushes over to Thomas, asking for autographs, photos and the like – but his arm never leaves your waist. In fact, when you uncomfortably tried to walk to Dylan and Ki Hong, he only tightened his grip around you and clicks his tongue so quietly only you could hear.

A petite blonde girl began stirring up a conversation with Thomas. All of a sudden you felt so small: she was drop-dead gorgeous. He notices your discomfort, though, and began tracing his fingers up and down your waist – something he always did to comfort you.

The girl’s voice suddenly turned small. “Can I grab a picture with you?” she was preparing to hand her phone over to you. Bitch.

“Oh – actually… we have a flight to catch. I apologize.” He gives her an awkward side hug – as if to make up for the wasted photo – and leaves the crowd in an uncomfortable stance, their gaze playing on his hand on your waist. Thomas doesn’t usually refuse photos with his fans, but he knows quite well how you felt about this certain situation, and did what he had to to get rid of that feeling.

You heave out a big sigh, and he looks at you knowingly. “We’ll talk later, princess.” He nuzzles his nose in your hair.

“Hey, cut that crap out, come here, you…” Ki Hong pulls you from Thomas’s lung-squeezing grip and gives you an even more suffocating one. “I missed you, you never show up on set anymore. Newtie boy here taking care of you good?”

You giggle as you give Dylan a bear hug. “Missed you too. College is just… ugh. And yeah, he’s great.” You look over to Thomas, who is smiling at you fondly. “I’m planning on moving in with him in a few months.”

“Oh, geez. Look at ‘ya. All grown up.” Ki Hong smirked. “Well, Y/N, if he misbehaves, just let me know so we can knock some sense into his blonde head.”

“Oh, shut up, Ki, let’s get going,” Kaya jumps in, and excitedly began leading the way.

Thomas links arms with you and bent over so his lips was leveled with your ear and he whispers huskily, “Just to be clear, sweetheart, I do intend on misbehaving a great deal on this trip, and I do prefer you don’t tell Ki Hong about it.”

You were probably as red as tomatoes now. You glare at him, and his laugh confirmed it.

The plane had three seats per column – which earned a few stares at you two. “No one’s sitting with those two, so I guess I’m sitting with these two right here.” Ki Hong gestures to Dylan and Kaya, who were already pulling out earphones and taking selfies.

“You wanna take the window seat, babe?” Thomas asks as the three take their seats on the column next to yours.

“Oh, sure. Ki Hong’s gonna talk me to death.”

“Your mouth, princess.” Ki Hong grins playfully at you as he puts his headphones on his head.

You were the first ones there, so you had a great amount of time to waste. However, they just got out of work, technically, so all of them, save you and Kaya (who was beyond thrilled), were already dead asleep.

You were in your usual position – your arm was around Thomas, your chin on his chest, allowing him to put his weight on you. He wore a light grey shirt, and you had his scarf around your neck. Eventually, you dozed off as well.


You woke up to a sunrise, Thomas chatting quietly with Ki Hong about some prank pulled during the set. He probably felt you squint at the small ray of sunlight directed at you because he gave your intertwined fingers a squeeze before drawing the curtains.

As if on cue, the pilot began speaking over the intercom, announcing that you will land in approximately ten minutes. There was a hushed bustle about you then, and you sigh and fall on Thomas’s chest.

“You exhausted?” he asks.

“Just sleepy. It’ll wear off.” You mumbled loud enough so he could hear.

“Come on, sport, we’re gonna go try that coffee place Will’s been babbling about, so wake up.” Dylan grins, and Kaya coos.

“She’s so adorable, Thomas, you’re so lucky.” She probably thinks you are asleep again, because she knows how much you hate it when she gawks at your so-called PDA.

“The hell I am.” He chuckles, kissing you repeatedly on the forehead.

You rub his arm to imply that you are awake, but your eyes were still closed.

A stewardess approaches your isle. Well, she woke you up, to say the least. She addresses Thomas in an achingly seductive tone, “Can I get you anything at all before we land, sir?” she moves her arms in a way as to push her breasts upward.

Thomas coughed uncomfortably, and the three look at you pitifully. “Just water for my girl, please. She hasn’t hydrated herself well. Thanks.”

Just when the girl was out of sight, Kaya began. “Awww, look at you, got him wrapped around your little finger!”

“Thomas, what was that for?” you demanded, but you were already internally screaming your lungs out.

“Just gotta tell her I already found my half, love.” Thomas smiled slyly.

“Oh, shush.” You tried to glare at him, but it only resulted in a pout.

“Should have sat between you two,” Ki Hong mumbles under his breath.


Greece was breathtaking. You start the day with a meal in an open-air balcony café after settling in the hotel, under Will’s insistence. It was comfy, lined with couches and low coffee tables and throw pillows, overlooking the sea.

Thomas pulled his sunglasses on and unbuttoned his collared shirt a few down. And even after four years together, you couldn’t help but stare.

“Something you fancy, love?” Thomas teases, and laughs again once blood visibly creeps up your cheeks.

“Stop it,” you whined, nuzzling your nose on his shoulder to hide the embarrassingly visible blush.

“Sorry, baby, you’re just so…” Thomas shakes his head amusingly. “I’m an idiot for trying to describe you.”

You sigh. Why is he so cheesy?

You catch his attention. “Babe, you know where the restrooms are?”

“Down the hall to the left, sweetie.” Kaya smiles.

“Want me to come with?” Thomas sits up.

“I’m good.” You peck his cheek and walk to the bathroom, bringing your purse with you.

Upon exiting the bathroom, you didn’t realize you left your purse open, and it only took one sway of your arm to have all your toiletries flying across the hall. A brunette man in a sweater began helping with the mess.

“I’m so sorry – it must be jetlag or something,” you smile sheepishly.

“Ah, a tourist. Interesting.” English accent. Great. “I’m Paul.”

“Y/N.” you take his hand and shake it firmly.

“What brings you to Greece, Y/N?”

“My friends just finished with their latest project and invited me to come with them here to celebrate.”

“Ah, what good friends you have. Where are you seated?”

“Just the corner of the balcony…” you reply uneasily. Thomas won’t be happy about this.

“Ah. That’s where my buds are as well. I’ll walk you.”

You have no choice, then. You’re both going the same route. Once Paul reached his table, he swiftly takes your hand and presses his lips against it, making you say a little prayer that Thomas didn’t see. That is the last thing you want him to see. “It’s been splendid making your acquaintance, beautiful.”

You smile nervously before rushing to your friends, whose gazes are falling from Paul to you. You scratch your head frustratingly and take your place beside Thomas.

“Who’s your friend?” Thomas asks gently, bitterness playing in his tone.

“Not exactly a friend. Made a mess in the hall and he helped out.”

Thomas gave a sound of acknowledgement and took a large sip of his coffee, his eyes fixed on Paul.

“Don’t do it,” Dylan warns.

“We’re here to have fun, Tommy, relax!” Kaya smiles, her eyes falling on you.

You intertwine your fingers with his, as if marking your agreement with them.

“Alright, alright. Cut the cheap drama. Let’s get back to the hotel then we’ll go around town, yeah?” Will’s voice brought us back down to earth.

“Thomas, try to have fun, alright? Chances are I’ll never see him again.”

“Yeah, I will. But if he does show up again, I’ll give him a talking to.” He sits on the bed, and you stand between his legs, your fingers toying with the hair on his neck.

To take your minds off the topic, Thomas offers to take you to the local bookstore while the others rest.


Well, books, they were your life. It’s what brought you to Thomas. So, once you get past the door, you peck Thomas’ cheek and run to the fictional books. A routine you two know and love. He smiles and walks to the history section.

Newt finds an interesting book, but a certain, four-eyed brunette catches his eye almost the second the brunette spots you, browsing restlessly.

The brunette closes his book and straightens his hair, obviously preparing to approach you, oblivious to Thomas’ glare – an effect of the internal war between strangling the lad and reacting rationally.

The former wins the upper hand. Unsurprisingly.

One step the lad took towards you and Newt already has a firm hand on the lad’s shoulder. “Don’t even consider, bud.”

The brunette looks at him like he’s insane. Maybe he is. “I’m sorry, have we met?”



“Ah. That’s your name.”

“I’m sorry, but what is this about? Are you lost?”

“No, sport. I’m not the one who doesn’t know his place here. You see that girl, there?” Thomas and Paul look over at you, already seated beside a pile of books.

“Adorable, isn’t she?” he smiles fondly.

I suppose, yeah. She is my girlfriend after all, so I’d suggest to, you know, maintain some distance.“

Thomas licks his lips and walks over to you. You smile at him, and drift your attention back to the book.

Thomas sits on the floor next to you and puts his hand on your shoulder. “Find anything yet?” he whispers.

“Nope, they’re all so expensive.” You sigh. “Sherlock three will have to wait.” You giggle.

Thomas picks the neglected copy up. “I’ll get it for you.”

You look at him in disbelief. “Oh, my god. Thomas!” you wrap your arms around his neck and began kissing him all over. His nose, his forehead, his cheeks… his lips.

Thomas pulled away to glance at something behind you, only to find nothing. “What is it, Thomas?”

“Nothing, thought I saw someone.” He smiled. “Let’s get this home, shall we?”

“You don’t ha-“


You despise it when he buys you things, so he never really does. But when he does, it’s always out of the ordinary, as if to make up for the times he wanted to get you something but couldn’t because of your stubbornness.

Your phone buzzed. Kaya. Dinner at Laura’s in five. X

“That’s down the road.”

“Who’s Laura?” you mutter, and Thomas laughed.

“It’s a diner, Y/N.”



“Well, I don’t know if I want to go to someplace noisy today.”

“I’m quite sleepy as well. To the hotel then?”

You two walk back to the hotel after you text Kaya, telling her that you and Thomas decided to rest.

You take off all your clothing, and began to run a bath.

“Mind if I join you?” Thomas says from the door, shrugging his leather jacket off.

“Not at all.”

The tub wasn’t built for two, to say the least. So you sat in between his long legs, your head against his chest as he hums to you.

You eventually doze off, leaving Thomas to drain the tub and carry you to bed, bridal style, and dress you in underwear and his shirt – your shirt, technically – since you wear it every night.

Once he dresses in his boxers, he joins you, settling in your usual position when it’s cold. Facing the same way, your legs entangled with each other, his nose in your hair, your cheek pressed against his chest, and your arms around each other. And just this night, everything seemed to fall into place.

Until the next morning.

Happy Anniversary.

Jungkook fluffy scenario.

Summary: You are married with Jungkook one year and today is your anniversary. *Cuteness overload.*

Request by anonymous: Hey there. If you dont mind. Can you make a story which is jungkook is a married man? Thank you. 😁

Sunday morning and you woke up early. Like today, one year before, you and Jungkook got married. It was a special day for both of you. You were so excited. You prepeared the breakfast bigger than the other days, with all his faves.

Once you were ready with the table, you went to the wardroabe and wore the cutest dress  you found. It was white with little cats on it and you added a bow on your hair. After all, you went for Jungkook.

You sat on the floor next to the bed he was sleeping and looked at his sleepy eyes. ‘How beautiful’ you thought. Once you thought that, Jungkook’s eyes opened. He saw you and smiled. You blushed and stood up with a blank expression.

“Happy anniversary, sweatheart.” he said with his cuddly expression still on his face.

You felt the sun warming your cold body and you smiled awkwardly. 'Stupid, you should have said that first!’ you thought.

“Happy anniversary, Jungkook!” you said, cleaning all your thoughts and giving him the cutest smile.

“You look so beautifull today.” he said.

He stood up and held your waists. He looked deep inside your eyes and kissed your lips.

“Follow me. I prepeared us breakfast.” you said once you broke the kiss.

“Really?” he asked and you grabbed his hand, leading him to the kitchen.

The atmosphere was so calm. It was like the whole planet, was alive just for you that moment.

You reached the kitchen and left Jungkook’s hand. He quickly smiled at you and then he saw at the beautiful table once again.

“Okay, come here.” he said without loosing his smile, making you walk inside his hug. He hugged you tightly and kissed your head.

“Alll these are for me?” he asked with a voice sweet as hell.

“For who else…” you blushed and looked down at the floor.

“I love you so much. This year, was  the best year of my life, Y/N. I am so happy that you are my wife and I want us to stay like this forever.” he said and hugged you after he saw inside your big eyes.

“Come on, let’s eat!” you said and smiled excited.

You sat next to him and he couldn’t stop smiling.

“Ohhh…I can’t eat like this. I’m blushing all the time.” you said. Not that you didn’t liked it, but it was awkward.

“Okay, sorry. Let’s eat, baby.” and then you started eating.

Everything was so fine. None of you was rushing for any work. It was the day you were about to spend for each other. You were talking and laughing, exchanging some kisses and shy eye contacts. It was just the perfect day. He seemed so happy that you cared about him so much and that you 'cooked his favourite’. Work was too rough sometimes and you hadn’t enough time for each other. But today, you could call it 'The Dreamy Day’, full of memories and love. Nothing more. When you were done Jungkook stood up and walked till the door.

“Come here, baby.” he said with a smirk on his lips. You did what he said.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around you and you looked at him with a face full of wonder.

“Now, you follow me…” he said.

Holding his hand, everything seemed normal but odd at the same time. What was Jungkook doing? He opened the bathroom’s door and turned on the lights.

“Okay. Wait for me here.” he said and left.

You stood there and you saw that the bathtub was full of hot water candles and roses.

“What the…” you said

“You said something, sweetie?” he said surprising you while he hugged you from behind.

“Um…no. Just tell me what are all these?” you said and stayed inside his hug looking at the whole scene and caring his hand.

“Oh…this is my present.” he said blushing.  “I’m so happy the water is still hot…I woke up like 30 minutes before you, to prepare all these. So…um…will you…join me?” he said awkwardly but full of happiness.

“Um…Sure.” you said and looked at his closed palm. “Jungkook, what are you holding?” you asked him and showed his hand.

“It’s a bathbomb! I bought it for your! Here, take it!” he said and gave it to you.

“Awwww…You’re so cute Jungkook. Thank you so much!” you said and placed a kiss on his cheek. He knew your obsession about bathbombs. This one was in cotton candy flavoured and it’s colour was peachy.

“So…drop it!” he said and you laughed. You droped the bathbomb in the bathtub and stared at the beautiful colours.

“So…” Jungkook said and walked till you. “Let’s take this beautifull dress off.”

“Mmmm…” you agreed.

Jungkook unzippped the dress and left it fall on the floor. He, then, took off his pyjamas and touched your neck with his hands. You looked at each other’s eyes and kissed. It felt so nice. The hot atmosphere made you feel like you were in hell but felt like heaven. Jungkook closed and locked the door and when he returned back to you, you were alread naked inside the bathtub. He smiled and stared at you inside the hot water.  You left your body free and your hands touched the bottom of the bathtub. You felt something and you got scared.

“Jungkook. There’s something in the water…” you looked at him, knowing he did something, again.

“Go ahead and see…” he said with an awkward smile on his face while he scratched his head.

You took that thing out of the water. It was a ring. A golden ring with a cute heart in the middle and the word “forever” carved on it.

You didn’t know what to say.

“Jungkook, I-I…”

“You like it?” he said while he prepared himself to join you.

“Jungkook, I, I, I don’t know what to say…I just prepared a breakfast for you but you bought me this. I feel so…”

“Oh come on baby. I just wanted to make it for you. I ordered it because I thought it would look cute on your hand.” he said and leaned next to you and put it on your hand.

“I love you so much, you idiot.” you said and dragged him inside.

Jungkook kissed you and you ended up cuddling inside the bathtub.

“Happy Anniversary, Y/N. I love you”

* Sorry for being 2 days late;-; *

Thank you for requesting me such a cute scenario!!

Hope you request againnnn <3

I love ya allllll ^-^


Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: i catn believe how LONG thsi is  fukc my LIFE also to all of u who wanted smut in this chapter i promise i was going to include i but i literally   if i did it would’ve spilt over into 7k territory and that’s like the equivalent to 3 short chapters so i promise it’ll be sooN  when it doesn’t happen right at the end  of a chapter smh i hope this will compensate also i kinda wanna begin to wrap up the storyline and tie loose ends togetehr otherwise this fic is literally gonna carry on for 53 more years so this is the beginning of the kiiind of end idk we’ll see enjoy




It kind of becomes a regular thing after that.

Phil would come over nearly as often as Ryan used to. They’d spend the evenings together doing, well, anything. Sometimes, Dan would write essays and Phil would lie beside him, resting his head on Dan’s shoulder and apart from the odd comment about how much of a twat Jane Eyre was or a snide remark about his history homework from Dan who would ‘rather nail my fucking head to the wall than write another sentence about the Russian Revolution honestly Phil you know sometimes I bet the period of time from 1881 ‘till 1924 only existed to piss me off’, they’d both mutually enjoy the peaceful quietness with no sound other than the gentle tapping of Dan’s laptop keyboard. Sometimes Phil would bring his textbooks and Dan would give him a spare laptop, and they’d study together. Phil takes History, like Dan, but Geography, Maths and English Language as opposed to Literature, so Jane Eyre is a battle Dan realises he’ll have to fight alone. Sometimes they’d mindlessly browse Tumblr, giggling every so often and showing the other whatever it was that had made them laugh (on Dan’s front, nearly always a cat video of some description).

Other times, especially in the evenings, Dan would drag his duvet into the lounge and they’d curl up together on the sofa, sharing popcorn and chuckling at bad movies. Sometimes they’d kiss a lot, sometimes not as much, and sometimes (always) they’d cuddle, nuzzling into the other and playing with eachother’s soft hair in the dim light Dan’s lamp gives off. Sometimes, they’d go a little further, and a messy bedroom would be the least of Dan’s concerns once he has Phil pressed up against his door (locked, this time).

Any spare time they both had, they’d rather spend together than alone even if it did mean the whole time they would be staring at a laptop screen or an open book.

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I See Wings Pt. 2

Hey guys! Here’s the second part of I See Wings! I’m probably going to release one more part depending on how things work with the plot. Feel free to offer any constructive criticism! Anyway, please enjoy!

Summary: After awakening from being kidnapped, you realize who is your captor. Thoughts are in italics

Age: 16ish

Warnings: None

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @the-third-winchester-warrior @ally-miller16 @haleyhay96 @jensen-jarpad @fantasticburninglakes @briebrie152 @my-own-paradise-fuckers

A voice quietly breaks through the thick bubble of unconsciousness surrounding you. You stir a little. The first thing you recognize is that you’re shivering like crazy. You somewhat register the awkward position of your body.  You slowly crack open your eyes. There you sit, crudely propped up against a frigid wall of cement. The floor is also cold. Bare.

Warehouse. I’m in a warehouse.

You open your eyes some more and try to gather in your surroundings. Your wrists are tied together behind your back. You slip a finger around the material. Thick rope. Your legs are bound as well, at the knees and ankles. Whoever wanted you evidently did not you going anywhere soon. You twitched your foot around in your combat boot. Your foot brushes against a familiar metal. Despite the situation, the corner of your mouth twitches upward. Your kidnapper didn’t frisk you for weaponry.

Rookie mistake.

The voice that disturbed you earlier found its way to your ears again. You try to turn to find the source. Unfortunately, it’s too far away for you to make out specific words, but you can understand some bits and pieces.

“Yes….human….unharmed….for extraction….understand….Winchesters….

Your heart starts pounding harder at the name of your family. What was happening? What did your brothers have to do with this? You struggle to change your body position quietly as you tremble from the cold. The rope chafes around your knees through your thick jeans. You bend over to try and find the rope’s knot. You twist your legs around.

Are you freaking kidding….

The rope is tied underneath your knees; if it was in another spot, you could’ve tried to pick at the knot with your teeth, undo it slowly. But, to reach this knot, you’d probably end up hurting yourself. And, then again, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick apart any knot with your teeth chattering incessantly.

You toy with other options in your mind when you spot a piece of metal near you. You inch forward to get a good look. It’s two pieces welded perpendicularly together. Whoever did it though didn’t smooth it out; it’s got just the kind of edge you need to saw through the bindings on your wrists. An escape plan begins to form in your mind.

You move your wrists back and forth along the metal piece. You bite your lip and wince when it you miss the rope and nick yourself sometimes. Back and forth. Your teeth continue chatter from the chill in the air. It wasn’t a particularly cold night when you left, but the cement floors and walls around you kept things colder. And who knows what time it is right now.

Before you can get any good progress done, you hear footsteps. Heavy ones. You stop and move back to where you found yourself. The footsteps come closer, coming from your right. You turn your head. You gasp a little.

Your kidnapper stops in front of you. Dark Italian shoes adorn his feet, a jacketless tuxedo the rest of him. A black bow tie hangs undone  on a white ruffled shirt. But this is not what shocks you. The nighttime darkness shrouds the warehouse in an inky haze, but you can still tell that the man in front of you is African-American. You’re not surprised by this either. It’s not the kidnapper himself that startles you; it’s what’s behind him.

Wings. Enormous wings with the color and radiance of starlight. Gently twinkling as if they were made of porcelain plumage. Thick and full, they swoop up and around the man rather than drag on the dirt worn ground. Your mouth hangs open at the beauty and grace of the angel you recognize before you.

A piece of Cas’s lecture from earlier pops through your head. “If a human had an angel for their soulmate, the angel needs not to change their wings for the human to see.”

I’ve been kidnapped by my soulmate….sounds like a bad romance novel title.

“You will not be here for much longer.” His voice. It floats across the air easier than swans on water. You look into the angel’s luminous eyes. Bright blue, the rarest combo on earth. And literally shining because, well, it’s an angel.

“Wh-Who are you?” Your teeth will not stop chattering.

The angel stares at you flatly. “I am currently occupying the vessel of a musician named Julian Graves.” Gosh, you loved that voice.

“You’re real name, you idjit,” you kvetch, letting Bobby’s ever favorite phrase slip through. The angel seems to finally pick up the fact that you’re shivering violently.

“You are cold.” The man turns around and walks away from you.

“You d-didn’t answer m-my question-n, jerk!” you chatter out. You can still the footsteps of the angel; you decide to name him Mojo for now. The stepping stops. Then comes back towards you. You turn your head preparing for the worst.

“J-just do it alread-dy.” You grit your teeth trying to force your mouth to stay still. If you were going to die, you shouldn’t be like a wind-up teeth toy. Mojo returns with something. You close your eyes.

But instead of a knife blade, as you expect, you feel a soft cloth. You open your eyes. Mojo has brought you a black cloth of some kind. You notice delicate, shining, black buttons running along the side.

His suit coat….you realize. The gentleman’s gesture.

“Wh-what are y-you d-doing?”

“I am sent to bring you in, not give you hypothermia,” Mojo stated bluntly. “It would not be fair to my garrison leader if she was forced to heal you first.”

You begin to feel the jacket warm you up. Barely. “W-what are you talking about?” you pry carefully.

Mojo knits his eyebrows together. “I was told you would do this. It is a defining characteristic of a Winchester to try and extract information from their captor.”

You put on a sweet smile. Mojo may be your soulmate maybe, but that’s no excuse for abducting you. “S-so you know about me then?” you ask in a honeyed voice, hoping to get some information.

“I know you are Y/N Y/L/N, the girl who the Winchesters have taken into their care. I know your father was killed by an encantado and your mother partnered with the hunter John Winchester on solving cases occasionally. I know you helped Sam and Dean Winchester research hunts when you were a child.. Your mother was killed by a nest of vampires so Sam and Dean took you into their care.” Mojo pauses as you feel anger rise inside of you. “And I know you still are a child.”

“Not for much longer,” you mutter bitterly.

Mojo tilts his head. “Human terms of time are confusing. A mere twenty-four hours can feel like eternity for some, yet the prospect of waiting two years is ‘not much longer’.”

“Yeah, well s-some of us get around more.”

“You are still cold. I am sorry, but there is not much else I can do for you until it is time for me to deliver you to Dinah.” Mojo adjusts the coat on you with his dark, handsome hands. “Is that any better?”

You choose to retaliate with a glare, which would’ve been a lot more intimidating if you weren’t shaking like the tail of a rattlesnake. “D-dinah, huh? Someone’s been working on the railroad.” Mojo stares at you confused. “Dinah. The nursery rhyme I’ve….oh f-forget it-t….”

Mojo goes over to a nearby piece of machinery. Or, you think it’s machinery. It’s impossible to tell in the darkness. “I can guarantee I will not harm you tonight, if that is what you are afraid of.” His pearl wings twitch gently. You can’t take your eyes off their glory.

“How c-come?” You try to gather more information. Strangely, you’re not really warming up from the coat like you thought you would.

“I am not the one who wishes to talk with you?”

“Oh, is-s that all you w-wanted-d? C-c-could’ve just-t called me you know,” you reply sarcastically.

Mojo straightens up, his great wings stretching towards the ceiling. “Why do you continue to pester me? You know that it will not be profitable in any way.”

You take a deep breath. “Bec-cause I want to know about you.”

Mojo tilts his head at you. “Why would you want to know information about me? Surely you have other knowledge worth pursuing.”

“Because I can see your wings. I know for a fact that you’re not trying to show them on purpose.” Mojo looks at you shocked. Tears are running down your face from the night chill. “So I ask-k because….” you take another breath before you say it.

“You’re my soulmate…I think.”

Breaking up with luke.

So i haven’t written in a long time lol and i was bored. not sure what this is but here you go take it. Also i was going to make this into a fic but i don’t think i’ll continue it because its too boring lol soz.

Requested? (no)

You woke up and wiped the sleep out your eyes, stretching you turn your attention to you phone beside you, turning it on you see 8 missed calls from Luke, Starting from around 3:00am this morning to about an hour ago.
You rolled your eyes, hopped out of bedd and tossed your phone onto you bedside table.
You were dreading the thought of having to go over there to his place to grab the rest of your things but it was something that you needed to do, and god did you so despretly what tot just call up a friend to go over there and grab your things for you. Today was going to be hectic and you werent looking forward to it at all.

After a quick shower you threw on some clothes and shoes, grabbed your bag and headed out the door, Starting your car you sat there for a minute trying  your hardest to waste more time. the longer you waited the more you got to avoid seeing him. Your moment of silence was interrupted by your phone buzzing in your lap, The word ‘Babe’ surrounded by pink heart emojis lit up on your phone. With a sigh and head shake you declined the call, switching over to messager you let him know you were on your way and to stop calling. He never replied.

When you pulled up you saw an unfimiliar car but you knew it had to belong to a very familiar person. You made your way to the door and before you could even knock the door opened and there stood a tiny brunette. She smiled. You didn’t.
“What a lovely surprise” She says with a fake smile.
“Actually Luke knew i was coming, So…. A surprise? And lovely? Not so much.” You say with a faker smile.
You could feel her eyes on you as you passed by her and began walking to Lukes bedroom.
He was sat on a chair beside his bed with his guitar in his hands, Strumming what sounded like the melody to Waste The Night, He looked sad about something, but you didn’t even want to talk to him so there was no way you were going to ask why.
You began grabbing your clothes out of the closet, You noticed that most of them were already off hangers and piled in a corner of the room, You noticed a magazine on the best side table, While you began stuffing the clothes in a bag.  All of the boys naked and covered in writing, and even though you were pissed you couldn’t help but laugh at Michaels failed attempt at the blue steal face.
Your laugh must have gotten Lukes attention, you feel him brush by you grabbing the magazine and tossing it the bin next to his desk.
“Article was shit. All they did was tell lies about the band.” Luke murmured as he sits back down on the chair, strumming the strings on the guitar again.
“Not all lies.” You say. Thats when he finally looked up at you, And gave a face that said 'Here we go again’ because he knew exactly what you were going to say.
“When you put four young dudes on a tour bus, playing theaters, then arenas, you’re going to have sex with a lot of girls, I guess,” says Hemmings.“ You say, resiting every word.
Luke just looks away and shakes his head.
"We had a good time.” Multiple girls in one night? “I feel like I shouldn’t say,” he says with a smirk.“ You add, Resiting it again.
”“The possibilties are endless.” “ You add once more.
"Is that why you called me so many times lastnight? So you could try and tell me not to read about something i alread knew months ago?” You ask. He let out a sigh.
“Like i said. Not everything in that article was a lie. Was it Luke?” You ask.
“[Y/N] Please!” He says, Almost yelling but catching himself before he could.
“I ended up telling you everything. i appologised many times you dont have to keep throwing it my face.” He says.
“Why? am i making you feel guilty?” You ask
“Because you fucking should feel guilty Luke, You should feel disgusted for the things you did. You degrade and minipulate people. You minipulated me. Made me feel and think things that obviously werent real. I loved you and all i was to you was another girl to screw and then SCREW OVER!” You yell.
“I hate you.” You add.
“I Hate you so much.” You say.
“I hate you for making me love you. Even to this day. I hate that i still feel things for you, That i still love you, That when i say i hate you i don’t even mean it. I feel gross. And sick.” You add.
You grab your bag and a box of your stuff.
“Here, I almost forgot.” You say as you reach into your pocket, You pull out a gold necklace, The one Luke gave you when you first year started dating.
“[Y/N], Don’t.” He says.
“Luke your Mom is on th pho-” The girl says but stops in mid sentence.
“Please take it before i chuck it at your godamn head.” You say with low aggression trying not to make a scene.
Luke just stands there.
“Fine.” You say quickly whiping a tear from your cheek.
Turning around, bfore you walk out, You give the girls a fake smile.
“Merry Christmas.” You say as you put the necklace in her hand.


Joanna x Tywin | 1940s au, Orient Express
fancast: Carola Remer & RJ King

In the restaurant coach, Joanna looked at the scenery of the grand Orient Express, transfixed by the sight of the soon dying world. Poland had been just invaded and it was time to find a safer and more propitious place.
The locomotive was now one hour away from the Hungarian border and a sudden rocket exploded outside –eight or ten miles away maybe. It lit up the whole area, revealing the dark forest surrounding the train. “Now there’s something you don’t see every day”, a familiar voice said behind her. Joanna turned around to see a pair of sky blue eyes staring down at the white landscape. Oh she knew well that face and that golden lion on his signet ring.
“Indeed. Destructions,” she whispered, distant yet imperious as always around Tywin, “and new opportunities.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNALANNISTER , dear and precious Lauren (okay i am late, you thanked alread everybody and you won’t probably see this post but whatever, here my little terrible present for you ❤ ❤)

The big fight - Chanyeol, Exo

Anon requested: Hi, You definitely don’t know me! So I would like to request an smut imagine if that’s okay! An imagine with Chanyeol where you have the biggest fight ever and then have make up sex ;) thank you.

Gosh I had a blast writing this damn (; it took me a few hours but I’m very happy with the outcome.

“You are such an asshole!” You screamed out in frustration at you boyfriend Chanyeol. You guys usually didn’t fight but now you just couldn’t take it anymore. He was getting a lot under your skin lately, it is true that he is under a lot of stress but that doesn’t mean he can treat you like shit. Chanyeol just looked at you blankly, boringly sipping his coffee. You screamed out in frustration. “Are you done yet? The house needs to be vacuumed, and I’m hungry. You know I can’t write songs with all that noise or being hungry, so do it quickly.” The nerves this man had! You stared at him in shock, “You didn’t just talk to me like that?!” “Pssh, you heard what I said and don’t give me that look, I’m the one thats under pressure” At this moment rage had completely took over. You walked up to him and slapped him right across the cheek, hard. He didn’t even flinch. “You know what you can do? You can go fuck yourself!! I’m done with you’re fucking attitude Chan, I’m leaving, good bye!” Before you reached the front door he grabbed your wrist tightly. “You can’t leave (y/n)..” Chanyeol intensely stared into your eyes, his eyes looked pleading. At this point you didn’t care if he got upset, he crossed the line. “Let go of me Chan, I’m not your fucking maid, I need some air. Don’t wait up for me tonight..” With a strong pull of your arm you freed your wrist and walked out of the door, slamming the door shut. You could hear him throw some furniture around before you turned around the corner. Tears stung in your eyes and you quickly walked through the busy streets. How dare he treat you like that! When you calmed down a bit after walking around town for a while, you realized how cold it actually was. “Shit, I should’ve grabbed my jacket before I left”. You quickly entered the first café you saw, rubbing your arms. You took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink, you could really use one. You felt around your pockets for some money, when you realized you also left your wallet at home. “I, I don’t have any money” you stuttered, your cheeks bright red. “That’s okay gorgeous, this one’s on me” You turned around to see a man standing there, smiling at you. “Thank you sir, that’s very kind of you..” The stranger took the empty seat next to you. You sat in silence for a while, thinking about the fight, thinking about Chanyeol. At moments like these you felt so lonely. Tears threatened to roll down your cheeks again. Biting you’re bottom lip hard you stared at the drink in your hand. You had already had 3 as time passed by, when you shot a glance out of one of the dusty windows you saw it was alread dark out. “Are you okay?” The stranger asked, eyeing you with concern. You quickly downed the drink, “I’m fine”. Something about the man made you uncomfortable.  “I know it’s none of my business, but would you like to talk about it?” The man placed his hand on your shoulder. You shrugged his hand of, “I’m perfectly fine, thank you!” Your voice sounded sharp. “Hey, just trying to be nice, no need to be rude, damn”. The man’s posture changed to something that could be described as dangerous, and you knew you was right not to trust him. “Here you are, drinking away at my expense, being rude to a nice man like me. Does that seem entirely fair to you?”, his hand reached up to grab your chin, “how about we make a deal? Why don’t you pay me back my drinks..” his hand brushed past your thigh, “..With this pretty little body of yours.” “Let me go you creep!” As you were about to push the man away, someone bursts through the door. A familiar voice fills your ears, “You heard her, let go..” Chanyeol looked at the man, his voice low and filled with anger. His long body towered above the man, fists clenched at his sides. You had never felt so relieved to see your boyfriend. Since the man was distracted you quickly slid off the stool. Before you could walk away he grabbed you by the arm. Chanyeol took one look at the man’s hand on you and without saying a word he pushed he man of his stool, hard. You quickly grabbed Chanyeol by his shirt, “Baby, let’s go, he’s not worth it” His eyes finally met yours, his full of concern. Just as you were about to walk out the door the man tapped Chan on his shoulder, causing him to turn around. He got hit full on the cheek. Wasting no time Chanyeol grabbed the nearest bottle and hit the man on the head. The man’s body slumped to the floor, laying there unconscious. “Serves him right” Chan muttered before pulling you outside. You quietly walked alongside each other for a while when the rain started pouring down. You quickly ran home, both soaked to the bone. Looking at Chanyeol you suddenly bursted out in laughter, he looked like a sad soaked puppy standing there, his clothes dripping wet and his bangs messily sticking to his face. Chan’s deep laughter soon followed yours, making you forget about the tension between you two. “Jagi you’re dripping wet..” “W-what?” You blushed under his gaze. “I meant your clothes, you little pervert” This made you blush even harder. “Let’s get you out of these though, I don’t want you to get a cold” Chanyeol walked up to you, softly caressing your face with his hand. “Are you okay jagi? Did he hurt you?” “I am now oppa, if it wasn’t for you I don’t know what would’ve happened..” “I’m sorry jagi, so sorry! Please forgive me, I know my recent behaviour isn’t right and I have no right treating you the way I did. I was stressed and took you for granted, you were right; I’m an asshole. Please forgive me jagi, I don’t want to lose you!” He kept rambling on and on. In your heart you already forgave him. Wasting no time you smashed your lips at his, trying to wiggle out of your wet pants. Chanyeol deepened the kiss, impatiently getting rid of both his shirt and yours. He broke the kiss, breathing heavily while staring at your body. “God, you never looked more perfect”, licking his lips Chanyeol undid his own pants. You were both left in only your undergarments, staring at each other. Excitement filled your body, laying knots in your stomach. “Fuck, jagiyah..” His voice was low and husky, lighting a fire in your core. His lips once again smashed onto yours, his hands roaming your body. You felt his already hardened member on your thigh as he pushed you down on the couch. Chanyeol started leaving a trail of wet kisses from your neck down to your stomach. You wiggle your hips impatiently, “Please oppa, don’t tease..” He laughs against your panties, sending vibrations through your body. “I don’t tease jagi, just making it last a little longer” You pouted, trying your best to persuade him with aegyo. “That won’t work jagi, let’s see if you’re already wet for daddy..” He quickly takes off your panties, teasingly circling your entrance with his long fingers. When he finally slides two in, a moan escapes your mouth. Chanyeol growls in approval, slightly speeding up his pace. His mouth hungrily connects to yours, his tongue battling for dominance. You desperately intertwine your hands in his hair, softly tugging at the dyed locks. Chanyeol suddenly removes his fingers, sticking them in his mouth and sucking them clean, “Mmm, you taste so good..” He starts grinding down on you, the feeling of his hard member trough his boxers sending shivers down your spine. “Oppa I need you, please”. Chanyeol finally takes of his boxershort, and starts teasing your entrance for a bit before he suddenly slides in. You gasp at the full feeling. Giving you no time to adjust Chanyeol immediately starts pounding into you, hitting your g-spot over and over. You wrap your legs around his waist, trying to take him in even deeper. “Hold on to me jagiyah, you’ll need it” He flashes you a cocky smirk before suddenly turning the two of you around, placing you on top. His member slides in even deeper for as far is possible. You quickly speed up the pace, feeling your orgasm getting closer. But because your on top doesn’t mean your in control. Chan’s fingers claw at your hips as he moves you up and down his member, low moans leaving his throat. You start to see black spots in your vision and you know you’re close. “I’m close oppa, fuck” Chanyeol thrusts into you a few more times before you scatter around him. Your orgasm pushes him over the edge, making him cum inside you. You let yourself fall down on his chest, breathing heavily, smiling. Chanyeol gently slips out of you and takes you in his arms. “I love you (y/n), let’s never fight again.” He softly presses a kiss on your forehead. “I love you too Chan”

anonymous asked:

Hey. Since there is a lot of Lexa top/bottom debate going on again i was wondering what your opinion was? (sorry if you have alread post about it)

Lexa is a bottom. 100%. I fully support THIS POST’s reasoning. Lexa is definitely more submissive in the bedroom than Clarke. It took Lexa so much courage to kiss Clarke in 2x14. Lexa is a bottom, which is a mentality, but I she also focused on making sure Clarke knows she is loved. She is not ‘greedy’ and only focused on her own pleasure.  Actually, I think Clarke had to take extra measures to make sure Lexa relaxed and felt like she deserves to be loved. Lexa is so selfless and has believed for so long that she is ‘unloveable’ that is it hard for her to believe that Clarke loves her. Lexa being a bottom doesn’t mean she is self-centered, it means she is more submissive and when it was her turn to ‘return the favor’ she made sure Clarke felt worshiped. That is why many people say Lexa is a ‘service top’ because they know Lexa would worship Clarke and make sure Clarke knows and feels how much she loves her. 

The Chef’s Special

Based on this post because it’s honestly adorable.

You can read it on AO3

When Monty took Jasper out to dinner at a nice restaurant, he definitely hadn’t expected to be hit on by the chef via the waitress, but as the night goes on, and he sees just how cute that chef is, he doesn’t really seem to mind all that much.

“I want to make love to this food,” Jasper spoke. Or at least Monty thought that was what he said, it was a little hard to decipher his words through the full mouth of food he was speaking through.

“Dude, we haven’t even got our entrees yet,” Monty replied, raising his eyebrows in response.

“You obviously haven’t tried this bread with this special butter,” Jasper replied. “It’s, like, God’s gift to this world.”

Monty rolled his eyes, but Jasper was too busy buttering another roll to notice. He had forgotten the reason the two of them never went to fancy restaurants together, well, besides the fact that people always assumed they were dating. Jasper got really, for lack of a better word, weird when he ate good food, his compliments usually turning strangely sexual or bizarrely poetic in an almost avant garde sort of way.

If Jasper hadn’t just gotten accepted for his internship with Google and Maya hadn’t said yes for a date, Monty would have never taken him here (but two good things rarely happened to Jasper in the same day, it was practically a miracle in itself).

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Hi, I finished Stranger Things in a day and it was the best thing ever. I fell in love with the Eleven x Mike ship. I don't know if you have alread wrote something like this. Mike, Eleven, Lucas and Dustin all go on a camping trip. Lucas and Dustin catch Mike kissing Eleven. This is just an idea, feel free to put your own twist on it if you'd like. :)

ahhhh thanks for the prompt!!! :D 

The idea had originally been Will’s. Even though things had been pretty normal for the past few months since Eleven’s return, he still felt like he needed to get out of Hawkins for a couple days. They all did. The boys had always wanted to go on a camping trip, but had never actually gone around to planning one. And besides, none of the boys’ parents wanted to be ‘the only adult in charge of four rambunctious boys’, as Mike’s mom put it.

 So the idea was put on hold until Will causally mentioned to Hopper that he had never been real-life camping before. Hopper, who had been a huge part of the Byers’ family after the recent events, pat Will on the back and told the boys-and Eleven-to back their bags. 

“What is ‘camp-ing’?” Eleven asked after Will met the rest of the group at Mike’s house. 

Mike sat for a moment, trying to think of an answer that won’t confuse her. “It’s like when you go into the woods for a couple days and you bring tents and food and stuff.”

“And you make s’mores,” Dustin added. 

“Is it safe?” Eleven asked.

“Yeah, it’s totally safe,” Mike said. “It’s not like in the middle of the woods. There are, like, campgrounds and stuff. People go camping all the time.”

“Plus Hopper said he’d take us so we’ll definitely be safe,” Will said, throwing a t-shirt into his duffel bag. 

“Don’t worry,” Mike said, picking up on Eleven’s nervousness. “It’ll be fun.” 

Eleven nodded and gave him a soft smile. “Fun,” she repeated. 

The campsite was about an hour away from Hawkins. The second the car passed the ‘Leaving Hawkins’ sign, Mike let out a sigh of relief. They all needed a break from their small town. 

“We’re here!” Dustin cried, bouncing in his seat. Eleven smiled at his enthusiasm. 

Hopper parked the car and they all got out. Dustin held the jumbo marshmallows to his chest. “I’ll be in charge of these,” he stated as the rest of them got the tents out of the trunk. 

“Are you sure the five of you want to share a tent?” Hopper asked. 

Mike nodded. “El wanted to stay will all of us.”

“Okay well…No funny business, alright?”

The boys wrinkled their eyebrows in confusion. 

“Never mind,” Hopper shook his head. 

After the two tents were set up, Hopper started a fire in the fire pit and began to roast some hot dogs for dinner. 

“Have you ever had a hot dog, El?” Lucas asked, handing her a nicely charred one. 

Eleven shook her head. 

“It’s really good. Especially when it’s roasted over a fire,” he explained. 

Eleven took a bite and grinned. 

“Good, huh?” Mike laughed. 

“Yeah,” she said after swallowing the bite. 

“Just wait until you try the s’mores,” Dustin said dreamily. 


“They’re the best thing you’ll ever taste.”

“They’re basically marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers,” Mike clarified. 

“Okay,” El replied before taking another bite out of her hot dog. 

“The closest I’ve ever gone to having real s’mores is making them over the stove,” Dustin said, already roasting his third marshmallow over the fire. 

“Dude, slow down,” Lucas said. “You’re going to get sick.” 

“I know my limits,” Dustin shouted with his mouth full. “Just let me enjoy this.”

“So how do you like it?” Mike turned to El and watched as she took her first bite of s’mores. 

“Love it,” she said, her eyes widening in wonder. 

“This stuff is the real deal,” he said, roasting his own marshmallow over the fire. “This is the only way to have real s’mores.”

Eleven smiled for what seemed like the thousandth time tonight. She did not want this night to end. 

Hopper retired to his tent an hour later, followed shortly after by Dustin, Lucas, and Will. Mike began to stand up to join them when El grabbed his arm. “Stay?” She asked with hopeful eyes. Mike nodded and sat back down next to her. 

She looked at the fire, which was slowly burning out. “Pretty.”

“Yeah. It’s nice,” Mike said. 

Eleven began to shiver and Mike immediately took off his jacket and handed it to her. 

“Here, El.”

She shook her head. “I’m okay.”

Without a word, he draped the jacket over her shoulders and the shivering subsided. “Thank you,” she whispered. 

Subconsciously, Mike leaned closer to El, and without thinking, he quickly pressed his lips to hers. The second he pulled away, he heard a snicker from behind him followed by a ‘shhhh.’ 

“What the–” Mike turned around and saw Lucas and Dustin spying on them from behind a tree. 

“You owe me a dollar,” Lucas said to Dustin. 

Both Mike and El’s cheeks were burning. “Look, Mikey’s blushing,” Dustin teased.

“Shut up!” Mike yelled while Eleven stayed silent, trying to fight the smile on her lips. “Let’s just go to sleep.” He took El’s hand and walked to the tent. As they all settled in their sleeping bags, Mike could feel his friends staring at him.

“This has been a successful camping trip, huh Lucas?”

“Oh, you betcha, Dustin.” 

Mike rolled his eyes. 

They were never going to let him live this down. 

(Not that he minded though. In fact, he smiled every time he thought of it).  

Taylor… I can’t believe how beautiful and sweet you are. From the moment I saw you standing there smiling looking so happy I felt like the most specialist person in the world. I forgot to ask you about your nails and if you could give me a sass lesson BUT YOU WERE ALREAD SASSY!!! I loved our pose because it was so cute! YOU WERE SO AMAZING LAST NIGHT!!! I WISH I COULD JUST FOLLOW YOU TO EVERY SHOW NOW!! IT WAS AMAZING!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU MY AMERICAN SISTER!! Thank you for making my night the best one of my life. Forever yours, Martha (the sassy hand heart bae that is just simply the best) 😜😘😍