alprentice bunchy carter

Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter, former leader of the Southern California Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

“Bunchy sat me down and explained his reasons for joining the Black Panthers,” he continues. “He said he was tired of being oppressed.”

“You have to understand that Bunchy, he didn’t have the same fear that I had. He was a very proud strong young man, and by this time, he had been arrested and incarcerated—whereas a person like me who had not been involved in any of that kind of stuff was scared. There were certain values that our mother instilled in me as the oldest brother. Like Bunchy, I had a role to play in our family and he had his. The bottom line was that I knew something bad was going to happen because I knew my brother felt strongly about the injustices that were happening to black people at the time. But it was his destiny to fulfill and I was concerned with making sure it had as small an impact as possible on our mother.” - Bernie Morris, oldest brother of Bunchy Carter