Mechanical Heart

AN: Yeah, I got distracted, watched Wall-E, had a weird idea lol  short drabble because I’m not sure what’ll happen with this.


Sighing to herself, Elsa waited on the sidewalk for her taxi to arrive. Her night was a near total disaster. The sleeze had tried copping a feel while they were in the middle of the show and she’d responded by stepping on his foot hard enough to let loose a loud yell. Which then led to him being dragged out by the security bots in the theater. Elsa couldn’t enjoy the show anymore after that so she made a quick call and here she was. Standing outside on a cool autumn night listening to the sounds of the city just waking up for the night.

“Come on dude just leave it, totally not worth hauling that pile of junk anywhere. Not even for the spare parts.”

“Yeah okay man, I’ll leave the damn thing alone.”

Elsa turned her head and watched as two scruffy looking teens ambled out of the closest alley, knocking shoulders and laughing at their words. Curiosity crept into her mind and she slowly walked over the entrance of the darkened alley. She waited a few more moments until the youths were far enough away before cautiously entering.

Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness Elsa was just barely able to make out an outline of a body propped against the brick wall. Carefully she crouched down in front of them, trying to get a better look. A flash of headlights slid by the entrance, illuminating the pair for a moment and Elsa was able to make out torn and tattered clothes caked in dirt and grime. Reaching her hand out towards their face Elsa felt cool skin under her fingertips. With a sense of urgency she cupped cold cheeks and lifted gently, wanting to get a better look.

A violent shudder ripped through the body causing Elsa to lean backwards quickly. Sparks arced out across the skin Elsa had just touched, lighting up matted red hair and unfocused teal eyes.

“In-In-In-ating,” broken words in a harsh mechanical tone had Elsa reeling in shock. “S-S-S-sss-art up up up.” Another shudder had its head jerking to the side. “Two two fi-ive eight-t thr-thr-three alpla aren.”

Elsa’s eyes widened as she realized this was one of the first AI companions to have been released almost 18 years ago. How this one had survived so long was a mystery to her as most AA models had been destroyed. She reached back towards the AI, gently taking a hold of a limp hand.

“Hey, can you look at me?” As if struck by lightning, teal eyes that glowed ever so slightly now in the darkness, focused immediately onto Elsa’s own blue ones. The intensity of the stare had Elsa’s heart stuttering in her chest and she squeezed the cold hand. “Are you able to move at all?”

Fingers twitched and legs jerked awkwardly, a piercing whine accompanied the movements. Elsa winced at the sounds and she moved closer to wrap her arm around the slim waist, tugging an arm over her covered shoulders.

“Alright, up you go,” pulling upwards Elsa was surprised to find that the AI was light, which was likely a good thing. The whining had turned into a groan as Elsa took most of the weight and slowly she half dragged the shorter AI out of the alley and into the street lights. A loud honk startled the blonde slightly, causing the redhead to slump in her arms.

The yellow taxi flickered it’s top light and Elsa realized this was the one she called for earlier. Adjusting her grip Elsa walked them over and opened the side door. Carefully she slid the AI onto the seat, trying to ignore the groans and clicks as she settled the limbs into a sitting position. Climbing in, Elsa gave the driver her address and sat back against the leather seats. The redhead gave another shudder and leaned her head on Elsa’s shoulder.

“An-n-na,” the quiet rush of static reached Elsa’s ears and she smiled slightly.

“Nice to meet you Anna, let’s get you fixed up hmm?” she grasped the cool hand in her own, squeezing gently.  Perhaps her night wasn’t a total waste after all.

“First things first though, you need a bath.”