alpineparkway replied to your post:the person who responded with 1^x is apparently 16…

i reblogged that recently and didn’t realise i said 1^x, but that was a typo but i thought you were low key calling me out then, i’m 17 and learned exponentials this year but only because they are opposite to logarithmic graphs and functions

if it was a typo then Everything Is Just Fine. and no, i wasn’t trying to call anyone out– i was just trying to figure out why someone would know about exponential, but not the specifics, and barring typos, it’s because nobody actually cares about math in the classroom. lots of schools do things differently, so i was taking the algebra 2 from my class, someone else’s, and what was on khan academy under alg2 stuff, which had exponential graphs.

i msotly started talking about it cause i’m bored but i really hope i didn’t upset anyone

alpineparkway replied to your post:alpineparkway replied to your post:the person who…

yeah it’s cool, i was actually mostly excited that you’d actually noticed something i wrote (even if was for the wrong reasons hahah) but for the maths course im doing (AS level maths) there’s only been 1 question in about 10 years worth of exams��

oh, that’s why your courses are different! you’re from the uk and i was thinking about us math, heheh

Hello! I’ve updated my blog a wee bit so when you look at it, it no longer:

  • automatically plays music you might not like (but the music player is still there if you feel like listening to something)

Aaand it now features:

  • links to good friends’ blogs (*cough* follow em! *cough*)
  • better contrast between background and text in some posts
  • a hit counter (it would be a bigger one but of-mice-and-sjin stole the one I was going to choose :V)
  • a trigger warning - I don’t want to be responsible for something bad to happen to one of you guys cause of things I post sometimes

every one of my 46 followers, I love you all

safarizones asked:

have you heard the new kendrick album?? it's a fucking fantano 10/10 i lost my shit and had to listen to it and it's pretty damn good

Don’t listen to him really but literally everyone is saying its god tier so i probably will at some pointo

safarizones asked:

I have a stye on my right eye too. I got it immediately after one on my left eye went away D: it sucks but it's getting better

styes SUCK i’m sorry!! it helps a lot to soak a washcloth in hot water then wring it out and press it against your eye, have you tried that?