Hello! I’ve updated my blog a wee bit so when you look at it, it no longer:

  • automatically plays music you might not like (but the music player is still there if you feel like listening to something)

Aaand it now features:

  • links to good friends’ blogs (*cough* follow em! *cough*)
  • better contrast between background and text in some posts
  • a hit counter (it would be a bigger one but of-mice-and-sjin stole the one I was going to choose :V)
  • a trigger warning - I don’t want to be responsible for something bad to happen to one of you guys cause of things I post sometimes

every one of my 46 followers, I love you all

alpineparkway asked:

I have a stye on my right eye too. I got it immediately after one on my left eye went away D: it sucks but it's getting better

styes SUCK i’m sorry!! it helps a lot to soak a washcloth in hot water then wring it out and press it against your eye, have you tried that?