Kasie Isdell
Puyallup, WA
Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Nature is portrayed so beautifully in your work. How would you say you connect with it?

My connection with nature must have stemmed from my childhood. I grew up on sixteen acres with plenty of woods and animals. I remember when I first started to pursue photography, I would wander around in our woods and look for mushrooms and different looking ferns. Heck, I even followed around some fox tracks in the winter until I lost him by a river. I think these little things have brought me to where I am now. Every time I’m out adventuring, I’m always reminded of John Muir’s quotes; the guy is a huge inspiration to me and I think too many others as well. He really just gets life I guess, as a layman’s way of putting it. Or maybe I just want to be a vagabond and he gives me the courage to think this is ok, I don’t really know.

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