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A-Z meme

I was tagged by the lovely @youre-on-a-starship ty hun <3

A - age: 16

B - biggest fears: not sure tbh

C - current time: 1:38 pm

D - drink you last had: Nespresso Ciocattino

E - every day starts with: Getting out of bed and stretching a bit / not getting out of bed for another hour after I wake up (usually the latter)

F - favorite song: Borgore ft G-Eazy - Forbes

G - ghosts, are they real? I don’t think so tbh

H - hometown: Belgrade, Serbia

I - in love with: a mean guitar solo and a good bass drop

J - jealous of: literally all the professional alpine skiers (i wanna be one :( )

K - killed someone: not that you know of, no

L - last time you cried: five days ago in a fit of laughter

M - middle name: don’t have one

N - number of siblings: one (god bless)

O - one wish: to move away, live abroad and never return home

P - person you last called/texted: my best friend (i love that girl)

Q - questions you’re always asked: “Why is your hair green?”

R - reasons to smile: fandoms, good quality movies, good quality music, good quality food, skiing

S - song last sang: Revelry by Kings of Leon

T - time you woke up: 8:48 am

U - underwear color: yellow (I’ve no idea what I’m doing w my life)

V - vacation destination: Austria, Denmark and Spain

W - worst habit: Procrastinating, being to lazy to write stories (I am so sorry)

X - x-rays had: When I had my appendix taken out two years ago

Y - favorite food: Steak friorentina, penne carbonara, berner wurstel mit bretzel, anything with avocado (basic white chick alert), peaches

Z - zodiac sign: Taurus af

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“Operation ist gut verlaufen und mein Knie wird bald wieder bereit sein! Meine Gedanken sind aber bei den Menschen und Opfern in Brüssel! Wann hat dieser Wahnsinn endlich ein Ende?!!”

“Surgery went pretty well and soon my knee will be ready for skiing again! But my thoughts are with the people and victims in Brussels! When will there finally be an end to all this madness?!!”

[Source: Felix via Facebook]

I’m really glad he’s alright! Hopefully he will be able to ski with less pain next season!
There’s nothing I’d want to add to what he says about Brussels. It’s horrible. I just can’t understand how people are capable of something like that. I wish we lived in a better world. There’s so much hate, so much pain and death here. It makes me sad and angry. And I’ll have to ask the same question - when is this going to stop?