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Fowl Character Email Addresses I

Se If You Can Guess Who Each One Belongs To. Some Are A Bit Tricky.


HINT: Two of the addresses belong to the same person. These two addresses also happen to be next to each other on the list.

@sos-fandoms Is not allowed to guess *Winks*, (I mean, we came up with these together so you already know right?)

This is only Part I. Part II will come when my insanity comes back from her crime spree with good ideas

The Matterhorn.

This is one of those images that you need to see big and I hope Tumblr doesn’t compress it too much. I made this out of 45 images stitched using my long 200mm lens (400mm on the Olympus). The detail is incredible. It is almost large format. When I was editing it, I was zooming in every now and then finding new things: there is a series of tiny little huts on the last ridge line to the North face of the Matterhorn, there are chairlifts crossing everywhere and you can make out people too. Download the image and tell me what you guys can find too. {EDIT I found a helicopter at the summit and the famous cross that some tenacious dudes carried up there in the early 1900s}

The Matterhorn is a huge chunk of rock and I can see why it is so famous, hopefully this image passes of its enormity.


This is Aksel Lund Svindal

and this is Kjetil Jansrud

They are Norwegian alpine-skiers

They are roomies

 and they are usually together 200 days a year

Both won olympicmedals in Vancouver 2010 

In the Sotchi Olympics 2014, Aksel was Norways flag bearer

and Kjetil won a gold and a bronze medal

  • They are sponsored by Telenor, and in 2014 they stared in their commercials as a family, together with Henrik Kristoffersen


 where it looks like they are husbands


In “Idrettsgallaen 2008 (the norwegian sportsaward)” Aksel won “this years male athlete” and “this years athlete”

and in 2015 Kjetil won in the exact same categories, but since he is competing in Switzerland right now he couldn’t come to Hamar (this is from the first speech):

He says in his speech that he miss Aksel (he got injured right before this season) and that he is looking forward to see him again.

and this is the second speech:

Waaait a moment…. that is not Kjetil. I do not exactly know why Kjetil did not receive his second award, but I liked Aksels speech for Kjetil: “I am not Kjetil Jansrud just so you know that (ahahah), He was actually going to text me his speech, but he has not done that soo… but I have been so lucky living with Kjetil and shared a bed with him for ten years so I know him quite well. So I know he would have thanked his team mates  (and some more thank yous).” Ahhhh I love them!!!

and that is my new ship everybody!!!!

I give them the ship-name “Jandal” (I don’t think they have one) and they are the first ship in my new series: “ELIA ships athletes”


Okay, i know this is not perfect, but i hope it´s at least understandable. I´ve made it very fast…

Andreas Wellinger Livechat – Best Moments

Interviewer: Good evening from Berchtesgaden, Germany, to the fourth Milka Live Chat this season. I´m very happy to introduce our youngest member of the “Milka-Family”, Andreas Wellinger. Servus!

Andreas: Servus!

Interviewer: You´ve had a heavy fall at the beginning of the season, although you´ve had such a good start this year; a third place at the first competition and a first place at the team competition and then this heavy setback. How are you now? Do you suffer pain?

Andreas: I´m quite well. It happened almost exactly three months ago, that I had to take this involuntary vacation, but everything went well since then, I can jump without pain. Sometimes I do feel something in my neck or shoulders, but since I don´t have to use my arms that much while jumping, I don´t have any problems concerning that. So, I have been jumping actively since five weeks.

Interviewer: One of the first competitions were the world junior championships, where you´ve been very successful, you´ve won a silver medal in the single as well as in the team competition, and then you 11th place at the normal hill in Falun. For me that sounds like a very positive comeback. What do you say?

Andreas: Yes, I think so. Of course, my claims have grown through the last years, but nevertheless i´m very happy that I could return to jumping so fast.

Interviewer: [Fan-Question] Which type of student are you? Rather the geek or the class clown…? Are you the one who´s absent all the time? [Laughing]

Andreas: [Laughing] Yes, i´m rather the one who´s absent all the time…  For the rest i think i´m just a normal student… I´m neither a very good nor a very bad student, just normal. I´m very sincere and try to share my joy with everyone so sometimes in class i say something inappropriate, but I think that´s okay (Everyone does that sometimes).

Interviewer: [Fan-Question] How did you get around to sports?

Andreas: Of course i´ve started with soccer (everyone does that in Germany). I came around skiing, because my father was an alpine skier.

Interviewer: [Fan-Question] What was the most beautiful moment in your carrer?

Andreas: The gold medal in Sochi! For different reasons. Olympia is the goal for every competitive sportsman. That I was able to go there with only eighteen years and even take a medal home, the golden one, that´s of course the thing everyone dreams of! And it was very special to me, that this medal was won in a team completion. Of course, our sport is usually a single sport, but we were four jumpers and everyone had to work for that title and we have such a great team spirit, so that´s one of the reasons why the team medal means the most to me.

Interviewer: You´ve got a lot of fans in Poland, you´ve won a summer grand prix and your first world cup in Poland. [Fan question] Can you say something in polish?

Andreas: Ahm, yes, i know two terms. It´s “Dziękuje”, what means „Thank you”, i believe you pronounce it like that (Yeah, you did well, Andi), and “Nastrowie”, which means “Cheers”.


Interviewer: We´ve got the information from our direction, there are 30.000 people watching right now! Great feeling, isn´t it?

Andreas: Thumbs up! It´s great that so many people are joining this!

Interviewer: There is this cow, it´s name is “Lila Liebling” (Lilac Darling). You are the ambassador to this campaign, i think [the name of your Milka-Chocolate] is vanilla pudding. Look for it in the stores, because that´s what Andreas will be eating in the next days, as well.

Interviewer: Is there something you´re afraid of?

Andreas: Ahm, I can´t think of anything right now…

Interviewer: Okay

Andreas: Ah, wait, well, of course, Abitur (Final exams)!

Interviewer: So, tell us the day we should “press thumbs” for you. (To “press thumbs” means to wish someone good luck.)

Andreas: Ah, it´s the 30th of April, 5th of May and 9th of May.


Interviewer: Okay, we´ll keep that dates in mind. And some more dates to keep in mind: 19th and 20th of February, there will be the next Milka Live Chats with Sarka Strachova and …

Andreas: It was March

Interviewer: Oh really, what did I say?

Andreas: February

Interviewer: Well, thanks! [Laughing] With Sarka Strachova and Tina Maze. It´s good to have a ten years younger and 1 meter higher interview-partner who follows the argument.

Thanks a lot, Andreas, for today, it was a pleasure to meet you. Over there you can see our colleague, Kathrin. Kathrin, come closer, show us what´s written on this note. Am I blind? Can you read that?

Andreas: [Tries to read what´s written on the note] Kathrin, come closer, we can´t read it!

Interviewer: There was written “Ende” (The end) on that note. Dear Milka-Friends, we´ve come to the end of this Live Chat, but [blah, blah, blah]

Adittional information: There was one more question, that wasn´t in this summary. It was if Andi had a girlfriend it became clear that he isn´t in a relationship right now.

The athletes have arrived and wasted no time posing with the Olympic rings! 2 days to go until Sochi 2014!

Dominic Harrington, Ben Kilner and Billy Morgan of the Great Britain Snowboard Team pose for a portrait with Rebekah Wilson and Paula Walker of the Great Britain Bobsleigh team on the Olympic rings at the Athletes Village in the Rosa Khutor mountain village cluster prior to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on February 3, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Sandra Kiriasis and Franziska Fritz of Germany pose for a picture with the Olympic Rings at the Athletes Village ahead of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on February 4, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Shelly Gotlieb, Stefi Luxton, Christy Prior and Rebecca Torr of New Zealand pose for a picture with the Olympic Rings at Athletes Village ahead of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on February 4, 2014 in Sochi, Russia. (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Austrian alpine skiers (From L) Georg Streitberger, Klaus Kroell, Max Franz, Joachim Puchner and Romed Baumann pose in the Olympic Rings on February 4, 2014 at the Mountain Olympic Village at the Rosa Khutor Alpine centre, four days prior to the start of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games. AFP PHOTO / FABRICE COFFRINI (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Six days ‘til Sochi! Six is also the number of medals won by U.S. athletes on February 17, 2010, making it the most successful day for the nation at the Olympic Winter Games. Three gold medals came from snowboarder Shaun White and speed skater Shani Davis, winning their second consecutive Olympic titles in halfpipe and the 1000m, respectively, while alpine skier Lindsey Vonn triumphed in the downhill for her first Olympic medal. Julia Mancuso won silver in downhill, and bronze medals were awarded to Scotty Lago in halfpipe and Chad Hedrick in the 1000m.

Rescue Me (or 5 times Kara rescued Cat, and one time Cat rescued her back)

Summary:  Kara Danvers had never rescued the same person twice, until Cat Grant. 

For: @abcooper  Happy Birthday Coop!  I got this in just under the deadline! (for my time zone anyway)

Rating: T


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She would deny it to her dying breath, but NC Flight 237 was not Kara’s first rescue.  It wasn’t her second, or her third.

Kara Danvers had been quietly rescuing citizens of small communities surrounding Midvale and National City since high school.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to.

Jeremiah had told her after her very first rescue that it wasn’t safe, that she should hide, that all she ever had to be was Kara Danvers.  But her cousin was more.  He was brave and strong and admired.  Kara wanted that too.  She didn’t ask for accolades or applause or handshakes.  She collected the news stories about the strange miracle that happened in the rolling hills of Napa or the mysterious water rescue from Lake McCoy or the inexplicable way those Alpine skiers made it out of the avalanche the college semester she spent in Austria.  She kept them in a scrapbook, hidden under her bed and pulled them out every so often to remind herself that she is brave and strong and admired too.  Alex never knew, her parents and friends never knew.  Only Kara knew and the people who she saved, who could never really get anyone to believe them.  It was her own quiet rebellion.  While Alex was partying and drinking and getting locked up, Kara was rescuing divers in the Amazon and yachters on the Pacific and hikers in the desert.

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