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Part I Part II Bonus 

Okay, the Olympics just ended and to commemorate the past two weeks, I drew a bunch of Attack on Titan characters competing - they are completely inspired by these perfect headcanons here. I didn’t get to all of them since I ran out of time and also because some of them were too hard seriously how do you draw a non awkward luge person 

Anyway, I had so much fun with these and I wanted to share. :) 

The Matterhorn.

This is one of those images that you need to see big and I hope Tumblr doesn’t compress it too much. I made this out of 45 images stitched using my long 200mm lens (400mm on the Olympus). The detail is incredible. It is almost large format. When I was editing it, I was zooming in every now and then finding new things: there is a series of tiny little huts on the last ridge line to the North face of the Matterhorn, there are chairlifts crossing everywhere and you can make out people too. Download the image and tell me what you guys can find too. {EDIT I found a helicopter at the summit and the famous cross that some tenacious dudes carried up there in the early 1900s}

The Matterhorn is a huge chunk of rock and I can see why it is so famous, hopefully this image passes of its enormity.


Babies of Olympians!

Every one of them could win a medal for cuteness.

Ava, daughter of Australian diver Rachel Bugg, likes to play it cool.

Netherlands archer Ron van der Hoff likes to relax with his cute six-month-old daughter Jelke.

Team USA beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh has won gold in Athens, Beijing, and London. But, she seems most proud of kids Sundance, Scout, and Joey. Scout just turned 1 this week!

Brazilian football/soccer player Neymar Júnior won a silver medal in London. Maybe  adorable son David Lucca will follow in his footsteps.

Resi, fashionable daughter of Team USA alpine skier Sarah Schleper, likes to accessorize. She is pictured here with her aunt.

Team USA moguls skier Shannon Bahrke won silver in Salt Lake City and bronze in Vancouver. In her free time, she enjoys Snuggle Sundays with her sweet daughter Zoe.

Six days ‘til Sochi! Six is also the number of medals won by U.S. athletes on February 17, 2010, making it the most successful day for the nation at the Olympic Winter Games. Three gold medals came from snowboarder Shaun White and speed skater Shani Davis, winning their second consecutive Olympic titles in halfpipe and the 1000m, respectively, while alpine skier Lindsey Vonn triumphed in the downhill for her first Olympic medal. Julia Mancuso won silver in downhill, and bronze medals were awarded to Scotty Lago in halfpipe and Chad Hedrick in the 1000m.

Peru returns for its second appearance at the Winter Olympics with the same three athletes who represented the country in 2010: brother and sister alpine skiers Manfred and Ornella Oetti Reyes, who were born in Germany and have a Peruvian mother, and Peruvian-American Roberto Carcelén, a cross-county skier who was also Peru’s flagbearer.


This is Aksel Lund Svindal

and this is Kjetil Jansrud

They are Norwegian alpine-skiers

They are roomies

 and they are usually together 200 days a year

Both won olympicmedals in Vancouver 2010 

In the Sotchi Olympics 2014, Aksel was Norways flag bearer

and Kjetil won a gold and a bronze medal

  • They are sponsored by Telenor, and in 2014 they stared in their commercials as a family, together with Henrik Kristoffersen


 where it looks like they are husbands


In “Idrettsgallaen 2008 (the norwegian sportsaward)” Aksel won “this years male athlete” and “this years athlete”

and in 2015 Kjetil won in the exact same categories, but since he is competing in Switzerland right now he couldn’t come to Hamar (this is from the first speech):

He says in his speech that he miss Aksel (he got injured right before this season) and that he is looking forward to see him again.

and this is the second speech:

Waaait a moment…. that is not Kjetil. I do not exactly know why Kjetil did not receive his second award, but I liked Aksels speech for Kjetil: “I am not Kjetil Jansrud just so you know that (ahahah), He was actually going to text me his speech, but he has not done that soo… but I have been so lucky living with Kjetil and shared a bed with him for ten years so I know him quite well. So I know he would have thanked his team mates  (and some more thank yous).” Ahhhh I love them!!!

and that is my new ship everybody!!!!

I give them the ship-name “Jandal” (I don’t think they have one) and they are the first ship in my new series: “ELIA ships athletes”