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RUN THIS TOWN - A mix for the true saviour of France. [8TRACKS]

01. No church in the wild-Kayne West & Jay-Z / 02. Sinnerman-Nina Simone / 03. Bartholomew-The silent comedy / 04. Don’t let the bastards bring you down-The April Maze / 05. God’s gonna cut you down-Johnny Cash / 06. Don’t Stop-Innerpartysystem / 07. Empire-Alpines / 08. Run this town-Jay Z ft. Rihanna


THE  QUESTIONS  WE  ASK  … shape our path

“What is adventure?

I’m not so sure we know these days! Movies and magazines all scream "Extreme, Gore-tex suits and vertical routes, foreign trips and big cliff hits” … but that’s not part of it! 

Adventure is curiosity. The willingness to embrace uncertainty. Wondering about the possibility of doing just one thing …. differently than before"