Alpha Phi - Red Dress Gala - 2014 Donation piece - work in progress

Quickly soldered the center together to try to determine if the final panel will be round or square.  (Don’t look too close to the solder lines.  They were just so I could pick up the section and move it.  I’ll go back and clean up my lines.) Not having a came bender, I have to rely on my local studio to bend the frame.  While I am sure they would do so, everyone is pretty busy right now.

My cousin asked if I was using red and green for the multi-colored circle outside of the center logo.  I have included those colors (as their logo colors are burgundy and ivy green) in the abstract circle, but it was my intent to make this year’s piece less of an obvious literal interpretation. 

Thinking of a wider outer border than the original thin blue, and maybe using red and green.