So I’ve decided my Alphendi headcanon involves him having absolutely no idea that his father solved mysteries. That he came into the career by himself. 

And that when he revealed to his father what he’d chosen as his field - his dad can’t help but tear up a little.

I just think it makes the whole thing a little more adorable.

My theory on Alphendi (LayCaire friendly):

Alphendi is actually Dimitri’s little brother (hence the resemblance) but after Claire died again in the future, Dimitri committed suicide. Alphendi and Claire like mother and son and so when Claire and Dimitri died he was left all alone. But he remembered Claire often speaking of a man called Hershel Layton. Since Claire was like a mother, he saw Layton as a sort of Father-model, and so the two meet up and consoled each other, becoming closer and closer until Layton took him in and they became Father and Son.

wow that is very badly written

i dont aprove of mistery room

i dont like the idea, i dont like the giant jump in generations, i dont like to know that layton has a son, before he started dating someone or…selling sperm, and alphendi doesnt look anything like hershel, he doesnt even has a hat XD and the art style used its more sleder and realistic, and its about mureders, it reminds more of phoenix writh actually, and the game in general reminds more of a lot of doesnt look like a layton game until i see the layton logo, its ok that they do it…i just hope it never affects the hershel saga (wich by the way im scared it ends in the mask of the miracle O_O, it couldnt right?) you know like lost canvas with saint seiya oh god, im scared they ruin layton for me…so rant, have a gif to make it not such a useless post

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