(X) AU (One-Shot) where everyone is a superhero or a villain with the public’s knowledge. Liam Dunbar is a Superhuman and Hayden Romero, a Villain. They don’t know who the other is outside of the world of Supers except for school and Sixth Grade. Until a incident forces them to reveal their identities to the other under a tragedy. (Someone help me make this sound better!!!)

Characters and their Superhero/Villain Aliases

Liam Dunbar | Wolf Boy

Hayden Romero | Bubblegum Girl

Scott McCall | The True Alpha

Stiles Stilinski | The Emissary

Lydia Martin | The Banshee

Theo Raeken | Raeken

Malia Tate/Hale | The Coyote

Allison Argent | The Huntress

Kate Argent | The Bone Woman

Derek Hale | Sourwolf

Cora Hale | She-Wolf/La Loba

Gerard Argent | The Patriarch

Noshiko Yukimura | The Kitsune

Kira Yukimura | Thunder Kitsune

Rhys Reyes | The (Fallen) Soldier

Lucas | the Chimera

Deucalion | the Demon Wolf

Jennifer Blake | the Darach

Kali | herself

Nogitsune | himself

Oni | themselves

Jackson Whittemore & Tracy Stewart | The Kanima Twins (mentioned)

The Dread Doctors | themselves

Isaac Lahey | the Protector  (mentioned)



Scott and his pack

  • Malia Hale, the Werecoyote
  • Derek Hale, the Werewolf
  • Lydia Martin, the Banshee
  • Scott McCall, the True Alpha
  • Stiles Stilinski, the Human
  • Hayden Romero, the Chimera
  • Liam Dunbar, the Beta
  • Kira Yukimura, the Kitsune
  • Jordan Parrish, the Something

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