AOB testing

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like slavelock, puppylock, alphasherlock, omegajohn, and omegaverse.

You: My AOB results came in John. SH (17)

Stranger: (AOB?)

You: (Alpha/Omega/Beta)

Stranger: So are you going to tell me what you got? JW (17)

You: Alpha. Mummy and Father were pleased, though they’re honestly pleased by anything, and Mycroft was annoyed that there was another alpha in the house. SH

Stranger: Well that makes a lot of sense. Wish I could go get tested. JW

You: We could pay for you to, you know. Mummy and Father love you like you were one of theirs. They’d happily send you. SH

Stranger: They’re just hoping I’m an omega because I’m the only thing that keeps your right. JW

Stranger: Mum thinks I’m a beta. Apparently Watsons usually present early and I still haven’t come out as anything. JW

You: (Just wondering, have you seen S3? Because I’m imagining Sherlock’s mother and father like the show ones here :) )

Stranger: (Oh okay! And yes I have.)

Stranger: (Johns being mostly sarcastic and joking anyway hehe)

You: They just want you to stay with me because you keep me right. Mummy even said it wouldn’t matter if you were an alpha because then you would kick my arse even more in a fight. SH Well, it depends on if you got the Watson dominant or her side of the family dominant genes. I forget her maiden name. Not important. SH

You: (Good John, sarcasm suits him x3)

Stranger: Alpha and alpha. That’s pretty radical for them to think. Its true. I’d kick your arse even as a beta. JW

You: You know them and how they think. There’s a reason they live away from the city. You would kick my arse even if you were an omega. SH

Stranger: I suppose. Not sure it would suit me anymore than it would you. JW

You: Do you want to go get tested to see? SH

Stranger: Your parents would really pay for it? JW

You: Of course. SH

Stranger: Sure then. No point in waiting really. JW

You: Excellent. I’ll go let them know, they’ll be thrilled. SH [Half hour later] The office can fit you in later today or tomorrow. Today would be at 7 and tomorrow any time. SH

Stranger: Thanks. JW
That was fast. JW

You: They know people. How do you think I got my results back so quickly? SH

Stranger: Oh right. Holmes family influence. JW

You: The influence we have thanks to Mycroft. SH They still don’t know it’s all him, actually. Mummy has her suspicion. It’s quite humuerous to watch. SH

Stranger: I’m surprised its just suspicion. She seems to catch on to everything. JW

Stranger has disconnected.


What happened? You posted and then you immediately left.

I am seriously going to freaking cry

I had the most wonderful omegaverse RP going on

Where John and Sherlock had been arguing about John’s heat and about being idiots and wanting a relationship but never saying anything. John was saying he’d spend his heat with a castrated Alpha if Sherlock didn’t want a relationship and everything that came with it. Which Sherlock did, so he came home. and GOD DAMMIT they were JUST STARTING to have sex! And then my bloody internet fucked up! and I am searching so ahrd because we’d been RPing for HOURS and it was SO GOOD.

Please, if that was you, let me know! I didn’t want to leave! I swear! My internet sucks balls right now!




anonymous asked:

Everytime bonding is brought up you say John doesnt want to. If that is your only reasoning that means you want to right?

Well, since you asked, yes. I would like to bond with John for obvious reasons. For example, what am I to do when he goes out and finds an Alpha to bond with, moves, and goes to with him/her? I’ll be completely lost; a wreck. No more smartass John to critisize my experiments. No more upset John to go buy milk. No more smiling John who comes in and gives me tea. No more caring John to make sure I eat. If John ever moved out and bonded, I think I might die of lack of care. So to answer your question, yes. I do want to bond with John, but I won’t because who would want to bond with me anyways, right? -SH