A small thing with a faint smile under the hood looks up to Child from somewhere that seems to be about the bottom of the bottomless pit. The voice beckon the child to come to him but the child is weary.

The Child grabs his backpack and shoes along with the toy sword and quietly sneaks back over to the window. He crawls up onto the window seal and looks down trying to see where the voice is coming from again.

The Voice seemingly flies up to the child and greets him.

“Dear child, may I ask of you to take care of this for me. It’s a key to vast power and fortune and I need it safe.”

(written by alphathedemon)

 Hakumei took the handkerchief and began to dry off her face, making sure to clean off the makeup that had been smeared or was otherwise messed up by the water. It’s not like I was wearing much, just enough to look a little nicer. She replied, finishing drying off and handing back the handkerchief.

Looks like our ride is almost over, my sweet Hyaku…Hakumei…

Upon hearing Alpha’s small slip, the woman instantly wanted to question him on why on Erinn did he almost say what she thought he would say, but she decided against it. Instead, she remained calmly and replied to the rest of his comment. It was a rather quick ride, but I guess it was fine. Except for getting splashed.

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s she was quickly put into the boat by her partner, Hakumei made sure to keep her dress from getting wet. Her mind was honestly still a bit behind, having been taken aback from the demon’s previous gesture of kissing her hand. She wasn’t expecting to be brought to the boat so quickly, too.

 Since she had not seen the look on Alpha’s face when he had begun steering the boat, she noticed ahead a glowing orb which appeared to be attached to something. Hakumei soon realized it was a person- or at least a Sahagin- as the boat hit them with a loud thunk. Oh dear, are you oka-As she had leaned out to check on the Sahagin, it had splashed water at her and Alpha. She stared in slight confusion and slight frustration as the water dripped from her hair and face, messing with the small amount of makeup she did have on.

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akumei glanced over at a man who approached her and spoke to her, Ah, you must be Hakumei, but… He had paused, showing he was smelling the air, Who’s your friend I smell…some wild pup?
I do not have a friend. I think you are smelling someone else.She replied in earnest, though her mind drifted to wondering if he had smelled her lycanthropy or somehow even Hyakuhei.

 She held her hand out, offering to shake hands with the man. So, you’re my partner then? Alpha, right…?Hakumei glanced over at the lake as someone had fallen in, pulling another person in with them. …It looks like people aren’t being very careful in those boats. She commented