Check out new story of my good friend #richardcabral shot by yours truly styled by the talented @sorayadayani assisted by Ana Roca. Shot at #alphaschoolforprogressiveliving #EastNewYork thank you #MrBaddison for that and Jessie at #Eisenbergssandwichshop published online by check it out to see more images and a piece on Richard.

#tbt on the left is @JACkie_amare who is a proud mother from Brooklyn who went to the #alphaschoolforprogressiveliving in Brownsville. I was lucky enough to join Jackie on her final Sonogram before giving birth I think on the Tuesday to her son Amare. @shanee_90 in the middle who also went to the school was a talented makeup artist I spotted earlier on and who I took on a few shoots to assist and who is now doing fantastic at beauty college. Watch this space with her work. @nati_sobeautiful is also a mum now and it was her daughters 1st birthday only last Saturday. We had great times at the school and funny ones the day we had the beauty day in the bathrooms with the girls washing each other’s faces with creams donated from artists from #funtimes

Portrait of @TreySongz I got to do thanks to @theonlymattjones for hooking me up. Really nice guy he made a video back after shooting to a kid called Shadow from the Alpha School who had lost a cousin to gun violence in East New York. @cashit1999 and Shadow had made a short video to him and he made one back to them. It made a lot of happy faces the day I showed the kids at #alphaschoolforprogressiveliving.