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The Quick Decisions of Characters

In many actions scenes - like fight scenes, especially - our characters have to rely on their wit and intuition alone to make sure they survive until the next scene. In the heat of the moment, they have to decide where to hit, how to dodge, if it’s safe to look around to see what might help them. As writers, we can use all these things to our advantage in crafting our stories.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do is drop your character into a situation they would consider stressful. It doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful, but that element can give them some issue in making the actual decision. If your end goal is to have them make the “wrong” decision, that stress will be something that makes it easier to achieve.

Most people, whether they know it or not, tend to walk into certain situations with a pre-made plan in mind. That normally doesn’t too do well in the field of creating a need for quick decisions, so what we do then it make it impossible for your character to carry out their initial plan. At this point, they should be too far gone to be able to turn back, which literally forces them to make these quick decisions that determine their future.

Remember that everything happening will have its later consequences. But, this is quick time - they don’t have the time to consider which is best in the long run. Your character should be making the choices that will benefit them in the here and now. They’ll get out of their sticky situation and deal with the consequences later - which could lead to another issue.

Now, every decision your character makes should push the plot forward in some way, shape, or form. Maybe they have to choose someone to save or a path to take them to safety; it’s decisions like these that normally have the largest impact. After the decision is made, make sure the choice’s full consequences are carried out. Cause and affect should be a major factor here; if it isn’t, your readers are likely to full a little short-changed if nothing else.

So, that’s all I’ve got for you today! I really hope this helped whoever needed it; if you want to see another topic covered, don’t forget to leave a message in my ask box! Until then, much love! <333

I think a lot of things were proved in 3x21. One most important thing is that Barry was happy, and that was because he was doing what he was meant to do. Does he save people anymore like he used to? I hardly see it. Lately all he cares about is Iris 24/7. What show is this called anyway? Have the writers forgotten? I don’t remember love interests being this over saturated before. Don’t the heroes have more to worry about than just ONE person? The rate the writers are going, I think Barry would forgo saving 100 innocent lives just to save Iris. What kind of a hero is that? Some hero. Some role model. If 3x21 has told us anything it’s that Barry’s life was much better without constantly worrying about only Iris dying. Look at what Team Flash has turned into. When will Barry fix his friend’s lives? Iris is not that important. She is a love interest who does nothing.
—  Anonymous
The Universe Guides Us

We set the intention, we visualize having it, we get enthusiastic about it, we detach from it, and the Universe guides us to getting what we’ve asked for.

The whole super individualism thing is very overrated. No one makes it ALL by themselves. They get help along the way, even when they don’t actually see it.

Sometimes help comes in what seems like a misfortune. The misfortune comes to help you change direction, and the next thing you know you are on the best path to receiving what you’ve asked for.

The Universe, or the higher power, sees what you do not. Set the intention, visualize it like you have it now, get enthusiastic about it, detach from it (which is like wanting it but not needing it), and the Universe and all sources of good will help guide you to what you’ve asked for.

Remember that you get what you give. If you give $1 then $10 comes back to you in some way shape or form. If you give $1,000 you get back $10,000 in some way shape or form. Be thankful for this ahead of time.

Whenever you give, be thankful for the tenfold that is coming to you. This habit changes your mindset. It tunes you to the wavelength of gratitude and positive expectation.

The Universe fills vacuums. The Universe cannot be out given. Remember that.

Iris is a chronic liar. In 3x21 she lied to Barry when he lost his memories about how his parents died. Nice one. She lied to Barry about that phony bull shit memory to try to get him triggered into remembering. Couldn’t ANY of Barry’s friends, even Joe, bring up a good moment from the past? She lied to her father in Season 1 for not telling him about dating Eddie. She lied about mattering as a reporter. Where the fuck has that been lately? She’s lied to Barry about being in love with him. Where is this love? It’s all empty words. That’s why the writers have to keep saying “they are in love” even though there’s nothing behind it. Let’s not forget who she really is: a huge manipulator with a big mouth. I have no sympathy for her demise. Awful from the start. Kill this bitch and make it extremely quick.
—  Anonymous


WESTALLEN HAS ME LIVING IN EVERY SCENE I SWEAR! This is one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen so far.