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Please note: stories containing an asterisk* contain explicit content and aren’t suitable for those under 18. Don’t read it if you shouldn’t or I’ll tell your mom. Single chapter fics are listed under their respective twins; blurbs are gathered at the end.

I will likely update this after I post a few new fics but I’ll have a tab on my blog that I’ll update within two days of posting a new fic so if you’re ever wondering if you missed something, find it on my blog

Grayson Dolan

“Let’s Have a Baby”

Grayson tells you exactly where he sees your future together.


You and Grayson do a little toy shopping before he and Ethan head to Jersey for a couple weeks. Once he’s on the opposite side of the country, you’re left to take care of yourself in more ways than one.

Love You Goodbye*

“If tomorrow you won’t be mine, won’t you give it to me one last time. Oh, baby let me love you goodbye.”


[part two to Alpha] You spend a little too much time without getting your alpha’s knot, leaving you in a painful heat with no one else but Grayson to help you until your alpha gets home.

Ethan Dolan

Fair and Square*

You challenge Ethan to a game of Call of Duty and he claims he let you win - so you find a way to get him to tell the truth

Entertain Me*

You and Ethan have been best friends for years and rely on each other for a lot of different things. When a day of video games and Netflix starts to get a little dull, Ethan thinks of something else you can rely on each other for.


[part one to Omega] You’re best friends with the boys but after spending the day with them, you end up going into an early heat. When Ethan shows up to your apartment with your forgotten vlogging camera, he gets thrown into an early rut.

Nolan Dolan

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Do You Like Me Too?

You need help on your math homework and meet the third Dolan no one knew about.

Are You Sure?*

You’ve been hanging out with Nolan for a few weeks and you both feel comfortable taking your relationship to a new level.


which Disney princess would they be with

the twins as boyfriends

personality differences between the twins

the twins when they’re jealous

the twins confessing their feelings

the twins when they’re mad

how they react at your wedding

if you can’t have kids

the twins with a thick girl

the twins dating a feminine girl

the boys reacting to the other starting a family

the twins if their girlfriend gets hurt

Gray accidentally gets you pregnant

Gray’s reaction to you playing lacrosse/football

Grayson dating a shorter girl

Grayson dating a nerd/bookworm

Grayson when you’re scared of someone

Grayson as an uncle

sex with Grayson*

Ethan accidentally gets you pregnant

Ethan asking you to move in

Ethan’s pain kink*

Ethan during your wedding

Ethan dating a tall girl

cuddling with Ethan

making out with Ethan


He would’ve never left the hospital if Cora hadn’t told him to— even though tell might be the wrong verb here. Order was probably more accurate. She was a Hale after all— they hardly ever asked nicely, no matter how close to death they were. Death. Derek did most certainly not want to think about that option. He knew that his sister was going to pull through, she was going to survive this, there was simply no other way. Derek didn’t allow any other way.

Arriving at the school, he still followed the shrieking sound that had tortured his ears just a few minutes ago, a sound he had never heard in his whole life— and he had heard and seen quite a lotof things. His feet lead him though the empty school building, silent as a cat— ironically, considering he was somewhat a dog, but whatever— looking for somebody who could explain to him what the hell is going on. There— movement. Silently, Derek walked slower, his body shifting to the side, making himself smaller, less visible— until he realized that the moving shape in front of him was known to him, causing the male to exhale, an almost annoying expression already painting on his face. “Which one of you is it? I’ll never keep you apart.