Tinder stick sheath .

 The first idea that I had to utilize the light my fire fat wood tinder stick was to make up a simple sheath for a 6mm fire steel .

 If this idea has been done before by someone then my apologies for unknowingly copying  and well done for thinking of it as I think its a great idea .

I cut the standard tinder stick in half and drilled a 6.5mm hole into the fat wood then counter sunk a 9mm hole in one end to firmly fit the safety break away cord -lock end that I like to use on my 6mm ferro rods.

 When needing to use whittle an edge of the wooden sheath with a knife to create your tinder  . Pull out the ferro rod using the Technora600 lanyard  , pop the cord-lock off the end and strike with the tungsten carbide circle scraper  and simply fit back together for easy storage .

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