Tinder stick sheath .

 The first idea that I had to utilize the light my fire fat wood tinder stick was to make up a simple sheath for a 6mm fire steel .

 If this idea has been done before by someone then my apologies for unknowingly copying  and well done for thinking of it as I think its a great idea .

I cut the standard tinder stick in half and drilled a 6.5mm hole into the fat wood then counter sunk a 9mm hole in one end to firmly fit the safety break away cord -lock end that I like to use on my 6mm ferro rods.

 When needing to use whittle an edge of the wooden sheath with a knife to create your tinder  . Pull out the ferro rod using the Technora600 lanyard  , pop the cord-lock off the end and strike with the tungsten carbide circle scraper  and simply fit back together for easy storage .

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Stoned Go-tube .

Inspired by Alpha Bushcraft’s pimp of an old WW2 brass 303 Lee Enfield oil bottle into a fire match , I wanted to go all post apocalyptic on mine .

 The original oil dabber was removed with a hack saw , I then etched the brass tube in Ferric and coated in brass black before a full stone wash for an aged effect .

The original leather O-ring washer had perished on one side so has been replaced with a modern glow O-ring making a cool  recycled old school looking Go -tube to for EDC use or to stash kit or tinder in .

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Prototype 3D printed Glint and glow strip holder .

A little project that evolved out of another ongoing 3D printing project with Alex from

A little ruff around the edges but it works great as a proto to see if there’s a future for it  and will hold x4 different glow and glint tapes that can be swapped out depending on what is required .

 There’s space on the back to fit a permanent tape and a lanyard hole for use either as a tether for a zip pull or kit marker or can be worn on a lanyard as a neck carry .

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A unique Custom gift .

 This 3D printed glow in the dark morale patch was kindly made up for me by a good friend Alex over at Alpha Bushcraft .

3D printed from blue GITD ABS plastic and then backed with Mil-spec hook tape its flexible enough to fit to my TAD Stealth sleeve or my Kifaru Claymore pouch  .

I’m hoping that Alex and I can work together on some cool new design projects using the 3D printer and scanner over the next year, so keep your eyes peeled folks .

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