Continuing my little review of the Princeton -Tec ‘Byte’ head torch.

I mentioned briefly my new found liking for this compact headlamp and its ability to remove the head band for fitting onto 1 inch webbing or MOLLE / PALS.

It is pictured here mounted horizontally onto the dock & lock strap of my Kifaru claymore where it can be angled to charge the cyflect  'Strip light’.

It can also be mounted directly to the sternum strap of my E&E pack with a BriteStrike APALS and one of my Mk 3 SOLAS/GITD Glint & Glow markers as part of a night walking set up.

It can also be mounted vertically to any 1 inch webbing if rotation of the 50 lumen main beam or 146 hour red LED is needed in this case to the shoulder strap of my Kifaru E&E.

Full specs here from Princeton-Tec

Available here in the UK from



My Dad dropped down some high speed steel planer blades just before Christmas  so thought Id cut them up to see how well they worked . 

The 2 Ive worked so far are just beveled on the right hand side , leaving me 2 spare whic could be left hander’s if anyone wants one .

  To keep the minimum amount of work so they didnt get to hot I decided to keep the edges/ bevels as they were so choose a reverse Tanto with a false swedge , the other a Wharncliffe style again with a swedge .

Both blades are etched and stone washed and wrapped in technora 950 from in the UK

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Ready to pimp.

I bought these 3 Opinel’s yesterday from with the intention of pimping them up for re sale .

 Ive seen pics of the folding saw before but was quite surprised by the over all size of it in the flesh , the middle one is a No.8 locker and the smallest a No.4 non locking .

The only thing I can’t settle on is whether to pimp them as a set ie all 3 in the same style or to do them individually in contrasting styles?


Stone washed UST Base- case .

Been using this pimped version of the UST a fair bit out &about and so far it seems to have taken everything I have asked of it esp in its waterproof capacities . 

Seen here being used in the woods to carry basic survival kit of a LM ‘Style’ multi-tool, x2 baddest bee fire fuzes in waxed ended heat shrink, x2 10 hour mini chem- sticks , Silva SERE compass, mini  MK3 cyflect marker , x3 tinder paper circles , fire steel toggle and x2 Swan Norton scalpel blades wrapped in flammable waxed paper

full specs here

available here in UK


UST B.A.S.E. case first time out .

 As I was out and about back down on the Jurassic Coast again I took along a few new items kindly sent to me from Alpha Bushcraft .

 Full specs on the UST container can be seen here

 I managed to stash in a few useful items in the generous 23mm wide (internal ) capsule  from a Leatherman ‘Style’ multi -tool, x3 10 hour mini chem lights, x4 of my fire circle tinder tabs, a folded £20.00 note , a micro fire-steel / needle and a jute cord tinder warped fire sparker .

In the screw threaded lid I managed to stash one of my double sided Cyalume Cyflect MK3 mini markers and underneath a Silva SERE GITD compass.

In use through out the day clipped via the carabiner to my belt I was surprised to see that the connecting split ring had started to pull apart . This was replaced instantly with some technora cord from my pack and I’m glad I spotted it before I lost the container but then a split ring is always going to be the weakest link .

 Apart from the issue with the split ring the container performed very well in the water . UST rate the case as waterproof and it certainly showed no signs of ingression in either of the rock pool dunks or the 10 minutes left in a seasonal waterfall .

 Having replaced the split ring I’ve also now pimped the tube a little more to suit my own tastes more to follow later .

UST B.A.S.E case available here in UK


Tinder stick sheath .

 The first idea that I had to utilize the light my fire fat wood tinder stick was to make up a simple sheath for a 6mm fire steel .

 If this idea has been done before by someone then my apologies for unknowingly copying  and well done for thinking of it as I think its a great idea .

I cut the standard tinder stick in half and drilled a 6.5mm hole into the fat wood then counter sunk a 9mm hole in one end to firmly fit the safety break away cord -lock end that I like to use on my 6mm ferro rods.

 When needing to use whittle an edge of the wooden sheath with a knife to create your tinder  . Pull out the ferro rod using the Technora600 lanyard  , pop the cord-lock off the end and strike with the tungsten carbide circle scraper  and simply fit back together for easy storage .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Technora .

Left to right Technora 200 , 600 and 950 lb breaking strain (same thickness as standard 550 para cord ) great for handle wraps, EDC gear lanyards,survival stash cord and as as friction saw to cut wood if need be .

available in UK from

or in US via


Leatherman Style .

 Alex from Alphabushcraft recently sent me this cool little EDC key ring multi -tool from Leatherman tools .

On first appearance it seems to be kinda like one half of a classic folding LM multi -tool and Ive added my much used LM PS4 for a size comparison .

The tools are all non locking making it a perfect UK legal EDC, so easy to attach to key chains or perfect sized for putting in a go bag or survival tin as a back up tool  .

Leatherman have managed to squeeze in a lot of tools into such a compact size from a plain edged non locking blade (the blade protector also seems to act as an impromptu pocket clip ) and decent sized spring loaded folding scissors .

 The file backed tool also features a flat head screwdriver ,  nestled into the  black scale are cunningly hidden tweezers and a rotatable key chain carrier .

Full specs here from LM 

 Available here in UK


A good friend recently brought a stash of 9mm Swedish  Army fire-steel blanks and was looking for a few quick solutions for handles .

This very basic pimp using the top of a Staedtler Lumocolor map pen works well enough and stows away great in any pen pockets like my Rite in the rain small note book holder .

fire steel blank

 Custom zip pulls from Andrew at

Rite in the rain{0FF378C9-46C8-413B-ADA3-821FA8A9D63A}

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Stone washed Swiss TechTool .

There’s just something about folding precision made gadgets that appeals to me however I wasn’t that taken with the bright shiny finish on this Screwz -All so its recently had the treatment  etching in ferric before a stone wash .

  Full specs and available here in the UK

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

10  also very kindly sent down a larger Skinth solutions product the Skinth Jotter, full specs here from the skinth website

This again like the pocket panel reviewed bellow seems to be very well constructed from high quality materials , I like to use the small rite in the rain notebooks and this easily swallowed it with enough room for another notebook too and there was plenty of internal room for a fisher space pen and a compact ‘sawn off 'Sharpie Marker .

I could stash a good load of EDC kit inside from My favorite Spyderco orginal Manix , Leatherman Charge TTI and a double spare bit holder, an Oscar Delta CF go-tube , Brite strike CR123 flashlight Fisher space pen and a disposable lighter .

on the front of the pouch 2 elasticated webbing loops allow for stashing of items such as flashlights, multi tools or Go-tubes

and on the reverse are a double set of elasticated loops , these are actually quite large loops and I found that many of My personal EDC items didn’t feel that secure in them due to the widths between the stitching , that being said adding smaller items with clips on certainly seemed to work better such as a Spyderco UKPK ,Space pen , pocket screwdriver , Gerber diamond hone , retractable pen magnet , Brite strike torch and a sharpie marker etc and quite happily stashed x2 Sigg Sauer P226 mags behind them too (please note the 9mm rounds shown are deactivated and just for prop use when Im making kydex mag holders .) .

I was glad to see that x2 large Malice clips would fit on the reverse (all be it they are elastic ) so that the jotter could if ever needed be fixed onto a MOLLE pack / vest but its generally a cargo pocket pouch and feel it would work very well as such for BDU cargo pocket organization , my only little personal niggle would be to remove and change the opening clip to a ITW Nexus clip but again thats just a personal observation .

this and the pocket panel bellow will be on their way to valleydeepmountainhigh for a full testing / review but many thanks to Alex at for letting me photograph them first .


Alpha bushcraft Battery Bolt .

This was the first day of testing for latest version of the Battery Bolt whilst out and about yesterday on the Jurassic Coast a Natural World heritage site .

 These AA and AAA battery storage containers are handmade in the UK by Alex over at Alpha bushcraft  but can also be used to stash important similar size items safe and ready for use .

This is the improved version of the previous designs Ive seen and so far it seems well up the job ,  but as its a handmade product  perhaps designed more for the Civilian marketplace more so than for tactical  applications.

  full specs can be seen here  


Aphabushcraft battery Bolt , Part 2.

Back down on the Jurassic Coast testing out some more kit gave me another chance to test out the battery Bolt that Alex had kindly sent down for long term evaluation .

 Having seen the early prototypes of these and knowing how Alex  has improved the new design and mold making Its easy to forget that this fella is handmade by the Alphabushcraft owner here in the UK and not mass produced in some Chinese factory .

I’m still using it in its intended form as a spare battery carrier but it could of course be used to store tinder ,survival items or for Geo -caching etc .

 I left it quite happily in that seasonal waterfall for at least 20 minutes whilst I had a quick brew and a bite to eat and was very happy to see the dry interior when moving off to further explore the coast .

full specs here 


This is an Inova microlight STS made by Nite Ize .

This unique and innovative  Patented compact flashlight was recently sent to me for testing and review by Alex over at and full specs on the torch can be found here   

The micro light STS is the first ever compact LED to feature the ‘swipe to shine’ illumination technology that literally works with a pass of your finger .

The STS has a 50, 000 hour led life span  running on x2  2032 lithium batteries and puts out a generous 16 lumen on high for a 9 hour run time  or 64 hours on a 2 lumen output .

It also has a slow emergency beacon strobe and a variable dim setting allowing the user to choose a preferred lumen out put and is impact rated for a 2 meter drop and comes with a removable Nite Ize small S-Biner clip for EDC use .  

As You can see from the 3rd picture its a little larger than the Photon freedom micro I usually EDC , so I will be using this as a comparison during the testing  but the obvious difference between the two apart from the size was the lumen out put with the photon only putting out 4.5 lumen for a 12 hour run time .

Many thanks to Alex at Alpha bush craft for letting me test and review and I  will update soon .


Esbit pack stove .

The good Folks over at Alpha bushcraft sent me a new flat pack stove to play with and review from Esbit .

Its a German made ultra light weight folding stove made from laser cut stainless steel , and is definitely a more compact carry than the issued UK MOD Hexy stove and should suit anyone needing an ultra light minimalist set up .

The simple  fold together design makes for a stable cooking platform using solid fuel or fire gels can be used as a wind shield for a trangia type meths stove .

Full specs here and I will update with a proper review soon .


CR123 batteries .

My stock of CR123 batteries was starting to run low and was having a chat with Alex from Alphabushcraft about getting in some replacements .

He said that he was starting to stock a new brand called Cytac  that come individually wrapped so that they can be stored long term with little chance of power drain  .

As they came recommended to him for use with his Klarus flashlights  I said that I’d be more than happy to try them out and have been running them of late in my PD20 with good all round performance so far . 

full specs here

Thanks Man .

Alex from has recently updated his online Bush-craft shop and has very kindly made up a page just for my work (thanks Man).

New stock has been added, some prices reduced and there’s a sale on some of my knives in his stock all in one handy page.

So if your in the market for some of my gear or any of his great bush-crafting items please do check it out here at