I’m not even sure if I should try to reply to that post.  I don’t know how to phrase anything in a way that it cannot come off as a guilt-trip.  I am not trying to guilt-trip.  I never have.  I’m just sick of being stuck in limbo over an RP that was the best thing to happen to me in years.

I realize you’re trying to protect your friend, and that’s great.  Good for you.  And I understand where you’re coming from.  I really do.

I just need closure.  And I’m not getting it.  I’m getting maybes and not right nows.  And I thought of a logical way to circumvent this that will not trod on any toes or insult anyone’s emotions further.

But no, to even mention it is apparently guilt-tripping.

You won’t even accept any of my multiple apologies, neither of you will.  I feel bad and I’m sorry.  Cut emotion from the equation and consider my logical alternative.  Or at least let me know for sure what’s happening.  Because I don’t know anymore.