Tokka fic rec

as requested by anon


Swimming Lesson

Sokka teaching Toph how to swim. Could it get any cuter? I don’t think so! Plus, there’s a bit of drama that makes it all even better.


Sokka does thing differently when he’s drunk, and the effects carry over to the morning after. One of my favorites.


A beautifully written take on how being the sidekick couple isn’t so bad.


Push Push

Two words: matchmaker Zuko. Short but, oh so cute.

Chocolate Chips And Bruises

Drunk Sokka is always good.


Tokka bickering for a good reason. I really love Sokka in this one.

Conditionally Yours

Proposal time! Of course Toph wouldn’t say yes that easily. 


Too Late

One of my favorite ones ever. Toph’s take on Katara and Aang and Suki and Sokka’s wedding. Made my eyes water.

Smutty ones

Next Time

I don’t even know what to say about this one. It’s just one of the best fanfics I’ve ever read. 

Say My Name

I still haven’t finished this one yet (even though it’s a oneshot) but I gotta say I love where this is going…

A New Kind Of Nickname

Councilman Sokka and Chief Toph. Sassy Toph is what I live for, dear. 


Simple smutty Tokka. It’s just cute as hell.

One Night In Ba Sing Se

I have to say that I loved this one so much I went looking for the




In which Toph is clueless about a lot of things and Sokka is happy to teach her. 

Tokka Alphabet

Lovely drabbles that made me squeal like a banshee.

Ana’s rec for me

These are the one I haven’t read yet, but I believe they’re very good

I Will Walk You Home
Who Are You?
The Push and Pull
The Drawbacks of the Indirect Approach
Nothing is Illuminated
Journeys of Three Thousand Miles
Four Times
Growing up fast
Lovers Smile
Closing the Distance
Hide and Seek