Language Apps I Use

I got a lot of questions asking me what specific apps I use so here you are (in alphabetical order by language):

Arabic (Nemo Apps)
Arabic English Dictionary (iComet)
Arabic Alphabet (Hamdouchi Interactive)
Learn Arabic (Greg Vick)

The ASL App (Ink & Salt)
How to Sign Language! (Kinetix)
Signing Savvy (Signing Savvy)

Dutch (Nemo Apps)
Learn Dutch Language (Andrian Andronic)
Learn Dutch ツ (xinsight)
Learn Dutch iLang (Greg Vick)

Intense Esperanto (Chuck Smith)
Esperanto Flashcards (

Finnish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Finnish Language (Andrian Andronic)
Learn Finnish (Innovative Language Learning)
Learn Finnish (Greg Vick)

French (Nemo Apps)
Learn French (Busuu Limited)
Learn French (MindSnacks)

German (Nemo Apps)
Learn German (MindSnacks)
Learn German (Busuu Limited)
Learn German iLang (Greg Vick)

Greek (Nemo Apps)
Learn Greek (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Greek (Innovative Language Learning)
Greek Alphabet Cards (Mulishani)
Learn Greek (Greg Vick)

Hawaii Words (BranchenKing)
Hawaiian Word of the Day (Logic High Software)

Hebrew (Nemo Apps)
Learn Hebrew (Renkara Media Group)
The AlephBet App (Russel Neiss)
Learn Hebrew (Innovative Language Learning)

Hindi (Nemo Apps)
Learn Hindi (Codegent)
Learn Hindi (Innovative Language Learning)
Learn Hindi (Greg Vick)

Indonesian (Nemo Apps)
Learn Indonesian iLang (Greg Vick)
Learn Indonesian Free (Bravolol Limited)

Irish Gaelic:
Irish Gaelic (Nemo Apps)
Irish Flascards (
Irish by Living Language (Random House)

Italian (Nemo Apps)
Italian English Dictionary (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Italian (MindSnacks)
Learn Italian (Greg Vick)

Japanese (Nemo Apps)
Kanji Star (Aidan Povedano)
Human Japanese Lite (Brak Software)
TenguGo Kana (TenguLogi)

Korean (Nemo Apps)
Hangeul 101 (Ubik Technology)
Korean English Dictionary (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Korean Language (Andrian Andronic)
Scribe Korean (Guiix)
PopPopping Korean (Hansol Education)

Mandarin Chinese:
Mandarin Chinese (Nemo Apps)
Learn Chinese Free (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Chinese (MindSnacks)
ChineseSkill (ChineseSkill Co.)
Learn Mandarin Chinese (ChineseSkill Co.)

Polish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Polish Free (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Polish (Innovative Language Learning)

Portuguese (Nemo Apps)
Learn Portuguese (MindSnacks)
Learn Portuguese (Greg Vick)
Learn Portuguese Free (Bravolol Limited)

Russian (Nemo Apps)
Learn Russian Free (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Russian (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Russian (Greg Vick)

Swedish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Swedish Language (Andrian Andronic)
Learn Swedish (Innovative Language Learning)
Learn Swedish with Fabulo (Hallberg Ryman)
Learn Swedish (Greg Vick)

Thai (Nemo Apps)
Speak Thai (McCann Worldgroup Thailand)
Learn Thai (Greg Vick)

Turkish (Nemo Apps)
Learn Turkish Free (Renkara Media Group)
Learn Turkish (Greg Vick)
CleverDeck Turkish Flashcards (Tea Time Inc.)
Learn Turkish Free (Bravolol Limited)

Vietnamese (Nemo Apps)
Learn Vietnamese Free (Bravolol Limited)
Learn Vietnamese (Innov. Language Learning)
Learn Vietnamese Free (Thomas Hornbeck)

All of these apps are free but that works for me because I’m not extremely dedicated in any of these languages, so you may or may not like them. If you don’t, there’s plenty others out there, trust me.


Magic: the Gathering - Alphabet Soup

Check out these SWEET-ARSE blank MTG tokens from the brilliant and witty mind of card alter gal Ellie Shakirova (her Etsy shop over here).  This is a full alphabet set of 26 cards with matte lamination with appropriate place for you to pen in the token name and power / toughness.

God Bless the souls of the Redditors who also had a bit of fun with this project at the expense of a certain ubiquitous blue mind-mage -

k-town-fnm-blog-blog  asked:

Hey, Maro! My Playgroup run a monthly event, where the format is chosen by the previous winner. I won last week, and i'm wondering what format you think we ought to play. It can't be Standard, Modern, Draft or 2HG (as we run those on FNMS), or Commander (as that was the last one). Thanks for your advice!

How about Alphabet decks? Twenty six cards, one starting with each letter of the alphabet and fourteen basic lands. Note that at least three of your alphabet cards are going to want to also be lands. The format normally follows Vintage but you can adapt it to whatever works best for your group.

anonymous asked:

Now that Seeking's back, how different is it from the first time around?

Seeking is indeed back, as basically everyone seems very eager to inform me. I’ve got like 120 asks in my inbox and its going to take a while to get through them all (I hope to be able to get started next week), but if you ask me a SMEN-related question I’ll try my best to answer it fairly soon, as the mechanics are very mysterious and if you aren’t sure what you’re doing you may hurt yourself.

The long and short of it is that the New SMEN is really different to the Old SMEN: Old SMEN had a very linear progression through slowly-intensifying penalties until you eventually got to the candles and everything became a hell. New Seeking is constantly a hell, and it’s not really very clear how the progression mechanics are intended to work, because some stuff is unimplemented, some stuff may be implemented and there remains the possibility that some stuff remains undiscovered. 

No matter what you’re doing things are really very expensive, but maybe we’re doing everything wrong. Charging forth into the breach right now may very well be a terrible idea; if you’re not an absolute nihilist willing to throw everything away to ensure the destruction of everything you know and everything you love, you may want to hang back for the moment.

I’ll give you a basic rundown of Seeking 2.7, so you know what to expect, because if I don’t everyone will ask me for one; At present, you start Seeking by getting Peckish and playing a card with Marsh-Mired or by kicking things off in the Forgotten Quarter. You can then progress using another opportunity card, An Alphabet of Scars, which gets you to SMEN 2 and gives you the Big Warning about how nasty SMEN is. At SMEN 2 you can spend lots of resources to increase your SMEN level; at present, this doesn’t really seem to do that much, though new options to begin to unlock.

Unaccountably Peckish unlocks new SMEN-themed cards. They are undiscardable, by and large, and have very high frequency. This means that UP is actually pretty much a menace, and you don’t particularly want to increase it

Marsh-Mired is completely different to its previous incarnation at present; it acts as a one-time progress resource which you can spend on an UP card to gain 1 level of SMEN instead of getting harsh penalties. You can only do this once a week, though, as it’s only reset by Time, The Healer.

What does increasing SMEN actually do for you? well, frankly, not a lot; new options become available at 10 and 12 SMEN. The option at 10 is Impossible, and ridiculously expensive; the options at 12 are less expensive, and is used to record your Seeking Aesthetic; either Sad Mournful Remembrancer or Bloody Murder Revengeancer. You can buy St. Destin’s Candle if you reach SMEN 35. You will not reach SMEN 35, because absolutely nobody is not that rich. 

How do you get Stains/Scars/Chains/Candles? Besides the abovementioned Destin option, it’s either mysterious, difficult or impossible. It is apparently possible to get Scars somehow but I actually don’t know how.

It bears repeating: SMEN, in its current state, is filled with flux. Nothing is concrete. Everything may change. Unless you are extremely brave, curious, headstrong or foolish, do not invest heavily in progressing. There is much yet to come.


AKDONG MUSICIAN - Alphabet MV (Woori Card OST)!


The Dr. Seuss Stories You’ve Never Heard

Next week, readers will get a new book from Mr. Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) called What Pet Should I Get. The manuscript was found in a box at his home, shortly after his death in 1991along with these alphabet flashcards.

These playful cards are housed at UC San Diego’s Dr. Seuss Collection, which holds over 8500 items.

See more of Dr. Seuss’s unpublished works

druidcaller  asked:

I just found out some of my theater friends play Magic! They're mostly casual players and I'm worried I might intimidate (menace?) them as I've been playing for 20 years, half of that competitively, and have a collection of more than 20 thousand cards. What can I do to not overwhelm them?

Make handicaps for yourself which you keep to yourself. Can you win with a deck where all 26 letters of the English alphabet appear in the card titles? Can you win with a singleton deck? Can you win without ever attacking with an even number of creatures?

You get to challenge yourself and you make it more of an even playing field for your friends.