Purchasing Another Man in the U.S.

If you guys are like me and don’t fancy spending $100 or more on the magazine, then you’re probably wondering where to buy it in the states.  I got a hold of a very helpful distributor today who was kind enough to provide me with a comprehensive list of retailers by state that would be stocking the Another Man issue featuring Harry.  I will attach it below, but please note that the copies won’t be on shelves until October 27th.  This is very long and I apologize for the ugly formatting, but it is alphabetical by state. Also, I saw that most B&N will be carrying, but I’m choosing to post this anyway because the one closest to me is NOT carrying it and although B&N will carry it, they will likely be unprepared for the shear volume of 1D fans looking to purchase it Therefore, I assume it will sell out very quickly.

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[ENG SUB] Luna’s Alphabet Ep. 15 – Luna and the guys

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If you were my girlfriend we'd probably have massive fights about the best way to organize a bookshelf...

Alphabetical by authors last name or you’re sleeping on the couch

Malphabet: J is for Jealousy

Malec Alphabet Drabbles / Oneshots (from A-Z)
Pairing: Magnus Bane / Alec Lightwood
, Alec & Jace Parabatai
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV show) 
Length: 1.7K

Jace had been snarky and withdrawn all week and finally, after Jace had almost gotten them all killed because he wasn’t paying attention to what he was supposed to be doing, Alec had had enough. They needed to have this out before it either started affecting their Parabatai bond – or got one or both of them seriously injured.

“What is going on with you?” Alec said, stepping into Jace’s path and forcing him to choose between talking to him or retreating back into his bedroom.

“What’s it to you, anyway?” Jace snarled, startling Alec with his ferocity.

“What’s it to me? You’re my Parabatai and you almost got us killed because you weren’t focused on the mission.”

“Right, because that matters to you so much,” Jace scoffed, “especially now you have –” 

“Now I have what, Jace? As far as I can tell the main thing that’s changed is you not having my back.”

“Me? I’m not the one talking about getting an Alliance rune with a Warlock.”

“Wait. You’re saying this is about Magnus?” Alec asked, affronted.

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Psst Adam's having dreams of Michael's memories you might want to check up on him

Dean sighed and closed the book he was reading. It wasn’t really a book per-se, more like the alphabet in Enochian for him to learn. He got up and went to look for Adam, finding him in the study slumped over a book; little whimpers. 

“Adam?” Dean said gently, not wanting to spook his brother too much.


Day 5 of 100 Days challenge to learn Basic Korean!

5 days after starting the challenge, I have learned all 19 consonants of the Korean alphabet! 

A challenge with realistic allocation of time helped me progress bit by bit. 

I thought I would not make much progress with just 1 hour of learning per day. However, now that I have done 5 days of the challenge, it seems that 1 hour a day is just right for me! 

I took breaks of 5 to 10 minutes during that 1 hour each day. But I still managed to learn 6 out of 10 vowels and all 19 consonants of the Korean alphabet in 5 days (or 5 hours)! 

You can join this challenge with me!

If you are not progressing in learning Korean, or if you would like to start learning, you can join the challenge any time here >>

Wishing you success in mastering Korean, 
Anna SY

Notre béguin pour les voitures fantasques, les actrices racées, les plats en gelée, l’odeur saturée des chais, les romans amers des Hussards, les films d’Audiard, le profil d’une lycéenne aperçue dans un jardin public, toutes ces choses dérisoires et essentielles qui rendaient la vie si piquante disparaîtraient. Qui se souviendrait après nous des Alfa Giulia enchantant la Riviera, du charme vénéneux de Porfirio Rubirosa, des comédies mélancoliques de Philippe de B., des larges lunettes de Monica V., des seins conquérants de Sophia L. ou du sourire mauresque de Claudia C. ? Notre alphabet du cœur. Nous savourions ces derniers instants et protégions jalousement les images fugaces de nos glorieuses années comme le plus précieux des trésors. Nous ignorions tous les profanateurs de notre nostalgie qui nous encerclaient, nous enserraient.

- Thomas Morales, Adios.