alphabet meme

Cry Baby asks
  • Cry Baby: how often do you cry or get sad?
  • Dollhouse: do you keep secrets from your family?
  • Sippy Cup: what do you do to cheer yourself up?
  • Carousel: what's your biggest fear?
  • Alphabet Boy: do you stand up for yourself or resent people who do you wrong?
  • Soap: what's something you've said that you wish you didn't?
  • Training Wheels: do you fall easily?
  • Pity Party: what's your saddest memory?
  • Tag, your it: do you trust strangers?
  • Milk and Cookies: if you could kill anyone in the world who would it be, and why?
  • Mrs. Potato Head: what's you're best feature? (physical or personality)
  • Mad Hatter: what's the craziest thing you've done?
  • Play Date: is it easier to express yourself or bottle it all up?
  • Teddy Bear: have you ever misplaced your trust in someone?
  • Cake: what do you do when you've been used or exploited?

hp meme ϟ [6/9] characters → percival graves

“A law that has us scuttling like rats in the gutter. A law that demands that we conceal our true nature. A law that directs those under its dominion to cower in fear, lest we risk discovery. I ask you, Madam President, I ask all of you - who does this law protect? Us, or them? I refuse to bow down any longer.”

Alphabet Q&A
  • A: Ambition?
  • B: Best quality?
  • C: (favourite) Colour?
  • D: Describe yourself.
  • E: Easiest subject?
  • F: (best) Friend?
  • G: Greatest achievement?
  • H: Habit?
  • I: Interest?
  • J: Joke?
  • K: (first) Kiss?
  • L: Last name?
  • M: (favourite) Month?
  • N: Next thing you have to do?
  • O: Oldest family member?
  • P: Person you love?
  • Q: Quirks?
  • R: Realest dream?
  • S: Song you love singing?
  • T: Tea or coffee?
  • U: Underwear colour?
  • V: (greatest) Victory?
  • W: Worst month?
  • X: (ever had an) X-Ray?
  • Y: (best) Year?
  • Z: Zodiac sign?
Alphabet Meme

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs (seriously?) you would like to get to know better

A-age: 24 (why must I be so old? Please don’t be afraid of me…)
B-birthplace: Minnesota
C-current time: 6:57 p.m.
D-drink you last had: Water
E-easiest person to talk to: Mostly likely my mom
F-favorite song: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! (R.I.P. George Michael ;-;)
G-grossest memory: When I literally split the skin on my left leg on a metal stake at a summer camp during my junior high school years
I-in love?: Not at the moment
J-jealous of people?: Not really
K-killed someone?: Only in video games
L-love at first sight or should I walk by again: Walk by again (is love at first sight even conceivable in reality?)
M-middle name: Scott
N-number of siblings: 1
O-one wish: To bring an end to violence and hatred in the world.
Q-question you’re always asked: There’s not really a single question I get on a regular basis
R-reason to smile: There’s always a positive side to things
S-song you sang last: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” by Patrick Gilmore (I’m a sucker for history and past wars)
U-underwear color: Does it really matter…?
V-vacation: I would love to go out east, perhaps to Boston or somewhere like that
X-x-rays: Two, I think?
Y-your favorite food: Pizza
Z-zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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Alphabet Meme

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A- age: 16 my dudes

B- biggest fears: Letting my mom down

C- current time: 3:27AM

D- drink you last had: water

E- everyday starts with: Checking tumblr like an obsessive person.

F- favorite song: Believer by Imagine Dragons

G- ghosts, are they real?: Yeh. I’ve had them touch me while I slept and shit. I hear them all around my house lol

H- hometown: Santurce

I- in love with: My assassin husbands and Matt Murdock

J- jealous: Nope.

K- killed someone: Nope.

L- last time you cried: I can’t remember

M- middle name: Michelle

N- number of siblings: 1

O- one wish: Go to Paris

P- person you called or texted last: This bitch @fangolf. Fuck you Cam jkily

Q- questions you are always asked: ‘When are you going to get off that couch?’ and my favorite: ‘Are you a lesbian?’ i’mnotguys

R- reasons to smile: My tumblr friends and food.

S- song you last sang: CPR by Cupcakke

T- time you last woke up: 1:30PM

U- underwear color: pink-ish?

V- vacation destination: Paris or Canada

W- worst habit: Leaving people on read

X- any x-rays: When I broke my arm when I was little

Y- your favorite food: Pastelon de platano

Z- zodiac: Aquarius

I tag: @moose-and-sqruille-lover @sammysbeanie and anyone else who will like to participate! <3

Alphabet Meme??? (I think?)

A-age: 15!!! (I’ll be sixteen in like 5 months don’t you dare degrade me you elderly people =.=)
B-birthplace: uhhh hospital?? idk lol I think NB or Dartmouth
C-current time: 8:10!! (PM)
D-drink you last had: some crazy lemonade fruit punch mix (was good!)
E-easiest person to talk to: my friend in my head!!! lol jk (I’ m edgy 0v0) my tall bf
F-favorite song: uhhhhhh on the line or trouble by blackbear!!! they v good ^^
G-grossest memory: googling Colombian necktie (don’t if you’re squeamish).
I-in love?: ALWAYS! hahahaaa I’m a slut
J-jealous of people?: alwayssss :))))
K-killed someone?: HHHHH I wish
L-love at first sight or should I walk by again: uhhh I don’t get this one? I think so??
M-middle name: Isabelle!
N-number of siblings: too many! lol like 7?? I forget sometimes
O-one wish: uhm TRAVEL AND MONEY TO TRAVEL heheh idk much else. live forever! wait no,, idk lel  
Q-question you’re always asked: “are you gay?” YES MOTHERF*CKER. no I’m bi lol sure I’m half-gay
R-reason to smile: tall bf’s smile I mean HAVE YOU SEEN IT- also puppies and fluffy foxes have you seen a fluffy fox?? have you?? they’re great.
S-song you sang last: Chasing Ghosts by EDEN. :) depresso 
U-underwear color: oh yeah they’re these really cool black ones with greyish-purpley blue tribal designs I love em.
V-vacation: if you mean where I’d like to go, JAPAN the food is very oishi desu and THE CULTURE IS HECKING YES I wanna see the city lights at night in Tokyo I love,, hhh
X-x-rays: my mouth whenever I go to the dentist! idk why maybe I’m fucked up lol
Y-your favorite food: SUSHI or POCKY they very oishi desu ^~^ would eat all day 10/10
Z-zodiac sign: Sagittarius! fear my flaming bow and arrow!
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