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Translation of “Frondly Warning”

Here’s a link to it, it just came out today

You pose, all gold and gleaming 

A ten dressed to the nines 

Spongeclots deaf to our screaming

 And to the changing times 

Stay swimming in your mentions 

Too cold to feel whats coming 

Why do we mask intentions? 

All you hear is drumming, drumming 

Drumming -x 14-


Don’t bother looking for us 

As if you even would 

Just jam out to to the chords 

As if you understand 

We sing a song of freedom 

The best track is the last 

Liner notes, did you read em?

 We sang your epitaph 

-Blood boils x 8- 

Baby queen of calamari 

Gonna fry and dip you 

Way too late to say youre sorry 

Way too late to say you 


Key credit to @cave-of-daisies

Thanks to parts of the song, the rest of it’s been filled out:

(I think Z might be off or wrong but that’ll work out later)

Last day of school for the week! Yays! And I get to see my big brother this weekend that I haven’t seen in a while. Looking forward to a good weekend! :)
Also, I was able to wear my new dress from the lovely Miss Alphabet. I worked with her to get this custom made, and I love it! It fits perfectly and the fabrics are exactly what I wanted!! :D
Dress~ Miss Alphabet
Shorts (can’t really see them) & zipper bracelet~ Walmart
Stockings & shoes~ Bodyline
Slinky bracelet~ Claire’s
Heart necklace~ Cute Can Kill
Everything else~ offbrand/etc.


[ENG SUB] Luna’s Alphabet  EP. 17 Spectrum Behind the Scenes 

So the Fire Emblem Awakening art book I have doesn’t show any of the various tome covers and I couldn’t find many clear pictures of them, therefore I decided to start a little project and illustrate the covers for every tome one by one!

Here are the first four - the basic Thunder line of Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder, and Thoron!

By the way, the writing above each symbol is from the alphabet key in the artbook as well, and is the same writing that appears on the Exalted Falchion. Also like the writing on the Falchion, the names of the tomes are spelled backwards. 


What I wooooore! :)

Purple sweater: Thrifted

Polka dotted peter pan collar blouse: Thrifted

Lilac corduroy skirt: Handmade

Hair flowers: Handmade

Sunglasses: Target

Hello Kitty necklace: Tarina Tarantino

Bow/heart necklace: Handmade

Earrings: Insanely Sweet Jewelry

Ring: Handmade (I’ve got one in my Etsy shop!)

Conversation heart bracelets: Claire’s

Lavender polka dot tights: Apt. 9

Socks: Dollar Tree

Neon pink oxfords: Downtown LA/Santee Alley

Pairing: Levi/Hange + Ackerbabs, AU
Show: SnK 

They’re getting ready for bed when Levi brings it up, and he only thinks to mention it because Hange is wearing a slip of a nightie and the cool, thin silk is see-through at the breast and it rides high over her hips and on any normal day he wouldn’t hesitate, but today he feels dirty. He freezes when her finger grazes over the skin of his chest, body rigid, and at Hange’s questioning gaze he says, “the Cookie Monster fucked Elmo.”

Based on this. I am so sorry. In my defense, I wrote this at like 4am. 

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the asl au
  • the kiddos are all in college
  • shaw always sits in one of the first few rows (she’s here to learn, not flirt with the TA in the back of the room, JOHN)
  • in her bio lecture she ends up next to this cute girl
  • lanky, brunette, big glasses. very geek chic
  • turns out her name’s root, and the asl interpreter in the front of the room is for her
  • shaw doesn’t know the first thing about signing. she’s pretty sure she knew the asl alphabet at one point in like, third grade
  • it’s been awhile
  • root turns out to be a pretty good lip-reader, so every now and then when she turns to shaw to ask for clarification, they manage to understand each other
  • they walk out of their first exam at the same time and root invites her to lunch
  • they talk a lot of shit about professor control
  • root signs while she talks, and shaw finds herself captivated
  • she’s so fluid and expressive?? shaw’s fascinated
  • and also just. just super gay. just real fucken gay
  • root has nice-ass hands
  • after a couple of weeks shaw makes a decision. she’s gonna start learning asl
  • not for ROOT. she has absolutely no FEELINGS for root, who gets 100′s on all her exams and sometimes helps co-TA during lab when harold gets overwhelmed by the number of students who need his help, and who smiles coyly and moves closer than strictly necessary to pore over shaw’s lecture notes when they’re studying together
  • she just thinks it’s cool, is all. a good skill for a future doctor to have
  • it’s too late in the semester to pick up the asl courses offered on campus, so she starts teaching herself online
  • first the alphabet. then colors, animals, key verbs
  • it’s a beautiful language, and she quickly falls in love with it
  • she doesn’t tell root she’s learning. doesn’t reveal that she’s starting to recognize some of the words she signs
  • not till the day they’re walking to class together and shaw’s complaining about matthew, the asshole captain of her fencing team who’s always giving her a hard time, critiquing her form just so he can watch her run drills over and over
  • “maybe he likes to make you sweat” root teases. then, signed: i would
  • she stops dead in her tracks when shaw signs back: what you waiting for?
  • root doesn’t stop grinning like a smitten idiot all class


 I’m pretty sure I’m not the first, but for those of you who haven’t yet and want to know: 

This is an alphabet. It’s listed in English alphabetical order from left to right.

This is the first text, categorized in the Records Hall library as No. 000 Poem: 

 I translated it in full, using the monument text as an alphabet key and it came to this: 

 “A dragon neither white nor black,

saw his future self, 

as no more than a caged beast; 

A dragon neither white nor black, 

sang three songs of prophecy, 

so someday his soul might be released.”

 I was too lazy to translate all the texts, but if you’d like you guys can translate the rest using the monument text. 

 Add on to this post and share what you translate!


March 30, 2016. 12.00 am *my time because you two live in 2 different timezone! >:)*

🎂🎂  Happy Birthday to Anita * @lilyssims  and T * @megusims * !!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Lily and T, happy birthday to you!  🎂🎂

This time, since I don’t have Megu-sim, the spotlight would be that alphabet T that Kei is holding *hahaha. lame I know xD* and Anita-sim, another birthday girl, the one with what-should-i-call-your-hair-color-lily? hair xD, well, the one next to Cyril obviously, with the peace signs. v(^_^)v

♥ So little candle, so big ass cake. Lily-chan, stop with the ‘peace-ing’ handsign and blow that damn candle! >:D T, the older you get, the older I feel. and you did call me old several times >.> haha. Stay wonderful. Love you both ♥ Wishing this to all others who had celebrated their birthday this month too, I noticed we have many March babies, I’m sorry I missed them T3T

Follow-up/prequel to this comic (typed because my handwriting is horribad sometimes). 

Henry finally caved and let Abe buy them a laptop. Even with Abe insisting that it’s easy to use – “like a typewriter with a screen” – Henry still doesn’t like it. Especially since the last time he ever learned to type, the keys were alphabetical, and not in a flat arrangement, and why are there all these odd “F” keys everywhere. Though, finally, everyone pestering him to “get with the times already” got to him, and he decided to make a “tumbling blog” (which he pronounces tumble-ing). Which, of course, led to old man asking hip young son how to use the interwebs.


Greetings! So earlier today, I was messing around with the text option on MS Paint for the heck of it and discovered that it actually offers the Wingdings font! Naturally, I got distracted for a good 15 minutes and ended up creating a quick and easy alphabet translation key complete with “capital” (left) and “lower case”(right) symbols. When I showed this to a couple of friends, one of them got all excited saying she suddenly had the urge to write a poem all in Wingdings and requested a punctuation key.
From that, I created the punctuation and numbers key and with this said, I figured that my friend wouldn’t be the only person inspired to learn how to understand and write in this cryptic font. So here you go, Tumblr! Take my contribution born of boredom and inspiration and turn it into something glorious!

   ignore the shitty graphic and focus on the names okay

   SO. i created this blog some time in july. like july 15th? and i’ve already gotten to 200 followers. i can’t believe how many of you became interested in my blog in so little time, but i really appreciate you all. i can’t believe just how precious some of you have become to me.
   i wanna give something back to you guys. unfortunately, i’m a poor uni student who can’t afford to give you guys cash i just con it out of people so instead, i’m gonna give you my love, and hope that it’s enough. i just love all of you, and i’ve already made some really great friends on here.
   below are the names of those precious people that i love to see on my dash every day. you all are what keep me coming back.
   these are in alphabetical order, sweeties.


                            italicized ; i stalk them and wanna write with them one day,
                or maybe our muses haven’t interacted enough and i wanna change that
              bold and italicized ; you, my dears, are the precious part of my chakra xox


                 abigailadamsx § aferventlight § agnelino § andreasgypsy § anthrophagst 
                              anyamarshall § ariverrunsthroughtime § attentiondefislut 
                    auroraxshadowhunter § beaniesandmachetes § beautifuldeadlybitch 
                 bloodymessyfun § bornto–burn § christinavargulf § compulsedxhunter 
constantquibbling § corruptxdblood § crudeliis § cxtes § daevix 
                        dereksinferno § drivesahearse § dxrtypxws § eastwindphoenix 
                       electric-genes § emilyfairchild § exorciistx § expergoinmortuus 
                     featherbrainedluck § ferrumxfugit § flame-haired-siren § glantxn
godfrxy § gxdcomplex § gypsyrumancek § hedonistique § holyophelia
                     hound–of–justice § hxlderisms § impxssibletolove § inimadragxn 
                            istandnexttonicolae § itsrumancekyoutwat § itwasanangel 
                                    jeremiahhunt § jonathon-jack § justwakeupstiles 
                            kellenmotherfuckingvincent § lacosanxstra § larach-abhainn
                             latentupirism § lctha § letskeepitugly § libxrtatis § litostia
                                  lyanaxblack § miraavx § mmeserpent § mortistimor
                       noblefirstbornkiller § notajinnandtonic § notdanita § oliviagxdfrey 
                      onmygypsyhonor § opirism § padshiy § peccatorii § peterrumanck 
                    playingjuliet § polymorphen § pravusvenustas § ramcna § reluctxnt 
                   romangodfreyblog § rumancekx § rumancxk § scoundreloftheseas 
                          secundiis § solxbus § spillnoblood § spookyfxcker § tenjac 
                                  teresatheimmune § thedragonbrother § thefenwolf
                          thegoldengirlsavior § thelycaninside § themarshallbrothers 
                      thesheriffsprxblem § thisismycrown § tickingnumbers § timiidus 
                         toniomustow § txrning § unforetoldpower § upirxsm § upyre 
                            vetusanxma § vnderstimated § vxrgulf § waywardxnovak 
                               wearesurvivxrs § wearybrutxlity § whatsenseswelack
                     witchyblackcat § wolfbiites § wolfskiinned § xreliquum § xypsy