• Roadhog: Do you know what that does?
  • Junkrat: I was gonna do what I did highschool and wing it 95 percent of the way!
  • Roadhog: How'd that work out for you?
  • Junkrat: Fuckin roight that's for sure! Never got anythin' below an F!
  • Roadhog: That's the lowest grade there is.
  • Junkrat: Nah mate, 26 letters in the alphabet! There's like 20 letters after that! I was in the top seven!
  • Roadhog: ... Whatever you say, just don't point that thing towards me.
Placements in Astrology by alphabet


ASSERTIVE - Aries any and dominant

ANALYTICAL - Virgo sun, Aquarius sun, Mercury dominant

AESTHETIC - Libra sun, Libra moon, Libra rising, Venus dominant

AMBITIOUS - Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon

ADAPTABLE - Gemini sun and moon, Libra sun

ANXIOUS - Mercury dominant, Pisces moon


BRAVE - Fire sun, moon or dominant


CREATIVE - Libra sun, Pisces sun, Leo any

COMPETITIVE - Aries sun, Sagittarius sun, Leo moon, Mars dominant

CALCULATING - Capricorn sun, Scorpio dominant

CHARMING - Libra sun/moon, air dominant and rising

CRITICAL - Virgo any

CONTROLLING - Scorpio sun, Capricorn dominant, Cancer moon

COWARDLY - Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Mars in water/earth


DEFENSIVE - Cancer dominant, Taurus moon, Moon dominant

DEPENDENT - Pisces sun, Libra moon

DECEPTIVE - Libra sun, Pisces dominant, Neptune and Venus dominant


EXTROVERT - Air/Fire dominant

ELEGANT - Libra sun, Capricorn sun

ENLIGHTENED - Jupiter dominant, Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon


FLAKY - Gemini any, Libra moon, Mercury dominant

FAITHFUL - Taurus any, Cancer sun, Leo sun

FREE - Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon


GENUINE - Taurus sun, Leo moon

GENEROUS - Leo sun, Libra moon

GRACIOUS - Libra any

GLAMOUROUS - Libra sun, Leo sun, air dominant 


HUMANE - Aquarius any

HONEST - Fire moon, Scorpio sun, Sagittarius sun


INDEPENDENT - Aquarius any, Sagittarius sun, Uranus dominant

INNOCENT - Cancer sun, Aries any, Pisces sun

INTROVERTED - Earth/water dominant

INHIBITED - Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Capricorn moon

INTELLIGENT - Aquarius and Virgo any, Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon

INTUITIVE - Water dominant


JUDGMENTAL - Air dominant, Gemini sun

JEALOUS - Scorpio any, Taurus sun/moon, Cancer sun


LIBERAL - air dominant

LOYAL - Taurus any, Leo sun, Cancer sun

LOGICAL - Earth/air dominant, Capricorn any


MATERIALISTIC - Taurus sun, Leo moon, Sagittarius sun

MANIPULATIVE - Water sun, Libra moon

MATURE - Capricorn any

MOODY - Water dominant, Moon dominant


NEUTRAL - Gemini sun, Mercury dominant

NURTURING - Virgo sun, Cancer any, Moon dominant, Jupiter dominant

NEUROTIC - Pisces any, Virgo moon


OBSESSIVE - Scorpio any

OPEN - Sagittarius sun, Leo moon


PETTY - Scorpio any

PERCEPTIVE - Virgo sun, Gemini any, Mercury dominant

PROUD - Leo any, Sagittarius any, Aquarius any

PERFECTIONIST - Virgo sun, Leo moon

PEACEFUL - Libra sun, Venus dominant

PROGRESSIVE - Aquarius sun

PSYCHIC - water dominant

PRIVATE - Scorpio any, Aquarius moon


QUIET - earth dominant, Pluto dominant


RECKLESS - Sagittarius any, Aquarius sun, Aries sun/moon

ROMANTIC - Libra sun, Cancer sun/moon, Venus dominant

RECEPTIVE - Pisces any

RELAXED - Sagittarius any


SHY - Cancer sun, Virgo sun and rising

SOCIAL - air dominant

SELFISH - Aries sun/moon, Libra sun

SELFLESS - Pisces sun/moon, Aquarius sun, Virgo sun

SENSITIVE - water dominant, Leo moon

SUPERFICIAL - Gemini any, Libra any, air dominant


TRADITIONAL - Capricorn any, Taurus any


UNYIELDING - Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) sun


VENGEFUL - Libra sun, Scorpio any

VAIN - Libra any, Leo any, Aquarius sun, Venus dominant

VOLATILE - Aquarius sun, Sagittarius sun, Aries moon


WITTY - Gemini any, Mercury dominant


YOUTHFUL - Gemini any, Libra sun, Aquarius moon

*just my views of what placements give rise to these traits. ‘any’ means any placement under that signed or element stated. ‘dominant’ means either the dominant sign mentioned or most placements of that sign. K, X and Z had no words :(