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Some Unpopular(?) Alpha Headcanons

I noticed I don’t make as much headcanons or Alpha content as I should. So here have both in just one go.

• Alphas don’t usually bother Omegas in gyms and other sport-related stuff. Many would expect Alphas to be douchey and take pleasure in messing with Omegas in this field (Not saying those don’t exist), but most Alphas take body care and building quite seriously. They have huge respect for anyone who works hard to get fit; it’s in their nature to see it as an effort one makes for the protection of the pack, so it’s difficult to see an Alpha get in the way of someone’s training. If anything, they feel compelled to praise Omegas on their hard work and even offer to help if the Omega needs anything.  

• Most Alphas wouldn’t admit to it, but a majority of them have a sweet tooth. It’s an evolutionary trait left behind from times where their bodies urged them to chase the ~sweet omega slick~. As a result, most of the diabetes inducing stuff they sell at Starbucks, children sweets, candy and chocolate of the world are purchased by Alphas.

• Alphas tend to not give flowers as a courtship gift or have flowers at home. Their noses are the most sensitive out of all dynamics, so many Alphas have pollen allergy. God is winter, spring is hell.

 They do love giving scent enhancers though. These aren’t necessarily perfumes, but they do make the Omega’s scent more apparent and sweet (they can modify it if one so pleases, but most are neutral). It might be a gift for the Omega, but the one enjoying the most is totally the Alpha.

 The nose thing also makes Alphas be a little compulsive with cleanliness at times. It’s very difficult to see an Alpha with a disorganized and unclean room. Dust gets on their nerves and their noses so they try to avoid it the most. Same with clothes or any personal items. They are easily the most hygienic of all dynamics. 

 Mentorship, leadership and teaching are things practically engrained in an Alpha’s head. As a result, they compose a huge chunk of college professors, therapists and counsellors. Betas still beat them in gross number, but Alphas beat them in percentage per dynamics number.  

 Alphas can usually conceal their concerns and emotions pretty well most part of the time, but they become big cry-babies after their Omega gets pups, making it very difficult to hide their feelings from them. That is ‘cause Omegas start to produce a distinct smell once they have children, made specially to calm and relax babies and toddlers when they are too agitated or distressed. Betas and Omegas tend to grow out of this and aren’t as affected, but since Alphas are usually very energetic and moody children they are the ones that are exposed to this sort of mechanism the most by their mothers. The alpha will curl into their Omega and just let it all out once they start releasing said scent, regressing a little into “child mode” because it reminds the Alpha of their own mother. 

Down Under, to this dominant Aussie alpha, is where you go to worship him, especially on his national day. 🇦🇺

Down under his feet. All afternoon, you follow him around the park. Every time he sits down on the ground, you lick away the grass stains in front of everyone … for his glory.
What makes an Alpha

I feel like Alphas are usually either seen as these brute, no-bullshit, and rude kind of people or these envious, bully-like, arrogant assholes by most writers and other content creators (ofc not always but a lot of the time). I don’t know about you guys, but for me that’s not what makes an Alpha. So I decided to make a list on things that Alphas strive to be and do. Stuff that they are taught since a young age to pursue. A “code” of sorts that they seek to live by. 

Stoicism as a goal

I’m not saying that Alphas mustn’t show emotions or that they are seen as bad by them. What I’m saying is that an Alpha strives to tackle a situation as it is. They tend to stand their ground and try to solve or confront things without trying to show fear, confusion, desperation or anger, even if they do feel all of those. In their minds, it is a disservice for everyone if they can’t calm down and focus on dealing with what’s right in front of them. Cause if the Alphas of the pack are lost, who is their pack supposed to follow?

Blind Determination

Alphas certainty are stubborn creatures. Which is one of the reasons Betas have to mediate so many Alpha - Alpha or Alpha - Omega discussions and fights, cause if you let it take its own course, it could take days. Alphas are taught to never give up and to never back down from a fight or obstacle. They are taught to not only be physically strong but also mentally. Resourcefulness is just as important for a pack leader to have than just brawn. Alphas will break every single bone of their body if that means they can reach their goal. 

The desire to protect and take care of others

Even if the two above make them sound like these insane shuttered animals that just know no chill, this is not true. Alphas above all harbour the desire to protect and to take care of others. Of their loved ones, of their friends, pretty much anyone they think might need someone to look after them at the moment. They like to feel needed and they like to feel like they are exerting a good Alpha role. Not to mention that care is a concept with many interpretations. Care can come from the body, from the mind or from the soul. An Alpha will adjust their behaviour to match the one you need the most. Even if you, yourself does not realise that yet. 


Alphas are prideful. People shit on them pretty harshly sometimes because of assholes out there in the world, but Alphas will never bring that on themselves without reason. They are proud of their dynamics, and they will not let you or anyone tell them that they need to apologise or feel bad for being who they are. And like said above, they are pretty stubborn, so good luck changing their minds on that.  

Community over individual 

This one is another one that may cause a lot of conflict with Omegas and even Betas. Pack mentality is almost Alpha mentality. An Alpha will put their pack above themselves every-bloody-time! And they expect you to do the same. Which needless to say, will cause some fights to occur. They’ll always put what is good for the bunch over what is good for the person. For them the maintenance and the perpetuation of the pack is more important than what one wants. And that includes themselves. 

Kindness to those in need

Alphas like to help. It’s just who they are. They like to help animals, they like to help children, they like to help elderly people and they like to help Omegas (which again, may stir some disagreements). They are taught to be strong, but they are too taught to be kind, merciful and thoughtful of those around them. Since community not only applies to the pack they belong to, but also the ones that exist beyond their own. Alphas strive to be good leaders, and good leaders too must have empathy and the ability to help those in need.  

Nobility and Honour in one’s actions 

An Alpha strives to be the one people lean on and seek shelter at. And for that to be true they must honour their own words, values and actions. An Alpha must be just, and not allow their minds to be clouded by ill temper. They must live and die like the one they want their pack to look up to. Honour and Nobility for an Alpha is pretty much the amalgamation of all of the other things in this list. It is knowing when you’re needed and when you’re not, it is knowing when the many matter more than the few and vice-versa, it is to know when to be ruthless and when to be kind. It is to know what kind of Alpha your pack, family, loved ones, and your people need you to be at any given moment. It is to be the best Alpha you can be. 

I noticed after writing this that this sounds kinda like, a knight or samurai code lol But honestly it might not be very far from the truth. Alphas do strike me as the kind that are dorky enough to live by this sort of stuff. But of course, just because one wants to doesn’t mean they manage to. This list is not a “set on stone” kind of thing. It is practically impossible to be all of the things on this list. Alphas aren’t all like that, obviously. They have different personalities, thus different flaws and strengths. There are individualistic Alphas, selfish Alphas, fearful Alphas, shady Alphas, etc. And that still doesn’t change the fact that they are Alphas. However, I’m pretty certain that all of them have at least one or two of the things in the list to keep them more or less in the same spectrum of things. 

But this was it for now. Feel free to add on and tell me if you either agree or disagree with something, or what you think makes an Alpha, an Alpha ^^. 

anonymous asked:

Tell us some headcanon about victorian a/b/o universe <3


- Noble Beta females were not permitted to marry before their Omega sisters, even if the sister in hand was younger. However if the Omega was male, the Beta then gets the first turn, even if she herself is younger.

- It was scandalous if an Omega married something other than an Alpha back in those days. There were very few cases in which noblemen marrying outside the Beta x Beta/Omega x Alpha arrangement didn’t cause some sort of negative repercussion. 

- Much of the Beta etiquette regarding female Omegas still remained from more ancient times. Meaning hairstyle and clothing had more rules than ever. And as always male Omegas had even more to follow.

- Alphas in the 19th century were not to talk to an Omega who was unaccompanied, did not give them visual cues (also pertaining from the massive array of etiquette rules) or were shown to be not for courting (such as nuns and mated ones).

- Talking about courting, it was 10 times more paining than in modern times. To court an Omega without BOTH their parents’ approval, was unthinkable. To marry an Alpha beneath your noble title? Simply outrageous. To count an Omega without money in the bank? Laughable! Alphas were to be rich, good looking, kind, well mannered, tall and strong. As for Omegas, they should be fair, skinny, but not so much they’d look ill, delicate, passive and submissive above all. Are you none of these things? Then you were considered to not even be worth their time.

- Obviously this is better said than done, and the things that are written on paper are not always translated well to reality. The 19th century was known for being “the century of sin”. So many bastard children, so many bounds broken and uncanny unions. To be fair, it sure was entertaining. 

- Omegas fancied the corset very much, and it was mandatory, even for the low classes that an Omega wore one. The idea was to enhance their already exagerated “birthing” features. This was also true for Omega males. The models they used were slightly different in design though, since there was an abscence of breast and the social obligation to not “outshine” Omega females. 

- Having your scent glands (marked or unmarked) out and about for everyone to see was a big no-no. Thus even in summer Omegas had something covering their necks and writs.

- People think that Omegas were not permitted to do anything at that time aside from laying around looking pretty in big manors, but that’s not entirely true. Some colleges did accept noble Omegas; there were even colleges only for them. Usually they graduated as doctors/physicians because at the time it was considered more suited that they pursued something that would allow them to “take care of others”.

- Funnily enough, female Omegas rarely pursued college. Male Omegas were usually the ones to be sent there. The reasoning is that it was very hard to arrange a mating with a male Omega as it was, even if they were of a noble lineage. So many families chose to invest in a formal education for their Omega sons so to guarantee them a better life or a higher chance to be chosen as a mate. Those who had no interest in doing so would then send their sons to serve as nuns in the congregation of their choice. 

- It’s important to know that this is all regarding to noble people. Common Omegas, both male and females, composed a huge chunk of the work force (independent of their age). Due to all the poverty and industrial revolution, Omegas were just as present in factories and manual labor as Betas and Alphas. They were still required to cut their hair short in male cases though. 

- Male Omegas could work as servants in noble houses too, as long as they covered their hairs and any semblance of “fertility” they might indicate through their bodies. Female servants were obliged to do the same, but these rules were specially harsher for the males. 

I think this is all I have for now. Thanks for the ask, I love to talk about the 19th century so much ^^ Feel free to add your two cents to it if you wish, people. 

Things people seem to forget about Alphas.

 They are not your personal attack dogs. Alphas can and will protect the ones they love and those in need without hesitation when necessary, but they are not pit bulls in a short leash for others to entice and intimidate others with. They have feelings and values and most would hate to be responsible for someone else’s unwarranted harm. 

 They need devotion too. Much like Alphas are not just wardrobes for anyone to parade around as their security system they are also not your subservient dogs. Alphas need as much comprehension, support and self-sacrifice from their mate as they try to give it to them. The easiest way to make an Alpha miserable is to ask everything of them and give nothing in return because “they are the ones who are supposed to be providers anyway”.

◆ Alphas have sentiments and can be very self-conscious. They try their best not to be seen as inherently dangerous and feral-prone. Acting and saying insensitive things like how “unsafe” it is to have them around for some reason when you’re a loved one can really get to them. They are used to being seen as selfish, brutes, predatory and savages and do their best to shrug it off when it comes from strangers. However, when it comes from a loved one it really hurts their self-esteem.

◆ Alphas can and do have a lot of self-esteem issues. There is pressure everywhere for them to be loving and caring towards their mate to a fault, to always be in control of the situation, to be successful, to being good fathers/adas, to be comprehensive and a leader, all in addition to dealing with all the negative stigma they get from their dynamics alone. They often fear they are not good enough and that they’re enable to fulfil anything in their lives for themselves because “they can’t even get the expectations right, let alone other things that they wish to pursue”. 

 They love their families too and when an Alpha is abandoned with their child by their mate (or if their mate passed away) it hurts just as much and they need as much help, confort and support as any other person. Just because they weren’t the ones that physically carried the pup doesn’t mean they are any less devastated, lost and in need of help. Toss a fucker a bone, ey? Some compassion for an Alpha in such a shit situation would not hurt. 

 Overall Alphas can and are just as vulnerable as Betas and Omegas. They are constantly reduced to agressive hunks of meat with nothing but predatory instincts and all the advantages in life, when in reality they struggle a lot more then they let it show and can be just as hurt and made miserable by anyone else. So give Alphas some love, please? ;-;

What a beautiful day to remember...

…that our closest genetic relatives aren’t chimps but are in fact bonobos, who live in a matriarchal society that rewards cooperation and punishes conflict.

…that the guy who coined the very term “Alpha male” with regards wolves, later retracted and called his entire theory bullshit.

…that comparing human social structures to wolves is even more ridiculous than comparing them to primates.

…that even if we’re talking about chimps who aren’t our closest genetic relatives, the “Alpha male” isn’t the stereotype that dude bros think it is.

…that the “alpha male” in primates and most social species is the one that has not only proven himself best at providing for the group, but also proven that he’s a great father and that he treats the members of the group well.

…that most self-described Alpha males, if they were to be put in charge of a canine pack or primate troop, would be deposed within 24hours, most likely by the females who are sick of his shit.

…that in general, guys who call themselves Alphas, in reality would be Omegas, living alone, chased away from every group they try to join. Because they’re assholes.