What You Deserve

So, Red1999 over on AO3 left me a comment with the best idea ever on the fic for Inktober Day 19 (Tumblr link, AO3 link), and I simply had to write it. It’s still Bad Alpha and Friend Scott so if that’s not your thing, consider this your warning. You can read it here on AO3 or watch out for the read more because it’s around 1.7k.


It took Peter two days to be able to leave Stiles alone for longer than a few minutes. The nightmares continued for long after that, and every time Stiles woke up to Peter trashing and whimpering in his sleep, he felt rage bubble up inside him.

He never let that rage out in these moments, because that was not what Peter needed, but they both knew it was there. Still, during the nights, Stiles bottled it up, and locked it away, being gentle and present with Peter, calming him down and holding him through the worst of everything.

And all the while, the rage simmered under Stiles’ skin, growing and settling into his very bones.

When Peter was finally well enough again to be left alone, Stiles went to Derek.

“I want you to be alpha,” he started the conversation and that was enough to get Derek’s complete attention.

“I’m not going to kill a random alpha,” Derek immediately said, and Stiles shook his head.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“You’re angry,” Derek said, tilting his head a little bit in question. “What happened?”

“So you didn’t know,” Stiles spit out, because of course Scott made sure to keep Derek as far away from the djinn as possible.

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Pack Mom - Derek Hale x Reader

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Pairing: Derek x Reader

Prompt: You’ve always been the mother figure to everyone in the pack but when the pups start calling you mom they also start treating you as Derek’s mate, awkwardness and confessions ensue.

Warning: Smut! and other shit! :D 



You hopped out of your newly bought Mustang, you knew the pack would be shocked at your new car but the moment you saw the sleek black vehicle you knew it was the one. Your last car got trashed in a car chase with the Calaveras but you dug into your inheritance and decided to get something nicer. The moment one foot stepped out of the new car Stiles was on you with a million questions.

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“Derek never hated a day as much as the one, when Peter proposed to ask none other as Stiles Stilinski for help. Mage and insufferable pain in the ass.”

It’s finally finished :D

Derek Hale is soon to be crowned-prince, ascending to the throne when his mother dies, but there’s one problem; he has yet to find his Spark. 

Derek thought he had fallen in love with Kate Argent, but she turned out to be an abusive psychopath that nearly killed him. After that, he shut himself off from the world, and from others. That is, until one day when he was walking through the centre of town with his uncle. 

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

As he and Peter walked through the streets, he bumps into a young man. He wheels around to look at the man, feeling something in his chest change. He’s shocked by how gorgeous this young man is, and is captivated; unable to take his eyes off the young man. The young man - Stiles - apologises kindly, but Peter starts to make a scene, threatening Stiles. Derek silences his uncle and apologises to Stiles, leaving everyone stunned. Derek smiles kindly and turns to leave.  

After that, Derek begins to sneak out of the castle to see Stiles.

Their relationship grows but Peter frowns upon it, trying to put a stop to it; trying to pin crimes on Stiles and have him executed. 

Derek wakes to the sound of a gathering crowd and steps forward to find Stiles chained in place, the executioner ready. He pushed through the crowd and shields Stiles with his body, refusing to let go. The guards drag him away and Stiles whispers that it’ll all be okay. 

The executioner raises his axe and Derek cries out for Stiles.

Stiles shuts his eyes as the blade comes down. But at the last second, the blade turns to ice and shatters, sparkling fragments raining down around Stiles. 

Everyone freezes, all eyes on Stiles as he opens his eyes.

Originally posted by sarcasticallystilinski

His eyes glow white and spark with power and electricity.

Derek lets out a sigh of relief, a smile playing across his lips as he realises he found his spark.

Little red & the big bad wolf 

Like i’ve been saying for the past weeks I’m considering making some merch of some of my drawings! >w< <3 
If i get enough response I’m planing on having 3 charms, some post cards and stickers! <3 can’t wait!!

“Could you at least pretend enjoy yourself, there are a lot of big packs here that we should try to impress,” Derek muttered to Stiles as they sat through the third, no fourth, speaker of the morning at the U.S. Supernatural Convention. 

“You said I had to show up, I even put on a button down for you, but you never said anything about enjoying myself,” Stiles show back, “We’re in New York, there are so many cool bookshops I could be checking out.”

“I’ll buy you any books you want after the event today,” Derek whispered, eyes on Stiles. 

“Fine,” Stiles said, sitting up a little straighter, “But I still don’t see why Boyd couldn’t have come with you.”

“You’re my emissary and mate,” Derek said, “I need you here help with treaties and to keep the single wolves away from me.”

“You just want me here for my body,” Stiles said with a smirk, ignoring the looks from people around them, “I get it.”

“Shut up Stiles,” Derek whispered, his ears burning red. He saw Satomi give him an amused look and he started to wonder if he was crazy for thinking Stiles could behave through the three day convention. It was only the first day after all. 

“Promise me some mind blowing hotel sex tonight and I’ll be the model emissary,” Stiles whispered right into Derek’s ear, sending chills down his spine. He was in for an interesting week. 

Age Restriction

Author: sumcp

Title: Age Restriction

Characters: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 3737

Warnings: swearing, implied smut/virginity loss, mentions of blood, older guy/younger girl relationship(total age of consent tho)

Summary: After a particularly rough battle with a pair of rogue omegas, the pack leaves Derek in good hands with Y/N to watch over him while he heals. Although, that was the last person Derek wanted by his side.

Originally posted by scerek

“You can leave Y/N, I’m fine.” Derek rolled his eyes as you slung the door open to the loft and plopped down on the couch. You gave him a sparkling smile, which faded when you realized how bad of shape he was actually in.

“Der..” Your voice was soft as you stood back up, walking to him slowly as you took in the tattered shirt smeared with blood and the claw marks all over his body.

Derek’s hands caught yours before you could reach him, a warning growl resonating from him which caused you to roll your eyes.

“I’m fine Y/N. Go home.. it’s a school night.” You scoffed, turning around to go to his bathroom in his room. He didn’t follow you since this was the routine you both were accustomed to. He would tell you to leave, you wouldn’t listen to him, it was a perfect balance in your relationship. Well, in the relationship you made up in your head.

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fvckyourfandoms  asked:

hey my gorgeous peeps! I’ve gone through pretty much all of your page and have found some amazing fics! I’m just looking for some really good, slow build/pining sterek fics that are under 80k. I’m really into standinginanicedress’ fics just to give you an idea of what I like if that’ll help to narrow it down. only mature and explicit ratings please thank you so much!!

I found a few for you, @fvckyourfandoms . -Letta

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Inevitable You by Red_City

(1/1 | 22,261 | Mature)

“I’m Derek’s mate,” Stiles gets out, breathing hard. There is silence in the room.

As he looks around, he realizes that everyone else knew.

Living With Lycanthropy by WhoNatural

(1/1 | 44,095 | Explicit)

AKA: The Sterek Rival Bakeries AU

Wherein they both own bakeries, Stiles tries not to run his grandmother’s legacy into the ground, Laura wants to be a better alpha, and Derek can’t seem to get Stiles’ attention the regular way - so naturally, he accidentally initiates a prank war.

(Or, if Teen Wolf was more like Gilmore Girls, with everyone far too invested in whether the Hale boy and the Sheriff’s kid will work it out, and Laura Hale wrote a handbook for alpha werewolves.)

The Spark Within by Halevetica

(35/35 | 44,147 | Mature)

Deaton had always suspected a spark was buried deep within Stiles. When he proves it right he tells the alpha, Derek. Derek is in need of an emissary and Stiles would be perfect. But Stiles fights the spark within. He doesn’t want to be tied to Derek forever, he hates the guy. Derek fights for Stiles but will Stiles fight for Derek?

You’re the Riddle of the Century by stayingputwouldbeablunder

(2/2 | 45,700 | Mature)

“Okay,” Stiles says, drawing out the y. “Well, I’ve gotta go, Derek. Plenty more clueless individuals like yourself waiting to learn how to operate the majestic electronic device you hold in your hands.”

“I’m not holding it.” Derek doesn’t know why he does it but he waggles his fingers in front of the camera; the tablet is propped up against his legs. “See?”

Stiles rolls his eyes, smiling. “Goodbye, Derek. And thanks for calling Amazon today. Catch you on the flip side.”

“Bye, Stiles.”

Oh shit.

In which Stiles is a tech advisor for Amazon and Derek really loveshates his Kindle.

The Quickest Way to a Man’s Heart (is Through His Bottomless Pit) by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)

(1/1 | 54,167 | Explicit)

Pulling open his apartment door, he let out an involuntary shout when something was quite literally thrust into his chest hard enough to have him almost tip backwards. He managed to right himself while keeping hold of what had been shoved at him and looked up in time to see his neighbour striding back towards his apartment.

“You’re going to fucking kill yourself.”

His door slammed.

Stiles blinked at the other man’s door, utterly confused, and looked down at what he was holding.

It was a plastic bag, full of what felt like tupperware, which made no sense to Stiles because when had his neighbour broken into his house to steal his tupperware?

Make Me Skin & Bones (Where The Hell Have You Been) by Kandakicksass

(44/44 | 54,865 | Mature)

Stiles takes the darkness from the Nemeton a lot harder than Scott and Allison do. Derek comes back after he goes catatonic.

Thank You For This Dance by matildajones for Emela

(26/26 | 62,463 | Mature)

Derek picks up another glass of champagne, and that’s when he sees him. A man stands at the edge of the room, chewing his lip and staring at the dance floor longingly.

Every person walks past him. Derek must have done it a hundred times this evening.

Derek is not one for dancing, but at a ball he meets Stiles, an orphan, and he becomes quickly attached. He does not care what other people think about Stiles’ wealth and status, but it’s a lot harder for Stiles to ignore the comments that have haunted him his whole life.

It’s even harder to convince Stiles that Derek’s feelings are genuine.

Seeing Wolves (Where There Are No Wolves) by MellytheHun

(16/16 | 71,305 | Explicit)

Or otherwise known as “Derek Goes to the Doctor,” wherein Derek gets the therapy he so desperately needs and gets healthy. The clearer his head gets, the more room it seems to have for Stiles.

All Hale the King by Halevetica

(53/53 | 71,541 | Mature)

It’s been three months since Derek left Beacon Hills. He didn’t say bye to anyone. He left his pack without an alpha. Then all of a sudden he’s back, but he seems out of character. Stiles automatically assumes he’s been cursed, that is until he finds out that he isn’t Derek at all, but his twin brother, Gage. Gage is nothing like his brother and he falls in with the pack perfectly and he’s an alpha. Stiles and Gage become good friends. Then one day, Derek does come back and Gage steps down as alpha. Stiles is pissed. He and Derek never got along. Derek was rude, harsh, snappy, bossy, forceful, all the things you could hate in a guy. Now he’s forced to answer to Derek, who thinks he’s king. Stiles is sick of it and decides it’s time Derek was put in check.

First Rule: Do No Harm by LandingStrutts

(23/23 | 79,654 | Mature)

While they are both eye fucking each other, Dereks view of focus is replaced by someone else rushing toward him. It is Tom and he has a shitty evil grin on his face. “Derek. Where the hell you been man? You’re twenty minutes late. It’s freezing out here and we are waiting for someone to open up the building.” You would never have believed this is who sent a text with an exploding kitten. 

fluentlyspeakingtreason  asked:

Can you make a short list of your fav sterek fake/pretend relationship fics? I looooove that trope and I was wondering what your favs are!

Hey @fluentlyspeakingtreason here are some of my favs in this trope! - Raiven

Originally posted by bellamybx

Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi

(11/11 | 83,979 | Explicit | Sterek)

“Three weeks,” Derek says.

“Still don’t want to,” Stiles says.

“I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that… that has Stiles interested. Alf’s Antique’s may be a great job, but it’s not a high-paying job, and half of Stiles’s tuition is coming from financial aid, so…

“How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.“

“My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world,” Derek seethes, like he’s jealous, “they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that. Five hundred bucks.”

“A thousand,” Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.

Married at First Glance by WonderWolf

(13/13 | 63,369 | Explicit | Sterek)

“Those contracts that you signed was you agreeing to follow producer instructions.Your instructions were to give us drama. Whether or not you like each other, you are, for all intents and purposes, hired actors for these seven weeks,” Finstock snaps. “Pretend to actually like each other or I will dock your pay.”
- - -
Married at First Glance gives its participants seven weeks. Seven weeks, starting when they meet and marry their “perfect match”, to decide if they want to stay married or divorce.

For Stiles and Derek though, the challenge lies within trying to pretend that they don’t absolutely hate each other’s guts. When you’re married to a werewolf who dislikes humans, however, this can get a little tricky.

But the sweet, sweet cash reward at the end will be worth it. Right?

(A Married at First Sight AU)

Plus One by Moosey

(10/10 | 44,838 | Explicit| Sterek)

“Dude, I can’t show up solo to my ex-girlfriends wedding. I can’t do that,” Scott stressed, his face arranged in an expression that was almost comically anguished, like one of those weird, sad-face, tragic drama masks.

“So we find you a date,” Stiles shrugged, as though it was no big deal. Scott was adorable, in reasonably good shape, and probably the best guy Stiles had ever known, or would ever know. He wouldn’t have any real issues with getting a girl.

“Stiles, it’s in two weeks. Two weeks. How do I find a girl willing to date me, and come abroad with me to my exes wedding, in two weeks?!”


A sort of fake/pretend relationship fic set in Florence at Allison’s wedding.

You look like my next mistake by Vendelin

(1/1 | 145,194 | Teen | Sterek)

“So, are you dating someone new? Someone who doesn’t mind that you’re frigid?” Kate cocks her head to the side, smiling as though she just asked him about where he bought his shoes.

His entire body sighs in defeat as his shoulders grow square. Just as he opens his mouth, someone comes up to stand beside him, snaking an arm around his shoulders. When he glances to his side, expecting to see Isaac, his brain seems to malfunction. Because it isn’t Isaac. It’s Stiles Stilinski, the lacrosse talent of the year, a senior who Derek has seen multiple times from far away, but never ever talked to.

In which Derek is a nerd jock, and Stiles is a frat guy, and Derek falls for him even though he knows he shouldn’t.

Find Me Sitting Fireside by kaistrex

(1/1 | 13,282 | Teen | Sterek)

With the news that an Alpha wants Beacon Hills for their own, Derek and Stiles are forced to attend a couples retreat at a ski resort to learn their enemy’s identity. However, the threat is the least of Derek’s problems when he’s expected to fake a relationship, share a bed and suffer through candlelit dinners with the man he’s secretly been in love with for the past four years.

Simple by ericaismeg 

(1/1 | 4,460 | Gen | Sterek)

Stiles’ ex-boyfriend, Jackson, is at the same bar. With Stiles’ longtime crush, Lydia Martin. Stiles needs a fake boyfriend yesterday. Who better than Mr. Grumpy Pants who he’d almost spilled his drink on earlier?

Not to mention, damn, Mr. Grumpy Pants is hot. And that’s why Jackson’s not buying the fact that they’re dating.

So, uh, wanna be my boyfriend? by Nerdy_fangirl_57

(1/1 | 3,659 | Teen | Sterek) 

Derek broke up with Kate Argent less than a week ago and she already has a new batch of arm candy plastered on her side. Everyone around campus is gossiping about when Derek will ‘move on’ and get a new girlfriend.

Thing is, dating is the last thing Derek has in mind after the disaster that was Kate Argent. Then Kate starts getting a bit too ‘friendly’ with him and he snaps.

“I have a boyfriend!”

And that’s how he got tangled up into agreeing to go on a double date with Kate and her boyfriend on Friday, leaving him with only 3 days to find a fake boyfriend.


After many fights, wars and death between supernatural creatures and humans, they - the Descendants -  started to categorize the world population in a new hierarchy. Alpha for every supernatural being, Beta for the humans and Omega was the name for A.I.’s and any kind of unwelcome hybrid forms.
A new social reform, in which Alphas and Betas lived separated for their own good, while Omegas had no real place to be, when they didn’t sold themselves and their service. 


I still need to work on that idea, ha… some kind of Blade Runner AU, it was my inspiration. But at least the artwork is finished. 

Sterek Week 2017: Alpha & Emissary

Those who challenge the Hale Pack and find themselves lucky enough to hobble away, take with them stories of a seemingly small pack whom they thought easy to overtake, but were gravely mistaken.

Whispers and rumblings spread through distant packs of an Alpha whose wits are as sharp as his claws, strength that rivals most, and a fervid need to protect his territory, his pack, his family.  

Then there’s the anomaly: Stiles, an unconventional emissary who they call Little Red. Once thought to be just a boy with a spark, deftly honed his spark and discovered his ability to manipulate energies that would make a fair few mages pale.

Yes Derek, the cloak is necessary for protection and the bat channels and amplifies my spark. Plus it looks badass. *daily collective pack eye roll*

anonymous asked:

Hello =) Anything with either Derek or Stiles not being english native speakers? Triple brownie points if there's another language actually being spoken.

Hi there, Nonny!  For more non-English speaker!Stiles fics, be sure to check out our Polish!Stiles tag here.  These fics feature language barrier, speaking in another language, or thinking the other person doesn’t speak English.  Enjoy! -Emmy

Originally posted by katieee-x

Excuse Me?  By StupidGenius 

(827 I General I Complete)  *sterek, polish!stiles

He had been getting into the elevator, going to get his last few boxes from the moving truck, when a pale, slender hand hand stuck itself between the closing elevator doors. And then his face. Pale and dotted with moles, brown hair wild, honey eyes wide and framed with thick, dark lashes - just his type. “Przepraszam.” the guy had said, which, right. He didn’t speak a word of English.

Je Ne Peux Pas Croire Que Je T'aime by twinSky

(1,526 I General I Complete)  *sterek, multilingual!derek

Sometimes, when Derek get’s frustrated, he tends to slip into different languages.
Stiles thinks it’s unfair how terribly (horribly, utterly) hot it is.
In which it’s impossible to have an argument (not that Stiles wants too) with Derek Hale because he can’t keep to one language and Stiles can’t be mad at him when he’s speaking mother fucking French.

Talk to Me, Baby by Sarageek16 

(2,386 I Teen i Complete)   *sterek, human AU, Polish speaking!Stiles

Derek delivers a basket to a neighbor he didn’t realize he had, Stiles speaks Polish, and Laura cackles in the background. Also, a drag queen.

llevo tu corazón, lo llevo en mi corazón by losingmyangelgrace 

(6,020 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, Spanish speaking!Derek, Alpha!Scott, Beta!Derek

Derek was sitting at the table in the newly renovated Hale house, watching Stiles surreptitiously as he and Allison made cupcakes. He thought that he was being covert about it until Scott slid into the chair next to him and clapped a hand onto his shoulder.

“¿Por qué no hacer un movimiento, hombre?” Scott said, leaning back in the chair and staring at Derek seriously.

(Or where Derek is pining for Stiles, Scott knows and is trying to get him to make a move, generally while in Stiles’ presence, by speaking to Derek in Spanish.)

You Know You’re On My Mind by bibliosexual 

(16,371 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, Polish!Stiles, high school au, human au, childhood friends

If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

Come on Stranger by jaegermighty 

(16,869 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, sci-fi, Stargate fusion

Evil robots, basically. Sometimes Stiles regrets signing that nondisclosure agreement.

Ukochany by VincentMeoblinn 

(34,121 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, Polish!Stiles, omega!stiles, mpreg, mail order bride!stiles, everyone’s werewolves

Derek comes home to find a mail order husband and two amused betas waiting for him. When he realizes their prank was far from harmless he ends up saddled with a husband who barely speaks English but insists Derek is the love of his life. He’s also determined to win him over.

Wild One by Nival_Vixen 

(38,038 I Teen I WIP)  *sterek, wild!stiles, magic!stiles, alpha!derek

Stiles is a wildling in the forest, and Derek finds him one day. He wants to bring the wild young man into his pack, but Derek still has to deal with the loose ends of the Alpha pack, the Darach, and Erica and Boyd’s kidnapping. Besides, Stiles trusts Derek’s wolf more than his human form, and lashes out when Derek approaches him.

When Erica, Boyd, and Cora are rescued, they head straight into the forest and towards the territory of Derek’s wildling.

I Lost My Way And Found You by NekoIzumi (E, 19.1k)

Derek hurried down the street, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t followed, but otherwise was completely focused on where he was going and not running into anyone while getting there. He was so close, oh so very close now, and he knew that just a few more minutes and he’d see him again. Him, the one he hadn’t seen in years and now… so close!

He pushed the heavy front door open hurrying inside the foyer, absentmindedly registering magic buzzing around him as he did so. Knowing what to look for he saw his wards everywhere, tiny tiny marks, runes, symbols carved and written where he knew no one would look for them and Derek made sure to touch them all, to let the wards know he wasn’t there to harm. The magic accepted his presence, greeted him even but was still wary and ready to zap him to the Himalayas in the blink of an eye should it be needed. The wolf wasn’t worried, he was much too focused on the elevator making its way higher and why the hell did it move so slowly!? When he was finally on the right floor, high up above the noisy city outside, he rushed up to the right door and-… hesitated.

This fic hit all of my buttons. Honestly. We got Emissary Stiles. We got Alpha Derek. We got Bad Scott (sorry Scott lovers, it’s one of my favorite tropes). We got healing Derek. Seriously, it’s fan-freaking-tastic. I love Stiles and Derek’s relationship in this, and I love how the author handled the old characters with the original characters they introduced. I’ll probably end up rereading this at some point soon.