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How I Explain DMMD Characters to Friends
  • Aoba: The protagonist. Everybody wants his booty.
  • Koujaku: Protagonist's childhood friend. The no homo guy who nosebleed at Aoba's split ends.
  • Noiz: Erogaki with biting and bunny fetish. Eats nothing but pizza and pasta but has a fucking supermodel body.
  • Mink: The manliest man because he wears pink.
  • Clear: The robot you can fuck.
  • Alpha: Robots you can't fuck.
  • Toue: That powerful guy whose speech becomes the title of the game.
  • Ryuuhou: The guy who you can identify from his blue kimono and tattoo on his neck, NOT because the bunch of skull accessories he's wearing.
  • Tae: The manly grandma.
  • Mizuki: That one poor guy who didn't get the booty but at least he finally gets to join the dicksquad bandwagon.
  • Virus & Trip: Twins that are not twins.
  • Theo: Noiz' little brother. Currently the rising star of the fandom.
  • Ren: That robot dog who's always been with the protagonist but is actually the protagonist's part of consciousness and is occupying the body of the protagonist's twin brother. Yes you can fuck him, too.
  • Sei: The angel of the fandom. I don't care who you ship but if you say even one bad word about him I'll fucking slice you open.

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who are the characters from your apocalypse animatic?

they’re originals from a one-time comic i made a year ago, based on the song Eat Your Brains!

the zombie’s name is Fin, and in the apocalypse plot i’d set up he was one of the first alpha tested virus containers. while he can control a hoard to some degree, most of his abilities lie in the fact that he still retains a large majority of his humanity and cognitive thinking

the human’s name is Darwin. during the first breakout he and his wife Tani fled their hometown with a group of survivors, and during an unfortunate accident Tani was eaten alive while Darwin was left to watch. stricken with grief, Darwin attempted to commit suicide and discovered a haunting revelation; when bitten, he cannot turn, and after suffering death there is an allotted amount of time where he can be revived by a bite. this is why he has so many bite scars. 

the two of them do come across one another at some point and Darwin, ever the survivor, strikes a deal with Fin that they may travel together and outlast the wasteland long enough to find answers for the both of them; why was Fin a part of a government funded operation regarding viruses, and why is Darwin the only one so far known to them that can’t turn?

Why the 5x20 love scene has to be a flashback?

Well, I struggled with the 5.20 love scene being a flashback to 4.5.  I couldn’t understand why it had to be in the past not the present.  It bothered me that it wouldn’t advance the plot; it being in the past; knowing that 5.01 had Olicity separate and Felicity dating Billy.

Until the Paley Fest spoiler by Stephen Amell that said 5.19 will be Team Arrow lead by Oliver vs. Team Helix leady by Felicity.  This plus my “Felicity’s LOA” chart; got me thinking of the pacing.  Pacing is something unpredictable on Arrow; even if we are paralleling Oliver’s dark arc of season 3. 

The 3.20 love scene happened before Oliver’s initiation into the league.  He was then tortured in 3.21 and went through a weird hallucination where he thought he killed John Diggle. 

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Then he came to Star city to return Nyssa; to do so he kidnapped Lyla and was at war with Team Arrow.  Even Thea donned the Arsenal uniform and shot him with an arrow.

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He later even dropped the Alpha/Omega virus on the team in the Nanda Parbat dungeon; and if it wasn’t for a master plan with Malcom and Barry they would never have been rescued!

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We know three things about Felicity’s LOA season 5 parallel in the episodes to come:

1. In 5.18 - Disbanded - Felicity learns something shocking at Helix.

2. In 5.19 - Dangerous Liaisons - Felicity is heading up Helix, Oliver is heading up Team Arrow.

3. In 5.20 - Underneath there are spoilers of a flashback love scene.

If I was going to parallel Felicity’s arc to Oliver’s in season 3; then 5.18 will be her 3.21 and 5.19 will be her 3.22 and 5.20 will be her 3.23.

In 3.23 Felicity and John were mad at Oliver; he was going to crash the airplane to protect the city from the virus and in the process commit suicide.

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According to this logic; there is no room for a 3.20 goodbye love scene unless they surprise us in  5.18 before Felicity joins Helix.  But because of the danger of Prometheus and Talia looming and because there is a 100 unsolved questions to answer before the end of the season; 5.20 will give us a flashback love scene to parallel the 3.20 love scene; where Olicity had sex but they were not together; where they love each other but have to let go; where the situation seams hopeless; to drive the passion of the love scene.

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Between 3.20 and 3.23 there were 2 episodes where Oliver and Felicity were on different teams with “same objective”; but it may have seamed like war. Between the summer -4.5 and 5.20; the situation seams very cold; and it did seam at times like I am watching a different show.

So my speculation is this: present time 5.20 will parallel the 3.23 talk right before Oliver goes to fight Ra’s!

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Which means we are very close to an official reunion. What was minutes in 3.23 between the talk and the ending of happily driving into the sunset could be as far as 5.23.  Here is hoping!

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Talia Al Ghul - The First Lady Supervillain on Arrow

Last night I asked @slowcookedvig about her opinion of Talia Al Ghul about her thoughts on Oliver and Talia; specifically about a speculation she made earlier about how Oliver might sleep with Talia in the early shirtless scene (5.11/12) she had made prior to 5.11.  This was her reply:

Talia seemed dangerous, mysteriously knowledgeable, and… powerful? I’m having trouble putting the description into words. But she didn’t seemed sexualized, in the way that powerful women often are portrayed. She seemed dangerous like a male Bond villain can be. So although I think she could plausibly have a secret son with Robert Queen (or actually be Shado’s mother), she seems like her motives are more than sex or procreation. What her motives are… I don’t know. I think she’s left the League, maybe long long ago; she doesn’t give the feel of loyalty like Nyssa did when we first met her.

She goes on to explain in her post about TV and the sexualisation of women; which is very insightful and a recommended read.

10 hours later I decide to follow that trail of brilliant thought.  What if Talia is Shado’s mother? What does that mean for Oliver Queen?  How was Talia possibly effected by the sinking of the Gambit and the presence of Oliver Queen on Lian Yu.

Season One:  We know Yao Fai was her student; so why not extend that thought and take it further that she could be Shado’s mother. In season one Fryers captures Oliver and company; Yao Fei slips Oliver a knife but Oliver was only able to free himself, Shado and Slade; leaving Yao Fei shot in the head by Fryers after recording a video confession.

Talia loss: 1 her student and possible father of her daughters

Season Two: Flashbacks: Shado is shot in the head by Ivo but we know that Slade has always blamed Oliver for choosing Sara.  End of Season two, we know Sara is left on the island by with Anatoly and others.  We also know that some time during season 3 Nyssa travels to Lian Yu and rescues a dying Sara from there.  Sara tells Nyssa her story of Shado and Ivo.  Nyssa realises that this was her niece and her father and sends message to Talia.

Talia Loss: 2 Yao Fei, Shado

Season Three: Flashbacks: Oliver meets Mei, Shado’s twin in Hong Kong while on the run from Argus.  She helps him and we never see her again.  Oliver  later in a fight drops the vial containing the Alpha-Omega virus and many people die expect for him; Tatsu, Maseo and Sherive and his men because they were inoculate with a vaccine that didn’t work on Akio and he died.  Lets extend that thought; Akios babysitter died in her apartment by virus that day.  What if Mei died too?  Option one: Talia comes to claim her daughters body to find Maseo taking care of the remains of his son Akio; and he tells her the story of his loss.  Later Talia suggests he join the LOA. Option two: Maseo finds the LOA on his own and tells Ras the story of why he is here when he brings him the Alpha-Omega vile; and Talia finds out:  In real time, Oliver is declared heir to the demon; so for a while he becomes untouchable, later he marries Nyssa and kills Ras Al Ghoul; Talia’s father and hands the ring to MM

Talia Loss: 4 Yao Fei, Shado, Mei, Ra’s. Her LOA Legacy

Season Four: In real time Oliver hands leadership of LOA back to Nyssa; who disbands the LOA

Talia Loss: The entire LOA legacy.

Talia Al Ghul is the woman behind the puppet that is Prometheus.  If it was not physically unmatchable and the height difference I would say Talia is Prometheus.  They may yet reveal her to be.

Season Five: Flashbacks, Talia searches for Oliver because she wants her revenge; through Sara and Maseo she knows everything about Oliver. As soon as he appears on her radar in Russia, she comes in to set her game in play. She didn’t do her homework; she had very specific intel. She had a plan to train Oliver; to help him embrace his monster; to set him up on a journey of blood and tears.  She doesn’t want simple revenge.  She want him to experience deep loss like she did.

Team Talia:

Now how does this relate to Claybourn’s son?  You know my theory: Adrian Chase is Claybourn’s son.  Doris Chase is his mother.  Claybourn had denied his son his legacy; Oliver had killed Claybourn.  Adrian seeks revenge.  His mother or wife introduces him to her friend Talia because he is seeking to be trained. Or Talia seeks Adrian out because he is a man with a vendetta against Oliver Queen and trains him to later become Prometheus.  Yet in this case Prometheus is only a pawn in the chess game Talia is playing.

Team Evil has two players so far: Talia and Adrian

@oliverfel4 had speculated early on that Oliver maybe facing several enemies this year. I think she is right. 

Sledgehammer: the Felicity fan girl who knew about her Ghost Fox Goddess hack name; presenting her with Pandoras files; might have some relation to Cooper; OR could just be Evil Tech support.  But I do think she knows so much; that she is Felicity’s nemesis or the sister of Brie Larvan; who was sent to prison by Felicity twice (once in season 3 of Arrow/season 1 of Flash and  a second time in season 4 on Arrow).  Last we knew Brie wanted the chip that Felicity had in her back because she was dying of spinal cancer.  So Sledgehammer has a grudge to grind with Felicity and Oliver especially if Brie died.

Team Evil has three members now: Talia, Adrian; Brie’s sister.

Team Evil might grow; there could be an old enemy of John Diggle in there; we don’t know; still 12 episodes to go. 

But that is my theory.  You read  it here folks.  You are welcome to use it; quote it refer to it.  But please do honor and credit the thought. Plagiarism is not just word for word.  One does not have to be a professional member of a society to recognise originality of thought and credit people for their ideas. I am not naming names or shouting accusations.  You know who you are. 

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dmmd mizuki spinoff headcanons
  • the reason why you don’t date mizuki is because he’s actually a bottom
  • what if there was a sequel where mizuki was the main protagonist and you hooked up with everyone that was left out of the first game?
  • mizuki recovered from a failed scrap, healthy and sanity still intact: something that koujaku and noiz and everyone else wasn’t able to do, despite tae mentioning something about  only a strong willpower being able to overcome scrap? 
  • either that or he’s just mentally healthier than the others
  • anyways, what if aoba’s scrap triggered some sort of immunity within mizuki; like, if you recover from scrap, you gain defenses against it, kind of like a cold
  • so in the nonexistent sequel you would go around dating the villains
  • and use some sort of magic ‘anti-scrap’ where you have them recover from scrap/brainwashing
  • virus and trip were brainwashed and had their eyes modified by toue
  • maybe ryuuhou’s seahorse tattoo is the reason he’s so nuts
  • i think it was mentioned that akushima had been brainwashed
  • the alphas
  • and there could be two secret routes: sly blue and sei
  • at the beginning of the common route, you could choose which “beginning” you would start from
  • like if you chose koujaku then aoba would be with koujaku in-game but you’d be unable to date ryuuhou because he’s dead in koujaku’s GE
  • and you’d be unable to date the alphas in clear’s
  • etc.
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Series: Part 4 of ABO Virus

The pack needs some baby supplies and finally gets out to do some shopping

5x21 How does Prometheus Honor his Father?

Stephen Amell said in his Paley Fest interview that 5x21 Honor thy fathers was about Robert Queen and Justin Claybourne. What do we know about Adrians father?

We know he was a corrupt businessman connected to the AK Desmond Group, a secretive organization that operated on the black market. He released their weaponized tuberculosis in Lamb Valley, threatening many lives, while his Claybourne Pharmaceuticals produced a cure called Dycloseral, the price of which went from $10 a pill to $1,000 overnight.  

I was thinking about this as I considered how Prometheus wants to destroy the world from Lian Yu. He will want to do it in a manner that honors his father. So will he deploy a weaponized tuberculosis on the world? Considering only third world countries still immunize against TB; it would be like a mass extinctions of the West. This is too close to Ras Al Ghouls Alpha/Omega virus plans of season 3!!

In my older speculation comparing season 5 to season 3; I had concluded that weapon of choice could easily be Felicitys virus that could be used to infiltrate  control and even destroy root systems if unleashed on the world resetting everything back to the technological stone age!  Adrian could have placed a launch station in Lian Yu via satellite to do this, otherwise I can’t think where he would get the money or resources to deploy a real life disease; unless he reconnected with the AK Desmond Group and they are the ones who funded Helix.

I keep coming back to Pandora.. and although I am almost certain Helix and Pandora belong to Lyla; maybe I was wrong and they do belong to AK Desmond Group and all Lyla does is take Helix over after they are discovered; granting them immunity and integrating them into Argus. 

Pandora’s box is too synonymous with unleashing disease over the world to just ignore that connection.  Maybe Adrian connects with A K Desmond Group and they find away to unleash the weaponized TB all over the world and the only place that remains safe out of the outbreak is Lian Yu in the North China sea and that is why he goes into hiding there..  So much to consider!!

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Arrow Review: This Is Your Sword

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write a review of an Arrow episode. But because of the nature of the content during, ‘This Is Your Sword’, I felt compelled to put my thoughts out there as a loyal Arrow fan.

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Her Knight In Shining Armour

A/N:  I’ve been riding the fluff train since 4.09 – for the most part. The angst has come from a slightly unexpected angle. 

Spoilery, spec-ish fic contained below. Mostly Diggle x Felicity with a hint of OTA. 

Based on this: 

Unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. 

I hope you enjoy. 

(Image by @cherrychapssstick - thank you!)

John Diggle is distraught when he learns about the accident. When he rushes to the hospital minutes after Oliver’s frantic call, Lyla can taste the panic on his lips as he kisses her goodbye, and she can see it on the shaky hand he runs over Sara’s head. She’s worried too – Felicity has become a friend, but she knows that for John, she’s so much more than that. 

She’s family. 

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The Stranger: Al Sa-him Arrow 3x21 Review

Is it legal to have this much fun with a TV show? I’m legitimately curious. Is there a max on fun? I’m worried I’ll have to pay HBO rates or something. No “free” show can be this fun.  I’m gonna toss Stephen $10 for Ninja Turtles just to even up the score.

If you haven’t read the Wedding Theory Series…I’d highly suggest you catch up. They are under my Top 5 posts. We have some things to discuss don’t we fandom?

Let’s dig in…

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The most frustrating misconceptions about Felicity this season:

Felicity wanted Thea to die because she didn’t approve of Oliver teaming up with Malcolm (which Digg didn’t either Just FYI). 

No, she didn’t want Oliver to team up with Malcolm because he’s not trustworthy. Because he ruined the lives of the people Oliver loves most yet he still teamed up with him. Felicity was disappointed in Oliver, not for trying to save his sister, but for the way he did it which disrespected her and everyone’s life who Malcolm destroyed. 

Felicity wanted Thea to die and not get LP’d because she wanted to keep Oliver alive and all to herself. 

Felicity thought that even the idea of the Lazarus Pit was insane and ridiculous (she even called it a magic hot tub) which is why she didn’t want Oliver to sacrifice himself yet again for something that seemed rather fictional to her. And I know some people will say “But Felicity is aware of meta humans and mirakuru soldiers, why is the LP so hard to believe?” – That’s because the meta-humans and Mirakuru soldiers are all based on science. The particle accelerator made the meta-humans, a serum that could be reversed made the Mirakuru soldiers. There’s nothing scientific about the LP, it’s all mystical and magical which is why Felicity didn’t believe it. 

There are some things that are just unbelievable, and for Felicity, the line was  a magic hot tub that could bring people back to life. In the end, she went with Oliver anyways to support him and bring Thea back if in case the LP was actually a legitimate way of saving people from the brink of death. 

Felicity didn’t want Thea to die, she just thought that the idea of the LP was ridiculous. And she was proven wrong. But Felicity wasn’t bitter about that.

And let’s be real, do you guys honestly think that Oliver would even THINK to be with Felicity if he got the idea that Felicity wanted his baby sister to die? Really? That’s just ridiculous. 

If that’s not enough, Felicity was actually supportive of Thea and wanted her to be happy with Roy. She made sure Thea was alright when they returned from NP. She made sure that she had people around her. She made sure to not let Thea blame herself for everything that happened with Oliver. That’s not what someone does when they want them to die. 

Felicity didn’t do anything this season, all she did was whine and bitch and cry.

Things Felicity has done this season that disproves this ridiculous statement:

  • Helped Barry trust his team and bring them closer 
  • Took down Cooper and shut down the virus 
  • Helped save Lyla from the boomerang dude by using that explosive
  • Brought the team back together in episode 11 when they were all contemplating about quitting
  • Encouraged Laurel to keep fighting and to be herself and not her sister (To Laurel fans who bitch about Felicity, thank her for that, or else your fave wouldn’t even be where she’s at right now)
  • Helped Ray build the ATOM suit, something of which wouldn’t have worked without her
  • Encouraged Oliver to keep being the Arrow and fight for what he believes in instead of becoming Ra’s’ heir
  • Helped get Roy out of prison alive
  • Saved Barry from the bug lady who was obsessed with Bees
  • Made an effort to help get Oliver out of Nanda Parbat (something of which no one did)
  • Found all four locations of the Alpha Omega virus in the city
  • Figured out a way for Ray to use his nanotechnology to disperse the inoculation to protect all the civilians from getting infected
  • Convinced Oliver he can and will defeat Ra’s without dying himself
  • Got Captain Lance to spring the police into action
  • Flew as the Atom to save Oliver

So basically if it wasn’t for Felicity Smoak, Laurel wouldn’t have become BC, Oliver would be dead, Barry probably would’ve been dead, Lyla would’ve been dead, half of Starling would’ve died from the virus, Starling would’ve been devastated by Cooper’s use of the virus, Ray wouldn’t have had his suit. 

Felicity took down a League member by hitting him with a stick

Watch the scene properly because Diggle shot the guy first. Taking someone down after they’ve been shot is actually really easy and you don’t need training for that. 

Felicity put Oliver’s life over thousands when she asked Ray to save Oliver

I don’t know any human being whose first reaction to a situation like that is to think logically and save the thousands. It was human for Felicity to think of her loved one (which is Oliver), first (it’s a natural emotional response). 

But you know what she didn’t do that severely negates this ridiculous claim? She didn’t push Ray into saving Oliver, she found another way. Felicity already did her part to save Starling (look at the last 5 points in the list above), she was merely twiddling her thumbs at that point which is why SHE went to save Oliver. Felicity realized they couldn’t let  those people die so she found another way. 

Felicity quit the team in episode 21 and let Diggle fight crime by himself

Watch the dinner scene again, Felicity was helping Diggle the whole time. 

Felicity was selfish because she let Brick’s minions get away by shutting the door on Roy and Diggle

Even if Felicity didn’t shut the doors, the minions would’ve gotten away anyways. Why? Because Diggle and Roy were getting clobbered out there and they didn’t even have a plan on how to take those people down. So yeah, it’s not that Felicity was selfish, she knew it was a lost cause. Which it was. 

Felicity and Olicity is the reason why Oliver quit being the Arrow

Watch the scene where Oliver says he wants to be with Felicity again. He said that he couldn’t be the Arrow because Ra’s took that away from him. And Oliver being the Arrow would also undermine everything Roy did for him. Oliver didn’t quit because of Felicity. Oliver quit because he couldn’t be who he was anymore and he wanted to figure out who he can be away from Starling. He just wanted Felicity by his side. And to all the detractors, you know that Oliver’s time away with Felicity being all happy will make him more like his comic book counterpart and will help him become Green Arrow on the show right? 

I don’t care if people dislike Felicity or hate her, but it’s just ridiculous how some people have to fabricate things that aren’t supported by the narrative to keep shitting on her character for no reason. It’s just ridiculously weak. 

So it occurs to me that there’s maybe some connection between this Alpha and Omega virus Maseo and Oliver are chasing to SC in 314, the virus Felicity wrote which can take over entire systems and no one can fix it but her, and the OMAC virus, which in comics is a nanotech-based virus that allows the Brother Eye satellite (if you’ll recall, Cooper invoked that name) to take over infected humans and turn them into mind-controlled cyborg killers. 

Now we have Marc answering a question about the timeline of Oliver’s feelings for Felicity by saying he’s curious what the reaction to 314 will be. Why answer that way unless there’s something about 314 that touches on the timeline of their association?

Whenever I write something about the 103 meet cute not being the ENTIRE story people get upset, like it’s messing up something sacred, but…I mean, Oliver was about to tell her something in 301, before the missile hit. And Felicity graduated in 2009, per her own words. In flashback time it’ll be March 2010 when 314 airs. Plenty of room for her to be anywhere doing anything. If her work was taken and put to nefarious uses that touch upon the virus Maseo andOliver  are after…well, a very long time ago I speculated that Felicity wasn’t at QC by accident, and that perhaps Oliver had something to do with her being there. Now we know he was in SC in spring 2010. Where was she? What interest might Waller have developed in her in the months since Cooper was conscripted? In 305 when she tells Oliver about the virus and Cooper, he asks why she didn’t tell him any of this…and she rejoinders, do we even know a fraction of what happened to you in the five years you were away? Mm hmm.

If I’m onto anything here, I also think Ray’s smartwatches have to play into it. I found their conspicuous but apparently pointless placement suspicious from 301. Now Mama Smoak has one, right? And we know Ray bought QC to get to the OMAC project, whatever it is, whether or not he has abandoned it. Ray stated outright in 305 that he has created things that he did’t think were important and that turned out to be very important, and that those are the best inventions…in response to Felicity’s guilt about the virus. 

And he tracked her down at Buy More for some reason. I posted way back then that if he targeted her and it wasn’t about the Arrow at all, which is preferable, it would be about something she worked on at MIT. This is what we know she worked on at MIT.

And the Alpha and Omega virus? Takes both parts to activate? Why not a nano element?

In the comics, Batman’s associate Sasha was the only one who could stop OMAC during one storyline. Other speculation about the resonance of Maseo’s lines about choosing his wife over the world and what that might mean to Oliver and Felicity in the finale got me thinking that maybe this is where it’s going. If Felicity is in the Sasha role and is the ONE person who can stop it, then that brings that shit home with a vengeance. She would totally sacrifice herself. Oliver would totally try to stop her.