alpha troop


Alpha operators taking control over White House (Russian White House) - these are from dark days in Russian history - date was October 1993. In 1993, during the Russian constitutional crisis, Yeltsin, who by then was President of the Russian Federation, used Alpha and Vympel during a deadly showdown in central Moscow against the pro-parliament forces that sided with Vice-President Alexander Rutskoy. Yeltsin ordered troops to storm the building, including elements of the Alpha and Vympel Groups and the Internal Troops’s special forces unit, Vityaz. However, the Alpha troops initially refused to attack the White House, reportedly bringing their commander, Gen. Zaitsev, to the brink of suicide over the open insubordination of his troops in the face of a presidential order. Situation changed when one of the Alpha troops, Lt. Sergeyev, who was near the White House, was mortally wounded by sniper fire from the nearby Hotel Ukraina, the unit finally agreed to move. Opposition gunmen were blamed for the shooting, but it is possible that the shots were actually fired by members of a special unit loyal to Yeltsin; it was rumored that the snipers in the hotel were commanded by Alexander Korzhakov, chief of the Presidential Security Service (SBP)

Pictures from RIA Novosti and Bellabs

anonymous asked:

hey so im kinda having a bad time so i was wondering if it was okay to ask for a bit of fun facts about your ocs mikolaj, maxim, sergej, and dasha??

of course!!

  • this video is the alpha troop (maxim; miko; marisha; marina) in french class (miko being the guy who says “stupid science bitch couldnt even make I smarter”)
  • sergej speaks broken english he never even bothered to learn it properly
    phrases like “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM” are phrases he would yell for sure
  • sergej is an assassins creed fan 
  • miko has all soundtracks from the first ace attorney game on his phone and plays them at perfect times
  • dasha uses the emojis ówò and òwó while texting
  • maxim avoids coughing and makes weird noises whenever he has a hiccup (which he cant control…..) it’s funny and adorable to see him go through that hell
  • maxim is that kinda person who would either reblog a bunch of zodiac memes or even have a zodiac blog
  • miko’s “humansona” is just called mike wazowski
  • dasha roleplays ace attorney with the alpha troop, alexe & artyom