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Klaus’Beta~Smutty September~

Prompt: request: can you do a Klaus smut similar to your Derek one where the reader is in heat and he’s her alpha? he’s super dominating and a lot of dirty talk.

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count:

Warnings: Lots and lots of like…the sex.

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hunger - chapter 17

Hunger master post

Stiles is wedged between Derek’s wolf form and the wall when the door squeals open.

“No guns in the cell,” Kate says as a looming shadow falls across the doorway. 

“You’re still wearing yours,” a man answers.

Stiles doesn’t need to see her to imagine her smirk. “My house, my rules.”

The looming shadow lengthens and grows, and–

Holy shit.

The alpha enters the room at the end of a long pole fastened to a collar around its neck.

Stiles presses back against the wall, his heart pounding. The alpha isn’t a man, or a wolf. The alpha is some grotesque thing caught somewhere between the two. It’s hulking. It has a bowed spine as though it can’t stand upright. It’s covered in a thick pelt of dark hair. It has a heavy skull. Its jaw is hanging open, its fangs gleaming. Its eyes are shining red. Its clawed hands are held by its side like weapons. It stares at Derek and Stiles, eyes flashing, and growls when it’s shoved further into the room.

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Cas introducing himself to Mary like...
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Mary:</b> Hi, I'm Mary, Sam and Dean's mother. And you are...?<p/><b>Cas:</b> I'm the one who gripped your older son thight and raised him from perdition<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>


 Break out your bright. Break out your tight. 

Alpha Pi Eta is throwing a totally rad BACK TO THE 80′s party. 

That’s right. We’re going back to leg warmers, big hair, and shoulder pads. The era of the muscle shirt and moonwalk is calling and Alpha Pi Eta is ready and willing to answer. 

 So get ready to Vogue, Macarena, and channel your inner Michael Jackson beneath the disco ball and raging neon strobe lights on Friday, April 28th. And remember to dress to impress because there will be a prize in store for the best costume. 

And don’t bother spiking the punch. Alpha’s boys have already taken care of that. 

 When: beginning at 9:00pm on Friday, April 28th - going until the last person passes out.

 Where: Alpha Pi Eta’s Fraternity 

 Who: Hosted by Alpha Pi Eta’s very own Amaranth, Beckett Romano.

 Costumes? Mandatory. or you will be turned away at the door. 

 Alcohol? Always.

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anonymous asked:

Ever since Ian referred to himself as Coltons 'daddy' I can't help but think of Hoech's current dad beard and Dyl's comment in an interview years ago when he said that Hoech looked '35 but in the best way' and wonder if Dylan ever calls Hoech 'daddy'?

I laughed so hard when Ian went there. We share a wavelength because Dylan’s daddy kink with Hoech is where my mind wandered off to. 

(gifs cred: X)

I cry every time (also swoon at the touching). 

Now that that’s been revisited, let’s move on to the more recent daddy kink portion of the evening.

Here are the screencaps from the Daddy Roommate Survival Tips from June 2015, in which Dylan speaks to how he survives living with daddy!Hoechlin.

(Shhh…trust me that line is there in between the laughs. Just listen closely. ;)) 

Hoech with the glasses, all bearded out, chest hair that benches 357lbs of testosterone before breakfast, and then going about wearing soft sweaters and cardigans??? Can you fault O’Brien for being unable to resist looking at Hoech in this light especially now a days that he’s dressing the part? Hell I’ve had an aversion to any sort of daddy kink, but then Hoechlin went and Dadded out on us and well…Hoechpocalypse is eternal.

Let’s not forget it being said at Howler Con 2015 after which he finds out Dylan went to a Mets game without him, Hoechlin said, “He’s in trouble.”(x, x, x) as he texted Dylan about it. Uh oh, Daddy’s angry.

Bottom line: You’re damn right he calls him Daddy, probably listed in his contacts as such. Probably why he was afraid to call him during SDCC 2015, he knew it was 4am and he didn’t want to be the one responsible for waking him. The real question here is: What happens when Dylan steps out of line? ;)

*Ultra super tight hugs, Alpha Nonnie* <33


All 20 RMWT’s chibi’s! From start to finish! I was going to upload 2 separate photosets one with the boys and one with the girls but I figured I could just put them all into one picture. Then i realized that was ridiculous and separated them into 2 pictures, boys and girls. It’s really exciting that this project is finally finished! I’m glad you guys liked all the chibi’s they were a blast to draw! I’ll see you all with more art sometime in the future! ~ Kera

the newest Real Men Wear Tights chibi! I decided to go forth and finish all the humans next so I did Jake. He kinda reminds me of like some strange cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond. Like jungle secret agent… Regardless I love his design much like all the others =3 so enjoy! Next I’ll be doing Jane, I’m actually quite excited about her design I always kind of enjoyed the look of crockertier Jane. With that it leaves only Equius, Tavros, Gamzee, Vriska, Aradia, and Feferi left to draw. =3 Enjoy as always! ~ Kera

huntersavant  asked:

"Sleep Sex."

(I hope this is okay I kinda turned things around lol)

Sam woke up in Dean’s arms around 5 in he morning. He was way too hot. Burning even. He shifted to free himself from his brother’s hold and only then did he realise what was really going on. His dick was standing at a full salute and his hole was dripping slick. He was in heat. A soft whine passed through his lips as suddenly the fabric of his shirt and boxers was too rough, too tight. His alpha slept soundly next to him. Sam would have thought he’d gone nose blind but the rock hard bulge in the older mans boxers said otherwise. He licked his lips. He wanted his alpha. Wanted him /now/. He peeled off his sweaty boxers and tossed them onto the floor. His next move was to carefully pull down Dean’s boxers until his hard cock was free. Sam figured he was still open enough from when they had fooled around last night and because the heat naturally made him open up more. He was so glad to be on the pill because he did not have the self control to go digging around for a condom at this point. Carefully he straddled his sleeping brother and sank down onto his cock, head falling back in a silent moan as the thick shaft filled him up just right. After feeling like he’d adjusted he started moving, carefully fucking himself on Dean’s dick.