alpha sapphrie



the pocket of monsters

Looking For: 
- Shiny 5iv OR 6iv Tyrunt/Tyrantrum with Jolly or Adamant nature and Strong Jaw Ability.
- Shiny 5iv OR 6iv Aegislash Quiet or Sassy nature.

For trade:

- 6iv Shiny Kyorge [Modest/Drizzle]
- 6iv Shiny Groudon [Adamant/Drought]
- 6iv Shiny Darkrai [Timid/Bad Dreams]
- 6iv Shiny Lugia [Modest/Pressure]

- 6iv Shiny Blissey [Calm/Natural Cure]
- 6iv Shiny Slowbro [Bold/Regenerator]
- 6iv Shiny Swampert [Adamant/Damp]
- 6iv Altaria [Modest/Natural Cure]
- 5iv Lucario [Jolly/Inner Focus]
- 5iv Pachirisu [Impish/Volt Absorb]
- 6iv Mamoswine [Adamant/Thick Fat] (Love Ball but Male :[ )
- 5iv & 6iv Audino [Bold/Regenerator]

Let me know if you’re interested! I’m willing to work something out if needed. These only some of the pokemon I have up for trade so if you would like to see the whole list just leave me a message and I’ll find a way to send you the list.

Also, I’m willing to do some friendly battles from time to time. I’m always looking for people to try out my new teams every now and then. Don’t be shy, it’s just for fun anyways! I honestly could care less if I win, I just wanna see what pokemon I have work best with what. 

Currently playing on Alpha Sapphire so be sure to add me! I going to start doing some random giveaways to friends who are online every week. So don’t miss out! That not enough? One of my good friends also does a lot of breeding, trading, and battling so be sure to follow him at olympianbreeder! He’s more than willing to help out with whatever you might be looking for.

Let’s be friends!
FC: 1220-8004-7549
IGN: Teejluweeg