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McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 2

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent (mentioned)

Words: 4507

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst. Angry reader and allusion to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N: I’ve completely fallen in love with Riverdale mainly because I grew up reading the comics. IT’S AMAZING! With that being said I will be taking requests for Riverdale!

This is to hold you guys over because Ash and I will be unavailable for a little way. I have tons of homework and I’m not at liberty to say what Ash is busy at!

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“What the hell?” Archie exclaimed following the three of you. His friends trailed after him.

“Jesus christ.” You groaned rubbing your arm from where you had been manhandled. Scott smacked Stiles in the back of the head before he looked at you, “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Argent sent us.” Scott said, “Beacon Hills has trouble and we need your help.”

You were pushed back as a tall red head protectively stood in front of you with his arms crossed. To your horror Archie and his tag alongs had joined the group also causing Stiles to curse as he pointed a skinny finger as you.

“Please tell me that the Scooby-gang doesn’t know about the Nogistune.” Stiles hissed.

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Theo x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: hints of smut at the end, description of Theo’s injury

You found Theo slumped on the kitchen floor, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath, slowly healing. It wasn’t the first time you’d found him like that, in fact it wasn’t even the first time that week, sick of your words falling on deaf ears you stepped over him, fetching a glass of water before heading back to bed.

“(Y/N)?” Theo called but you just ignored him.

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All for his omega.

Requested by anon!!
⚠ Warnings: a/b/o dynamics, biting, and just rough foreplay/smut. ⚠

Tap, tap, turn.

Tord said the pattern quietly in his mind as he worked on a machine. It was a tiny one, a spy camera if you will.
One of his best ones yet, he decided. He continued to tinker and play with his new gadget before his nose picked up a certain smell.

He knew that smell. It was very familiar and it made his body move without thought.  He’s caught whiffs of it
His eyebrows turned and raised as his eyes looked around the hallway.
The only other omega around here was Edd, Matt was a beta, and so was Tom.. Edd was out with Matt and everyone knew Edd’s cycle to make sure he was okay.

This was not Edd. And in all honesty, Tord likes this smell better than Edd’s.
He thought it was a good moment go use his little spy cam, pressing a few buttons on the control pad to make the device airborne. He smirked and had it fly out into the hallway.
Tord watched through the screen, searching into Edd’s room, then Matt’s, then finally Tom’s.
That was not expected.

Tom gasped, peeling away his clothes. It became unbearably hot in his room.
Tom never wanted to really become an omega, and he hid that fact really well. The smell from his alcohol and this cologne, along with suppressants, really helped mask the smell.
Only, he ran out of the two good things:
and Suppressants.
God, he wished if would be over but he couldn’t just magically poof and be rid of his omega ordeal.
Tom groaned as he started to grind into his pillow between his legs, trying to get any friction against his ass and dick. He felt his thighs get slick, groaning as the pillow rubbed up against him.
He huffed, his body rolling as he continued to grind against the object, pulling off his boxers as they were soaked. He panted, biting onto his hoodie. 
He was just glad no one was home..

Tord couldn’t believe his eyes. He could feel his body get riled up from just the smell wafting into the lab. 
He just.. Needed to feel that. He needed to be close…
Tord found himself standing in front of Tom’s door, hearing the omega whimper and whine. It made his skin crawl and the heaviness of his scent made his nose and throat burn.
He rolled his hips a bit, listening in more intently now.

Tom huffed, humping the pillow ecstatically. He was just getting enough friction to..
 He forgot his thought and let out a loud moan, feeling the extra pleasure on his cock.
He moaned a bit more before the reality hit him like a brick.

That wasn’t his hands..
Tom whipped his head around, almost knocking foreheads with Tord.
“TORD, WHAT THE FUCK, STOP TOUCHING ME YOU COMMUNIST PRICK!!” He squalled, trying to cover his lower regions with the pillow.
Tord chuckled a bit lowly, his accent making his voice at least 10x times sexier than intended.
“Oh, but Thomas, you looked so good and you obviously need help. Why don’t I take over and- oW-” Tom slapped Tord’s hand, frowning.
“I’m not letting some asshole touch me.”
Tord held a resting expression before shrugging. “If you say so, I won’t push it.” He stood and sauntered out the room.

Tord had to sit outside to get away from the smell.
Tom huffed, thinking over his options. Edd and Matt still don’t know he’s an omega and they might find out when they come home, but Tord could.. Fix that..
“Alright, you bitch ass commie, get in here.” The bassist called from his window and Tord stumbled a bit before rushing in the door.
Tom met him on the stairs, being scooped up into Tord’s arms and pressed against the wall beside Tord’s bed room door.
He gasped, feeling Tord’s tongue and lips against his neck, suckling and lathering his hot tongue over the kisses.
“Am I allowed to bite-?”
Tom was surprised he asked, but nodded anyway. Tord smirked and latched on, biting down roughly and suckling.
The omega let out moans and chirps, humming as his neck was littered in bites.
Tord pushed into his room, setting Tom down a bit roughly onto his bed and crawling on top of him. The alpha rolled his hips down into Tom’s bare crotch, making the smaller groan.

Tom felt Tord’s hands all over his body and soon felt them between his legs, rubbing his member, balls and entrance.

Tord huffed, suckling on Tom’s sensitive nipples, his mouth soon heading south to lap at Tom’s natural slick.  The bassist moaned and rolled his hips.  The attention was a good choice.. 
Tom felt Tord lather his tongue over his entrance, making him squirm. Tord held Tom’s hips still as he slipped his tongue into the warm hole, resulting in the bassist moaning out.

Tord continued to lap at him, before pulling away to pull his member out.
Tom panted heavily as he watched, seeing Tord’s dick. Not too long, but definitely thick, along with the large knot at the base. He swallowed thickly.
The Norwegian smiled and kissed Tom, slipping his tongue into his mouth. He explored while he rubbed the tip against Tom’s entrance, slowly moving his hips and pushing in the head.
Tom moaned and his voice raised in volume as Tord forced more into him. He pulled away and panted, feeling the size shrink before fill him again.
Tord moved his hips slowly and soon sped up, making the smaller male bounce on the bed. Tom’s moans and gasps filled the room, Tord’s grunts not as loud.

Tom let out a loud squeal as he released, the foreplay and the actual banging got to him.
Tord wasn’t finished, oh no.
He gripped Tom’s hair, forcing him down as he rocked his hips roughly into Tom’s. The bassist squealed, his ass becoming raw and sensitive. Tord sped up even more, growling as he went to release;

Only to knot at the last second.
Tom squealed, feeling stretched. Tord bucked his hips, popping the knot in place.
Tom panted, his vision a bit blurry. Tord gripped his jaw and made sure he was still coherent and gave his cheek a smooch.
Hopefully, the knot would go down before Edd and Matt get home. Tord wouldn’t want his omega being found out. Maybe he’ll even get more suppressants once it releases.
All for his omega.

Raise your hand if you would let Scott McCall cry on your shoulder and shoot anyone who dares talk shit about him!
Taeyong: Uncertain Future,1

Two Three Four Five Six

Well y’all wanted Taeyong because we thirsty af, so here I am to quench your thirst!! Buckle up and enjoy😃


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Baby Beta (Part Two)

Aiden x Sub!Reader x Lydia

Warnings: smut, fingering, swearing Alpha x Baby Beta Kink (Aiden x Reader), Mommy x Puppy kink (Lydia x Reader), threesome, Dom!Aiden, Dom!Lydia, Sub!Reader, syrup, candies, vibrators

Requested by Anon

AN: I’m sorry that Scott was a jerk

Part One

“I’m surprised you’re here.” Scot smirked as he sat down and spotted both the twins trying to pay attention to the lesson going on.

“Why, we can get an education to you know.” Ethan snapped at the alpha who rolled his eyes.

“No I mean I’m surprised Aiden’s here despite knowing what (Y/N) and Lydia are up to.” He watched as Aiden cocked his head and tried to figure out where in the building you were, you’d insisted that Lydia would give you a lift to school.

“Aiden just ignore him.” Ethan muttered.

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Jack shifted his grip in Rhys’ hair, pushing the omega’s face into the wood grain of the desk while rocking his knot deeper. Rhys whimpered at the rough treatment, attempting to push up onto his elbows only to be forcefully shoved flat again. The alpha shivered, swollen knot locked deep, cum spilling from his cock and plumping the omega’s slim belly. Keeping flush with Rhys’ back, Jack moved his free hand under the slim hips to cup and slid his fingertips over the subtle round pooch of alpha cum filling out Rhys’ frame, sighing contentedly against the omegas neck as he rubbed his cheeks over sweet smelling skin to spread his own musk.

some small smuttish rhack abo, mentions of mpreg content but no actual mpreg. enjoy

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I’m the Alpha

Pairing: Malia x Scott’s Sister Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: A little Smut warning. Sorry about the long wait! I’ve been watching 13 Reasons Why and it’s all I can think about !

Originally posted by evil-chimera

“(Y/N), you need to concentrate.” Scott demanded, causing you to roll your eyes as his voice. You felt him coming to your right, you ducked down and let him fly over you before you went straight for him but he caught you by the neck. You growled at him, your eyes beaming a red glow. “Concentrate.”

You kicked your feet up, sending him crashing into the trees surrounding you. Your body fell to the ground but you got up with pace and raced towards him, you could feel the excitement build up inside you as you got closer to him. He was still laying on the ground but you skidded to a stop when you got the scent of another person. “Who did you bring?” You growled, turning to the direction it was coming from.

“When you become Alpha, you have to expect more than one coming for you.” He coughed from the floor, holding the wound on his stomach. You glared at him before rushing towards the scent, it was familiar but you couldn’t put a face to it. “Come out, come out wherever you are.” You teased, glancing at every tree around the arena, before your eyes spotted her. She didn’t see you coming, she thought she was quiet.

You pounced from one tree to another, before landing on top of the female. You grinned at Malia as she growled from under you. “I am the future Alpha, you can’t hide from me.” You laughed, but she flipped you over. “Best not get distracted then.” She teased, smirking at you. You glared at her as she stood up and reached down to help you.

“How you getting on? Scott being hard on you?” She questioned, you shrugged your shoulders as you made your way towards your brother who was sitting up staring at you. “Would you rather a tough or weak alpha, Malia?” He questioned, “She’ll be your alpha one day.” Malia rolled her eyes and swung her water bottle at his head. “I don’t even count you as my alpha.” She laughed.

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Do Something Bad, Too - Part 3

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: It’s like every single Alpha on the planet won’t rest until they’ve confessed their eternal wish for you to mother their children, and it’s getting old. Luckily, that’s a problem Bucky might be able to fix.

Warnings: language, a/b/o dynamics

A/N: part 3!! things are getting more intense, let me know if you like where its going! also just a reminder, the tag list for this fic is closed for the moment so please dont’t ask!

Part 1 Part 2

Waking up is torture because it feels so good. You’re warm in a way that doesn’t just feel skin deep, but more like every bone is glowing with something so satisfying it almost aches. It takes you a few sweet, sleepy seconds to realise exactly why you’re waking up more well rested than you’ve ever been in your life, and then the whole illusion shatters.

Sometime in the night you and Bucky had shifted until he was lying on his back, long legs dangling off the end of the couch and his arms wrapped tight around you curled up on his chest. Sun streaks warm through the windows and glass walls - glass walls, because you fell asleep in your office literally on top of Bucky. You make a highly undignified squeak and try to sit up, which only succeeds in dislodging Bucky’s grip on you and sending you crashing to the floor.

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Four Leaf Clovers

Request:  Can you write a fic where Sam is the omega and the reader is the alpha please? Submissive!SamXfemalereader

Summary: She wasn’t sure what smelled better: the flowers or him. 

Warnings: fluff, abo, smut

Originally posted by bittercasblogger

The Farmer’s Market was alive with that sights and sounds of Spring. While it was only the beginning of March, the warm front had settled in bringing with it a steady amount of sunshine and 70 degrees. Beautiful weather paired with the spring mating season brought out the unmated in drones, those of a similar mindset descended upon the Lebanon Farmer’s Market. 

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Healing (Hurt Pt.3)

Summary: Peter gets put on best friend duty after the reader has a crappy date. 

Warning: Language.

A/N: The gif kinda barely matches the story. Sorry!(But it’s what we all want, right?). hopefully the fourth and final part will be out today or tomorrow. 


You walked up to Scott’s door and knocked softly, hugging Melissa when she opened the door. The both of you talked for a little, then you made your way up to Scott’s room. Scott sat on his bed and Derek sat in the beanbag chair looking very uncomfortable. It was a few hours after you’d left Peter’s and you’d called them both to talk about what had happened. You suggested Scott’s because if you were being honest, you were tired of Derek’s bland loft.

“What’s going on with you and Peter?” Derek asked bluntly.

“What do you mean?” You looked between the two of them.

“Well, you smell a lot like him. And not just him, his soap” Scott spoke up.

“Gee, Scott. Didn’t know you knew so much about Peter’s hygiene” you crossed your arms, annoyed at the interrogation.

“Are you two sleeping together?” Derek pushed his lips into a line.

“What? God! No!” You scoffed. “We’re just friends.” You uncrossed your arms and sat next to Scott. “We need to talk about what you heard in the woods, though” you changed the subject quickly, they both avoided looking at you.

“Well, we basically heard… everything?” Scott said shyly.

“We heard his roar and we knew it was Peter so Scott and I ran to go see what was happening.” Derek explained from across the room.

“Okay but, we should talk about how we should handle this” you bumped Scott’s shoulder, you didn’t care how much they’d heard, you just wanted to make sure no one else knew what they saw.

“What do you think we should do?” Scott turned to you.

“Nothing really, I think he’d appreciate if you guys just didn’t say anything, or treat him differently because then everyone would know something was up and it’d be awk–” your speech was cut short when Stiles came bumbling into the room.

“Okay, so I have a few theories about Peter’s condition” Stiles had a stack of books in his arms.

“Condition?” You muttered, standing. “You told him?” You looked between the two werewolves in front of you, a little ticked that the secret had gotten out.

“Well, we need to figure out what’s wrong with Peter so-” Scott began.

“What’s wrong with Peter?” You looked around the room incredulously.

“Exactly. Why he’s acting this way around you.” Derek nodded firmly.

“It’s called being human.” You gazed at your friends, hurt as they all made noises of disbelief.

“Human? Seriously,[Y/N]? The guy used to turn into a giant humanoid wolf” Stiles raised his arms in frustration.

“And Ethan and Aiden used to merge together to make a giant Alpha.” You rolled your eyes. “Seriously, why are you still mad at him? Derek, you were mad because you thought he killed Cora. Well, she’s alive, hanging in South America right now” you shook your head at Derek.

“He tried to kill us!” Stiles whined

“And you literally killed him!” It was your turn to raise your arms in frustration. “Call me crazy but, once you kill someone, they should be forgiven.” You crossed your arms and the three boys infront of you looked away. “Okay, I’m not saying you have to hold hands and skip down the street with the guy but, would it kill you to not make it feel like you hate him everyday?” You dropped your arms when you got no response.

“Look, I love you guys. I’m just disappointed” you told them as you left the room and the house entirely.
You poured yourself another glass of wine as you scrolled through your phone, pursing your lips when the bottle rang empty. It had been a little under a week since your day with Peter and your talk with the boys, it was like scolding a group of first graders into being nice to the new kid. You sat back on your couch bored out of your mind, you thought back to your date tonight. Lydia had set you up with a guy from her old Summer camp, you shook the thoughts out of your mind and took a gulp of wine. Maybe it was the fact that you needed a friend, or maybe it was the wine, but you had gone through your phone and found the name ‘Big bad Pete’ and began to text.


It was a shot in the dark but you were tipsy and didn’t care. Less than two minutes later your phone was ringing and ‘Big Bad Pete’ flashed across the screen.

What? ” was all he said in a confused tone, once you’d answered the phone.

“What? What?” You said, equally confused.

“I don’t understand your encrypted code” he sighed.

“Oh, I forget you’re new to this” the smile on your lips obvious to both of you. “That means, come over now, it’s an emergency, bring whiskey for me and wolvesbane for you” you rolled your eyes dramatically, taking comfort in the fact that he couldn’t see you.

“Why couldn’t you have just said that? You already took time to text me, it’s just a couple more letters” he huffed, almost sounding like he was pouting.

“You don’t like texting, Peter?” You held in a giggle, it was such an adorable thing to get upset about. You were finding too much enjoyment out of this and he knew.

“No,” he said briefly, then continuing “I much prefer hearing the voice of the person I’m speaking with,” his voice grew deep. “Your voice.” He paused, your breathing slowed “I like to hear the shallow breathing, the soft noises that get made without realizing” you made a noise closely resembling a moan. “I like to close my eyes and envision the parting of the lips” it felt like he was in the room, whispering this in your ear “Sometimes it gets to the point where I can almost hear their heartbeat” Peter groaned lowly while your heart was pounding. Moments passed and Peter spoke up. “[Y/N]?” His voice came with heavy breathing.

“Yes?” You said absently, pushing your thighs together to calm your throbbing.

“I’ll be there soon” he regained his composure and hung up.

After a few minutes you sprung into action, you went to your dresser and searched for the most unflattering pair of granny panties you could find to put on. Physically smacking your own arm at the lengths you were going to prevent what you wanted to happen, from happening. When you opened the door you were happy to see Peter, standing there with the whiskey that you’d requested and a baggie of fast food.

“Hey Pete” you grinned at him.

“Pete?” the word sounding like poison coming off his tongue. “No, that’s not happening” he pushed past you and entered your apartment. You couldn’t help but laugh as you closed the door. “Oh, it’s funny?“he set his items down.

"Kinda” you bit your lip.

“You’re down to fries only, young lady.” amusement danced in his eyes.

“Okay, I’m sorry!” You whined, straightening up. Once you met his eyes, you both doubled over in laughter.

“You know, I left a very desirable stripper, aptly named Desiree, at a very fine establishment called the Pink Pony” he said as poured himself a glass of wolvesbane and you your whiskey.

After you both had composed yourselves, Peter took the liberty of making himself comfortable. Like, really comfortable, he took his shoes and jacket off, tossing it on a chair. Then he took it upon himself to grab glasses out of your cupboard, and now he’s just sitting on your couch pouring drinks like he owns the place.

“I’m sure there will be more Desiree’s in the future.” You rolled your eyes “and maybe even some that you can touch” you said sarcastically as you plopped down on the couch and took a swig of the whiskey. It burned terribly, that much was obvious as you made a face and hissed.

“Do you even drink whiskey?” He watched with tilted lips as he downed his own.

“Not really but, I thought it’d be good to get me super drunk” you muttered and took another fiery gulp.

“Why do you need to get drunk?” He leaned back on the couch and glanced at your TV.

“Oh no reason, really.” you mumbled.

“I’m gonna need more than that.” He took a swig, “Seeing as I purchased a nice big bottle of whiskey as well as some delicious burgers and fries.” He lifted a fry to his mouth for effect.

“Don’t forget, you left desirable Desiree” you rolled your eyes.

“Exactly. So I gotta know more info.” He shrugged. “Plus it’s raining outside and-” you looked out the window behind you.

“It’s barely sprinkling, Peter!” You whipped your head around to face him and punch him in the arm. You both began laughing again.

You and Peter both basically devoured your cheeseburgers and fries. Peter had gone through nearly two flasks of his drink and he was finally starting to feel it, you’d barely gone through two glasses of whiskey and you were bordering a slurry mess.

“Mmm fast food makes the best drunk food” he commented.

“Evil werewolves make the best best friends” your head rested on his shoulder. “Thanks, Peter, for all of this” you smiled.

“Hey, it was an emergency. But, if you want to tell me why it was…” he looked at you, tight lipped, asking what had happened earlier tonight. Never one to be left out.

“Okay fine! So Lydia set me up with this guy from her old Summer camp, right?” He nodded, taking a break from looking at the movie on TV. “Get this, the guy takes me to a coffee shop at 8 o'clock at night.” You were sitting up now.

“Ugh. Hipsters” Peter rolled his eyes.

“Seriously! Anyway, it’s been like 8 months since anything’s gone on down in this area” you motioned to your crotch area. “And finally I said screw it, the guy was cute and you only live once,” you nodded.

“Twice.” Peter murmured wiggling two fingers. His jaw was noticeably tight.

“Twice.” You looked at him pointedly. “Anyway, we came back here and we’re standing at the door, and we start making out, he’s biting my neck…”

“Get to the point, sweetheart” his voice became gruff and you looked at him oddly as he downed another cup.

“Well, I invite him in and he tells me… He’s celibate” Peter nearly spit out his drink when he let out a little laugh. You leaned back with a loud groan. “The one time a guy doesn’t wanna get in my pants on the first date” you huffed.

“We can always skip the whole first date thing, you know, as a favor” he brought his face close to yours. And you pushed him away with a smirk.

“As wonderful as that sounds, I don’t wanna owe you any favors” you told him, you were trying your hardest not to give in to him.

“Suit yourself” he shrugged and draped himself over the couch. “I’m amazing” he winked.

“I’m glad you think so” your eyes rolled.

“You would too” he watched you with amusement.

“I’m sure” you tried to come off as sarcastic.

“So am I” he licked his lips.

You forced yourself to remain quiet and let Peter win this one. He always had a comeback and this time, you had none so you just shook your head and stood up to stretch. Peter let his eyes trail down your body slowly, so slowly that you met his eyes with a hand on your hip and a raised eyebrow when he was done with his show. He just looked at you with a smirk, it was like he knew that all he had to do was make the right move and you’d be his.

“That couch is not doing anything for my back” you did another light stretch.

“Let’s go lay down” he said nonchalantly, standing as he did. “I’m glad you said something because I feel like I’ve been healing myself over and over and my back still hurts” he began walking towards your bedroom, you stopped him in the hall.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to lay in bed with each other?” You rose an eyebrow.

“Why?” He took a step towards you “Afraid something might..Happen?” He teased, every step forward had you stepping back until the back of your legs were hitting your bed. “Trust me, if I were to take you, the first time wouldn’t be on a bed.” He touched your cheek gently and you held your breath. “Plus, it’s not like we haven’t done it before” he hopped on your bed and motioned for you to join.

“Asshole” you mumbled under your breath.

“I’m sorry what?” His smile was sickeningly sweet. He’d heard you.

“Asshole” you said much louder this time you made sure to annunciate.

He ignored you and patted the bed, “Tell me something” he turned to you and rested his chin on his hand after you joined him.

“A little nephew of mine told me that you had a little meeting with him and our young Alpha. Why?” You weren’t expecting that question.

“Damn. Nobody can keep secrets” you mumbled and Peter scoffed. “I wanted to make sure you’d be okay after…everything.” You couldn’t stop the heat from coming to your cheeks.

“I think I can stand up for myself.” He told you sarcastically.

“Everybody needs someone on their side” you gave him a small smile and he gave you one of his own. He looked away after a few moments.

“Yeah well, now Scott thinks I brainwashed you with penis majic” you choked on your spit.

“What?” You asked with wide eyes and began laughing.

“It’s flattering, really” he shrugged

“He sounds jealous” you said after a beat.

“He is jealous” Peter said with disinterest. You ignored your deepening blush, so did Peter.

The question sent you and Peter into an impromptu round of Truths. Well, you were telling the truth, at least.

“Why’d you say you’d buy me a new shirt, the ripped one wasn’t mine?” You took a chance to change the subject and ask him a question that had been bothering you.

“Yes it is.” You looked at him quizzically and opened your mouth to disagree but he ignored you, “Every time you come to my house you leave at least one thing behind. It’s like I have a damn roommate.” He rolled his eyes at his explanation.

“I thought you would burn anything anyone left behind.” You told him, remembering when Stiles left his swim trunks and got them back in an ashtray.

“Do you want me to burn them?” He rose his eyebrow at you and you shook your head quickly.

“"Who do you think is the most attractive person in your little pack?” He stretched out lazily,

“Mmm…Kira, maybe?” You tilted your head, smirking at his growl.

“You know what I meant” he pursed his lips.

“Did I?” You questioned with a smile.

“Yes.” He glared then smirked “Do you find me attractive?” You gulped.

“It’s my turn.” You began.

“Nope. You asked your question” he said, realizing your mistake. “Now answer mine.” His eyes danced mischievously.

“I’m human, aren’t I?” You mumbled and flopped back, covering your head with a pillow.

He moved over to you and ran a single finger up your arm. “You make it hard for me, you know?” He murmured and kissed your jaw gently. Your breath hitched as you waited for another touch, sighing in disappointment as none came. “And yes, I know that counts” he lay back and you pulled the pillow off your head. Both of you enjoying each other’s company laying side by side, fingers lightly gripping at each other.

“Who was it?” You bit your lip “Your eyes…” Your voice was barely above a whisper. It was something you’d wondered for a while… Blue eyes didn’t come without a story.

“That counts for two.” He said before heaving out a sigh “Derek wasn’t the only one who was young and dumb and in love once.” He watched you out of the corner of his eye. “I happen to be a very jealous man, especially when it comes to my woman, especially when I get cheated on” his voice was low and dangerous, it made you want to move away but you gripped his hand tightly instead, ignoring the stinging as a claw dug into your hand. “He was my best friend” he growled..

“You deserve better,” you whispered after a few moments.

“No I don’t.” he whispered quickly.

Scared Omega Headcanons

-If an Omega is scared they will wrap up in a blanket and either tuck themselves up in their nests or drag a bunch of blankets under their bed and hide out there

-An Alpha convincing their Omega to play a scary video game and getting really excited when they know a jump scare is coming because the Omega literally shrieks and almost falls right out of their chair every time

-An Omega walking home from their Alpha’s house at dusk and after a few minutes they hear someone running up behind them and they tense up right before they take off sprinting. As they run their panic starts rising because the person behind them keeps getting closer…and then the Omega trips. They curl up on the ground gasping for breath and so terrified, and then someone drops down next to them and wraps them up in their arms and the Omega startles when their Alpha is suddenly crooning and scenting them and the Alpha’s heart is racing from the thrill of chasing an Omega. The Omega is so relieved that they start crying and sputtering out a “what the hell was that?!” and the Alpha sheepishly hands the Omega a sweatshirt, “you left this at my house and it’s cold out and I thought I could run and catch up to you but then you ran and I couldn’t help chasing you…and yeah” and the Omega wants to yell at the Alpha but they are too busy trying to breathe

-A pregnant Omega going through a phase of constantly being afraid to go outside because they think something bad will happen that could harm the babies, so they stay in the nest where they feel safe

-An Omega’s Alpha getting really into Halloween and convincing their mate to listen to old ghost stories. The Omega reluctantly agrees and pretends to not be at all effected by the stories but later on when they are trying to sleep they keep startling because they think they hear footsteps or stairs creaking and finally the scent of their distress wakes their Alpha who just sleepily rolls over and tucks the Omega firmly under their body, resisting the urge to tease their mate as the Omega finally drifts off to sleep

-An Omega hearing about people dressing as clowns and chasing people around local parks and they become so incredibly paranoid that their Alpha thinks it would be really funny to leave a clown nose on the Omega’s doorstep one night before ringing the doorbell and running off…the hysterical crying on the phone at 2 AM wasn’t very funny and neither was the enraged screaming once the Alpha explained their prank

-An Omega waking up to a weird noise and then shaking their Alpha awake because it sounds like someone screaming outside the window and the Omega is really scared so the Alpha checks and then laughs because the “screaming” was just an angry cat, the Omega is relieved but pouting about being laughed at

-Omegas are most afraid when they think something is wrong with their mate or child

-If an Omega mother is scared they will tuck their children into a nest with them because it reassures them that everyone is safe

-A lot of Omegas low key disliking the Halloween season because everybody thinks Omegas are easily frightened so they always end up being targets for pranks and scares


Aiden x Fem!Reader x Lydia

Requested By Anon

Part Two

Warnings: shower sex, sex, smut, fingering, swearing Alpha x Baby Beta Kink (Aiden x Reader), Mommy x Puppy kink (Lydia x Reader), threesome, fingering, oral, swearing, Dom!Aiden, Dom!Lydia, Sub!Reader

“Hey, Ethan said you were looking for me.” Aiden muttered as he walked Lydia into Coach’s office.


“Yeah we need to talk…” She was cut off by Aiden kissing her, his teeth grazing her bottom lip.

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SCAW  - Thank you to all the awesome steter creators out there!

You are all doing great work and even though I’m bad with commenting I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you all! A big shoutout to the amazing authors and artist out there! Thank you for sharing your amazing works with us!

Some of my favourite works:

Ain’t Sayin’ He’s a Gold Digger by taylorpotato

Summary: Peter and Stiles hook up on a sugar daddy dating website. Here’s the ensuing love story, told through chat screenshots and text messages. (Put me in the trash where I belong).

(You have to be logged in to view this one)

Always worth a reread :) Sugar Daddy!Peter!!!!

Firstborn  by Green

Summary: He couldn’t save his mom, but he can save Peter Hale.

Ten year old Stiles isn’t entirely human. And he eats people.

So good! But make sure to read the tags on this one!

further out than you thought  by walksbyherself

Summary: Stiles dreams of the white room and the nemeton. Peter dreams of being alpha again.

The roads to power take us to strange places.

Bittersweet. BAMF!Stiles and Alpha!Peter

Waves that rolled you under  by radishwine

Summary: AU in which Peter has the good sense to get the hell out of town after killing Laura. He drives up the Pacific coast to the old Hale cabin and stays for a while.

Contains fanart.

Merman!Stiles and Alpha!Peter goodness <3


Some Authors you should definitely check out because they write awesome stuff:























and many many more! Sorry for anyone I forgot.

And a special shoutout also to all the amazing people on the Steter Network! <3

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Good Girl - Smut

Originally posted by 1-800-boys

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Scott McCall/Reader
Words: 2,596
WARNING: THIS IS PRETTY INTENSE. Spanking and generally rough sex.
Request: By Anonymous: i was wondering if you can do a scott mccall smut where he is so fucking dominant! and uses so much dirty talk, please? if you do it i will die happy 💖
AN: WOW okay this was pretty fun but a little challenging for me so big giant THANK YOU to my pal @toppunks cause she was like my little cheerleader and in between drooling sessions over the boys of TW she helped me with the plot a whole lot so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YOU’RE AMAZING ILY.

You were perched on the arm of the couch in the McCall living room, listening to Scott drone on about the latest threat in Beacon Hills. You glanced around at the other pack members who were listening to him with rapt attention, and it was taking everything in you not to roll your eyes.

It was hard for you since you’d been an omega for so long. You’d left your last pack, traveling across the country until you’d stumbled upon Beacon Hills, a literal hotbed of supernatural activity. Scott and his pack had welcomed you in almost immediately, and you appreciated it, but you were having a rough time adjusting to taking orders from another wolf. Being an omega, you were basically the lowest wolf on the totem pole, and in normal animal laws you were supposed to be the most subordinate of the pack. But that just wasn’t in your nature.

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