alpha pvp

Prime Squad

This time the Prime Squad had something interesting happen. So in this pvp battle, Alpha Bravo and Air Raid were covering defense while Optimus and Pyra Magna were literally beating the scrap out of the headquarters. They were just about to defeat the base when Megatron showed up and charged at Optimus. Just before Megatron got to Optimus, no joke, Ratchet, hero of the day, dodged in the way and took the hit so that Optimus could perform the final blow to defeat the base. Ratchet stood right there next to Optimus as the base fell and they got the Prime Victory.

Totally adding this to the Optimus x Ratchet ship.

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Hi everybody! I’m a cosplayer from Italy and I just wanted to share with you my first hunter cosplay. I made two versions of it (human hunter and awoken hunter) and I choose to mix all my favourite pieces of armors:
Chest: iron banner
Legs: osiris
Gauntles: young ahamkara’s spine
Class armor: PoE
Weapon: Hawkmoon and hunter’s knife
I create the Alpha Flag from the pvp mode and i used the ghost from the collector’s edition.
This is the very first time for me to create a foam armor and i’m sure i’ve to learn a lot and get better, but i’m pretty happy with the final result. If you have any tips for me please let me know, i really want to improve my skills and get better for my future works! Anyway, i hope you liked this cosplay! :)

So, in the last few weeks, our updates were a bit boring, as it seems to me. I mean, text reports on development are great and everything, but there was not much to actually show you. And this update won’t be any different. Well, almost. In one week there is going to be a big convention in Russia called RuBronyCon, which we mentioned in our previous interview. We were invited to a gamedev panel there and we are not planning to come there with empty hands. So, we’re bringing an alpha version of our PvP mode with us. Now what it means for you, foreign folk, is that you may very well get some footage of an actual game in short time! Oh, and a full-day alpha testing of our PvP mode is definitely going to help us to polish it, so it would come one step closer to mass release. The full game might still be very far from completion, but at least you’ll be able to humiliate your friend in our mini games while waiting.

And since raw text would be too boring – here’s your picture!

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