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Imagine Stiles coming to you when he wakes up from one of his Nogitsune episodes.

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Broken (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

N/A: Mentions of abuse/rape Inspired on a gif imagine I saw a long time ago

Y/N. The most loved girl in Scott’s pack, everyone wanted to take care of you, you were so pure and sweet the pack feared that when you were dragged to this supernatural world you would change, but you surprisingly didn’t, you stayed true to yourself at any time.

But now you were facing the Alpha pack, a major threat. Although you didn’t had to worry just know because you believed in your pack.

“So when are you planning to… You know. Do it” Lydia asked for the fifth time in a row, which made you giggle and roll your eyes at your best friend’s sassy comment. You were a virgin and your friends- Malia and Lydia loved to tease you about it.

“We’re facing an killer Alpha pack and you worry about my sex life?” You sass at her and she smiles

“Well yeah” she said in an obvious tone

“I don’t know. And I honestly don’t care right now” you confidently said


“Be careful” Isaac whispered in your ear holding your wrist when he saw Aiden going inside the English classroom, which was the same you were heading to

“I’ll be fine” you reassured him, he then nodded and left in a different direction

When you got there you sat on the first place you saw available, and not a second after Aiden was sitting next to you

“Hey” he said and you raised the corners of your mouth to let out a small grin, after that you payed attention to the teacher-or at least you tried to do so-.

The bell finally rings so you quickly grab your stuff and leave the classroom, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following you, so you started walking faster.

“Hey Y/N” Aiden said appearing right in front of you, making you jump slightly

“Oh, hey Aiden, I’ll love to talk, but I gotta go” you replied hurriedly trying to leave but he blocked your way

“I’m sorry but I can’t let that happen” he said with a charming smile taking his claws out, you do the same but he was faster than you, so he quickly holds you down and covers your mouth dragging you to the janitor’s closet, you try to scream but the only thing that comes out are muffled sounds as he closed the door behind both of you.

“NO, AIDEN, PLEASE DON’T’” you scream squirming around, trying to break free but failing miserably.


You were now in the janitor’s closet, alone. Feeling sad, hopeless.

How could you let that happen? You ask yourself over and over again with no response, your clothes were scratched, your skin was covered in bruises and the most precious thing you had was taken away from you like it was nothing.

You knew your pack was looking for you, that you were missing, probably for hours, but you didn’t had the strength to get up and look for them, you could only cry and feel your body aching from head to toe.

After some time you managed to get out of the janitor’s closet and go to the first place you could think of.

The loft

You ran as fast as you could and opened the door, not caring about your ripped clothes or your wounds. Everyone looked at you with their eyes wide open and your legs suddenly failed, making you fall to your knees completely exhausted.

“Y/N!” Malia exclaimed running by your side, followed by Lydia as you looked at numbly nowhere

“He didn’t listen…” You murmured, Lydia looked over at Scott confused “I told him to stop but he didn’t listen” you said sadly as the tears run down your cheeks “He… Touched me… And I couldn’t… I couldn’t do anything!” You exclaimed helplessly between your sobs as everyone came to realization Aiden had raped you.

Both of your friends hugged you tightly as you cried loudly in their arms

A week later everyone was getting ready to a school trip, and since Isaac knew about your rape he wouldn’t leave you alone-not that you were complaining to be honest- he would hold your hand tightly as you two were walking down the hallways and he would also wait you outside your classroom.

Your pack was outside the school and you- as always-were holding Isaac’s hand, but then he suddenly let go of you, you raised your head to see Isaac furiously walking towards Aiden, you instantly ran to catch him but before you could get the chance to say something he threw his fist directly in Aiden’s face, and right after he started beating him up.

“ISAAC!” You screamed but he didn’t listen to you, then Scott got by your side
“ISAAC” he roared making him stop immediately

“Don’t you EVER touch her again, or I swear to god I will kill you” he threatened him and then ran back to you hugging you tightly “I promise I will never leave alone again” he said and you nodded .


Who knows when you would’ve woken up if it hadn’t been for the rhythmic and constant beeping. Your eyes fluttered open, you focused on the white speckled ceiling, you didn’t recognize it and it took you a second to piece together where you were.

“You’re awake.” A deep voice rang out from your left causing your head to snap in that direction and you locked eyes with Derek. 

“Hey.” You said in a sleepy voice smiling at your best friend. 

“Hey.” He said, the look he was giving you was one of pity and you didn’t know why that was exactly. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked trying to sit up in your hospital bed, you did so with some pain but once you were up you reached out and motioned for him to come closer. 

“You should hate me, I’m the reason you’re in here.” Derek said keeping his distance and not looking you in the eye.

As soon as those words left his lips you remembered what exactly landed you in the hospital. 

You’d offered to stay late at school to help tutor another student, they’d gone home a long time ago but you stayed behind to clean up a bit. 

You were just about to leave when Kali emerged from the shadows. Derek warned you about the Alpha pack and judging by her red glowing eyes she was one of them. 

Your breath caught in your throat, your eyes went wide and you were sure you were visibly shaking. 

“Where is he? You reek of his scent.” She barked at you. 

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You stuttered out. 

“I’m talking about Derek, where is he?” She growled out, walking closer and closer to you, claws and teeth bared. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said trying not to sound too panicky. 

“Really? Well then maybe you can give him a message for me.” 

“You know I don’t have the best memory, why don’t you just wait until you see him yourself?” You asked as you maneuvered around the desks trying to create space between the two of you and at the same time trying to get to the doorway.

“Don’t worry, you won’t have to say anything.” She said before she lunged at you and from what you could remember she took a bite out of you.

“Derek it wasn’t your fault.” You reassured him as you tried to stand up. Your legs were weak and shaky but you fought against that.

“Derek, am I a werewolf?” You asked holding on to the I.V. pole to keep your balance. 

“I’m sorry (y/n).” Derek said not making eye contact. 

“No Derek, it’ll be fine. We’ll get through this.” You said letting go of your support and making your way towards him.

You faltered on the last step, Derek reached out and caught hold of you, he helped you get upright but he didn’t let go of your waist. 

“We’ll make it through this, I promise.” You said placing a hand on his cheek. 

“You’re supposed to hate me.” Derek said finally looking you in the eye. 

“When have I ever done what I’m supposed to?” You shot back with a smile.

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{ Imagine Derek and you are expecting a baby, but because of all the danger in Beacon Hills with the alpha pack, the both of you had decided that it was the safest for you to stay with your parents.  

Twin Protection

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Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Kidnapping

RequestHey lovely person. I hope you had a good day. I wanted to ask if you could do a Imagine where the reader gets kidnapped by the alpha pack but the twins make sure she don’t get hurt because they kind of like her? Thank you already xx

The first thing you were aware of was a pounding headache and that you were tied down, coarse ropes wrapped around your wrists and ankles keeping you in an exposed position. You looked around, trying to find out where you were as you groaned. The marble walls and small secure boxes covering the walls told you you were in a bank vault, it wasn’t very big, so you knew it wasn’t the main vault where most of the funds were kept, but a small one. You assessed your body for injuries, and side from some bruising around your torso and your relentless headache you seemed fine. The next thing you tried to do was wiggle out of your bonds, but whoever had tied them must’ve had supernatural strength because the knots were not budging, and you only succeeded in creating more chaffing on your already sore wrists and ankles. Being close friends with several werewolves and a banshee you often found yourself in the middle of whatever supernatural drama had hit Beacon Hills.

You sat in the dim room for what felt like ages, having no clue of what the time was but it seemed to get colder in the vault with every passing hour.  By now you had established that the bank was unused, and you could faintly recall hearing about a bank that had recently moved to a larger building closer to the centre of town. The heavy door clanged open, and you began to panic, knowing it was probably some of the alpha pack who had kidnapped you. You prayed that it was Ethan or Aiden who was behind the door, having talked to them a couple times in the classes you had without any of your pack members. They were nice, the three of you having an intimate conversation during class. Yu never told any of your pack about your friendship with the alpha twins, knowing you would only get a stern lecture from everyone and a lot of disapproving glares. So when 5th period AP music rolled around you always found yourself talking to the twins.

Thankfully, someone must’ve been listening to your prayers, because the door opened fully to reveal the 2 shilouettes of the twins, you almost cried in relief. But then you stopped. If they were here to torture you (like you often suspected happened in a werewolf kidnapping session) you would never recover the psychological damage of having 2 friends physically hurt you would drive you off the wall. You whimpered and tried to scoot backwards on the cold floor as the 2 boys closed the door behind them. Your back hit one of the walls and you knew you had no where to run, instead you squeezed your eyes shut, deciding it was better not to look at them before they started beating you. “Y/N.” One of them whispered and you pried your eyes open, trying to fight back tears as you saw the familiar faces. “We’re not going to hurt you.” Aiden said and Ethan nodded beside him. “Why am I here?” You ask, your voice coming out as a hoarse whisper.

“Deucalion wants you as bait for Derek, we made sure he assigned us to be in charge of you.” Ethan said, looking at you with a small sympathetic smile. “It could be a lot worse.” You knew it could be worse, because it could’ve been Kali or Deucalion himself that wanted to ‘look after’ you, and they would never be doing what Aiden and Ethan were doing. “We can get you some food and water once night falls, it’s meant to get cold so we’ll bring a jacket as well.” Aiden says, checking over his shoulder to make sure the vault door is still closed enough for them not to be heard.

“Why?” You asked “Why are you protecting me?” You question the 2 boys who share a glance before Ethan speaks. “We knew a girl once, she was so much like you.” He paused, biting his lip before continuing. “We couldn’t protect her, but we can protect you.” He said, and you could faintly see a glassy look that had glossed over both his and his brother’s eyes. You knew you shouldn’t ask any more questions, not wanting to press any more. “We need to go, but we’ll be back later.” Aiden said, giving your knee a gentle squeeze before getting up, Ethan following him. They both give you one last glance over their shoulders, giving you a sad smile before closing the vault door, and leaving you alone in the dark silence once again.

A/N: Thanks for popping in anon! I had an amazing day and I hope you did as well! Enjoy! xx