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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 8

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Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: There’s someone. Someone I kinda forgot about. Someone I need to try to save. But am I strong enough?

Word count: 3223

It didn’t take much time before the police and the paramedics arrived at school. That wasn’t surprising considering the damage the class had and the injured students, it was only natural that the 911 was called. And especially the sheriff’s son that was also in the classroom near me. I was still sitting on the same chair and Stiles hadn’t left me since he had protected me from the crows, something I didn’t quite understand. Why take the risk of saving someone he didn’t know? Then I remembered how heroic Stiles could be at some times.

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Author: Sumcp

Chapter one: The lying game

Characters: Derek Hale x Y/N

Word Count: 2273

Warnings: swearing, and terrible sentence structure/grammar

Series Summary: Beacon Hills has always been a strange town, but it was home. When you finally graduated you wanted to leave but you couldn’t do that to your dad or your little brother so you put your dreams aside and stayed behind to follow in your father’s footsteps, even against his many protests. You thought you had seen it all until bodies started dropping like flies, and nothing was adding up anymore. On top of having to deal with your responsibilities as work and looking after your spastic little brother, you have your own feelings to deal with since Derek showed back up in town bringing unanswered questions and danger with him.

Note: This is set in 3A. Comments and feedback appreciated :)

You couldn’t focus on the report in your hands, only on the splitting headache forming behind your eyes. A  dramatic sigh left your lips as you layed the report on the desk, rubbing your temple gently. I need coffee, or tequila. You stood up from behind your desk and made your way to the break room choosing coffee since you couldn’t drink on the job. You just poured your cup when you heard your fathers voice booming from the office.

“Y/N! Get in here.” Ugh, what now. You sat the cup down on your desk hoping it will still be hot by the time you got back to it. You opened the door that read ‘Sheriff’ in big black letters and closed it behind you.

“What’s up daddy-o?” You asked with a smirk, knowing he hated when you called him that at work. He glared at you but it held no power behind it, and you flashed him a brilliant smile.

“How many times do I have to remind you its Sheriff at work Y/N?"  

"Dad I have been a Deputy for 2 years.. I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to stop. You shouldn’t waste your breath.” You smiled at him again and he shook his head lightly.

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One of These Things is Not Like the Other -Aiden Imagine

Requested! “Can you do an imagine where Ethan and Aiden prank the reader, each saying ‘No I’m Aiden’, and just with fluff”

A/N: Sorry it’s super cheesy, but feel free to keep sending me requests guys, and I can do more than just teen wolf, just send me a character/fandom/actor and I’ll try my best. And thanks again to all my followers!

Things were great now that the alpha pack wasn’t trying to kill us any more, and it was nice having the twins in the pack now. But my favorite part was that I didn’t have to date Aiden in secret anymore.

When Scott found out about the two of us, he almost killed Aiden, but now he seems cool with it. However, Ethan and Aiden have officially labeled themselves the pranksters of the group and it shows. Their typical target is Stiles because he tends to be the most dramatic, but they will occasionally try and mess with the whole pack at once if they can. Fortunately they haven’t done anything to detrimental to me, but I think that’s because they know better.

As I pulled up to the school parking lot I noticed Stiles frantically running around his jeep and pulling on every door. A sense of relief rushes over his features as he notices my little black car pull next to his.

“Hey Stiles, where’s the fire” I ask jokingly. He let’s out a little eye roll and a soft chuckle before he let’s out a huge sigh.

“Well it seems as tough the twins are at it again. They decided that it would be funny if they locked my eyes in my car, leaving me with no way to get them out. So I was just trying to see if there was any way I could get into my car because my dad will kill me if he has to pay for a locksmith” he says with annoyance. He continues tugging on each of the doors and pushing on the Windows to see if he can get one down, however he has no luck.

“Well I’ll just go find Aiden and talk to him. You know that even though they are always doing stuff like this, they always come up with a back up plan to make sure everything is alright in the end. So I’m sure they have a way for you to get in your car” I say with such optimism. Stiles nods his head in agreement as he stops pulling and pushing in every inch of his car. “I’ll see you at lunch and let you know what I find out.” I say with a smile while giving a small wave of goodbye and head our separate ways.

While walking through the halls I feel as though I am on a mission to find my boyfriend Aiden and put a stop to his games. It’s not that I mind the twins constant joking around, I just felt bad for how flustered Stiles gets from it sometimes. I saw a familiar brown leather jacket and approached the prankster, ready for anything he may have up his sleeve.

“If it isn’t my favorite twin” I say as he pulls me in for a hug while giving a kiss to my temple. “Please tell me you had nothing to do with Stiles keys and he’s just trying to find someone to blame for him being dumb” I joke.

“Well if I said it wasn’t me, I’d be lying. But I’m sure it’s nothing he can’t handle” Aiden says flashing his signature smile. I try to give him a stern look to show my disapproval, but can’t help but lose focus when he smiles. It’s almost as if he is trying to be innocent, but a pain in the butt all at the same time.

“There’s my sweet-cheeks” a familiar voice says while wrapping me in a hug. A look of confusion spreads across my face, as I have no idea who is behind me. When I turn around, I see the familiar features of my boyfriend but am unsure how to respond because I thought I had already greeted Aiden. This brother was wearing a black  v-neck and jeans that I have seen Aiden wear before, causing even more confusion to spread through my mind.

“Ethan, what are you doing” I question to who I assumed was my boyfriend’s twin playing a joke on me.

“Ethan? What are you talking about, I’m Aiden. Your boyfriend, remember?” He says acting as if I hurt his feelings.

“But if your Aiden then you must be…” I say as you turn around to the twin who had first greeted me “Ethan?”

“Nope, I’m Aiden.” The twin in the leather jacket responds with a large grin.

“Okay, what the heck is going on here. You both can’t be Aiden. So can one of you knock it off, and tell me who my real boyfriend is?” I glance back and forth to each of the boys features to see if there was any way I could tell them apart. Walking in circles around the boys, I begin to brew an idea in my mind to figure out who is the real Aiden. 

Sometimes I hated being a human, because I knew that if I were a wolf right now, I’d easily be able to figure out who my boyfriend is. I sniffed the air around both of the boys but noticed they were wearing the same cologne. I  looked into each of their eyes but neither one had a certain “tell” as to whether or not they were lying.

“(Y/n), babe what are you doing?” the twin in the brown jacket says. “Don’t think too hard you may hurt yourself” he says while the other begins cracking up from his brother’s joke.

“Fine if neither of you will tell me who the real Aiden is, then I’m going to get going. Some of us have more important things to get to” I say with a huff. As I walk away I hear the two boys laughing about how they “totally got me”, but little did they know, I had a good idea as to who was who, I just needed a way to prove it. 

In that moment I pulled out my phone and looked up Aiden’s number and began calling it. I heard his phone ring down the hallway and went running to see which brother had answered it.

“Got you!” I yell with satisfaction. I was right, the boy in the brown leather jacket was mine. Even though, they both had the same style of clothes, smelled exactly the same, and obviously looked similar, I could still tell which Aiden was my Aiden. 

“Well you cheated, if you weren’t so smart you would have never been able to tell the difference between us” he says in a defeated tone. 

“Oh please, I know you better than that. You want to know how I knew?” I said with a cocky smirk. “One of my ‘boyfriends’ called me sweet cheeks, but my real boyfriend, wouldn’t call me that. You have other nicknames: love, babe, doll, but never something as cheesy as sweet cheeks.”

“Dammit Ethan” he said with an eye roll and a slight chuckle. “We practiced so hard too, I figured we’d last at least a little bit longer.”

“Don’t take it too hard babe, if you would have kept it up all day we couldn’t have done this” I say as I pull him in for a kiss. As I pull away I immediately fell him come closer for more. We both weren’t much for P.D.A. but we could make one exception.

“(Y/N) what the heck are you doing” the twin in the black v-neck questions.

“Ethan relax, she already found out” Aiden said while he wrapped his arms around me and let out a soft laugh.

“Dang, she’s good” Ethan says. “Looks like she really loves you man. She’s a keeper” he says with a wink.

“Trust me I know.” Aiden responds and places a kiss to the top of my head. 

My Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments

The time has come. The day, which I’d hoped would be years from now, has fallen upon us. Teen Wolf is over. *Cue intense sobbing*

I decided that as a way to hold onto this show that was such an important part of my life, I would make a post about my favorite moments from Teen Wolf before I start re-watching it for the billionth time!

#10 Allison Accepting Scott as a Werewolf (Season 1 Finale)

We know Scott’s first love extremely well. She was a character adored by many who was so much more than just his love interest. But their love was so wonderful and so powerful to watch, I don’t think anyone was immune to shipping Scallison. The moment for me that solidified their relationship was when Allison embraces Scott while he’s 100% turned. It told me that she was capable of seeing the boy she loved through the terror of finding out he’s a monster.

#9 Scott VS Liam (Season 5A Finale)

Scott and Liam have had a very interesting storyline together where Scott basically ends up a Papa Werewolf to this five foot tall ball of rage and every moment is so priceless to me. I think one of my favorite things to watch in the show was how they grew to look out for each other and had an amazingly deep bond. So of course I chose the scene they fought each other (technically to the death) as a top 10 moment. It had me on the edge of my seat and yelling at the TV, terrified for Scott.

#8 Stiles joins the FBI (Season 6B Premiere)

This was the only moment from season 6 that had me sobbing. Seeing him in his fancy shirt with his tie and his familiar goofy smile, happy for a reason that was unrelated to the supernatural and going out to pursue his dreams melted me into a puddle. The same thing probably would have happened if they’d had a scene where Scott entered a college and there was a sign that said “This way to become a Veterinarian!”

#7 Allison’s Death (Season 3B Finale)

This one hit me pretty hard as well. Allison had become such a strong character and one of the few human members of Scott’s pack. She was smart, resourceful, confident, and, above all, always ready to help those who could not help themselves. Her death shook me, and seeing Scott’s emotional response that her death triggered was painful. But her final moments were spent helping to save the day and being in the arms of Scott, and I feel like she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

#6 Night School (Season 1 Episode 7)

Night School is my second favorite episode of the series. The first time I watched it I was terrified and seeing Scott lose control and turning after Peter roars was just insanely cool to watch.

#5 Melissa Saves Scott (Season 5A Finale)

Melissa, AKA Momma McCall, is my favorite of the adults! She’s sassy, gives great advice, and wants nothing but the best for her little baby werewolf Scott. Which doesn’t include dying. The moment she runs into the library and begins CPR, I felt so much better. I couldn’t think of how, but I knew he’d be okay if Melissa was there. Everyone needs their mommy some time.

#4 Stiles’ and Lydia’s First Kiss (Season 3A Episode 11)

I feel like Stydia is one of the most important romantic relationships of the show. Both Lydia and Stiles developed as characters and came so far from where they were. We know Stiles has had a thing for Lydia since day one, but I feel like this kiss, where she was just stopping a panic attack (yeah right),was the very first time she let just a small part of herself feel the love that was growing for him. And, while I didn’t have hardly any Stydia moments from season 6B, I think the most important one was when she looks at Stiles and recalls this kiss, telling Malia to kiss Scott to help him focus. It was a great callback to a great moment.

#3 Scott VS Peter (Season 4 Finale)

This has to be one of the best fight scenes in the series. Scott and Peter have not had a very good relationship (to say the least), but every time these two come to a head, I cheer. Peter was a pretty good bad guy (he’s no Demon Wolf), and I love how snarky he was to everyone around him. But in the end, he was always only willing to help if it served his purposes, and usually only if he could do it discreetly. When Scott was finally able to shut him down and beat him up, I had a field day.

#2 Scott Becomes a True Alpha (Season 3A Finale)

This moment was just so incredible! To know that our little baby Scott, of high moral and virtue, could become an Alpha without killing his way to the top might be when I felt the most joy watching the show. He did what NO supernatural creature is supposed to be able to do and broke through mountain ash through his sheer force of will. His strength comes from his ability to see right from wrong and never blur the lines. Scott knows that he has power and that whether he likes it or not, he feels responsible for saving Beacon Hills repeatedly. Scott’s development as a character is more like a slow burn. It’s harder to see how different he is from season one because he’s always been ready to take the moral high ground and be the better person, and for that he deserves to be the Alpha.

#1 Stiles Saves Scott (Season 3A Episode 6)

Of course this is my number one moment. If it isn’t your favorite moment, then I think you were watching a different show. Stiles and Scott are the backbone of this entire series. Everything they do, they do together (bite me season 6). So Motel California, my favorite episode of Teen Wolf of all time, having the bromance moment to end all bromance moments, easily took the top spot. When Scott is out of his mind, having been poisoned by wolfsbane again, he douses himself in gasoline and is holding a lit flare, ready to end it all. But who isn’t going to let that happen? Stiles. Because they are brothers, through EVERYTHING. Stiles’ speech had me crying for ages, and when he stepped into the puddle of gasoline to be with Scott, I lost it. The bromance is what I came for, and you bet your ass it’s what I’ll come back for time and time again.

Well, that’s it. Those are just some of my favorite scenes from this show that has been everything I needed from television. I’m going to miss having new episodes to binge in my wolf onsie, but Teen Wolf doesn’t really feel gone. And I’ll always have my DVDs. Thank you to the cast and the crew for giving me such a gift. I might not have gotten to see them graduate, or find out who the hell Greenburg was, or have every little thing I wanted to happen happen, but I did get a show I can love for the rest of my life.


The Student Vs The Master - Peter Hale

Request by anonymous in Tumblr
Pairing - Peter Hale x reader
Warnings - swearing, fighting, blood
Story -

The past

I was 8 years old when I had first met Deucalion. I stood on the edge of the woods watching horrified as my alpha killed the pack including, my mother, father and big brother. I hadn’t seen their murder on the bodies on the ground as the alpha killed our final pack mate. Running deep into the woods till I couldn’t run or breathe anymore, stopped and sat crying at the base of a tree.

A voice made me look up, the older wolf offered his hand out. “what’s wrong, why is a little wolf like you out here crying” he asked smoothly. “he killed them, he killed them all” I said with a tear stained face. After telling him what I had seen, Deucalion offered me a place in his pack, and protection. Sadly agreed knowing I didn’t have anywhere else to go and an omega wolf my age won’t last a month alone. 

Within the next few years Deucalion taught me everything he could, how to control the shifts, how to fight, hunt and kill. By the time I turned 13 I followed Deucalion without questioning his ideas like a trained puppet. We came across your old alpha the one who killed my family. Deucalion was the one to tell me to kill him “get revenge for your family and take the power he stole from them.” I did it not thinking twice my blue eyes turned as red as the blood on my hands.

Deucalion couldn’t of planned it better a young pup with nothing and all to eager to please her savoir and that’s how he made me, by reminding me what I would be without him, nothing. I was his best and most willing soldier he still had a soft spot for me caring like he wasn’t with the others. I was a daughter he never had, that was until the day I left him. when I was about 19 I had found out the truth thanks to a jealous Kali who wanted me gone to be his new right hand wolf.
Deucalion was the one who made my former alpha kill the pack and family. I also found out it had been planned for me to join him before my family was dead. he wanted a wolf born child to make a killer, to be the faithful beta I was. by this time he was building his alpha pack and i finally started to see him as the monster he was. so I ran leaving the pack an finding a way to live on my own.

present time 

now 20 I’d been trying to start a normal-ish life, but it hadn’t worked like I hoped so gave myself a new life mission. one day Deaton a vet in beacon hills and emissary told me about Deucalion being in beacon hills. He somehow knew I was after the Wolf and said he could help me help his friends, I couldn’t stand around doing nothing that had been my goal for the last year to find and kill the demon wolf. I had watched and helped him destroy packs before and couldn’t let him do it to this one especially knowing Talia hale in the past, she’d offered me a home with her when I was 10. But I refused Deucalion had already gotten his claws into my mind, I felt I should help her son after she’d once offered me help. After getting the address to the hale loft I went. 

Outside the hear the sounds of a fight could be heard. When I got to the open door I saw Deucalion’s pack along with the pack I was here to help and from the first glimpse they needed it. Looking I saw Ennis throw a young curly haired boy across the room into the wall, Kali had hold of a pole through Derek’s back and chest Deucalion crouched over him. The twins had another wolf, one twin keeping the wolfs arms behind his back while the other twin had his claws on the older wolfs throat. 

Making a snap decision, I throw my mobile as hard as at the twin knocking him out. The whole room froze looking at me,  changing my eyes making then glow alpha red. Kali pulled the pole from Derek’s body growling, I flicked my claws out ready to fight her. Deucalion roared for her to stop, he stood up walking toward me. Derek holding his chest crawled to Issac at the side of the loft. Everyone was still Deucalion’s pack looked nervous while the rest looked confused.
“finally come back to where you belong, back to the pack, your family y/n” he said smirked saying the words. I felt a growl leave my chest. Stepping down the couple of steps to face him “I don’t have family or a pack! Not anymore” I snap back still flicking my eyes round at the rest of the packs, I could sense there nerves, anger, curiosity. Making me feel on edge. Deucalion laughed “what come to try and fit in with this pathetic pack” he asked circling me stirring with his alpha eyes “or have you come here with different intentions” he ask more quizzical, but knowing he was right. 

I know he was baiting me the way he walked round, and the words he chose. I also know how to play him, “ive come to stop you ripping apart another pack”.  he laughed more, “you really think you can beat me, y/n don’t be silly I taught you everything you know, I know what your going to do before you do it, I raised you remember” he added emphasis on the word remember roaring it out. I  swallow hard now feeling intimated by him trying not to let it show. “how about a bet or game shall we say” my voice stayed calm and steady which I was thankful for. I knew he couldn’t turn down a challenge especially in front of his pack. I watched him think it over your eyes still watching the room. 

By now Derek and his beta where by the wall Ennis and kali stood where Deucalion stood originally before his vulture circling, the twin I hit with the phone was still on the floor. His brother had let go of the handsome wolf. The was something about his natural blue eyes that made my heart skip. The sound of Deucalion’s voice made me stop stirring “and what is this game you have in mind” he asked. “me against you! One on one and if I beat you, your pack leaves and never comes back they split go there own was or I’ll kill them all” I stated boldly. I could hear the snigger come from both Deucalion and Kali, “and if I win this little fight what do I get” he asked.

This was where I’d hit a snag in your plan I didn’t have much to offer him really so playing to what I knew best “me, or my life anyway. You win and ether you can kill me and do whatever or I come back to the pack do what you say no questions asked like the old days” I said playing to his dominant ego “you know I was the best beta you had” I laughed at the growl coming from Kali. After a few minutes he hadn’t spoken “how about one last lesson sir” I know the word sir you make him agree, it was something he made you call him during training and it had stuck, but you also knew by saying the words he wouldn’t resist.  

He roared loud shifting his face, Kali, Ennis and the twins now the other was awake all gave small supporting growls. I met his challenge roaring loudly too shifting into my own full alpha wolf side, what I didn’t expect was the handsome wolf to roar with me “well it looks like you do have a pack after all y/n” Kali smiled looking at the Wolf. 

I didn’t have any time to think about them, Deucalion ran me swinging his cane, the point caught my arm leaving a tiny scratch. I stepped back before attacking him, catching his arm. I played weak to start letting him get and connect well planned hits. He was the type of guy who got sloppy as he got cocky I wanted him like that thinking he has control until I decided to take it away.

*** Peter pov ***

I was held by the twins as Deucalion tried to convince Derek into killing his pack and joining Deucalion. After Derek said no, and I’d tried to fight my way out Deucalion ordered Ethan to kill me “he’s not even in this pack so get rid of him” the words rang in my head as I thought of a way out of this. Ethan claws wrapped round my throat, when I saw him drop to the floor I looked to see the most incredible, gorgeous girl stood in the door way.

As she entered the loft the smell of anger, hate and a hint of fear hit my nose as I watched her challenge him. something about her turned me on, she looked at me I felt my heart pound at the sight of her. I lost my self looking her up and down her tight skinny jeans flat back boots and loose vest top. I know it wasn’t the ideal time for checking out the mysterious girl but she had my attention along with the rest if the room. 

“and if I win” I heard Deucalion say snapping me back out of my daydream. It took me a minute to work out what I had missed in there conversation. I watched him shift into what he called the demon wolf hid pack growling. Watching y/n she had no pack no back up, Derek and Issac both kept there heads down I felt bad for the little alpha, until she roared back. They sound went through me I could feel the vibrations in my body, without being able to stop myself I roared with her. We both look at each other with a hint of confusion when I see her eye flick from me to Deucalion’s pack and back again. 

He launched at her starting in their agreed battle, I watched her intently the way she moved, attacked twisted and turned her body. At first she didn’t look at good as her confidence sounded Deucalion getting in some nasty blows. I wanted to run to her fight with her, my head telling myself why she’s just a girl you don’t know. Y/n got hit hard in the face sending her back as she hit the floor by my feet, looking up at me she smiled winking. I couldn’t help think this was going her way the looked at me I couldn’t explain but she didn’t look defeated.  

“I thought I taught you better then that y/n” he growled as she got to her feet. Her expression was different now, like she was annoyed and flustered but I couldn’t help feel after the wink this was fake, a show for Deucalion. I watched the fight in front of me, as she started to fight back with an amazing skill. It was like watching a kung-fu movie. She had moves I’d never seen before.

*** y/n pov***

Everything was working out, well except for the new wolf who I couldn’t keep my eyes off. He was proving to be a slight distraction. Deucalion was now slowing and easing his attacks, trying to tell me corrections like this was a lesson. “your to slow with your actions, you should know better then that.” soon I turned up my attacks surprising him when I clawed his chest deeply, using his cockiness against him. After what felt like a good half an hour I was tired, cut sore but willing to keep going. I could see Deucalion getting tired too. After a continued sequence of blocked attacks on both sides it was like nether of you was winning or losing the fight.

I caught him in the face with a kick, he jumped up from the floor grabbing his cane, “time to end this” he growled swiping it from left to right diagonally, then back again. Watching his pattern I grabbed the cane as it came down spinning round behind him trapping his arms with his own cane. My claws digging into his throat “I win” I whisper in his ear. He roared “kill them” I looked the whole thing was like slow motion. Kali smiled still holding the metal pole her eyes fixed on the Wolf with the blue eyes, she lifted it to throw it. I clawed Deucalion not hard enough to kill him then kicked him to the floor. Spinning round as fast as I could, I dived on the man pushing him out the way. “you okay” I asked on top of him, behind me I heard voices shout out “peter”. He nodded as we both got up, he flicked out his claws smiling at me. Smiling back “go” I ordered. He ran at the twins, Derek and his beta was on there feet as Ennis ran at them. I looked round for Deucalion ready to finish what I came to do.

Kali stood in the way, she had wanted this for a long time, a chance to fight you finally to prove who was the better wolf. The fight didn’t last long, I beat Kali quick slamming my claws into her ribs until she bled out, then focused on Deucalion. His wounds from my claws was still deep as he struggled standing up “let’s finish this y/n” he said. I smiled at him “happily.” This time you didn’t waste your time playing, you ran at him your fangs out. You let him run at you this time, when he was inches away you ducked grabbing his arm and crouch pushing him to the plaster post in the wall. You didn’t give him time to react or say anything witty you wanted this to end now! Biting hard on his throat ripping the flesh away.

***Peter pov ***

She saved me, y/n had her enemy in her claws and dropped him for me. My head span as she laid onto of me, nobody had ever tried to save my life before not even my own nephew. As she got up a fight between everyone broke out. She ran to Kali and Deucalion, I took on the twins wanting payback for earlier.
A loud roar made us all stop and look y/n had Deucalion in her hands blood round her mouth, the loft fell silent the only sound was his body hitting the floor. She looked at Ennis and the twins “leave now” she said calmly, they quickly left taking their dead pack members with them. It wasn’t until they had gone and the adrenaline wore of on her, she stumbled back almost collapsing. Derek and I grabbed her, helping her to a chair. She smiled at me this time I truly saw her, not just the sexy badass alpha but beauty in her eyes, sweetness of her face, that quickly changed to a wince.

When I took my hand from her it was sticky and red. I lifted her top to see the true damage Deucalion had done to her. I ran to get the first aid box, outside I heard Derek talking to her.

***y/n pov***

Derek came close as the other man ran out the room. The younger beta stood a little back looking like he didn’t know what to do. “I’m Derek H… ” he started but I cut him off “Hale, I know we met once a long time ago” I smile. He looked confused the words how and when clear on his face. “your mother offered me home with her but I left with Deucalion like an idiot, you was there too, but a lot younger back then” Derek nodded “this is Isaac my beta” he pointed to the young curly haired boy who smiled and gave a small wave. My eyes went to the doorway where the other man went “and that’s my uncle Peter” he told me. As I told them how I had been brought up by Deucalion after he’d had my family killed and why I left his pack, Peter helped clean the claw marks on my back as I spoke.

Peter brought me a drink over, even though being a werewolf I couldn’t get drunk but I appreciated the gesture. I didn’t notice Derek and Isaac leave, leaving me alone with Peter. “thanks” I muttered taking the glass from him, “your welcome y/n” his voice was smooth and deep. “I think you’d need it the way your feeling” he said. I looked at him “I don’t think anybody knows what I’m feeling”

***Peter pov***

She asked me how did I know how she was feeling and to be honest I didn’t I could only guess. “you feel relieved for killing the monster who killed your family but also empty now you have no goal no life long mission to hunt him down, leaving you numb” she looked you at me I know I’d perked her interest. “your also feeling grief even though you hated Deucalion for what he did, he was still the closest thing to family you had, and now your feeling more alone” I didn’t mean it to sound so sassy and mean.

“I guess you understand more than I thought!” she sadly smiled at me. I sat closer to get putting my arms round her “but you didn’t have to be alone” I told her. I couldn’t understand why I was drawn to her, maybe it was because she saved my life or the lustful feeling I had but I wanted to know more about her.

***y/n pov***
We had been talking for ages, his comforting arm around me didn’t feel strange or out of place. After an hour we was laughing and joking I had almost forgotten about killing Deucalion. The only reminder was when I laughed to hard and the healing cuts would sting.
Peter looked at me holding a serious face, “why did you save me before” he asked. “probably for the same reason you roared with me before the fight” I answered he’s expression looking more puzzled “I think it’s a pack thing I felt a connection with you and I was hoping if you want I’d like you to join me as my beta” you told him.

Peter closed the gap between us, using his hand to move my hair from my face. “I felt a connection too just I was thinking something more then a beta” he said as he cupped my cheeks bringing his lips inches away from mine, he looked into my eyes giving me chance to push him away. I didn’t instead I landed forward meeting his lips. Peter dominated the kiss pushing me back till my back hit the wall. When he pulled away he rested his head on my forehead “what do you say little Alpha, do you want me as more than just your beta” his tones was raspy and seductive, I couldn’t say no to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I kissed him again. He ran his hands down my sides to my thighs tapping them, I jumped a little as he held me up my legs rounds his waist. Peter didn’t break the kiss instead carried me up the stairs to his room in the loft.

He was right I didn’t have to be alone anymore, I knew from now on I would always have Peter Hale by my side.
The Girl Who Pt. 1

Author’s note: Hey beautifuls!!! As promised, this is my new series for Teen Wolf 😁😁 Again, this is in honor for the final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf airing this Sunday (I’m not ready 😰😭😅) Happy Friday and Happy Reading 😘😘!!!

“Shhhh…It’s okay. You’re okay, you don’t have to be scared, you’re safe now,” Y/n says calmly to the curly-haired boy bunched in a ball in a semi-dark corner in the stuffy loft; the only light coming from the ray of sun piercing through the window opening. Y/n crouches down to the boy and immediately, he clings to her, leaving hot and wet stains on the red flannel she borrowed from her best friend.
“Is he okay?” a raspy voice cries.
“He’s fine. Get up, Isaac!” a dominant and rough voice commands.
Isaac tries to obey his Alpha but his body won’t respond, all he can do is clutch onto the gentle girl in front of him. “Are you alright? Y/n asks pulling away only to grab ahold his face. He doesn’t say anything; his glowing eyes bore into hers as they puddle with fright and embarrassment; the werewolf’s face heats her soft hands. She pulls him into her again rubbing his sweaty back soothingly as she continues bringing him back to reality.
He and Derek were battling, Derek was teaching him how to use anger to fuel his strength when his mind took him back to that bloody icebox, and he panicked and tried to run away. He almost made it out the loft until a sweet voice called his name causing him to back himself into the corner, knowing she’d follow and comfort him. He only has control whenever Y/n is around; little did she know that she was his safe place.
“Isaac,” Derek scolds, causing everyone to look at the Alpha, “You’re gonna get yourself killed if you can’t control those flashbacks.”
“I can’t help it,” Isaac whimpers, sniffling up the last few tears as he melts into the alleviating arms of the girl in front of him.
Y/f/n Y/l/n; the girl who chose to befriend kids a year younger than her because her age group, in her words, suck. She’s the girl who has spent the last four years consecutively watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and sobs on “The Last One” episode every single time as if it were her first time seeing it. She’s the girl who proudly listens to Disney Movie soundtracks and reads Twilight. The girl who only laughs at cheesy puns until her stomach bursts and only eats Italian, Hispanic and Asian foods because they’re made with passion. The girl whose retaken Metaphysics three times because she loves the class. The girl who, can always be found walking or sitting in the woods/forest because, to her, it’s serene. The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and would die for the boy in her arms or any of the 8 circled around them Allison, Erica, Boyd, Derek, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and yes, even Peter.
“I thought turning into a werewolf is supposed to make you stronger not weaker,” Erica speaks up.
The pack quickly noticed the once sick girl, she belittles others any chance she gets now to compensate for her bullied past. To Y/n, Erica was misled into this life because she was misunderstood.
“It does make you stronger, sometimes it takes a little longer to get used to your new abilities. However, Little Miss Sunshine treating Isaac-Pooh like a baby, doesn’t help,” Peter seethes.
“Don’t talk to her like that!” Scott growled.
They’re all super protective of her; maybe it’s because of her gentle and loving spirit or maybe its cause she’s older. Or maybe it’s because she always knows the right things to say and do. Or it could be simply because she’s Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who only sees good in people and somehow brings out that goodness in everyone, yes, even Peter.
“Trust me Isaac, I know all about family issues—Hi nephew,” Peter breaks as he sarcastically smiles and waves at Derek who rolls his eyes.
“But while Y/n and you are playing Dr. Phil, two Alpha twins morphed into one giant Alpha and has just ripped you both to shreds. Is that what you all want?” Peter spits, causing everyone to do Derek’s dramatic eye roll.
“Isaac, you need to forget about Daddy Dearest and pull it together!” Peter shouts at the now calm werewolf.
This isn’t the first time during training, Isaac’s mind flashed to his abusive past with his father, which Isaac hasn’t forgotten nor forgiven. Y/n thinks it’s because of Derek’s training method, to which Derek always respond, “It’s the only way I know how.” Isaac knows what they’re saying is true but he just can’t help it.
“Is it that time of the month or is your mission to be a douche to everyone?” the sarcastic boy asks.
“I’m sorry, please forgive me Stiles, for cherishing my life and not wanting to be killed,” Peter snaps back.
“You’re so selfish!” Allison speaks up.
“Yeah? I hope you told your aunt that as well when you found out what she did to my family!” he shouts at the hunter who lowers her head in shame.
“Look, we all have problems, whether its familial or other. What’s the big deal?” Lydia speaks up for her friend.
“You’re exactly right Lydia. We all have our own problems, but right now we’re all facing the same problem. An Alpha problem, there’s a whole frickin’ pack of them!” Peter screams.
“Sorry but, Peter’s right, I’m not dying on nobody’s watch,” Boyd speaks up.
“Oh, so he does speak!” Stiles gasps as he starts a slow clap.
“Are you that annoying or is your mission to irritate the life out of everyone you encounter?” Peter mocks.
“Stop!” Y/n shouts and everyone hushes, “You’re all right!” She removes herself from the heated wolf, straightening out Stiles, her flannel and faces the others.
“We need to be on guard of the vicious Alpha pack that is willing, in fact, thrilled to kill all of you to get to Derek and maybe Scott,” she says shifting her eyes to her best friend who gives her of look of, why-did-you-say-that.
“Possibly Scott? What do you mean, Y/n?” Erica asks.
“It’s not certain,” Derek says.
“But it is a possibility,” Peter rebuttals.
“What’s a possibility?” Allison asks, “Scott?” she asks again when no one answers her.
Y/n looks to Scott, asking with her eyes if it’s okay if she can elaborate and he nods at her.
“When Scott was saving Deaton, he was trying to walk through Mountain Ash,” Y/n starts.
“Ha! How did that work out for ya?” Erica jokes.
“Erica,” Y/n says softly and Erica lowers her head, “Although he didn’t break through, Deaton saw something,” she says walking towards Scott. “His eyes were flickering red. Like an Alpha,” Y/n finishes standing by Scott’s side.
“What?” Lydia, Allison, Erica, and Boyd all say at the same time.
“How is that even possible? Scott didn’t kill an Alpha,” Allison asks.
“Well, it’s extremely rare, only seen every hundred or so years, where a Beta, through goodwill and strength of character, can become an Alpha without killing one,” Scott answers.
“Yeah, they call it a True Alpha,” Stiles adds moving to stand next to his two best friends.
“So, this pack could be after Scott as well?” Allison asks turning to face Scott who’s already looking at her.
“Yes, Allison, which is why we need to train harder than ever, to protect both Derek and Scott,” Y/n says causing Derek, Peter, Erica, and Boyd to give a “told-you-so” look at the others. “But!” she continues holding up a manicured finger, courtesy of Lydia Martin, “We must be mindful that Isaac is dealing with something none of us have experienced and we should be patient with him,” she says turning back around to face the hazel-eyed boy. “Derek, what good is numbers if your Beta isn’t well?” she asks the wolf who shrugs; he knows she’s right Isaac shouldn’t fight, honestly none of these kids should even be in this situation.
“I’ll tell you what good numbers is,” Peter starts.
“Peter, Isaac being in the state that he is will only weaken Derek,” Y/n turns to look at him.
“She’s right, Derek and you know it,” Scott agrees.
“We’re all going to help you Isaac, we’re here for you, even Peter,” she continues as she crouches down to him as Peter rolls his eyes but he knows he’ll do it if she asks. “Isaac, yes Derek is stronger in numbers, but your overall being is worth more than some stupid, territorial dog fight,” Y/n tells him.
“Stupid fight?” Peter gasps unbelievably, “I’m sorry but am I the only one who actually comprehends the heat we’re up against? Y/n, this isn’t some stupid dogfight, oh no, this will be a bloodbath and everyone single one of us will be drowning in it; that includes you Mother Theresa,” Peter snaps at her.
“Shut up, Peter!” Isaac cracks.
“I’ll remember that when Kali’s claws are meters away from your throat and sweet ol’ daddy pops in that curly little head of yours!” Peter tantalizes.
“Enough!” Derek shouts. “Isaac, can you or can you not fight?” Derek demands from him, as he marches over and stands over the Beta.
“Der, please,” Y/n says putting herself between the two, “I know you’re worried and trust me I’m doing everything I can to find a way to help you, but don’t intimidate him,” Y/n says to her dear friend as she grabs his hands and holds them near her heart.
“I’m not trying to intimidate him, Y/n,” Derek says defeatedly, “I-I just need to know,” he finishes; Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who managed to sweeten the Sour Wolf.
“I can fight,” Isaac says softly but they all heard it loud and clear. “As long as Y/n is nearby,” he finishes.
“Absolutely not!” Scott and Stiles shout.
“Are you insane?” Peter asks.
“We’re not letting her anywhere near them,” Allison says firmly.
“I can’t believe you said that?” Lydia says at the same time Erica asks, “What is wrong with you?” Boyd looks disapprovingly.
“Well why not? Lydia is gonna be there!” Isaac shouts back.
“Lydia’s not human! She’s—something that screams when people die,” Stiles shouts back at him.
“Y/n can’t come, Isaac,” Derek says after everyone stops yelling their nays causing Y/n to look back at Derek.
“I can’t do this without her, she’s my anchor,” Isaac says softly. “She’s the only one who can bring me back if I do have another flashback,” he adds as he stands up pulling Y/n away from Derek. “I know it’s a lot I’m asking, Y/n. But I don’t think I can do it without you, Y/n,” he says, his large hands wrapping around her small ones.
Without a second to ponder, “I’ll do it,” Y/n tells him staring into his pleading eyes.
“No, you’re not,” Scott states matter-factly and marches next to Y/n, pulling her away from Isaac’s stare. “Y/n I can’t let you do this,” Scott pleads with his best friend.
“Yeah, and I’m not letting ya,” Stiles speaks up standing next to Scott.
Y/n looks between her two best friends, who are more like the brothers whom she always dreamed of; it sucked being the only child.
“As much as I hate to agree with Scotty Boy and his idiotic sidekick, he’s right,” Peter says, “Y/n, as much as no one believes it, I don’t want to see you hurt or killed for that matter,” Peter finishes smiling softly at Y/n and surprising everyone in the room.
Everyone except for Y/n, even when Peter mocks and snaps at her she knows it’s coming from a good place. Sure, the man is selfish and manipulative but he’s only doing what he feels is necessary to protect himself. “The man watched his family burn to ashes,” she pleads with her friends whenever they’d express their hatred for Peter. You can’t treat someone bad for wanting secure their safety, right?
“I know you care about me, Peter,” Y/n smiles at him, “And Scott and Stiles, I for damn sure know you care about me,” she continues, “All of you care, because we’re family and yes, that includes Peter,” she says causing a few to chuckle, however Scott, Stiles and Derek didn’t find the humor. “Think about how much you care for me, now multiply that by 10,000. That’s how much I care for all of you. So, if I have to risk my life to make sure only one of you is safe, I’ll do it. I need to be there so Isaac will be fine, which might save Derek, which benefits everyone. You guys have to look at the big picture,” Y/n bargains with her friends.
“Oh okay, I’m looking at the big picture now,” Stiles starts as he closes his eyes, “The werewolves are battling; I have my bat and I’m watching from a distance,” he pauses to open his eyes, “Because let’s be honest, I’m not gonna stay inside Roscoe,” he chuckles and closes his eyes again. “Yep, I see Lydia screaming bloody murder in the woods somewhere because I’m betting the Darach will strike again tonight; Allison is shooting arrows and daggers, and you, Y/n, are at home studying for the Statistics midterm you got coming up,” Stiles finishes opening his eyes, although it seemed funny, everyone knew he serious.
“Oh, look, I see the picture too,” Y/n says with sarcasm, closing her eyes “I finish studying, haul ass to the fight and I’m there for Isaac because he needs me,” she finishes.
“Y/n come on, you’re not seriously considering this are you?” Allison queries her big-hearted friend. Allison has always admired Y/n’s bravery, how did the sweetest girl manage to make Peter Hale care about someone other than himself, they all wonder to this day.
“Guys I appreciate your concern for me but—
“No, Y/n if you show up you become a liability,” Derek cuts her off, his way of preventing his confidant from getting killed, “The second the Alpha Pack gets their hands on you it’s over.”
“I’m already a liability! Don’t forget, they’ve been here for a while, meaning they’ve been watching us. Do you know how many times Aiden has either offered to take me home or go back to his place?”
“WHAT?!” Scott, Derek, and Isaac shout.
“When?!” Derek demands.
“I’m gonna rip his throat out!” Isaac shouts.
“Before or after, you’re nightmare of Daddy?” Peter taunts him.
“Look at you! They see how you guys protect me, who’s to say they’re not at my house right now waiting for me?” she challenges.
“Damn it, she’s right!” Derek curses while pulling at his hair he starts pacing back and forth.
“Is that true Derek? There could be a pack of Alphas waiting for her?” Scott says worriedly, feeling himself beginning to shift.
“Hey, hey, calm down, Scott. I was only being hypothetical,” she says calming her friend down,
“Well don’t be! You know I hate when you do that!” he shouts back at her, his fangs shooting out.
“I’m sorry, Scott, I didn’t mean to upset you,” she tells her glowing-eyed friend.
“Scott, look at me, I’m going to be okay,” she says hugging him making him relax in her arms as he shifts back.
“I’m sorry, Y/n” he says with puppy eyes; he’d almost broke his promise of ever wolfing out on her again. When Scott first got bit, Y/n noticed all the attention he was getting and she desired for that as well. She thought if she became a werewolf, her parents would stay home more and pay attention to her. She let it slip once that Derek proposed to give her the bite and how she was considering it and that made Scott furious. He’d die before he let any of his friends receive this curse. He didn’t know how to control it back then so he wolfed out and nearly attacked Y/n until Allison came to her rescue. Y/n forgave him immediately and Scott promised her, he’d never get that angry at her ever again.
“It’s okay, Scott. I understand, I’d do the same if anything ever happened to you,” she says rubbing his shoulders. “Which is why you need to let me be there for Isaac, so I can save you,” she continues, sincerity dripping from every caring word. “Please Scott,” she begs once more before walking away from him.  
Allison walks up behind Scott and rests her hand on his shoulder, “We can’t stop her, look at her,” she tells him as they all turn around to see Y/n caressing her thumb across Isaac’s tear-stained cheeks, “Her mind is already made up. I can see it in her eyes,” Allison continues as Scott turns around to completely face her, “It’s the same look I had when I wanted avenge my mother,” she confesses glancing at Derek before looking down at her feet.
“Y/n, are you gonna be there for me?” Isaac asks softly only wanting her to hear but in a room of werewolves he knew that was impossible. They stand for together for a while getting lost into each other’s eyes; their hands find their way back home, intertwined together.
“Always,” she replies smiling at the sweet boy. She will save Isaac, she thinks to herself.
“Y/n the second they see you— Peter starts.
“Then I won’t get caught,” Y/n sasses as she walks out of the loft pulling Isaac with her.
And no one stopped her because they knew Y/f/n Y/l/n, the girl who’d put her life at risk for the disturbed, curly-haired werewolf whom she was in love with.

Author’s Note: What did you think? FYI this will be a rrrrrreeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy long series and I’m super stoked for it!!!! 😋Feel free to comment or message me if you love, hate or have suggestions for it! Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend😘!

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Oh god, that's just. Like Cora not really being Derek's sister and being a part of the Alpha Pack makes a lot more sense than what the show actually gave us, but that is honestly just a heartbreaking thought. Like, Derek in s1 & s2 with no family left except for Peter is awful, but imagining him thinking that he got someone back only for him to find out none of the memories are even real is just. </3 I can't even think about the look on his face when Stiles figures it out and tells him.

It’s such a completely crushing thought but it’s also so good that I’m kind of obsessed with the idea now.

For those just coming in, this is in regards to an alt!meta theory about TW 3A, wondering what if Cora hadn’t been Derek’s sister, but a member of the Alpha pack? What if Derek’s memories had been twisted by Deucalion at some point, so they could use Cora to infiltrate his pack?

And this makes sense for a lot of reasons. First off, we’re never given a clear answer as to how Cora would have escaped the fire, while no one else in her family had, and how she would have ended up in South America, of all places. Why would a scared eleven year old possibly end up there? That’s the kind of thing that just almost sounds like a lie, like they’d just picked somewhere super far away so Derek wouldn’t question why they’d never run across or heard from each other until now. And this would also solve the discontinuity caused by Cora’s survival vs the number of bodies found after the fire. They knew how many people died, how many bodies were recovered. If there had been one fewer body than there was supposed to be, wouldn’t Derek and Laura have looked for the survivor?

But they didn’t, because there wasn’t one.

But I have another question for you all: did Cora Hale even exist? Because, despite the fact that Cora was supposedly the same age as the rest of the teens, I don’t recall any hint of recognition or familiarity from any of them throughout 3A. Cora would have been eleven years old, in approximately fifth grade, when she died. That’s five years (or six, counting kindergarten) that she would have been in the same school, the same grade, some of the same classes, as Stiles, Scott, Lydia, Boyd, and Isaac, and while that doesn’t guarantee that she would have been friends with any of them, I would expect some hint of recognition from some of them. But we got nothing.

So, was there ever a Cora Hale? And if there wasn’t, if she was just a random stranger recruited by the Alpha pack, it would still crush Derek to lose that idea of family when the truth came out, but it wouldn’t be as devastating as thinking he had a sibling back only to realize she’d been dead all along.

But I’m going to take this further. Because why would a random beta decide to do any of this? To risk her life to infiltrate the Hale pack for the Alphas; a group she’s not even technically a part of since she’s still a beta, herself? What would she be getting out of it?

Her life, maybe? If she was threatened into it? Or maybe she was bribed? But… there’d always be the risk that Derek (and Peter, etc) would sense her dishonesty, or that she would turn on the Alphas/ask the Hales for help… and, really, why trust her to play a role for you when you can just… make her believe it, herself?

So imagine the Alphas taking a random beta –– maybe a stray omega they happen across, or maybe they let one member of their former packs live –– and incept her into believing she’s the fictional Cora Hale? Make her everything they need her to be to be the perfect spy, completely unaware of the fact that she’s not who she thinks she is? And they’d set it up so every few days she’d go out on a run and find herself standing in front of the Alpha compound, where they’d pull whatever information she would have gained about Derek and Scott, and then go back to the loft again, none the wiser.

So then the season ends, the Alpha pack is defeated, and the false memories start to chip away for both Derek and Cora… but they still feel like they’re family. They still feel irrationally protective of each other, still remember flashes of growing up together and even though they know it’s not real… it’s still a part of them now. And it’s the closest thing to family either one of them has.

…So what are they supposed to do with that?

Sacrifices Series Masterlist

Summary: Beacon Hills has always been a strange town, but it was home. When Y/N Stilinski finally graduated she wanted to leave but she couldn’t do that to her dad or her little brother so she stayed behind to follow in her father’s footsteps, even against his many protests. On top of having to deal with her responsibilities at work and looking after her spastic little brother who seemed to always end up in trouble, she has her own feelings to deal with since Derek Hale showed back up in town bringing unanswered questions and danger with him. Y/N is sick of all the lies from her brother and Derek, so she decides to find out exactly what the hell is going on in Beacon Hills with or without their help, and she ends up caught in an all out war between a dark druid and an Alpha pack.

Chapter 1: The Lying Game

Chapter 2: The Truth Will Set You Free

Chapter 3: The Wild Goose Chase (Coming Soon)

Chapter 4: The Punch

Chapter 5: The Chaperone

Chapter 6: The Kidnapping

Chapter 7: The Truth

Chapter 8: The Missing Parent

Chapter 9: The Psychotic Ex-girlfriend

Chapter 10: The Lunar Eclipse

Broken (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

N/A: Mentions of abuse/rape Inspired on a gif imagine I saw a long time ago

Y/N. The most loved girl in Scott’s pack, everyone wanted to take care of you, you were so pure and sweet the pack feared that when you were dragged to this supernatural world you would change, but you surprisingly didn’t, you stayed true to yourself at any time.

But now you were facing the Alpha pack, a major threat. Although you didn’t had to worry just know because you believed in your pack.

“So when are you planning to… You know. Do it” Lydia asked for the fifth time in a row, which made you giggle and roll your eyes at your best friend’s sassy comment. You were a virgin and your friends- Malia and Lydia loved to tease you about it.

“We’re facing an killer Alpha pack and you worry about my sex life?” You sass at her and she smiles

“Well yeah” she said in an obvious tone

“I don’t know. And I honestly don’t care right now” you confidently said


“Be careful” Isaac whispered in your ear holding your wrist when he saw Aiden going inside the English classroom, which was the same you were heading to

“I’ll be fine” you reassured him, he then nodded and left in a different direction

When you got there you sat on the first place you saw available, and not a second after Aiden was sitting next to you

“Hey” he said and you raised the corners of your mouth to let out a small grin, after that you payed attention to the teacher-or at least you tried to do so-.

The bell finally rings so you quickly grab your stuff and leave the classroom, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following you, so you started walking faster.

“Hey Y/N” Aiden said appearing right in front of you, making you jump slightly

“Oh, hey Aiden, I’ll love to talk, but I gotta go” you replied hurriedly trying to leave but he blocked your way

“I’m sorry but I can’t let that happen” he said with a charming smile taking his claws out, you do the same but he was faster than you, so he quickly holds you down and covers your mouth dragging you to the janitor’s closet, you try to scream but the only thing that comes out are muffled sounds as he closed the door behind both of you.

“NO, AIDEN, PLEASE DON’T’” you scream squirming around, trying to break free but failing miserably.


You were now in the janitor’s closet, alone. Feeling sad, hopeless.

How could you let that happen? You ask yourself over and over again with no response, your clothes were scratched, your skin was covered in bruises and the most precious thing you had was taken away from you like it was nothing.

You knew your pack was looking for you, that you were missing, probably for hours, but you didn’t had the strength to get up and look for them, you could only cry and feel your body aching from head to toe.

After some time you managed to get out of the janitor’s closet and go to the first place you could think of.

The loft

You ran as fast as you could and opened the door, not caring about your ripped clothes or your wounds. Everyone looked at you with their eyes wide open and your legs suddenly failed, making you fall to your knees completely exhausted.

“Y/N!” Malia exclaimed running by your side, followed by Lydia as you looked at numbly nowhere

“He didn’t listen…” You murmured, Lydia looked over at Scott confused “I told him to stop but he didn’t listen” you said sadly as the tears run down your cheeks “He… Touched me… And I couldn’t… I couldn’t do anything!” You exclaimed helplessly between your sobs as everyone came to realization Aiden had raped you.

Both of your friends hugged you tightly as you cried loudly in their arms

A week later everyone was getting ready to a school trip, and since Isaac knew about your rape he wouldn’t leave you alone-not that you were complaining to be honest- he would hold your hand tightly as you two were walking down the hallways and he would also wait you outside your classroom.

Your pack was outside the school and you- as always-were holding Isaac’s hand, but then he suddenly let go of you, you raised your head to see Isaac furiously walking towards Aiden, you instantly ran to catch him but before you could get the chance to say something he threw his fist directly in Aiden’s face, and right after he started beating him up.

“ISAAC!” You screamed but he didn’t listen to you, then Scott got by your side
“ISAAC” he roared making him stop immediately

“Don’t you EVER touch her again, or I swear to god I will kill you” he threatened him and then ran back to you hugging you tightly “I promise I will never leave alone again” he said and you nodded .

Light and Darkness

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Let me know what you think, and I hope you like it!! And, Part 2?


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You had been watching from afar, Scott’s pack of different creatures, against the pack of alphas. They would get completely slaughtered unless you do something. So, you do. You calmly walk out of the shadows, and they stop to stare at you. You get up to Deucalion, and put your hand out, palm facing him. He looked down slightly, and tried to get away in time, but you didn’t let him. A bright white light exploded from your palm, and threw Deucalion backwards, spinning him in mid-air as well. You turned around and shot more light out at everyone, and it knocked away the alpha pack, but left Scott’s pack. You walked over to them, and Scott spoke up.

“Who are you, and why did you help us?” He asked, with his eyes still glowing red.

“Would you prefer that I hadn’t and left you all to die? They show no mercy. They never have. He wanted you to join them. He would have you kill your own pack, just to get you to join him, and that would make you stronger. I guess I could’ve not helped, and watched you slaughter your pack, without you even realizing it, because your bloodlust was so great, but you know. I’m nice like that. No need to thank me for saving your asses. I will take my leave as of now.” You replied, and began to walk away.

“No. That’s not what I meant.” He said, and he rushed forward to grab your arm. “I mean, we don’t even know you, at all. I was just wondering…”

“You do know me. You just don’t realize it yet.” You said with a sad smile, and took off. You blended in with the shadows, and listened in to their conversation.

“Guys,” Lydia said, after a moment of hesitation. “That was Y/n Y/l/n. Remember how she disappeared after her senior year of high school? And how we used to be close friends? Yeah, I would recognize her voice anywhere. What happened to her, I don’t know. But I am positive that it is Y/n. ” You smiled, remembering the memories of Lydia and you studying and hanging out together. That’s when you decided to leave, knowing that they remembered you.

You don't have to be scared -Aiden Imagine

Requested! In which a timid reader is stuck face to face with the terrifying yet handsome alpha (Aiden).

 A/N: I love getting requests so keep sending some in guys! 

 We have just learned that an alpha pack has arrived in beacon hills with hopes of recruiting Scott. We aren’t sure how many are in this alpha pack, but we do know two of them, Ethan and Aiden. The twins go to our school and seem intent on trying to destroy our lives there. What we need to do is figure a way to get them out of this town. 

 While in bio class I was aimlessly doodling in my notebook as our teacher lectured on about something I couldn’t care less about. 

 "Ahemmm Ms. (y/n), I’d appreciate if you actually paid attention to what I have to say. You wouldn’t want to be unprepared for your test next week.“ My teacher snaps.

 I mumble a small sorry as the teacher goes back into his lecture without missing a beat. He has a good point, I should be paying attention. With the late night pack gatherings being a regular occurrence, I have most definitely fallen behind on school work. It feels like ages until the bell rings and when it does I let out a large sigh of relief. While gathering my notebook and other belongings I hear the teacher call my name, and ask if I can have a word with him. Great. 

”(Y/n), your changing behavior has not gone unnoticed. I’m sorry to do this, but I’m going to have to give you a detention.“ 

 "What, Mr. Harris, please I don’t have time to go to Detention. I’m really sorry, I’ll work harder, I promise” at this point I’m practically begging my teacher. I have too much to deal with and adding a detention in there will only make things worse.

 "I’m sorry, but I think it will be a good opportunity for you to try and get caught up on your work.“ That was all he said as he walked out of the class, leaving the purple detention slip sitting right in front of me. As I walk out of the class room I notice Scott, Stiles, and Lydia standing by the lockers so I go to join them. 

 "Hey guys” I greet.

 "Hey (y/n)“ Scott replies. "Hey is something wrong, I can smell the stress all over you. 

 "I’m fine, it’s just that Mr. Harris gave me detention so I don’t think I’ll be able to make the pack meeting tonight." 

 "Really. That’s weird, Isaac, Ethan and Aiden all got detention today too. Hopefully this isn’t some plan of their’s.” Lydia spoke with curiosity laced in her tone. 

 The four of us spoke briefly about any ideas we may have for the alpha pack and then we parted our ways. I shove the majority of my items into my locker and close it with a loud bang letting out all of my frustrations. 

 "Woah, someones not happy.“ The voice was familiar and arrogant. It was a voice I dreaded to hear. Aiden. 

 "Yeah well, looks like I’m just not having too much fun playing all these games against your annoying pack” I retort with aggravation. 

 A small chuckle escapes his lips as he begins walking side by side with me. I quicken my pace a bit to give off the idea that I don’t want to talk, but the tall boy matches me step for step. I stop for a moment and just send him a glare. A smile grows across his face, but fades quickly as he sees his brother Ethan approaching. 

 As Ethan pulls his brother to the side, I take this as my chance to get away from the two who are trying so hard to destroy mine and my friends lives. I hear what sounds to be like an argument through hushed whispers and for once wished I had the super hearing of Scott. Ignoring the conversation between the two boys, I walk over to the library where I’ll be serving my detention. Shortly after I arrive, I see Isaac walk in and give a small wave. At least he’s here with me too. Moments later the twins enter the room along with coach Flinstock. 

 "Alright you delinquents, I know normally this time is spent being quiet and working on homework, but I need you to do something for me. Two of you are going to clean my office, while the other two are going to clean all of the teams padding and practice clothes. So get to work" coach Flinstock says in his usual loud voice.

 With a unanimous groan, we all get up and head towards the boys locker room. Thankfully during the walk over here, coach insisted that I don’t have to clean any of the gross lacrosse padding and that my skills would be more useful when cleaning the office. For once I was thankful for his typical sexism. 

As I was alone in the office I heard arguing outside the door that peaked my interest. I heard the familiar voices of Ethan, Aiden, and Issac, and wondered hat it could be about. I had hoped Isaac would be the one coming in to clean the office with me, but was shocked when I saw Aiden walk through the door. 

“Happy to see me” Aiden says mockingly.

 "If only" I mumble. I begin rummaging through the endless piles of papers on coach’s desk as I feel something draw closer to me. 

 "You know, even though you aren’t a part of my pack, I still hear your heart rate going wild.“ Aiden says amused. 

 "Yeah well that’s what happens when you’re super stressed and trapped in a room with a known killer” I snap back. 

 "Please (y/n), I can also smell your chemo-signals. You don’t have to be scared of me, you know that right.“ 

 "Right, so don’t be scared of someone who kills innocent people and who is trying to corrupt one of my best friends. Great idea. Not to mention I’m some weak and defenseless little human. But sure I won’t be scared of a 5’ 10” monster with fangs and claws" I sass. 

 " I would never hurt you.“ It was a whisper, but even without super hearing I could easily tell what he said. 

 "And I don’t believe you." 

 "I know it doesn’t mean much coming from me, but I assure you, I made it very clear to my pack that we do not harm you. You are to be safe and untouched. I promise” Aiden said, not breaking eye contact. 

 "Why, I don’t understand, you hate me" I say confused.

 "Hate you?“ He questions. "I don’t hate you. Far from it actually. I have feelings for you, (y/n). Feelings that I don’t know how to express. Feelings that could get me killed by the other alphas, even my brother. They tried to warn me of the consequences if I were to do anything with you, but I don’t care. I can’t just act like there is nothing between us." 

 It was in that moment that I’m sure Aiden could hear just how loud my heart was. Everything felt like a blur as I felt his strong arms embrace me and the heat radiating from his body. He looked into my eyes for a moment, almost if telepathically asking me for permission. I swiftly close my eyes as I feel his lips meet mine. 

I have never experience a kiss like this before, in fact, it felt like so much more than just a kiss. It felt as though all of my stress and fears melted away. I felt safe where I was and that this is where I’m supposed to be. The kiss was filled with not only passion but a want for one another. I didn’t know that this was what I needed at first but now that it’s happening it feels so right to me. Our lips depart from one another’s as we hear the door creek open. 

 "Oh come on guys, this is not what detention is supposed to be.” A blush filled my face as I hear coach’s voice. “Aiden, next practice you’re doing twice as many laps as everyone else, and as for you Ms. (y/n) you can help me with grading some of my Econ class assignments.”

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Carmen Wheeler and Derek Hale. That’s how it has always been, just the two of them. Sure there were Derek’s siblings and Carmen’s siblings in the picture but they were best friends. They could never hold grudges against each other for more than a day. It was impossible. Even Peter and Laura liked to play their little inside game “Who gives in first’’. To Carmen, Derek was everything she ever needed in best friend (Minus, her feelings for Derek but whatever. She’s used to it. It doesn’t matter). 

That was before Argents and Deucalian with his pack came to Beacon Hills. It was just matter of time before hell breaks loose and Carmen finds herself in the middle of it. 

@papermoon262 look what you made me do. *sighs*

In spite of all you knew and said by Azul_Bleu

[2700w | Mature]

The road streams behind them, mile upon mile until Stiles can’t say where they even started, and Stiles talks so he won’t have to remember.

Or, Derek and Stiles deal with being the ones left behind. They’re not great at it.

(Set post an imaginary S3, where the Alphas win. Spectacularly.)

Note: This fic is made up of lots of flowing short scenes of introspection, the passage of time and conversations with Derek. So many of the paragraphs are so beautifully worded I’d immediately go back to reread them. It brought a lump to my throat, but not necessarily out of sadness. This one is really special.

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