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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 8

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Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: There’s someone. Someone I kinda forgot about. Someone I need to try to save. But am I strong enough?

Word count: 3223

It didn’t take much time before the police and the paramedics arrived at school. That wasn’t surprising considering the damage the class had and the injured students, it was only natural that the 911 was called. And especially the sheriff’s son that was also in the classroom near me. I was still sitting on the same chair and Stiles hadn’t left me since he had protected me from the crows, something I didn’t quite understand. Why take the risk of saving someone he didn’t know? Then I remembered how heroic Stiles could be at some times.

He didn’t want to leave me alone so he was still standing next to me, asking me every 5 minutes if I was fine. Questions I didn’t reply. I tried to understand the meaning of the voice’s words. I tried to understand why I had done that. Why did I feel the need to save everyone? The adrenaline had come down a while and I was beginning to feel the pain on my body that was slowly appearing. I also felt a disgusting pain in my heart going up in my throat as my eyes scrutinized the crows’ corpses that littered the ground and student desks. Then I couldn’t hold back the little breakfast I had eaten this morning.

“Oh … oh no …. Please… don’t … ooooh … ” Stiles muttered beside me, seeing me being sick on live.

“Sorry …” I replied, trying to get up to get away from my little damage. That was a lot for me. I didn’t think it was so hard to live, all the events that happened in the life of the characters in the show. They seemed to bear it well, but it was honestly intolerable. The stress they had to live every day was heavy, my legs were still trembling so Stiles had to help me get up and we walked away a bit before being intercepted by none other than Jennifer. Her hair was unfurled and she had feathers on her head.

“No one should leave before the police come and the paramedics check you…” She told us in a tone that wanted to be authoritarian but gentle.

“I think Y / N doesn’t feel very good, she should take some air.”

Jennifer was about to answer when the Sheriff entered the classroom, followed by paramedics with first aid kits.

“Stiles, can you explain me what happened?” The sheriff asked before he noticed me. “Well … first day of classes and already we see each other again, Y / N. ”

“You know her?“ Stiles asked and I already felt Scott’s lie saying I was his half-sister gone in the wind.

“More or less,” The sheriff answered by putting his hand on his belt while staring at me. “You still don’t remember anything?”

I shook my head negatively while looking at the floor.

“Well, it’s unfortunate,” he added, placing his hand gently on my head, which made me jump. He was very understanding all of a sudden. Surely because he was in front of his son.

Then the sheriff left us to talk with other students, and I listened.

“Mr. Argent. You wouldn’t have any insight into this would you? ”

I had neither heard nor seen Allison’s father enter the classroom. I had to be too absorbed by the events to notice.


“Yeah, it’s all this bizarre animal behavior, it’s uh… You must have seen something like this before, right?”

"Not sure why I would or would you think I would.”

He remained cautious and polite at the same time. A real hunter in the soul. After all, lying was part of his profession.

“Y / N?” Stiles called to me, wondering surely why I wasn’t moving anymore.

"I’m sorry. I could have sworn I overheard my son talking about how you were an experienced hunter. ”

Uh oh. Stiles immediately turned to the conversation and I saw him quickly turn his head away seeing the black glare that Chris had thrown at him.

“Uh, right. Well not anymore. ”

And the discussion between the two fathers ended. The sheriff asked Allison if everything was okay and she replied in the affirmative.

“Let’s go …” I whispered as I walked away from the classroom. Stiles came out of his thoughts and came back to me and quickly put my arm around his shoulder to help me walk. If I hadn’t had my heart beat so fast in my chest caused by the shock of what had just happened, I would surely have blushed and my heart would have beat that strong because of the proximity we had.

We were finally out of the class, out of the smell of death and corpses. I could finally breathe a little when someone called us.

“You weren’t examined by the paramedics yet, it would be better that you come back to class,” Jennifer told us.

I hated her even more.

In the end the paramedics examined us outside the classroom. Stiles had a scrap on his forehead and a few scratches in the back and for my part, apart from my broken wrist and my tight ankle, nothing had changed except a few scratches here and there. Because my crutches were damaged an ambulance driver gave me news. I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing because now I no longer needed Stiles’ help to walk and I didn’t hate the proximity we had. At least my breathing had begun to regain a more normal rhythm.

“I’ll take you home,” Stiles told me while consulting his phone. We were in the corridor near the lockers and I could see Lydia and Allison in front of us chatting. “I have to call Scott before … he must know what happened. He’s your brother after all. ”

If one day I thought that becoming Scott’s little sister would be so … comforting. Hearing his name comforted me because I knew he would find a way to fix everything. I had only one desire, snuggle in his arms. Even though he was going to find it strange. I don’t know why I needed it so much.

“We got a serious problem at school. Miss Blake’s class was hit- ”

“Well can you tell me about it later?”

“Uh, nope, pretty sure this qualifies for immediate discussion.”

“Okay then … wait, is Y / N fine?”

“Yeah, she’s there with me, Scott where-”

“Meet me at Derek’s.”

“Derek’s house? What’s the hell you doing at Derek’s house? ”

“Just meet us here okay? And bring Y / N with you. ”

Stiles hung up and stared at his cell phone.

“It’s not like I have a choice,” he grumbled, glancing at me quickly as I avoided his eyes by looking away.

“Where’s Scott?” A voice made before us, and automatically I raised my head to look in front of me. I remembered this scene too well.

“He had to leave. He’s supposed to be back in class- "Allison began in response to Braeden who seemed more panicked than ever.

"Is he coming back?” Braeden asked as she grabbed Allison’s wrist abruptly.

"Hey! Easy with the physicality, Sweetheart-” Lydia raised the tone to be authoritative, but got her wrist caught as well in a small cry of pain. Then Braeden seemed to look in our direction with horrified eyes, but I knew we weren’t the cause of it. I turned around just in time to see the twins leave in another corridor.

They were going to kill her, or at least they were going to try. When I turned to Braeden again, she was gone.

“Well she bruised me.” Lydia muttered, looking at her wrist.

"Huh. Me too.” Allison replied, and at the same moment her father came to them.

"Come on. Let’s get the two of you girls outta here. School may wait another day. Sweetheart.” His father began, but I wasn’t listening to them. I walked where Braeden was without thinking. I knew where and I knew what was going to happen. But the question was; could I save her? Did I have the strength? Physical strength, fighting against alphas I didn’t have. But mental strength? The only thing I had succeeded was thrown up in front of everyone because of some crow’s corpse, what was I supposed to do when it’ll be a human corpse?

"Y / N! Hey, where are you going! We’re supposed to meet Scott! ”

Stiles followed me, but I didn’t slow down. I wasn’t walking fast anyway. At the end of the corridor I felt lost. I wasn’t familiar enough with the school. But I didn’t want to spend my time being afraid, trembling like a leaf. If I wanted to accomplish my mission and save everyone, I would never succeed by whining like a kid. And as long as I didn’t know how, why, and how long I was stuck in this world, I promised myself not to throw up again. Especially not in front of Stiles.

I turned back to him and looked him in the eyes, determined. I didn’t want to be weak anymore.

“Where are the locker rooms?” I asked him eagerly. Time was counting; I was running out of time. I had to act quickly, before Deucalion arrives and slits her throat. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was going to save her. I could never save Allison if I couldn’t do anything now.

"Uh,” Stiles began without understanding. Then his eyes became more harsh and suspicious. “Why’d you ask?”

I didn’t have time to play the detective with him, although I knew Stiles had good reason to suspect me. I knew things that I shouldn’t know, and especially I had landed in Scott’s life overnight without warning. And Stiles was known not to give the benefit of the doubt very easily. He had doubts for everyone, had been right for Matt, for Peter, for Theo. And although I only wanted to help, I knew he was right in being hesitant with me. I even bet that as soon as he had time he would do all the research of the world about me to arrive at nothing, no information about me as I didn’t exist in this world.

“I don’t have time to explain,” I began slowly, choosing my words carefully. “But you have to trust me … I know you don’t trust people easily, but …”

“Trusting you when I don’t even know you would be the same as leaving the wheel to a blind man,” he mumbled, raising his eyebrows and making one of his facial expressions with his hands before looking into my eyes. “But with what happened in class … you’ll have to explain how you knew what was going to happen.”

I felt a little light of hope and went to speak when he raised a finger to interrupt me.

“That doesn’t mean I trust you. I do this because you’re Scott’s sister and I have to stay with you or hell he’ll want to tear my head off if anything happens to you. ”

“Great!” I say too quickly. It couldn’t be that easy.

"The locker rooms are this way, follow me.”

He began to move towards the locker room when obviously someone faced us. Stiles’ father.

“Where are you going kids?”

Uh oh.

“Y / N must go to the toilet,” Stiles replied quickly.

“There are toilets there,” the sheriff pointed behind us.

“But you see, Dad, Y / N was sick a little while ago in class and she doesn’t want to be sick again in a place where a lot of students go, so I said to myself, hey, I’ll take her to a toilet where there’s no one… what about the locker room?” Stiles gesticulated quickly and without taking a breath. Sometimes I forgot that lying to his father had become too easy for him.

His father seemed to think for a moment before speaking.

"Very well, I’ll take her myself,” he answered and my eyes widened. He couldn’t come. If he came he was going to shoot at the alphas and would become their target afterwards. And he would inevitably end up wounded. He absolutely had to stay out of it.

“I …” I started, feeling the fear taking possession of my body. I no longer controlled the situation. “I …” I tried again, trying to find something to say, anything! Go Y / N! Say something!

But anxiety paralyzed me, and fear too. I was afraid of what would happen if there was a confrontation between the sheriff and the alpha pack. If it were to happen, if I changed the future too much, I wouldn’t be aware of the events to come, I would lose control and I wouldn’t be able to save Allison and the others. And this thought alone succeeded in putting me in all my most panicked states. And that, Stiles noticed it well because he came to my rescue.

“Dad … you don’t see that she’s still in shock? And with her amnesia … Scott who’s not there … she must feel alone and panicked,” he confided softly to his father in a low, hoarse voice. His voice that I loved and I loved it even more now.

“Okay kids. But be careful, okay?” He finished, passing by us while tapping Stiles’ shoulder.

"Yes Dad.” Stiles answered before turning to me, worried. He was right to be. I had panicked again, and for what? Because I was unable to find an excuse, a lie. I didn’t want to be weak, so why was I unable to do anything?

"Let’s go …” I mumbled in a broken voice before starting to walk again with my crutches under my arms. I didn’t want to explain myself at the moment, I already had too much difficulty to stay focused in my mission with him so close to me.

“The locker rooms are here,” Stiles ended up telling me by pointing two doors, separated from each other by a wall. There were several meters between them.

My heart began to beat faster. Now that I was in front of the doors, so close to my goal, all my confidence had gone. But I couldn’t stop now. I had to go in.

“And now?” Stiles asked me.

"Stay here …” I whispered as I walked along. I didn’t know if Braeden was in the girls ‘or boys’ locker room, so I decided at random and took the left one.

“No way,” Stiles answered, following me.

“Stiles …” I whispered, casting a heavy look. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

“I know you’re trying to stay calm, but I can see how frightened you are. So no matter what you wanted that much to come here, I’m coming with you. I lied to my father and I followed you, so it better worth it. ”

I had to capitulate because I knew he wouldn’t let go. He had the face, the one he takes when he’s convinced and stoic. And time was upon us. I swallowed and entered the locker room.

There was debris strewn on the ground, a sign I had chosen just right. Some lockers were broken, and others had werewolf scratches on the broken metal doors. Blood was also on the ground.

“Oh shit … it was worth it finally …” Stiles whispered close to me, my heart beat so loudly that I could hear it in my ears.

Then, before us, I saw her. She was sitting against the wall covered in blood, her throat torn apart. I had arrived too late.

I rushed to Braeden, dropping my crutches behind me and walked on my wounded ankle without feeling the pain because the adrenaline that ran through my veins was too strong. I quickly pulled off my hoodie and put her on her throat to stop the blood, knowing without needing to take her pulse that she was alive.

“Call an ambulance!” I shouted to Stiles behind me and immediately he pulled out his phone to dial the emergency number.

It didn’t take long to get help because there were already ambulances at the school, so they were with Braeden in just a few minutes. Stiles helped me get away from the inert body and I learned that she was still alive. But it didn’t change the fact that I had arrived too late. In the show, time seemed to pass so much more slowly, in reality it took only a moment for everything to happen and to get her throat snatched from a werewolf claws. And the blood, the blood everywhere, the blood on my hands and the smell that didn’t leave my nose made me want to throw up again, but I had nothing left in my stomach.

“I’m going to faint …” Stiles muttered, raising his eyes to the skies, still holding my arm to help me stand.

“I was about to say the same thing,” I answered in a trembling voice, looking at my blood-covered hands. “Actually I think I’m really gonna faint,” I murmured before feeling the world turning around me.

“Wow, wow easy …” Stiles held me more firmly to stabilize me and prevent me from falling to the ground, and led us out of the locker rooms. On the way out we met the sheriff again.

“I leave you alone two seconds and …”

“Dad,” Stiles began in a serious voice, a rare thing. His father looked back with understanding and nodded. He let us pass but I had the strength to say one last thing before Stiles led me further.

“Don’t leave her alone … she’s in danger …”

And without further interaction, we left the place that was like a horror film.

Without the help of Stiles, I would never have managed to leave alone since my legs were so weak.

“Where are we going …” I mumbled as Stiles left me in front of a sink and opened the taps before putting my hands under the cold water.

“You have to clean it up,” he replied, still having his serious voice. We were in the other locker room.

He withdrew my sticky splint and slowly began to clean each part of my dirty skin, each finger one at a time that was soaked by blood. His hands were incredibly soft.

Once my hands were clean and no more blood was visible, I fell to the ground throwing my splint off. It was covered with blood and for the moment I didn’t tolerate seeing more. And the smell that didn’t want to leave my nose…

Stiles went to take it back and crouched down at my height. I did everything to avoid his gaze.

“Too late …” I whispered looking at the void.


“I arrived too late …”

I had failed.

“What are you talking about? I saw you rushing to save her, Y / N. You saved her. If you hadn’t found her there… ”

He didn’t continue his sentence so I had to raise my eyes to him to understand the reason for his sudden muteness.

“How … did you know she was there…”

Oh shit.

In the next chapter: Derek’s house, lots of question. I think the end of the day is like the end of episode one. But who knows how much times there’s before episode 2?

                                                                                           Next Chapter->

One of These Things is Not Like the Other -Aiden Imagine

Requested! “Can you do an imagine where Ethan and Aiden prank the reader, each saying ‘No I’m Aiden’, and just with fluff”

A/N: Sorry it’s super cheesy, but feel free to keep sending me requests guys, and I can do more than just teen wolf, just send me a character/fandom/actor and I’ll try my best. And thanks again to all my followers!

Things were great now that the alpha pack wasn’t trying to kill us any more, and it was nice having the twins in the pack now. But my favorite part was that I didn’t have to date Aiden in secret anymore.

When Scott found out about the two of us, he almost killed Aiden, but now he seems cool with it. However, Ethan and Aiden have officially labeled themselves the pranksters of the group and it shows. Their typical target is Stiles because he tends to be the most dramatic, but they will occasionally try and mess with the whole pack at once if they can. Fortunately they haven’t done anything to detrimental to me, but I think that’s because they know better.

As I pulled up to the school parking lot I noticed Stiles frantically running around his jeep and pulling on every door. A sense of relief rushes over his features as he notices my little black car pull next to his.

“Hey Stiles, where’s the fire” I ask jokingly. He let’s out a little eye roll and a soft chuckle before he let’s out a huge sigh.

“Well it seems as tough the twins are at it again. They decided that it would be funny if they locked my eyes in my car, leaving me with no way to get them out. So I was just trying to see if there was any way I could get into my car because my dad will kill me if he has to pay for a locksmith” he says with annoyance. He continues tugging on each of the doors and pushing on the Windows to see if he can get one down, however he has no luck.

“Well I’ll just go find Aiden and talk to him. You know that even though they are always doing stuff like this, they always come up with a back up plan to make sure everything is alright in the end. So I’m sure they have a way for you to get in your car” I say with such optimism. Stiles nods his head in agreement as he stops pulling and pushing in every inch of his car. “I’ll see you at lunch and let you know what I find out.” I say with a smile while giving a small wave of goodbye and head our separate ways.

While walking through the halls I feel as though I am on a mission to find my boyfriend Aiden and put a stop to his games. It’s not that I mind the twins constant joking around, I just felt bad for how flustered Stiles gets from it sometimes. I saw a familiar brown leather jacket and approached the prankster, ready for anything he may have up his sleeve.

“If it isn’t my favorite twin” I say as he pulls me in for a hug while giving a kiss to my temple. “Please tell me you had nothing to do with Stiles keys and he’s just trying to find someone to blame for him being dumb” I joke.

“Well if I said it wasn’t me, I’d be lying. But I’m sure it’s nothing he can’t handle” Aiden says flashing his signature smile. I try to give him a stern look to show my disapproval, but can’t help but lose focus when he smiles. It’s almost as if he is trying to be innocent, but a pain in the butt all at the same time.

“There’s my sweet-cheeks” a familiar voice says while wrapping me in a hug. A look of confusion spreads across my face, as I have no idea who is behind me. When I turn around, I see the familiar features of my boyfriend but am unsure how to respond because I thought I had already greeted Aiden. This brother was wearing a black  v-neck and jeans that I have seen Aiden wear before, causing even more confusion to spread through my mind.

“Ethan, what are you doing” I question to who I assumed was my boyfriend’s twin playing a joke on me.

“Ethan? What are you talking about, I’m Aiden. Your boyfriend, remember?” He says acting as if I hurt his feelings.

“But if your Aiden then you must be…” I say as you turn around to the twin who had first greeted me “Ethan?”

“Nope, I’m Aiden.” The twin in the leather jacket responds with a large grin.

“Okay, what the heck is going on here. You both can’t be Aiden. So can one of you knock it off, and tell me who my real boyfriend is?” I glance back and forth to each of the boys features to see if there was any way I could tell them apart. Walking in circles around the boys, I begin to brew an idea in my mind to figure out who is the real Aiden. 

Sometimes I hated being a human, because I knew that if I were a wolf right now, I’d easily be able to figure out who my boyfriend is. I sniffed the air around both of the boys but noticed they were wearing the same cologne. I  looked into each of their eyes but neither one had a certain “tell” as to whether or not they were lying.

“(Y/n), babe what are you doing?” the twin in the brown jacket says. “Don’t think too hard you may hurt yourself” he says while the other begins cracking up from his brother’s joke.

“Fine if neither of you will tell me who the real Aiden is, then I’m going to get going. Some of us have more important things to get to” I say with a huff. As I walk away I hear the two boys laughing about how they “totally got me”, but little did they know, I had a good idea as to who was who, I just needed a way to prove it. 

In that moment I pulled out my phone and looked up Aiden’s number and began calling it. I heard his phone ring down the hallway and went running to see which brother had answered it.

“Got you!” I yell with satisfaction. I was right, the boy in the brown leather jacket was mine. Even though, they both had the same style of clothes, smelled exactly the same, and obviously looked similar, I could still tell which Aiden was my Aiden. 

“Well you cheated, if you weren’t so smart you would have never been able to tell the difference between us” he says in a defeated tone. 

“Oh please, I know you better than that. You want to know how I knew?” I said with a cocky smirk. “One of my ‘boyfriends’ called me sweet cheeks, but my real boyfriend, wouldn’t call me that. You have other nicknames: love, babe, doll, but never something as cheesy as sweet cheeks.”

“Dammit Ethan” he said with an eye roll and a slight chuckle. “We practiced so hard too, I figured we’d last at least a little bit longer.”

“Don’t take it too hard babe, if you would have kept it up all day we couldn’t have done this” I say as I pull him in for a kiss. As I pull away I immediately fell him come closer for more. We both weren’t much for P.D.A. but we could make one exception.

“(Y/N) what the heck are you doing” the twin in the black v-neck questions.

“Ethan relax, she already found out” Aiden said while he wrapped his arms around me and let out a soft laugh.

“Dang, she’s good” Ethan says. “Looks like she really loves you man. She’s a keeper” he says with a wink.

“Trust me I know.” Aiden responds and places a kiss to the top of my head. 

Light and Darkness

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Let me know what you think, and I hope you like it!! And, Part 2?


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You had been watching from afar, Scott’s pack of different creatures, against the pack of alphas. They would get completely slaughtered unless you do something. So, you do. You calmly walk out of the shadows, and they stop to stare at you. You get up to Deucalion, and put your hand out, palm facing him. He looked down slightly, and tried to get away in time, but you didn’t let him. A bright white light exploded from your palm, and threw Deucalion backwards, spinning him in mid-air as well. You turned around and shot more light out at everyone, and it knocked away the alpha pack, but left Scott’s pack. You walked over to them, and Scott spoke up.

“Who are you, and why did you help us?” He asked, with his eyes still glowing red.

“Would you prefer that I hadn’t and left you all to die? They show no mercy. They never have. He wanted you to join them. He would have you kill your own pack, just to get you to join him, and that would make you stronger. I guess I could’ve not helped, and watched you slaughter your pack, without you even realizing it, because your bloodlust was so great, but you know. I’m nice like that. No need to thank me for saving your asses. I will take my leave as of now.” You replied, and began to walk away.

“No. That’s not what I meant.” He said, and he rushed forward to grab your arm. “I mean, we don’t even know you, at all. I was just wondering…”

“You do know me. You just don’t realize it yet.” You said with a sad smile, and took off. You blended in with the shadows, and listened in to their conversation.

“Guys,” Lydia said, after a moment of hesitation. “That was Y/n Y/l/n. Remember how she disappeared after her senior year of high school? And how we used to be close friends? Yeah, I would recognize her voice anywhere. What happened to her, I don’t know. But I am positive that it is Y/n. ” You smiled, remembering the memories of Lydia and you studying and hanging out together. That’s when you decided to leave, knowing that they remembered you.

Broken (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

N/A: Mentions of abuse/rape Inspired on a gif imagine I saw a long time ago

Y/N. The most loved girl in Scott’s pack, everyone wanted to take care of you, you were so pure and sweet the pack feared that when you were dragged to this supernatural world you would change, but you surprisingly didn’t, you stayed true to yourself at any time.

But now you were facing the Alpha pack, a major threat. Although you didn’t had to worry just know because you believed in your pack.

“So when are you planning to… You know. Do it” Lydia asked for the fifth time in a row, which made you giggle and roll your eyes at your best friend’s sassy comment. You were a virgin and your friends- Malia and Lydia loved to tease you about it.

“We’re facing an killer Alpha pack and you worry about my sex life?” You sass at her and she smiles

“Well yeah” she said in an obvious tone

“I don’t know. And I honestly don’t care right now” you confidently said


“Be careful” Isaac whispered in your ear holding your wrist when he saw Aiden going inside the English classroom, which was the same you were heading to

“I’ll be fine” you reassured him, he then nodded and left in a different direction

When you got there you sat on the first place you saw available, and not a second after Aiden was sitting next to you

“Hey” he said and you raised the corners of your mouth to let out a small grin, after that you payed attention to the teacher-or at least you tried to do so-.

The bell finally rings so you quickly grab your stuff and leave the classroom, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was following you, so you started walking faster.

“Hey Y/N” Aiden said appearing right in front of you, making you jump slightly

“Oh, hey Aiden, I’ll love to talk, but I gotta go” you replied hurriedly trying to leave but he blocked your way

“I’m sorry but I can’t let that happen” he said with a charming smile taking his claws out, you do the same but he was faster than you, so he quickly holds you down and covers your mouth dragging you to the janitor’s closet, you try to scream but the only thing that comes out are muffled sounds as he closed the door behind both of you.

“NO, AIDEN, PLEASE DON’T’” you scream squirming around, trying to break free but failing miserably.


You were now in the janitor’s closet, alone. Feeling sad, hopeless.

How could you let that happen? You ask yourself over and over again with no response, your clothes were scratched, your skin was covered in bruises and the most precious thing you had was taken away from you like it was nothing.

You knew your pack was looking for you, that you were missing, probably for hours, but you didn’t had the strength to get up and look for them, you could only cry and feel your body aching from head to toe.

After some time you managed to get out of the janitor’s closet and go to the first place you could think of.

The loft

You ran as fast as you could and opened the door, not caring about your ripped clothes or your wounds. Everyone looked at you with their eyes wide open and your legs suddenly failed, making you fall to your knees completely exhausted.

“Y/N!” Malia exclaimed running by your side, followed by Lydia as you looked at numbly nowhere

“He didn’t listen…” You murmured, Lydia looked over at Scott confused “I told him to stop but he didn’t listen” you said sadly as the tears run down your cheeks “He… Touched me… And I couldn’t… I couldn’t do anything!” You exclaimed helplessly between your sobs as everyone came to realization Aiden had raped you.

Both of your friends hugged you tightly as you cried loudly in their arms

A week later everyone was getting ready to a school trip, and since Isaac knew about your rape he wouldn’t leave you alone-not that you were complaining to be honest- he would hold your hand tightly as you two were walking down the hallways and he would also wait you outside your classroom.

Your pack was outside the school and you- as always-were holding Isaac’s hand, but then he suddenly let go of you, you raised your head to see Isaac furiously walking towards Aiden, you instantly ran to catch him but before you could get the chance to say something he threw his fist directly in Aiden’s face, and right after he started beating him up.

“ISAAC!” You screamed but he didn’t listen to you, then Scott got by your side
“ISAAC” he roared making him stop immediately

“Don’t you EVER touch her again, or I swear to god I will kill you” he threatened him and then ran back to you hugging you tightly “I promise I will never leave alone again” he said and you nodded .

You don't have to be scared -Aiden Imagine

Requested! In which a timid reader is stuck face to face with the terrifying yet handsome alpha (Aiden).

 A/N: I love getting requests so keep sending some in guys! 

 We have just learned that an alpha pack has arrived in beacon hills with hopes of recruiting Scott. We aren’t sure how many are in this alpha pack, but we do know two of them, Ethan and Aiden. The twins go to our school and seem intent on trying to destroy our lives there. What we need to do is figure a way to get them out of this town. 

 While in bio class I was aimlessly doodling in my notebook as our teacher lectured on about something I couldn’t care less about. 

 "Ahemmm Ms. (y/n), I’d appreciate if you actually paid attention to what I have to say. You wouldn’t want to be unprepared for your test next week.“ My teacher snaps.

 I mumble a small sorry as the teacher goes back into his lecture without missing a beat. He has a good point, I should be paying attention. With the late night pack gatherings being a regular occurrence, I have most definitely fallen behind on school work. It feels like ages until the bell rings and when it does I let out a large sigh of relief. While gathering my notebook and other belongings I hear the teacher call my name, and ask if I can have a word with him. Great. 

”(Y/n), your changing behavior has not gone unnoticed. I’m sorry to do this, but I’m going to have to give you a detention.“ 

 "What, Mr. Harris, please I don’t have time to go to Detention. I’m really sorry, I’ll work harder, I promise” at this point I’m practically begging my teacher. I have too much to deal with and adding a detention in there will only make things worse.

 "I’m sorry, but I think it will be a good opportunity for you to try and get caught up on your work.“ That was all he said as he walked out of the class, leaving the purple detention slip sitting right in front of me. As I walk out of the class room I notice Scott, Stiles, and Lydia standing by the lockers so I go to join them. 

 "Hey guys” I greet.

 "Hey (y/n)“ Scott replies. "Hey is something wrong, I can smell the stress all over you. 

 "I’m fine, it’s just that Mr. Harris gave me detention so I don’t think I’ll be able to make the pack meeting tonight." 

 "Really. That’s weird, Isaac, Ethan and Aiden all got detention today too. Hopefully this isn’t some plan of their’s.” Lydia spoke with curiosity laced in her tone. 

 The four of us spoke briefly about any ideas we may have for the alpha pack and then we parted our ways. I shove the majority of my items into my locker and close it with a loud bang letting out all of my frustrations. 

 "Woah, someones not happy.“ The voice was familiar and arrogant. It was a voice I dreaded to hear. Aiden. 

 "Yeah well, looks like I’m just not having too much fun playing all these games against your annoying pack” I retort with aggravation. 

 A small chuckle escapes his lips as he begins walking side by side with me. I quicken my pace a bit to give off the idea that I don’t want to talk, but the tall boy matches me step for step. I stop for a moment and just send him a glare. A smile grows across his face, but fades quickly as he sees his brother Ethan approaching. 

 As Ethan pulls his brother to the side, I take this as my chance to get away from the two who are trying so hard to destroy mine and my friends lives. I hear what sounds to be like an argument through hushed whispers and for once wished I had the super hearing of Scott. Ignoring the conversation between the two boys, I walk over to the library where I’ll be serving my detention. Shortly after I arrive, I see Isaac walk in and give a small wave. At least he’s here with me too. Moments later the twins enter the room along with coach Flinstock. 

 "Alright you delinquents, I know normally this time is spent being quiet and working on homework, but I need you to do something for me. Two of you are going to clean my office, while the other two are going to clean all of the teams padding and practice clothes. So get to work" coach Flinstock says in his usual loud voice.

 With a unanimous groan, we all get up and head towards the boys locker room. Thankfully during the walk over here, coach insisted that I don’t have to clean any of the gross lacrosse padding and that my skills would be more useful when cleaning the office. For once I was thankful for his typical sexism. 

As I was alone in the office I heard arguing outside the door that peaked my interest. I heard the familiar voices of Ethan, Aiden, and Issac, and wondered hat it could be about. I had hoped Isaac would be the one coming in to clean the office with me, but was shocked when I saw Aiden walk through the door. 

“Happy to see me” Aiden says mockingly.

 "If only" I mumble. I begin rummaging through the endless piles of papers on coach’s desk as I feel something draw closer to me. 

 "You know, even though you aren’t a part of my pack, I still hear your heart rate going wild.“ Aiden says amused. 

 "Yeah well that’s what happens when you’re super stressed and trapped in a room with a known killer” I snap back. 

 "Please (y/n), I can also smell your chemo-signals. You don’t have to be scared of me, you know that right.“ 

 "Right, so don’t be scared of someone who kills innocent people and who is trying to corrupt one of my best friends. Great idea. Not to mention I’m some weak and defenseless little human. But sure I won’t be scared of a 5’ 10” monster with fangs and claws" I sass. 

 " I would never hurt you.“ It was a whisper, but even without super hearing I could easily tell what he said. 

 "And I don’t believe you." 

 "I know it doesn’t mean much coming from me, but I assure you, I made it very clear to my pack that we do not harm you. You are to be safe and untouched. I promise” Aiden said, not breaking eye contact. 

 "Why, I don’t understand, you hate me" I say confused.

 "Hate you?“ He questions. "I don’t hate you. Far from it actually. I have feelings for you, (y/n). Feelings that I don’t know how to express. Feelings that could get me killed by the other alphas, even my brother. They tried to warn me of the consequences if I were to do anything with you, but I don’t care. I can’t just act like there is nothing between us." 

 It was in that moment that I’m sure Aiden could hear just how loud my heart was. Everything felt like a blur as I felt his strong arms embrace me and the heat radiating from his body. He looked into my eyes for a moment, almost if telepathically asking me for permission. I swiftly close my eyes as I feel his lips meet mine. 

I have never experience a kiss like this before, in fact, it felt like so much more than just a kiss. It felt as though all of my stress and fears melted away. I felt safe where I was and that this is where I’m supposed to be. The kiss was filled with not only passion but a want for one another. I didn’t know that this was what I needed at first but now that it’s happening it feels so right to me. Our lips depart from one another’s as we hear the door creek open. 

 "Oh come on guys, this is not what detention is supposed to be.” A blush filled my face as I hear coach’s voice. “Aiden, next practice you’re doing twice as many laps as everyone else, and as for you Ms. (y/n) you can help me with grading some of my Econ class assignments.”

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1/4 On the subject of Alpha inheritance, have you read the Sum of its Parts series by KouriArashi? It might be too… multi-shippy for you? I know you’re a pretty hardcore monoshipper. (Sterek are a committed, super-solid romantic relationship, but Derek is ace (and fairly sex-repulsed I think) and Stiles sometimes has casual sex with Erica, later in the series. Everyone talks about it and is chill with each other. )

Anyway, I bring it up because it was started around/before 3rd season, and has some really cool ideas about alpha-ness. Like, packs are a little more psychic-bond-y and if a human in a werewolf pack kills an alpha, they can become alpha, while still being human. 

Packs of born wolves who have large territories tend to have more/multiple alphas in them, and alphas can co-lead packs. Laura was expected to just “become” an alpha at some point, true alpha style without killing anyone, and then there would have been multiple Hale Alphas until/unless Talia died. And likely-alpha children aren’t always the oldest, but rather display dominance and leadership traits. Doesn’t guarantee they /will/ be an alpha, but suggests that either they will just “become” one one day if the pack is big enough, or will inherit it if a parent/pack/lead alpha dies.

The Alpha pack is an actual /useful/ group whose job is to vet new alphas and decide if they will do a good job or if they need to be executed and their pack disbanded/absorbed into other packs. Lone alphas/last remaining alpha/wolf of packs are sometimes invited into the alpha pack. Anyway, I think it’s a unique system. And am enjoying the fic/podfic. The whole verse is, like, 1.2 million words.

I remember trying to read this a long time ago and, while it wasn’t something I could enjoy personally or get through for the reasons mentioned, I remember thinking that I wished it was something I could get enjoy because it seemed to have interesting ideas and be well written.

I have mixed feelings on multi-Alpha packs, just in general. I think that leaders who respect each other can co-lead effectively in a lot of situations, but what happens in life or death situations, if Alphas are divided on the course of action? (Because, let’s face it, wolf packs are very much prone to getting in life or death situations, where a split leadership could lead to death and destruction.) It’s part of the reason why I can’t ever see Scott and Derek as pack, even in the later seasons. Because despite respecting each other, both are leaders in their own right and have proven one won’t bend to the other. They’ll support each other and back each others’ plays, but Scott is the pack leader and Derek will never be his beta so they can’t be pack; it just wouldn’t function. And when push comes to shove, there needs to be one person who can make an executive decision and people listen, you know?

…Unless the Alphas decided to be in charge of different aspects of leadership, maybe. There’s the “defense and battle strategy” Alpha and the “taking care of the pack” Alpha, or something else where the responsibilities are neatly and clearly divided. Or if they’re both Alphas but the power isn’t exactly equal… like in a pack of Talia and Laura, Laura would still be an Alpha and higher than everyone else but still subordinate to Talia?

I also do think the show could have done a lot more interesting things with the concept of an Alpha pack. Since I started the show late I never really had a chance to speculate or come up with my own ideas for it before I saw them on-screen, but the idea of a wolf-council keeping order honestly makes a lot of sense. Werewolves as a whole are a society that exists below the radar and has for thousands of years. Any small exposure (*cough* like a reckless new beta insisting on playing high school sports before he has control), especially in this day and age, could be devastating to the entire supernatural community, worldwide. And when you think about it that way, there really should be some system of checks and balances, some higher authority making sure packs play by the rules and don’t expose everyone, and potentially covering up issues as they arise. Maybe this would come in the form of a multi-species council, or maybe each race would be expected to police their own, and the Alpha pack being either the ultimate council for werewolves or some of the enforcers of a higher council is… legitimately a really cool idea.

Imagine them coming to BH because of all of the near-misses over the first two seasons: a feral Alpha leaving body parts all over town, a kanima paralyzing and killing victims, a new wolf and his unconventional pack of humans and hunters more or less spitting in the face of tradition and conventional pack structure? And if, instead of testing Scott and Derek for “worthiness” to be included in their pack, they were testing them to see how they handled threats, up close? To see whether they would protect the supernatural secrets, or carelessly risk exposing them all? And all season the characters think they’re fighting for their lives, tooth and claw and they come into the final confrontation shaking and basically sure they’re going to be killed right here by these vicious Alphas and then… Deucalion just sort of smiles and says that they’ve passed the tests, they’ve proved themselves worthy of defending Beacon Hills, but they’d better be careful because the Council is still watching. And then the Alphas shift back into the shadows and the main characters are all just sort of like “wait what, what just happened.”

…I’m sorry I just hijacked this ask in a totally different direction but I legitimately want this story now.

Imagine being thought of as a soft alpha when really, you’re not part 2

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You had packed a bag and had shifted and ran all the way to Derek’s loft. When you got to the door, you rolled your neck and had shifted back. You let out a breath and knocked on the door. The door opened and there was Derek standing there (being as sexy as always XD).

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He opened the door a little wider before ushering you in. He showed you to your room and left you alone for a little bit when he failed to make any attempt at conversation. You were only able to sit there on the bed. When he came back in the room, he went over to you and asked what was wrong. He asked because you had tears streaming down your face without your knowledge. You felt numb, after having to see your entire pack dead.

Finally, you gasped out to Derek who was more concerned than ever, “They, They killed them. All of them. T-they’re all dead.” After you gasped it out, you began sobbing uncontrollably. Derek only sat next to you and pulled you into his chest. He had his hand rubbing small circles on your back and his other one was on your head, holding you close. He knew what it was like to lose those close to you. He just let you cry until you couldn’t cry anymore.

“Y/N, what happened? Who was it?” Derek asked after a few minutes of just sitting there, with you nuzzled into his chest.

“Decaulion. Him and his alpha pack. And Kali. I want the pleasure of them all being dead, but i want to be the one to kill her. She killed my best friend who was in the other room, so I had to listen to her die. I had to feel her die. Please. Help me to kill them all.” You replied with a sudden rage boiling your blood.

“Y/N, you will need to be calm whenever you are around them. You cannot let them get to you. You will need to learn to control your anger. Decaulion is very strong, you will need help to even injure him.” Derek says, trying to get you to be calm. “Now, you need to inhale for 6 seconds, and exhale for 6 seconds. You need to calm down, I can’t have you wolfing out on me. Okay? Inhale, Exhale.” He said, while breathing with you. After about a minute, you had actually calmed down.

“We will have to come up with a plan, and it may take some time for it to go into action.” Derek finally said.

“Okay, but I would like a day or two before we even begin to think about it. Until then, will you stay with me, please?” You ask, too scared that you would have a nightmare and wanting to be held.

“Of course I will. I’ll stay with you for as long as you would like.” He replied, moving the both of you up on the bed and holding you onto him. He had his arms wrapped around you and let you go only for a moment to draw a blanket up to cover you both. Then he let you get comfortable and the two of you quickly fell asleep.


Imagine Stiles coming to you when he wakes up from one of his Nogitsune episodes.

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So Alpha Pack: What did Derek do that Ennis thought that it would be a great idea to bite a girl without consent (either from the girl nor from the territory-alpha). Derek can't blackmailed him, he is too nice! Derek gave him all his candy? Did Peter helped? Was it revenge against Talia cos she married Papa H and Ennis?

Ahahaha! The Paige storyline. 

That moment when the whole thing really starts to fall apart! 

I mean, if Peter manipulated Derek into asking Ennis to give Paige the bite, we have a few questions that remain unanswered: 

1. Why did Ennis say yes?

2. What was Peter trying to achieve anyway? Was he trying to do something nice for Derek, or did he know the bite would kill Paige? And a follow-up question is, again, why? On either count? 

Peter’s motivations make no sense when it comes to Paige. Neither do Ennis’s. And Derek’s barely do. 

If all the writers needed was for Paige to die on the Nemeton to awaken it, there were simpler methods of doing it that wouldn’t have left their audience wondering what the hell just happened there. 

Imagine being thought of as a soft alpha but you really are not


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You are an alpha, but you were one of the sweeter ones. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t be harsh. When you became harsh, hat was when people knew they fucked up.

“Kali, what are you doing here?” you heard Alicia ask.

She was your best friend, who was also a beta. The next thing you heard was a gasp and the sound of a body hitting the floor. You rushed out of the kitchen to find Kali standing over your dead friend’s body, with blood on her claws. You slowly licked your lips while staring at her body, and glanced up at Kali before you lunged at her, fangs bared and claws out. You swiped at her back and successfully drew blood before she backed away. She hissed in pain before kicking her foot out to get back at you when you caught her foot. You held it in place for a few seconds and she stared incredulously at you until you used both hands to grasp her ankle, and flipped her hard onto the floor. She let out a gasp, having the wind knocked out of her. You got onto her back and raked your claws into her back once more, making sure to dig deep enough to make it last a while, and leaned down lose to her face.

“The next time I see you or anyone of your alpha pack near me or mine, I will kill every last one of you. One at a time. Leaving you for last so you can know that the pain your brethren went through, is only a scratch, compared to what you will receive. Now, make sure to tell Deucalion this.” you murmur in her ear.

Then, hearing the timer go off, you say, “Oh would you look at that, the cookies are done. And tell him not to go to Beacon Hills. That is where I will be heading after a funeral.”

You let her up and she scrambled away. You went and took the cookies out of the oven so they wouldn’t burn and turned the oven off. Then you slowly walked over to her body and picked her up, and took her to be cleaned up.

Long after the funeral was over you decided to call a pack meeting. No one showed up for the funeral and you dearly hoped they would for the meeting.

Again, no one appeared. You went over to each of their houses to find them devoid of any signs of life. Then, when you got to Alicia’s house, the lights were on. You walked in to find a blood bath, with all of your pack members laying on the floor, in several pieces.

You knew it was Deucalion and his pack. You could smell them. So, you grabbed a few items and got into your car and began driving to Beacon Hills, where you would find Derek Hale, an old friend who would absolutely take you in and help you kill them all.

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Part 2

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(1/2) I think that Deucalion has been killing the members of the alpha pack and absorbing their power since he founded it. We see him killing Ennis so it’s not as if he cares about their lives. Deucalion is also much stronger than the other alphas, see e.g. the fight with Jennifer. Why would that be so? All alphas have killed their previous packs and absorbing their strength so they should be similar in power.

(2/2) There is also the fact the alpha pack seems to be around for quite some time but has only five members, which seems to indicate a quite high turnover… So I think that the alpha pack is a big scam of Deucalion, first he gets the other alphas to kill their pack then he kills them adding their strength to his.

Originally posted by showandwrite

I can get behind this head canon! I wonder how often he goes through a new pack, and what he tells them as it’s happening. “Oh, Karen just went out for some cigarettes. I’m sure she’ll be back soon? Bloodstains? No, that’s rust.” 

Although maybe he just kills them in one fell swoop. That would make more sense logistically. 

I wonder how many alpha packs he’s been through. 

I wonder if he remembers his original pack, the betas that Gerard Argent killed. I wonder if he sometimes closes his eyes and sees them looking at him, and knows he’s become a monster in their eyes.