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There was a recent fun Halloween Costume Design Challenge for Dead Or Alive 5. Alot of people were submitting in work, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. There were actually alot of other ideas I had, but in the end I went with this DRYAD DESIGN. Also, I’m a moron because this clearly says “DRUID” which is totally not my intention…….ahhh……wow……..okay……well……already sent in now. *Cringe*

Guys guys, I just figured out how to extract Sims from images in like less than 5 minutes :o No selection tools, no pen tool! I know I’m late to the party and this is most likely common knowledge at this point, but I’m going to write this down anyway because there’s a 99% chance I’ll forget it.

This is written with Photoshop CS6 in mind, but I’m assuming it’ll work with any graphics editing program that supports alpha channels. The starting point for working on this was @buhudain​‘s tutorial here.

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Meeting Ghost after the show in Nov 10 ❤️️

• Aether Ghoul
Met him first :) he was so shy and signed everything for me with a big smile. When he signed my mask he said it was heavier than his. I’m a sucker for guys with accents and nose rings.

• Air Ghoul
He was soooo tall! His accent was really thick as well. He told my brother and I our jackets were nicer than his jacket. He also asked about our patches and where we got them. At which point we are like umm the bands store, lol!

• Water Ghoul
She came up to us and said she saw us from the stage! At which point Aether looks over and smiles and says he saw us!!! She said we looked good and said she felt like she was looking at herself. I asked her what it was like to be on the bus with a bunch of guy. She said as long as everyone is professional, everyone gets along. She had a really thick accent?! I thought she was American?!

• Earth Ghoul
He came out last and started with us for autographs. He said we looked awesome and then drew on my brothers hand with sharpie by accident. He’s tiny for sure, dressed like a stereotypical rockstar.

• Alpha Ghoul
OMFG!!! This man. So I met him second and he was awesome. All smiles and he seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. So first off he grabs my Grucifix and says that it’s a little bigger than his but that I looked really good and continued to compliment my outfit. He asked where we got the masks and thought they were really cool. I was surprised they were not aware they were being made. HERE’S THE KICKER… so I give him my mask to sign. I hand it to him upside and point to the other signatures… Alpha flips my mask over and signs the temple!! I was like ummm thanks smiling and HAPPY but trying to keep my perfectionism in check.

I guess looking back it makes a good story but now I have a freaking triangle on the side of my mask. IM STILL CONFLICTED!! &&& he took my sharpie as I’m walking up to the next Ghoul!!

• Papa
He comes up to us and compliments us on our outfit. He said he really liked it and thanked up for coming/dressing up. I was a total idiot and was like I saw you guys back in 2013 thinking to myself WTF are you saying, he doesn’t care, stop bragging. After that he was going to sign my vinyl with a black marker and I stopped him and I was I really want them all in silver. He just laughed and was like ok. I just felt like a stupid fan girl!! Ugh, he was so attractive with his hair slicked back and wearing a pea coat :)

Negan thought there was a weird smell when he sat the kid down in his room. Very faint, heavily masked, something familiar but just out of reach of memory.

He smelt it again in the truck, driving Carl back to Alexandria, sniffing the driver casually, then Carl. What the fuck was it?

But being in Carl’s room, surrounded by his clothes and personal items, it became clearer.


Shit, omegas were uncommon before but now? They were fucking extinct. No omega should have survived in this time, not surrounded by death and violence. They would have cowered away and been caught.

But there is no denying it in the room, taking long, deep whiffs of it, Carl watching him curiously.

Fuck, it smells fucking awesome.

Negan strides over to Carl, grips his arm and forces his nose into his neck.

There was no fucking way this kid was a sheepish, little omega. Omegas didn’t survive and they certainly didn’t sneak into trucks and gun down two men.

But that scent is there on Carl’s skin. Masked by Alphas (he can smell Rick and faintly Daryl) and a shit ton of walker blood. Even without the cover up, it’s faint and hard on his skin, meaning he didn’t turn 18 until recently, but it’s fucking there.

Carl pulls back (really, Negan lets him pull back) and watches him with wide eyes, piecing it together. The scent and the look combined has his Alpha dick hard in a second.

“Well, well, well,” Negan draws out, keeping hold of Carl. “A little Omega hiding in Alexandria? I didn’t know I’d get something this fucking good on my next visit!”

anonymous asked:

how big is alpha compared to beta?

I stand at 6′2. I think Alpha is a foot higher? 

Alpha: *Glares at masked individual his tail flicking*

Practice unrelated to progress on my game: I modelled and rigged a Horsea from the Pokemon series. It uses 2600 tris, 35 bones, a 512x512 texture map, and 1024x1024 normal map (not crisp enough at 512). I have it rendered here in Unreal Engine 4 with a few simple animations.

An alpha mask is used so that the belly and fin will appear less smooth than the rest of the body. There is an optional grayscale texture which has different shape masks in the RGB channels, and can be lerped in any time with a scalar value. The eyes use a separate material that has its UV coords adjusted at runtime using anim notifies.

If anyone wants the fbx or UE4 assets for whatever reason, send me a message or something - I have no qualms giving it out but don’t want to zip it up for no reason. Pokemon is copyright Nintendo and Game Freak. Thanks to them for making an inspiring universe.


“Home is where the ultimate Abba-collectioncd is”

Aka “The one that got away” :D This one is actually from September, dunno who came up with the segway idea… I think it was either blarghlahla or leptycon so let’s blame both.