John: denten02 | Rose: totalspiffage | Dave: miketooch | Jade: fivetail
Karkat: fadeintocaseTerezi: celestialtoxophilite | Aradia/art: tentacuddles |  Vriska/Jane: kyleehenke | Jake: sixfootblue | Roxy: redasatomato |  Aranea: aph-lithuania | Jack: veggieblt

We gathered the gang for one last hurrah. There are a few odd guests, don’t ask questions, just enjoy. Thanks everyone!!!


i honestly think constantly about Dirk Strider and how he’s doing but a favorite scenario i have to ponder would probably be him trying foods after they win the game cause like the dude ate nothing but fish, orange soda, and 400 year old rations before this. how does he react to fresh fruit and vegetables? regular orange juice? fresh baked bread? real actual pasta as opposed to stores of stale top ramen? spicy foods? and im not even just talking about hot stuff i’m talking about real home cooked meals where you can taste the love man.

So I never uploaded the actual transparent, so here it is! Also the Livestream, it was super fun to draw especially color goshhh

It’s also up in the Homestuck tshirt contest, if you can vote it by using the star ratings that would be hecka cool!! Here

Had to deal with alot of adult responsibilities today, so I wanted to draw something silly :’D I don’t know the Alpha kids very well yet but…Jake looks like the character that can lift all his friends effortlessly? I want to draw a Beta kids parallel soon~ 

Beta kids version!