alpha draconis


My! How long since I last shared LEGO designs over here?

To be completely honest y’all, I lost track of what I have uploaded and what I have not. So, forgive me if I repost at some point :P

You see, I’ve been working a lot. Livin’ my life of course, playing a lotta LEGO Worlds and watching some shows. Also finishing up some art-trades and FINALLY getting to actually work on Our Universe at last! :D (Some storyboards are done, IF you are interested)

Anyways. In order we have Brick Daddy, Kranxx, Alpha Draconis, Monstrox the Necromancer, and that one cloudy bastard.

The goofy thing about balancing risk versus reward is that acting to avoid even an utterly absurd risk may be rational if the cost of avoidance is small enough.

Like, if I ever run into what appears to be a person in an extraordinarily convincing bug-eyed alien costume, I’m going to be very polite to that person; not because I’ll actually believe that they’re a space alien, but because in the infinitesimally unlikely event that I’m wrong, I may go down in history as the guy who was rude to the ambassador from Alpha Draconis - and it costs me virtually nothing to be polite.