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Many of you have been asking me to post my vet school app stats

I am currently in the process of applying to vet school and am nervous and have not been accepted anywhere yet but I also haven’t been denied anywhere yet! (Schrodingers ailing cat haha) here are my stats that I applied with, feel free to ask me about the vet school process if you have questions, hopefully I get in somewhere:

~Male from Massachusetts, 21 years old, Graduating in Dec 2016. First time applying. ~Cum GPA: 3.75 Science GPA: 3.6 Last 45: 3.7

~GRE Verbal - 154 (64%) Quantitative - 155 (59%) AW - 5.0 (93%)

~LOR’s - Wildlife/Exotic Veterinarian, Aquarium Veterinarian, Academic Adviser, Genomics Professor

~PS: Talked about finding my love for medicine after care taking for my mother during cancer, how my transition to veterinary medicine began after my cat died from a completely preventable accident, and discussed my thrill for exotics and wildlife due to the breadth of knowledge required and how each case is a research endeavor. I also mentioned how I am excited to learn about small animal medicine because that is where the depth research is, but I focused on other areas of vet med prior to applying so I can explore all the field has to offer.

~School’s Applied to: Tufts (IS), Wisconsin, Minnesota, Cornell, Ohio, Glasgow

~Vet Experiences -Wildlife Hospital and Exotic Pet Clinic - 350 hours as an unlicensed vet technician, 850 hours as an intern

-Aquarium Medical Center Intern assisting vets with surgeries and medical procedures - 350 hours

-Sheep C-Section Shadow in Iceland -10 Hours

-Large Animal Medicine - 20 Hours

-Assistance as a vet tech at Museum of Science - 12 Hours

Total Vet Hours - ~1600 Hours

~Research 50 hours working for a research veterinarian studying Caseous Lymphadenitis in sheep, and working with the same veterinarian studying moose parasitology. Research hours will continue to grow throughout the year.

~Animal Experience

-Penguin Husbandry Internship at aquarium - 450 hours

-Lambing assistant during lambing season in Iceland 400 hours

-Secretary of Sheep husbandry club at University Farm 800 hours

-Livestock caretaker at local farm 1000 hours

-Livestock caretaker at farm education camp 250 hours

Total: 2900 hours

~Other Employment

Resident Assistant for 2 years at College

LGBTQ Services Student Aid at College


Camp Counselor

Life Guard

~Class Experiences

Pre-Med Zoology Major

Animal Science Minor

Honors College Member

~Volunteer, 3 years (1000 hours) in LGBTQ Services


Secretary of A Capella group for 3 years

Ultimate Frisbee Intramural team


-Contributing Author of published genomics research

-Multiple Scholarships

-Deans List

-Service Award at Aquarium

-Full travel and lodging scholarship to attend and present at the National Collegiate Honors Conference

-Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society and Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society