The Bodyguard: The famous alpha guardians are rich and famous and hell and interview a potential bodyguard that just happens to be Jake English.

Alpha Dave, Alpha Rose, Jake

Imagine Bro and Alpha Dave taking showers together, but Bro always feels like there’s something missing when they do and he assumes it’s because they shower and not bathe. So, the next time they do, Bro has a rubber duck with him, which he literally holds the entire time, and Dave’s just like whatever. Then the next three times Bro has the duck with them he’s kinda weirded out with it. Eventually, he gets fed up when Bro puts the rubber duck on his head to wash his chest and Dave just yells out, “Okay, dude, seriously, it’s either me or the duck!” 

Bro just squints at him and says in the most serious voice he can, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave, Dave.”

happy late birthday sleii! dave is three sheets to the wind.

>look who finally decided to show up

>get down here already

Alpha Rose and Dave have business to settle. 

Recommended listening: the last couple minutes of Mind Heist: Evolution by Zack Hemsey.